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Last Updated on October 31, 2022

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The many schools on this page offer online degrees in school counseling at the master’s, doctoral, and certificate levels. In addition to this comprehensive list, we provide a list of the best online master’s programs in school counseling, ranked based on tuition rates and alumni salaries provided by PayScale. Prospective students interested in a career in school counseling will need to earn both a graduate level degree and a state license or certificate.

The Post Grad Certificate in School Counseling program will prepare you to become an effective school counselor by focusing on the academic, social, and emotional needs of students. You’ll learn how to provide individualized counseling services, including crisis intervention, career counseling, and mental health services for children and adolescents.

The curriculum consists of coursework in foundations of counseling; school counseling practice; group counseling; family systems theory; ethics and law; multicultural issues; crisis management and suicide prevention; career development; research methods; adolescent development; adolescent mental health issues; substance abuse disorders in adolescents; and working with exceptional students.

You’ll also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a real-world setting through a practicum requirement that includes an internship or field placement. This is where you’ll apply your knowledge as an intern or volunteer at a local school system. You’ll work with real students who have real problems so that you can gain valuable insight into what life is like for kids today—and how to help them handle those challenges effectively!

By the time you graduate from this program, not only will you be ready for employment as a school counselor, but also ready to take on any challenge life throws at you!

Comprehensive List of Accredited Online Schools – School Counseling Degrees

The Post Grad Certificate in School Counseling is a great way to build on your undergraduate degree and get into the field of school counseling.

Annual Tuition: $17,050159 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)

Full ListAccreditation Annual Tuition Recommend Rate 
Adams State UniversityHLC$20,456100% (2 reviews)
31 Programs, 2 in School Counseling (view all)Master of Arts in Counseling – School CounselingDoctorate of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision
Albany State UniversitySACS COC$16,136Add Review
42 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Master in Counselor Education – School Counseling
American Public University SystemHLC$6,88071% (164 reviews)
514 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Master of Education in Student Affairs in Higher Education – Academic Advising
Angelo State UniversitySACS COC$17,161100% (1 reviews)
48 Programs, 2 in School Counseling (view all)Master of Education in Guidance and CounselingMaster of Science in Professional School Counseling
Arkansas State UniversityHLC$14,77875% (4 reviews)
81 Programs, 2 in School Counseling (view all)MS in College Student Personnel ServicesMS in Education – School Counseling
Auburn University at MontgomerySACS COC$17,140Add Review
37 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Educational Specialist in School Counseling
Augusta UniversitySACS COC$23,606100% (2 reviews)
52 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Master of Education in Counselor Education
Bradley UniversityHLC$32,930Add Review
13 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Master of Arts in Counseling – Professional School Counseling
Buena Vista UniversityHLC$32,854100% (2 reviews)
43 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Master of Science in Education – Professional School Counseling
Campbellsville UniversitySACS COC$25,4000% (2 reviews)
78 Programs, 2 in School Counseling (view all)Master of Arts in Education in School Guidance Counseling (P-12)Graduate Certificate in School Counseling
Capella UniversityHLC$14,25065% (608 reviews)
218 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)MS – School Counseling (CACREP-accredited)
Colorado State University-Fort CollinsHLC$28,903100% (5 reviews)
96 Programs, 2 in School Counseling (view all)Graduate Certificate in Postsecondary Access and Success ProgramsGraduate Certificate in PreK-12 School Social Worker
Columbia University in the City of New YorkMSCHE$57,208Add Review
91 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Advanced Certificate in College Advising
Concordia University – PortlandNWCCU$30,27057% (49 reviews)
63 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Graduate Certificate in Trauma and Resilience Leadership in Educational Settings (Non-licensure)
Concordia University-IrvineWSCUC$34,1000% (1 reviews)
27 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Master of Arts in Education – School Counseling
Creighton UniversityHLC$38,75075% (4 reviews)
95 Programs, 4 in School Counseling (view all)Master of Science in School Counseling and Preventive Mental HealthMaster of Science in School Counseling and Preventive Mental Health – Elementary School CouncelingMaster of Science in School Counseling and Preventive Mental Health – PK-12 Guidance CounselingMaster of Science in School Counseling and Preventive Mental Health – Secondary School Counseling
Edinboro University of PennsylvaniaMSCHE$14,668100% (2 reviews)
36 Programs, 2 in School Counseling (view all)Master of Arts in Counseling – School CounselingMaster of Education in Special Education – Behavior Management
Florida State UniversitySACS COC$18,786100% (1 reviews)
85 Programs, 2 in School Counseling (view all)MS in School CounselingEdS in School Counseling
Geneva CollegeMSCHE$26,070Add Review
17 Programs, 2 in School Counseling (view all)MA in Counseling – Professional School CounselingMEd with School Counseling Certificate
Grand Canyon UniversityHLC$17,05053% (462 reviews)
247 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)MEd in School Counseling (ITL)
Hamline UniversityHLC$40,332Add Review
24 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Certificate in Bullying Prevention
Hampton UniversitySACS COC$25,441Add Review
33 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision
Indiana Wesleyan University OnlineHLC$25,98042% (26 reviews)
198 Programs, 2 in School Counseling (view all)M.A. Counseling – School CounselingPost-Master’s Degree Certificate – Counseling
Jackson State UniversitySACS COC$18,314Add Review
24 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Specialist in Education in School Counseling
Jacksonville State UniversitySACS COC$15,582100% (2 reviews)
69 Programs, 1 in School Counseling (view all)Educational Specialist in School Counseling

