Portland Community College Courses

Last Updated on December 28, 2022

Portland Community College (USA) Courses, Fees & Course Duration

Addiction Counseling
Investigate patterns of drug and alcohol abuse and recovery

2 degrees and certificatesfor Addiction Counseling

American Sign Language Studies
Learn the grammar and culture of American Sign Language

University transfer credits

Research the evolution of human societies

University transfer credits

Apprenticeship and Trades
Participate in an employer-sponsored training program

10 degrees and certificatesfor Apprenticeship and Trades

Architectural Design and Drafting
Translate ideas into blueprints and 3D models of buildings

2 degrees and certificatesfor Architectural Design and Drafting

Develop creative problem-solving by exploring visual arts

University transfer credits

ASL/English Interpreting
Take formal training to become a professional interpreter

2 degrees and certificatesfor ASL/English Interpreting

Auto Collision Repair
Restore damaged vehicles with painting and structural repair

4 degrees and certificatesfor Auto Collision Repair

Automotive Service
Inspect, test, diagnose, and repair cars and light trucks

2 degrees and certificatesfor Automotive Service

Aviation Maintenance
Repair and troubleshoot airplanes, helicopters, and jet engines

4 degrees and certificatesfor Aviation Maintenance

Aviation Science
Learn to fly and start your career as a professional pilot

3 degrees and certificatesfor Aviation Science

Explore living systems, from tiny cells to the entire biosphere

University transfer credits

Bioscience Technology
Conduct lab experiments and research new medicines

3 degrees and certificatesfor Bioscience Technology

Building Construction
Become a carpenter, remodel homes, or manage build sites

4 degrees and certificatesfor Building Construction

Building Inspection
Examine buildings for safety and fire hazards

2 degrees and certificatesfor Building Inspection

Business Administration
Earn credentials in accounting, management, or marketing

7 degrees and certificatesfor Business Administration

Explore microscopic worlds and prepare for careers in healthcare

University transfer credits

Chicano and Latino Studies
Examine historical and current experiences of Latinos in the US

University transfer credits

Child and Family Studies
Develop observation and insight to work with kids and families

5 degrees and certificatesfor Child and Family Studies

Study Mandarin Chinese language and culture

University transfer credits

Civil and Construction Engineering Tech
Study the design of bridges, buildings, and environment protection

1 degree or certificatefor Civil and Construction Engineering Tech

College Success and Career Guidance
Learn to manage time, finances, and personal commitments

University transfer credits

Communication Studies
Improve your intercultural and public speaking skills

University transfer credits

Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Create drawings and digital models of products and machines

4 degrees and certificatesfor Computer Aided Design and Drafting

Computer Information Systems
Solve practical problems using networks, databases, and websites

16 degrees and certificatesfor Computer Information Systems

Computer Science
Focus on theory and mathematical foundations of programming

University transfer credits

Criminal Justice
Collect evidence, investigate cases, and protect individual rights

1 degree or certificatefor Criminal Justice

Dealer Service
Intern at a Caterpillar dealership and repair heavy machinery

2 degrees and certificatesfor Dealer Service

Dental Assisting
Prepare patients, sterilize tools, and provide chairside support

1 degree or certificatefor Dental Assisting

Dental Hygiene
Perform advanced procedures like cleanings and anesthetics

1 degree or certificatefor Dental Hygiene

Diesel Service
Become a mechanic for trucks, tractors, boats, and trains

5 degrees and certificatesfor Diesel Service

Identify structures of wealth, poverty, and capitalism

University transfer credits

Start your career as a teacher or teaching assistant

4 degrees and certificatesfor Education

Electronic Engineering Tech
Study currents, voltage, circuits, and renewable energy

6 degrees and certificatesfor Electronic Engineering Tech

Emergency Medical Services
Stabilize accident victims and transport those in medical crisis

5 degrees and certificatesfor Emergency Medical Services

Study the fundamentals before transferring to a 4-year university

University transfer credits

English for Speakers of Other Languages
Improve your ability to speak, read, and write in English

University transfer credits

Environmental Studies
Seek solutions to climate crisis, endangered species, and pollution

University transfer credits

Ethnic Studies
Study the knowledge and experiences of people of color

University transfer credits

Exercise Science
Become a personal trainer, coach, or fitness instructor

5 degrees and certificatesfor Exercise Science

Facilities Maintenance – HVAC
Install and repair heating and cooling systems in large buildings

3 degrees and certificatesfor Facilities Maintenance – HVAC

Fire Protection
Fight fires, perform rescues, and assist with natural disasters

2 degrees and certificatesfor Fire Protection

Focus Awards
Earn awards in specialized fields of interest

13 degrees and certificatesfor Focus Awards

Food and Nutrition
Analyze dietary intake to prepare for careers in healthcare

University transfer credits

Study French language and culture

University transfer credits

GED® with Adult Basic Education
Prepare for the state high school equivalency test

