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PhD in Education⁤ Topics: Unlocking New Avenues for Research and Innovation


Education is ⁤a fundamental pillar of any society, and ​its continuous improvement is crucial for fostering development, progress, and a better future. ⁢Pursuing ‍a PhD in education equips individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and research aptitude to ‌contribute to the advancement of educational practices and policies. As the field grows increasingly complex and diverse, a range of compelling topics ​emerges for PhD candidates to explore, driving new avenues for ‍research and innovation. This article aims to explore some of these⁢ exciting areas of⁤ study and their⁤ potential impact on education.

1. Educational Leadership and Management:

Educational leadership and management have garnered‌ immense attention in recent years. It ⁢encompasses a range of topics such as leadership development, change management, organizational culture, and policy

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Choosing the best PhD in Education is an important decision. From school ranking to faculty expertise, there are a number of factors that you should be considering. In order to make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top PhD programs in Education for 2018. Even if you aren’t quite sure about what topic to choose, you are bound to find something that interests you within this list. These programs offer one of the highest educational achievements available today, so it’s definitely worth taking the time and effort to figure out which programs fit your needs best.

list of research topics in educational management

phd in education topics

The University’s partnership with Team GB was announced in January 2019 and includes the Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. The partnership is borne out of a synergy between the University’s ambitions and values, and those of Team GB, and is built on the belief that there is the extraordinary in everyone.

In a further exciting development in this unique partnership, we are delighted to announce the launch of three PhD projects which will be delivered in close collaboration with Team GB. The three studies are about sustaining the future of individuals, society as a collective, and the environment and will form our Team GB: Competitors, Community, Climate cluster. 

Retirement from sport is an extremely significant ‘hot topic’ in contemporary sports research and is an area of huge importance to Team GB. Very little is understood about the lives of retired athletes, including how their experiences of elite sport will govern their lives after being a competitive athlete. This research aims to fill the gaps in this area and to provide critical knowledge that can be used to support athletes’ careers and well-being in their life beyond sport.

Using a socio-cultural poststructuralist lens, the successful candidate will use an in-depth qualitative approach in the form of semi-structured interviews with retired athletes and, significantly, will consider the role of current and / or retired coaches. Whilst based primarily in the department of Sport, Health and Exercise Science at the University of Hull, you will work with a variety of stakeholders and partners to conduct your research and analyse your findings.

This unique project will place you at the forefront of contemporary research into an extremely timely and current topic. You will help Team GB better understand how elite sport can positively influence competitors’ lives after retirement and also the challenges they face. Crucially, the aim is for your research is to inform and shape support provision for athletes both in the years preceding and post retirement.

Submission of thesis

Submission of your final thesis is expected within three years and three months from the start of your PhD scholarship.

If you need to move into a fourth year to complete your thesis, please note that you will not receive a tuition fee waiver or maintenance grant during this period.

Who can apply

Candidates will need to have a strong interest in the socio-cultural analysis of sports contexts, sports retirement studies and sports coaching practices. Candidates will require an undergraduate degree in Sports Science, Sports Coaching, Sociology, or Education with at least a 2.1.

phd research topics in science education

A Masters degree or relevant experience outside academia, would be advantageous.

We would very much welcome applications from retired high-performance athletes from any sport, as we appreciate the unique insights that your previous experience as an athlete will bring to the project. Your experience in the field of elite sport will be taken into account when assessing your academic qualifications.

This scholarship is available for full-time study only and not open to candidates who have already obtained a PhD. This opportunity is open to Home candidates only.

The School of Education is at the forefront of Educational research internationally and offers a dynamic and inclusive research culture.

Study Information

At a Glance

 Degree QualificationPhD

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We welcome enquiries from potential students to collaborate with our staff and professional partners to investigate the complexities of education and its underpinning values and beliefs.

We have a thriving community of about 50 research students and you could join our international community of students from every continent across the world.

Our Research

Our research degrees are offered on a full or part time basis and delivered on campus or supervised at a distance.
For the session 2020/21 we can support all students to take up their PhD study at a distance and either remain as a distance student or complete their studies on campus in Aberdeen.

PhD study in the school is divided into four themes:

  • International Studies of Social & Educational Development
  • Lifelong Professional Education & Development
  • Educational Inclusion & Wellbeing
  • Pedagogy & Digital Learning

Current PhD projects for these four themes include:

International Studies of Social & Educational Development

  • An ethnographic Study on the Development and Implementation of the Social Practices Approach to Adult literacies in the Western Province of Rwanda.
  • An inquiry into adult refugee learning, the role of agency, dialogical learning and critical thinking for a more reflective learning.
  • Bringing the world into classroom: Teacher for Global Education in Post-Conflict and Post-Tsunami Aceh.
  • The Effectiveness of Bilingual and Monolingual English Language Teachers and the Impact of their Qualities on the Academic Achievements of Preparatory Year Saudi English Students.
  • Math Instruction for Saudi Arabian English Language Learners: The Case of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University.Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society, and Rule of Law (CISRUL) Scholarship student project
  • Approaches to Survival in the Discursive Sphere Under An Authoritarian Regime: Experience of Civil Society Organisations in Ethiopia.