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Online School Counseling Degree Overview & Career Information

Those interested in pursuing an online school counseling degree can find programs at the master’sdoctoral, and certificate levels. Doctoral-level programs in school counseling are also available for those who already have a master’s and wish to advance their education even further. Students will spend two and a half to three years taking classes, researching, and writing a dissertation. Upon earning a doctorate a professional will be able to work in such jobs as counselor supervisor, mental health counselor, university teacher, or therapist.

Lastly, there are online school counseling certificate programs that can be completed as well. These programs are usually offered at the post-master’s level, and are intended for those who have a master’s degree in counseling or a related field, and who want to move into school counseling roles. These programs take a year to complete and can be found at colleges and universities. Once a student has finished their school counseling certificate, they will be able to work as school counselors in elementary, middle, and high schools.View School Counseling Programs

Online Master’s Degrees in School Counseling

A master’s in school counseling is the minimum level of education that needs to be completed before an individual can find work as a school counselor. These programs typically take two years and can be found at the university level. Graduates can work as counselors in K-12 schools. To learn more about online master’s programs in school counseling, see our master’s overview which includes a list of the best programs.View Master’s Programs

Online Doctoral Degrees in School Counseling

Graduates who have a master’s degree in counseling or a related discipline will be eligible for doctoral programs. Other enrollment requirements include letters of recommendation as well as a CV that demonstrates career progression, leadership skills, and other professional achievements.

Doctoral programs consist of 96-150 credit hours and typically take two and a half to three years to complete. Credit hours from a master’s degree are typically granted toward doctoral programs. Studies in doctoral school counseling programs are made up of research, practicum, internships, and dissertations. Students can expect to take courses like Advanced Research in Human Development, Advanced Counseling Theories, Counselor Supervision, Qualitative Methods for Counselor Education Research, and Dissertation Course. Through the knowledge and skills gained in a doctoral program graduates often go on to hold job titles such as counselor educator, counselor supervisor, crisis center director, mental health counselor, and therapist.

Online Certificates in School Counseling

A variety of colleges and universities offer certificate programs in school counseling. The post-masters graduate certificate can be earned by completing 12-credit hours of studies over the course of a year and is available to applicants who hold a master’s degree within the counseling field. Students can expect to take courses like Consultation and Case Management in Schools and Community, The Professional School Counselor, as well as Administration and Leadership of School Counseling Services.

A minimum of 300 hours of advanced internships per semester are also required, although additional hours may be necessary depending on the student’s clinical training and experience in previous academic programs. Once students have completed all required course work they will take the PRAXIS II exam, which will prepare them for licensure. It is important to note that licensure and certification requirements vary from state to state which needs to be considered prior to enrolling in a school counseling certificate program. Upon graduating with a school counseling certificate participants will go on to hold job positions as student counselors at the K-12 level.

The Importance of an Accredited Online Degree in School Counseling

Before an applicant enrolls in a program at any institution of higher education it is important to research the school’s accreditation. Accreditation is important because it measures the standards and quality of the institution.  It is also always important to factor in the possibility of having to transfer credits in future academic plans. Accreditation can make the transferring process faster and easier for students interested in moving on to different schools or programs. This can also play a role in job searching post graduation, as many employers require degrees from accredited schools.

The Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs  (CACREP) is an organization that accredits masters and doctoral degree programs in counseling offered by both national and international colleges and universities. CACREP is dedicated to setting a standard for counselors and counselor educators that will ensure that students receive exceptional educational experiences. CACREP standards are organized into six sections including The Learning Environment, Professional Counseling Identity, Professional Practice, Evaluation in the Program, Entry-Level Specialty Areas, and Doctoral Standards for Counselor Education. School counseling programs and institutions are evaluated in each of these areas to ensure the highest of standards are being kept before being accredited by CACREP.


School Counselor Jobs 

There are a variety of different career options within the school counseling field. Key job titles include guidance counselor and school psychologist. Guidance counseling is needed at the elementary level as well as the junior/high school level. The primary function of a school guidance counselor is to provide students with counseling based on their learning, social, personal, career, and vocational needs.

Some day-to-day tasks that a guidance counselor will perform are: scheduling students in appropriate courses, conducting career and educational planning activities, advocating on behalf of students and taking reasonable precautions to protect them, assisting students with college entrance as well as scholarship and financial aid applications, and submiting all required reports on time and with accuracy. Applicants for guidance counselor positions must possess a master’s degree in school counseling as well as a current license based on the state requirements for the state they are applying in. Most employers also expect a minimum of three years experience in teaching or counseling.  

Essential Information

There are many post-master’s certificate programs for school counselors available online, primarily designed for individuals with master’s degrees in education or counseling. These programs can be completed in less than one year. Many courses are offered online, but some programs require a few on-campus courses as well. Students also must complete an in-school counseling internship.

In a certificate program, students learn about the role of a school counselor. They study counseling practices and theory, as well as ethics and legal regulations. Ethnic and cultural factors are examined, and students learn about the types of governmental and public service organizations that are available to counselors.

Licensing requirements for school counselors vary by state, but generally require a master’s degree or post-master’s certificate in school counseling. Counselors may be required to pass a competency exam and maintain their license through continuing education.

School Counselor Certificate

School counseling certificate or endorsement programs are offered by many schools either entirely online or in a hybrid format. Typically, applicants must have a master’s degree in education or counseling. Students enrolled in a certificate program develop skills involving the prevention of substance abuse, violence and bullying as well as career guidance and crisis intervention.

Program Information and Requirements

A school counseling certificate program can usually be completed in less than a year. Many schools offering an online program have some on-campus course requirements, and students must often participate in an on-site internship at an affiliated or approved school. Online courses may be delivered through a combination of online reading material and real-time lectures. Students have the opportunity to interact with instructors and peers through online discussion boards, chat rooms and e-mail.

Course Topics

The standard curriculum of a school counseling certificate program trains students to advise, advocate for and counsel troubled or challenged school-aged children. Some schools allow students to waive certain classes equivalent to those completed in a master’s degree program.

Fundamentals and Theories of the School Counselor

This course introduces students to the purpose, duties and responsibilities of the school counselor. Various counseling processes and methods are studied in-depth, as well as historical, theoretical and philosophical approaches to school counseling. The symbiotic relationship between school counselors and faculty of other student services is highlighted. Students are also presented with important licensing information necessary to become a professional school counselor.

Consultation Practices in Schools

Students examine the singular ideologies, approaches and routines of counseling in an educational setting. Special attention is given to societal tendencies, ethnic considerations and pluralistic approaches inherent in school counseling. Legal and moral obligations, public service organizations and referral systems are also studied.

Advanced Internship in School Counseling

Students participate in a supervised field experience in a private or public clinic, school or church. Skills are displayed and tested in real-world situations. The functional utilization and assimilation of the key concepts, fundamentals and procedures of school counseling is emphasized through a hands-on approach.

Career Information

State requirements for school counselors may include completion of a master’s degree, state certification, both teaching and counseling credentials, teaching experience, state licensure or a combination of these elements. Prospective school counselors may also be required to pass a comprehensive test, such as the Praxis Test of School Guidance and Counseling. Those interested in a career in school counseling should verify state regulations prior to enrollment in a program to ensure it meets the necessary requirements.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported approximately 285,460 educational, guidance, school and vocational counselors were employed as of May 2018. The average yearly salaries for these positions are $60,160. The BLS anticipated an increase of 8% for school and career counselor jobs between 2018-2028 (

Continuing Education Information

Most states require school counselors to complete a certain number of continuing education hours to renew certification and licensure. Many schools offer acceptable school counseling continuing education courses completely online. School counselors can also further their education and advance their careers by taking classes in areas such as group counseling, multicultural considerations and contemporary topics in school counseling.

Online certification programs in school counseling are for individuals who already hold a master’s degree in education or counseling. While most programs are offered online, many have on-campus and internship requirements that can typically be completed in a year.

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