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Last Updated on December 28, 2022

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The Trojan Admission Pre-Pharmacy (TAP) program provides talented USC undergraduates with priority admission to the School of Pharmacy’s four-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.

TAP students complete their pre-pharmacy coursework while earning their bachelors’ degree at USC. To remain eligible for the TAP program, students must maintain a cumulative 3.2 GPA, and all pre-pharmacy courses must be taken for letter grades. TAP students are provided with individual advisement, membership to the USC Pre-Pharmacy Society and access to the School of Pharmacy Student Affairs Office. All TAP students are required to earn a bachelor’s degree before entering the PharmD program.

TAP students have the option of pursuing a major in Pharmacology and Drug Development or a minor in Science and Management of Biomedical Therapeutics. Together these two exciting programs set the stage for advanced translational and clinical training to help better prepare undergraduates focused on pre-pharmacy, pre-medicine and other health-related professions.

TAP students are strongly encouraged to pursue this major or minor as part of their undergraduate training to best prepare them for pharmacy school. TAP students electing not to complete the major or minor will be expected to take at least 16 units of pre-pharmacy related RXRS courses, including in pharmacology (RXRS-402), neuropharmacology (RXRS-403) and immunology (RXRS-408) as part of their overall undergraduate experience.

The major and minor provide preparatory training to undergraduate students in fields related to pharmacy and medicine. Courses in this major and minor will also introduce undergraduate students to drug and device development by presenting topics and case studies related to the regulatory challenges associated with the discovery and development of biomedical products. Overall, the courses will provide foundational knowledge that will lead to new opportunities in careers in the biomedical industry, life sciences, nutrition and food sciences, diagnostics, drug and medical devices.

Co-Faculty Advisors

The co-faculty advisors for the TAP program are Dr. Daryl Davies and Dr. Eunjoo Pacifici. In addition to being the faculty advisors, they also are deeply involved in the new teaching the new major and minor.


New Student Application: To be eligible for the TAP program, you must first apply for undergraduate admission to the University of Southern California Office of Admission and be admitted to a USC undergraduate program. A separate TAP application must be submitted to the School of Pharmacy.

Continuing Student Application: USC undergraduates may also apply to the TAP program after completing one to five semesters at USC. A minimum cumulative 3.2 GPA is required for admission to the TAP program.

Transfer Student Application: USC transfer students may also apply to the TAP program in either their sophomore or junior year. Transfer students must maintain a minimum cumulative 3.2 GPA.

TAP Requirements

• Complete all pre-pharmacy coursework according to USC and the policies as outlined by the School of Pharmacy (pre-pharmacy course equivalencies)

• Enroll as a full-time student each fall and spring semester

• Maintain a science/pharmacy prerequisite GPA of 3.0 and a cumulative GPA of 3.2 at the end of each term

• Enroll in all TAP-required courses for a letter grade

• Complete BISC-300, Microbiology, BISC-307: Physiology and BISC-330: Biochemistry (or approved equivalents) at USC

• Join and maintain an active role in the USC Pre-Pharmacy Society

• Participation in at least one health fair event per year as well as in other pharmacy sanctioned events

• Participation in at least one of laboratory research, clinical shadowing or other practical experience

• Registration in a minimum of four (4 unit) RXRS courses, not including RXRS-490 (applicable to students who are not in the PDD major or SMBT minor)

• Maintain contact with the TAP program and meet with the TAP advisor to ensure enrollment in the appropriate courses

• Earn a Bachelor’s degree from USC with a cumulative GPA 3.2 or higher and a 3.0 GPA or higher in all TAP required math and science courses

• Satisfactorily complete an interview (oral and written) for consideration to the USC School of Pharmacy

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