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If you are interested in beginning a career in Business (Business Admin.) or Data Analytics, or are looking to gain acceptance into a graduate degree program, this program may be tailored for you. In this 18 month professional development program, we will provide you with the necessary research skills and an introduction to data analytics that will prepare you for life after college.

Choosing the right program is one of the most important and difficult decisions you could possibly make in your life. The goal of this program will allow you to develop career skills needed to analyze, interpret, and present data in both business and academic settings.

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graduate certificate in business analytics

PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada is a 1 to 2 year program that is quickly rising the ladder of popularity among international applicants. With some 1.7 MB of data created every second in 2020 globally (Data never sleeps, 6th ed.), our world is exploding with the overflow of information. It is this where the role of business analytics comes into play and aids organizations use this data to their advantage. This and a lot more makes the program a coveted choice among international applicants looking for higher education in Canada.

  • The tuition fee for one of the top colleges for PGDM in Business Analytics in Canada is nearly 9,400 to 44,000 CAD, per year (~10 to 40 lakhs for Indian students).
  • Work Experience is not required for the program. However, students with a 2-year UG diploma or equivalent have to necessarily present a min. experience of 2 years.
  • Additional test scores like GMAT or GRE are not required for this program.
  • Familiarity with concepts like linear algebra, statistics, calculus and basic knowledge of R, Python, SAS, Excel, among others is recommended.
  • Shorter in duration and comfortable on pocket, the course is definitely becoming the choice of the hour with the starting salary package of 39,000 to 50,000 CAD, per year.

Canada is expected to add some 14,800 new jobs to the field in the coming decade that will create a flood of employment opportunities for students with a PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada (Job Bank Canada). Ontario followed by Alberta and British Columbia are some of the states in the country that are expected to generate the best possible job prospects in the field.

top universities in canada for business analytics

PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada is one of the coveted alternatives for students interested in short courses when looking to study abroad. The list of top universities in the country for the program along with their world rankings and tuition fee are as tabulated below.

InstituteProgram offeredTuition Fee (in CAD, per year)
McMaster UniversityDiploma (Business Analysis)9,457
University Of MontrealSpecialized Graduate Diploma (Management- Business Analysis)18,407
University Of Calgary (Haskayne School Of Business)Diploma (Business Analytics)23,746
Cape Breton UniversityPost-baccalaureate Diploma (Business Analytics)10,090
Northern Alberta Institute Of TechnologyDiploma (Business Analyst)17,139
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business analytics diploma courses canada

Apart from PG Diploma courses in the field, interested applicants can also choose from a range of interesting graduate certificate courses in business analytics. Some such courses are as mentioned below.

InstituteProgram offeredDurationTuition Fee (in CAD, per year)
Cambrian CollegeGraduate Certificate in Business Analytics3 Semesters16,799
Centennial CollegeBusiness Analytics and Insights16 months16,532
Centennial CollegeMarketing – Research and Analytics1 year16,531
St Lawrence CollegeGraduate Certificate in Business Analytics-International Stream2 years44,000
Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced LearningOntario Graduate Certificate in Research Analyst2 semesters16,607
Durham CollegeCertificate in Data Analytics for Business Decision Making1 year13,322
Algonquin CollegeCertificate in Business Intelligence System Infrastructure1 year20,228
St. Clair CollegeOntario College Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Business2 years30,732

Why Study PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada

  • Rising job opportunities: As per the report published by Job Bank Canada, the country is expected to generate 14,800 new jobs in the field of business analytics between 2019 and 2028 in addition to the current employment opportunities of 43,900 (in 2018).
  • Demand-supply balance: With nearly 15,000 new jobs for 15,400 job seekers, business analytics as a domain is expected to continue with a constant demand-supply balance in Canada till 2028 (Canadian Occupational Projections System).
  • Shorter duration of program: PG diploma in Business Analytics in Canada is usually a short course of 12-14 months but is highly coveted for in-demand jobs.
  • High paying jobs in Canada: For a candidate with higher education in the field of Business Analytics in Canada, the starting salary in the country is nearly 27.60 to 68.38 CAD, per hour or 53,000 to 150,000 CAD, per year with experience.
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1 year business analyst course in canada

