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Thousands of students enter doctoral programs in New York hoping to pursue their passion in a doctoral program. To be accepted into a doctoral program, students often spend years preparing the necessary entrance documents, completing undergraduate courses, and strengthening their transcripts. Here is a detailed post about phd programs in ny. So, if you have been searching for new york university phd programs or other keywords online, then this article is dedicated to you. It contains part time phd programs in nyc. Read on to enjoy all these and more.

If you’re searching for phd programs in New York, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to help you find the best programs based on the criteria most important to you.

Fulfill your dreams of earning your coveted Ph.D. while living in a beautiful city like New York or San Francisco. Modelled on the Oxbridge system and designed to challenge you, these are considered the best PhD programs in the country — many of which are open to international students.

new york university phd programs

phd programs in ny

One of the core values held by the University of New York in Prague is excellence in research. Offered at our partner, New York College Athens, in coordination with the University of Bolton, students will be able to earn their Ph.D. UNYP encourages graduates in all disciplines to consider studying for a doctorate – the highest academic award conferred by this university – or an MPhil. To this end, UNYP offers its students through its partners the opportunity to study for a Ph.D. or MPhil in any subject area in which we have relevant research expertise, in association with the relevant Academic Group, Research Centre, or Research Institute.

The Ph.D. by research is awarded to a candidate who presents and defends a thesis, after having critically investigated and evaluated an approved topic which results in an independent and original contribution to knowledge and demonstrates an understanding of the appropriate research methods within the chosen field. This Ph.D. program is designed for those who wish to pursue supervised research at the doctoral level, leading to the publication of a traditional doctoral thesis of sufficient quality to be deemed an original and independent contribution to the existing body of knowledge, and which justifies the award of a doctorate. It is possible to apply and register for the doctorate either directly or via the MPhil route.

Career opportunities with a doctorate from the University of Bolton

A doctorate is much more than the most advanced qualification in your specialist area of study. Successfully completing a Ph.D. is proof that you have mastered a set of transferable and highly desirable skills and qualities such as critical analysis, project management, high-level problem-solving, leadership and mentoring, challenging and providing alternative perspectives on received wisdom, advanced research, and presentation skills, self-confidence, determination, and persistence. 

Ph.D. graduates have more successful careers and increased earnings than any other graduate. They are seen are the professional “movers and shakers” in the workplace, the employees who bring innovation and enterprise to the table.

Qualifying criteria

Doctorates are awarded to candidates who can demonstrate:

(i) the employment of original research or other advanced scholarship to create and interpret new knowledge, producing a body of work that is of a quality that satisfies peer review, extends the limits of understanding within the subject, and is worthy of publication;

(ii) the systematic acquisition and understanding of a substantial body of knowledge which is at the cutting edge of an academic discipline or area of professional practice;

(iii) the general ability to conceptualize, design, and implement a research project for the generation of new knowledge, applications, or understanding within the discipline, and to make adaptations and adjustments in the event of new issues arising;

(iv) a detailed understanding of the appropriate techniques for research and advanced academic inquiry within the discipline.

Moreover, the University would expect Ph.D. candidates to demonstrate the ability to:

(a) make and defend informed judgments on complex issues in specialist fields, often in the absence of complete data, and to be able to communicate their ideas and conclusions clearly and effectively to specialist and non-specialist audiences;

(b) undertake research and development at an advanced level, whether pure or applied, contributing substantially to the development within the discipline of new techniques, ideas, or approaches;

(c) demonstrate the exercise of personal responsibility and autonomous initiative in complex and unpredictable situations, in academic, professional, and similar environments, and any other professional qualities and transferable skills that would be reasonably expected at this academic level.

A doctorate is the pinnacle of an arts and science education. Founded in 1886, the Graduate School of Arts and Science at NYU is among the oldest schools offering doctoral programs in the United States. Today NYU’s doctoral programs span the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, and students pursue cutting-edge research with the close supervision of NYU’s internationally recognized research faculty. New York City resources complement and enhance our vibrant intellectual communities. Use the links below to explore Doctor of Philosophy and dual advanced degrees at New York University.