Lifelong Professional Education & Development

  • Exploring Teachers’ Perceptions of ‘Enquiry’ and ‘Evidence’ within Policy and Practice
  • A sociocultural investigation of student teachers’ experiences in the context of school placement within Initial Teacher Education in Scotland
  • School Leadership and Teacher Professionalism: An Exploration of Head Teacher Leadership in Public Primary Schools in Kenya.
  • Touched by Nature- A study of children’s emerging ecological identity and their connection with Nature.

Educational Inclusion & Wellbeing

  • How does autism training influence staff practice and staff perception of autism within a social care context?
  • Closing the Gap: How can teachers and youth workers better support pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds?
  • What are the Islamic Teachings on Mindfulness, Positivity and Wellbeing?
  • An investigation into particular factors affecting convicted prisoners on their release that discourage them from starting their own business, and therefore the development of prison Education Centre courses to help prisoners overcome these obstacles.

Pedagogy & Digital Learning

  • What impact, if any, is technology having on human identity and values in the 21st century workplace?
  • Investigation teachers’ values and practice relating to inquiry based learning in Science Education.
  • Learners’ and teachers’ experiences of collaborative online learning.
  • Using text based CMC to develop EAP students argumentation skills: learning processes and learner perceptions.

Research Interests

International Studies in Social and Educational Development

Staff in the School of Education are currently carrying out research in international contexts including countries such as Rwanda, Malawi, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Cambodia. Education for Global Citizenship is a core part of our undergraduate curriculum. The School of Education also hosts the Centre for Global Development (add link), which is a centre of excellence committed to inter-sectional and interdisciplinary working for equality, social justice and sustainable futures. We welcome students from across the world who wish to explore social and educational issues from an international perspective as a focus for study at PhD level.

Experts : Professor Pamela AbbottPeter MtikaRachel ShanksJackie RavetLiz CurtisAileen Ackland

Lifelong Professional Education & Development

Understanding the ways in which people learn to become teachers and continue their professional learning throughout their careers is a core part of work in the School of Education. We also carry out research in relation to teacher education and teacher educators from international perspectives. Our supervisors have interests ranging from the role of relationships, communities of practice and belongingness in teacher education, to boundary crossing and professional learning for vocational teachers. Creative approaches to teaching and learning and international perspectives in the early years is also a key research focus. Our research is shaping national and international policies.

Experts: Prof Yvonne BainArchie GrahamProf Donald GrayDavid JohnstonPeter MtikaDean RobsonLiz CurtisRachel ShanksPeter MtikaKirsten Darling-McQuistan, Stephanie Thomson, Will Barlow

Educational Inclusion & Wellbeing

Educational inclusion and wellbeing are at the heart of much of the research carried out in the School of Education. Staff research interests range from studies of the practice and teaching of mindfulness to exploring inclusive approaches to learning and teaching in the classroom. Our research both critiques and informs policy. We also host the Centre for Counselling (add link) which promotes the practice and study of respectful ways of relating to others, self and the world around us. Our students have developed projects within this research theme in a range of settings including schools, prisons and contexts which support vulnerable people in society.

Experts: Jackie RavetDavid JohnstonGraeme NixonKirsten Darling-McQuistanWill BarlowArchie GrahamDean Robson, David Smith, Stephanie Thomson, Peter MtikaRachel Shanks

Pedagogy and Digital Learning

Pedagogical research in a range of learning contexts relating to life-long formal and informal learning is a key area of research in this school. We have expertise in arts-based approaches to learning, experiential learning, as well as research in particular disciplinary areas such as science education, humanities education, and teaching and learning English as a second language. Digital learning is a key part of life in the School, and we welcome students interested in the role of digital platforms and digital pedagogies to apply for PhD study.

Experts: Professor Yvonne BainWill BarlowColin ChristieSarah CorneliusLiz CurtisProfessor Donald GrayHelen MartinGraeme Nixon, David Smith, Stephanie Thomson, Aileen Ackland

Entry Requirements

Applicants to the PhD Programme must provide a detailed research proposal and two academic references from their most recent academic institution. We advise that applicants should have a depth of knowledge of research methodologies and practical experience of planning and carrying out a research project, before considering PhD study.

If English is not your first language you must also show evidence of attaining standards in English.

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