Duration1 to 2 years
EligibilityBachelor’s degree or diploma in related field; SOP; LORs; Resume
Exams RequiredIELTS (6.5) or TOEFL (60 to 90)
Work Experience1-2 years (recommended; mandatory for 2-y diploma undergraduates)
Tuition Fees9,400 to 44,000 CAD
Job Role AvailableSenior Business Analyst, Executive Financial Services, Marketing Specialist, Business Developer
Top RecruitersAmazon, Accenture, HSBC Bank Canada, BMW group, IBM, Centro
Salaries at Fresher level39,000 CAD per year

PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada: Course Curriculum

PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada is a 1-2 year program that provides the students with necessary knowledge, skills and hands-on experience of how and where statistical analysis meets business insights. Designed specifically for candidates interested in finding solutions to big business problems, the program offers in-depth training of concepts like big data, statistical and predictive modeling, visualization and data storytelling.

Students looking for a short-term course after their undergraduate or wishing to pursue 2 master’s programs at the same time (degree and diploma) can opt for this course in particular when seeking to study in Canada.

Some relevant skills that a desirable student looking to pursue the program must possess includes the following:

  • Strong English communication skills and interpersonal abilities.
  • Time management and ability to handle deadlines and pressure.
  • Possess critical-thinking skills.
  • Should be inquisitive and analytical.
  • See themselves as future team leaders or significant contributors of the team.
  • Quick analyzing and problem-solving capacity.
  • Passionate about learning the marketing research industry.
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PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada Admissions

All the admission requirements for PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada differ on university basis. The detailed list of requirements comprising application deadlines, exams to study in Canada, relevant test scores and required documents are as compiled below.

PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada: Application Deadlines

Some top universities for PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada and their corresponding deadlines are as follows:

InstituteApplication Deadline
Mcmaster UniversityJanuary 1
University Of MontrealFebruary 15, April 22, September 15
Cape Breton UniversityJanuary 1
Haskayne School Of BusinessFebruary 1
Northern Alberta Institute Of TechnologyJanuary 6
Cambrian CollegeJanuary 11, 2021
Centennial CollegeJanuary, May, September 2021
St Lawrence CollegeJanuary 11, 2021
Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced LearningJanuary 11, 2021
Durham CollegeJanuary 6, 2021
Algonquin CollegeJanuary 11, 2021
St. Clair CollegeSeptember 20, 2021

PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada: Admission Requirements

While most of the basic specifications for the program vary for different universities, some common admission requirements for PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada are as listed below.

  • A 3-year honours degree/diploma or its equivalent in the field of business or related stream.
  • Minimum GPA score of 3.0 or 65% (varies for different institutes)
  • English proficiency scores like IELTS or TOEFL for candidates hailing from non-native English speaking countries.
  • Work Experience of 2 years is highly recommended. It is a mandatory requirement in most cases who accept 2-year undergrad diploma courses.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of recommendation (2 to 3; preferably mix of academic and professional)
  • Updated CV/Resume
  • Prior comfort with subjects like mathematics, statistics, computer software, computer programming and enterprise systems is recommended.
  • Assessment of numeracy skills might be an added requirement.
  • For candidates pursuing PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada in French, basic eligibility for the language must also be met accordingly.

PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada: Eligibility

Mostly all the colleges observe their specific eligibility and GPA requirements when offering admissions to PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada. Some of the institutes and their specifications are as tabulated below.