1 degree or certificatefor GED® with Adult Basic Education

General Science
Strengthen your scientific background

University transfer credits

Explore the landscape and societies of Earth’s surface

University transfer credits

Investigate volcanoes, fossils, and the internal structure of Earth

University transfer credits

Study German language and culture

University transfer credits

Start a career helping older adults stay active and engaged

4 degrees and certificatesfor Gerontology

GIS and Geospatial
Design maps that illustrate and interpret statistics

3 degrees and certificatesfor GIS and Geospatial

Graphic Design
Communicate visually through illustrations and typography

1 degree or certificatefor Graphic Design

Health Information Management
Collect and organize patient medical history

1 degree or certificatefor Health Information Management

Health Studies
Observe the role of physical and mental well-being in our culture

University transfer credits

Study past events and their influence on the present

University transfer credits

Compare cultures through art, philosophy, history, and language

University transfer credits

Interior Design
Create sustainable indoor spaces using lighting, textiles, and layout

4 degrees and certificatesfor Interior Design

International Studies
Examine the world community

University transfer credits

Study Japanese language and culture

University transfer credits

Sharpen your reporting, writing, and editing skills

University transfer credits

Design and construct outdoor spaces and sustainable habitats

6 degrees and certificatesfor Landscape

Improve comprehension and appreciation of written language

University transfer credits

Machine Manufacturing
Fabricate metal parts and tools using computerized equipment

5 degrees and certificatesfor Machine Manufacturing

Management and Supervisory Development
Resolve conflict and improve productivity in the workplace

5 degrees and certificatesfor Management and Supervisory Development

Improve math skills and prepare for math-intensive majors

University transfer credits

Medical Assisting
Schedule appointments, take vital signs, and send lab samples

1 degree or certificatefor Medical Assisting

Medical Imaging
Perform X-rays and CT scans to detect disease and injury

4 degrees and certificatesfor Medical Imaging

Medical Laboratory
Carry out lab tests to diagnose and prevent disease

1 degree or certificatefor Medical Laboratory

Medical Professions
Learn basic healthcare skills while exploring career paths

1 degree or certificatefor Medical Professions

Manufacture microchips and circuit boards in a cleanroom setting

5 degrees and certificatesfor Microelectronics

Produce content combining text, graphics, audio, and video

6 degrees and certificatesfor Multimedia

Learn fundamentals of music theory and performance

University transfer credits

Music and Sonic Arts
Combine art and science as a producer or sound technician

4 degrees and certificatesfor Music and Sonic Arts

Native American Studies
Study indigenous voices, colonization, and tribal sovereignty

University transfer credits

Determine course of treatment and provide long-term care

1 degree or certificatefor Nursing

Occupational Skills Training
Get on-the-job training designed specifically for your business

3 degrees and certificatesfor Occupational Skills Training

Ophthalmic Medical
Administer vision tests and assist eye doctors

1 degree or certificatefor Ophthalmic Medical

Provide support to lawyers, corporations, and public institutions

2 degrees and certificatesfor Paralegal

Parent Education
Learn skills for a strong and healthy family

University transfer credits

Evaluate beliefs about how we should live our lives

University transfer credits

Physical Education
Develop skills in activities like dance, swimming, and self-defense

University transfer credits

Experiment with laws of motion and prepare for careers in science

University transfer credits

Political Science
Research taxation, citizenship, and government

University transfer credits

Analyze emotion, motivation, and personality

University transfer credits

Religious Studies
Investigate myths, doctrines, rituals, and traditions

University transfer credits

Study Russian language and culture

University transfer credits

Social Justice
Explore approaches to the fair treatment of all people in society

University transfer credits

Evaluate social problems and possible solutions

University transfer credits

Study Spanish language and culture

University transfer credits

Theatre Arts
Learn acting, directing, design, and stagecraft

University transfer credits

University Transfer
Take freshman and sophomore classes that transfer to universities

4 degrees and certificatesfor University Transfer

Veterinary Tech
Provide essential medical care for all animals

1 degree or certificatefor Veterinary Tech

Learn to fuse metal and prepare for trades in fabrication

15 degrees and certificatesfor Welding

Women’s and Gender Studies
Understand how power and oppression shape our world

University transfer credits

Express ideas through poetry, essays, and screenwriting

University transfer credits

portland community college tuition

In State Oregon Resident Sticker Price


Books and Supplies$1,692
Other Fees$382
Estimated Off Campus Cost of Living$12,390
Other Expenses Budget$3,582
Out of State Resident Sticker Price


Books and Supplies$1,692
Other Fees$382
Estimated Off Campus Cost of Living$12,390
Other Expenses Budget$3,582

Residents of Oregon pay an annual total price of $22,222 to attend Portland Community College on a full time basis. This fee is comprised of $4,176 for tuition, $1,692 for books and supplies and $382 for other fees.

Out of state residents are charged a total cost of $27,082 which is 21.9% higher than Oregon residents. The tuition charge is $9,036 while books and supplies are $1,692 and other fees come in at $382.All price data is sourced from the 2019/2020 U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics survey.

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Net Price

Net price is indicative of what it actually costs to attend Portland Community College when typical grants and scholarships are considered. The net price varies by family income and financial need.

Average Net Price 2018/2019


Family IncomeNet Price Paid
$0 to $30,000$7,669
$30,001 to $48,000$8,219
$48,001 to $75,000$10,347
$75,001 to $110,000$12,438

The average reported annual net price for Portland Community College for students receiving grants or scholarship aid was $8,530 in 2018/2019. Net price includes tuition and required fees, books and supplies, and average cost for room and board and other expenses

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