Explore your options at Harpur College of Arts and Sciences, the intellectual heart of Binghamton University, part of the State University of New York system and the premier public university in the Northeast! Harpur is both the largest and the oldest college within Binghamton, with a 70-year tradition of academic excellence and inquiry.

Whether you are looking to further your career with a needed credential, advance your knowledge in a field or prepare for a career in research and academia, Harpur College will help you achieve your goals.

part time phd programs in nyc

New York City at a glance

As one of the most popular study abroad destinations, New York City is home to more university students than any other city in America. With an unequalled multicultural environment, New York City, USA, is a major hub for top education programmes with endless specialisations. Study any degree you wish in one of the numerous universities and colleges, and experience a modern stimulating academic climate.


Studying in New York City

In New York, more than 4,000 courses are offered in hundreds of degree and non-degree programmes. You will enjoy a multicultural academic environment, as students come from all corners of the globe.

You can specialise in any subject area you could imagine. Fields of study are available for all degree levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD. You can choose from: health care, business administration, biomedicine and biomedical research, economics, computer science, engineering, mathematics, law, journalism, liberal arts, accounting, criminal justice, or architecture.

Several online (distance learning) degrees are available, particularly in the fields of communication, business, psychology, sociology, or project management.

Universities also provide short courses, mostly as summer sessions or programmes. Common subject areas include engineering, theatre and film, design, and psychology.

Professional colleges cover degree courses for many future careers, like business, data analytics, communication and media, psychology, or public administration.


Career opportunities in New York City

New York City has a strong economy, with so many diverse growing industries, including digital media, biotechnology, software development, game design, computer hardware, media and entertainment, marketing, finance and public administration.

Companies with headquarters or local offices in New York City include: IBM, Global Foundries, Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor, Philip Morris, Pfizer, AOL, and Viacom. Some of the city’s media conglomerates and institutions include: Time Warner, the Thomson Reuters Corporation, The New York Times Company, NBC Universal, ABC, CBS, or Fox. New York City is also home to the New York Stock Exchange, on Wall Street, and the NASDAQ.

Students from New York City universities can enrol in internship programmes, offering the chance to explore career options and apply classroom knowledge in the workplace.


New York City city life

Also, known as “The City That Never Sleeps”, New York City is all about city life, enjoying the American life style and the colourful, vibrant nightlife. New York City is the symbol of world entertainment and, as you will discover, an important starting point in American history.

Get a grasp of the American culture and heritage by visiting: the Statue of Liberty – the symbol of American freedom, democracy, and opportunity; Ellis Island Immigration Museum, Museum of Jewish Heritage, the Metropolitan Museum for Art, the Guggenheim and many other diverse sourses of international culture.

Other emblematic places include: Times Square, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre. The Grand Central Terminal in itself is worth seeing even if you don’t have a train to catch.

Restaurants are integrated in the whole ‘melting pot’ thing, typical for the large New York City. You can find international cuisine restaurants, from Italian to Chinese, or the authentic American diners.

Interested in fashion and shopping? Surely you have heard of Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, or the annual New York fashion week.

Just remember, wherever you want to go, New York City is a crowded place and you are often better off either on foot or by taking the subway.

International atmosphere in New York City

New York City is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Over 20% of the city’s population is foreign-born and immigrants from over 150 countries live in New York City. Ethnic minorities include: Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Italian, Irish, German, Polish and more. The city is also home to the second-largest African-American population in the U.S. More than 100 languages are spoken here, as well as various American English dialects, making it the most linguistically diverse city worldwide.

Weather New York City

New York City has a humid continental climate. During spring and autumn, the weather is at times unpredictable, changing from warm to chilly, with mild humidity. Summers are warm, with an average daily temperature of 25 °C (77 °F). In winter, temperatures of -15 °C (5 °F) or colder can be expected, as well as great amounts of snow precipitations.

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