InstituteAdmission Requirements
Mcmaster UniversityDiploma or equivalent degree; CV; LORs (2); SOP
University Of MontrealHigh School Diploma in English or French (min 60%)
Cape Breton UniversityMin 65% (60% for Indian applicants)
University Of Calgary (Haskayne School Of Business)A GPA of 3.0 or above (at least 2.0 in English);
Northern Alberta Institute Of Technology3 Digital Media and IT courses through NAIT (min GPA of 2.0) or equivalent
Cambrian CollegeDiploma or degree in the equivalent field, proficiency in Microsoft Excel
Centennial CollegeDegree of advanced diploma (3.0 or above);
2-year work experience and Resume (for 2-y diploma courses with 75% or above);
Assessment of numeracy skills might be required
St. Clair CollegeRelevant degree or diploma in the related field with work experience (recommended)
St Lawrence College2-3 year college diploma or degree
Algonquin CollegeDegree or diploma in business, information systems, computer science, engineering
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PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada: English Language Requirements

As discussed above, candidates who are not the natives of an English speaking countries will have to necessarily submit English proficiency scores when applying for a PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada which are compiled as follows:

Mcmaster University6.586
University Of Montreal5.572
Cape Breton University6.580
Durham College6.588
Algonquin College6.588
University Of Calgary (Haskayne School Of Business)6.586
Northern Alberta Institute Of Technology6.083
Cambrian College6.584
Centennial College6.588
St Lawrence College6.583
St. Clair College5.561

business analyst course in canada for international students

Canada Student Visa Requirements

International students when looking to enroll in a program that is longer than 6 months in duration must also apply for a study permit and visa to study in Canada. They can be easily obtained by consulting the nearest Canadian Embassy. An applicant is advised to apply for the Canadian visa right after receiving an offer letter without any further delay.

The process of obtaining immigration documents differs on the basis of various factors like visa offices, country one is hailing from, candidate’s overall profile, among others and can take up to 12 months to complete. The application process is available both online and via paper.

The list of mandatory documents required when applying for a permit are as follows:

  • Application for Study Permit.
  • Letter of acceptance.
  • Standardized test scores like IELTS (6.5 or equivalent), TOEFL etc.
  • Proof of financial support.
  • Passport photos.
  • Valid passport.

Students will also have to appear for a visa interview with the nearest Canadian Embassy in order to successfully obtain a student visa. It is an important part of the application process and is one of the important reasons for rejection for Canadian Visa. It is important for applicants to be in good health when applying for a visa and should be able to clearly prove to the immigration officer their intent of leaving the country for their homeland.

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PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada: Cost of Study

When looking to study abroad, a student must essentially plan their expenses and budget before applying to a program. The detailed distribution of the cost of living in Canada is as detailed below.

Pre-Arrival Costs

For the students who have decided to pursue their higher studies in Canada, the immediate list of expenses to be taken into account is as follows:

Type of feeCost (in CAD)
Program Application Fees75 to 150
Visa Application Fees150 (for Indian applicants)
Health Insurance10,000
IELTS Fees185-190
TOEFL Fees160-250

PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada: Tuition Fee

Tuition fee for PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada in the country is highly university specific and varies depending on the duration and type of program. The basic estimated cost for the course required as tuition deposit would range somewhere between 9,400 and 44,000 CAD. The courses start as low as 9,000 which is a great relief for students who are finding it difficult to afford a full-time Masters in Canada.

The cost for Indian Students to pursue PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada is:

InstituteTuition Fee (in INR, per year)
Mcmaster University12,273
University Of Montreal23,888
Cape Breton University10,090
University Of Calgary (Haskayne School Of Business)13,094
Northern Alberta Institute Of Technology22,242
Cambrian College21,801
Centennial College21,454
St Lawrence College57,101
Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning21,552
Durham College17,289
Algonquin College26,250
St. Clair College39,882

Cost of Living in Canada

Other charges that a candidate will incur in the form of post-arrival expenses when pursuing PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada are as tabulated below.

Type of ExpenditureCost (in CAD, per month
Book and Supplies100 to 120
Housing/Accommodation1,300 to 3,500
Food250 to 300
Transportation156 to 200
Internet and Cable120 to 160
Gas and Electricity80 to 120
Entertainment100 to 200
Living expenses Guarantee FundMin 10,000 per year
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PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada with Scholarships

Canada is one of the highly student-friendly destinations that ensures that studying abroad doesn’t become a nightmare as far as money is concerned. Always encouraging brilliant and exceptional talent, the country provides a plethora of awards and studentships for international students.

Some of the popular scholarships in Canada for international students are tabulated as follows:

Name of ScholarshipAmount (in CAD)Eligibility
Paul Foundation scholarshipsUp to 26,900Indian students with 1st class degree looking to pursue diploma/degree courses abroad
University of Montreal International Student Scholarship Program9,420 per year against tuition feeInternational students pursuing masters or diploma courses at graduate level
BrokerFish International student scholarship1300 CADCovers health insurance for students enrolled in any field in Canada, US, UK, among others
Forktip Women’s- Innovation Scholarship2000 CADAvailable to all women candidates who fulfill required academic criteria
McMaster University Scholarships2,500 to 20,000 CAD (varies)Various awards to academically outstanding candidates
University of Calgary International ScholarshipsVariesInternational students enrolled in a program at the institute
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Jobs after PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada

According to the survey conducted by ICTC, Canada has some 44,000 people working directly or indirectly in the field of business analytics after the country’s major decision to adopt big data to its business models. This number is expected to reach nearly 56,000 by the end of 2020 which indicated thousands of new job opportunities.

The current trends for business analytics across various states of Canada are expected to remain the coming decade. Some such salary trends expected across Canada with the obvious addition to the number of people employed over the years is as detailed below (Job Bank Canada).

City/StateMedian Wage (in CAD, per hour)*Max Wage (in CAD, per hour)
Canada (trend across the country)43.7568.38
British Columbia38.7860.56

*On average, around 40 working hours per week (~36.9 h).

As reflected in the table above, a business analyst in Canada can earn an average salary of 27.60 to 68.38 CAD, per hour. While the entry-level positions in the field start at 39,000 CAD per year, the experienced individuals can make as high as 147,416 CAD with skills and relevant experience. A comparison of salaries of graduates enrolled in different roles post their PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada is depicted in the table below.

DesignationAnnual Salary (in CAD, per year)
Business Analyst99,197
Product Owner95,000
Project Manager90,000
Executive Financial Services107,129
Business Systems Analyst80,262
Business Intelligence Analyst77,500
Marketing Specialist54,468
Business Intelligence Developer80,282
Financial Planning Analysis100,000
Salesforce Developer110,000
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Are Masters and PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada different

While opting for a short-term course like a PG diploma, a question that often arises is how similar or different is it from MBA in Canada or Masters in Canada. Also, is it worth it in terms of job prospects and a balanced career ahead. To answer these relevant questions, we have compiled some essential differences for the same below.

PG Diploma vs MBA vs Masters in Business Analytics in Canada

SpecificationsPG DiplomaMBAMasters
Duration12-14 months2 yearsMostly 1.5 to 2 years
Courses includedBusiness and Data Analytics, Programming, StatisticsMarketing, Accounting, Finances Organizational BehaviorBusiness analytics, Data Management and Analytics, Programming, Statistics
Fees9,000 to 22,000 CAD16,000-80,000 CAD15,000-60,000 CAD
UG degree Requirements2 to 3 year diploma/degree4 years UG degree4 years UG degree
IELTS Requirements5.5 to 6.57.0 or more6.5 to 7.5
GMAT/GRENot requiredGMATGRE/GMAT (depending on course/institute)
Work ExperienceNot required (2 y for students with 2-yr UG program)3 to 5 yearsRecommended but not mandatory (2-3 years)
Fresher Salaries39,000 to 50,000 CAD80,000 to 200,000 CAD50,000 to 130,000 CAD
Job profilesBusiness analyst, data analyst, investment banking, entertainmentStartup Businesses, Chief of Operations, Government OfficialsIntelligence analyst, Business analyst, data analyst, investment banking, entertainment
Post-Study Work VisaOn 1 years of study, 1 year of work visaOn 2 years of study, 3 years of work visaOn 2 years of study, 3 years of work visa

Since our world is currently overwhelmed with the data generated every minute, businesses around the world want to use this opportunity to their advantage and this is where the role of a business analyst comes into play. This new domain is expected to revolutionize the way businesses around the globe are approached and will create a wave of change and endless opportunities for candidates studying in Canada in the global market.

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