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Last Updated on January 17, 2023

The Science Communication Program supports research in the science of science communications. Housed in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications, the program connects communications researchers with scientists from across Penn State to explore productive research collaborations with seed funding and administrative resources.

The SCP focuses on:

  • Building multi-disciplinary research collaborations
  • Advancing theory in the science of science communication
  • Improving communication effectiveness on specific science issues
  • Educating academic and other audiences about science communication challenges

Science Communication

Good Science Deserves Good Communication

Each year, the Institutes of Energy and the Environment offers training and resources to help Penn State faculty, researchers, and graduate students to improve their science communication skills. The hope is that Penn Staters can better share their discoveries and results with the public, journalists, policymakers, and beyond.

Most years, IEE partners with COMPASS, an organization that helps scientists effectively share their knowledge in public discourse and decision-making. It provides practical support for scientists to engage without compromising the accuracy of their science.

COMPASS brings together expert facilitators and media professionals who train researchers on the best ways to make their work accessible to larger audiences.Image

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Science Communication Series


Faculty Science Communication Workshop

Spring Semester 2021
Invitation-only workshop

This virtual invitation-only workshop is intended to help Penn State faculty improve their communication skills with media and non-expert audiences including interdisciplinary proposal reviewers, industry, and foundation sponsors.

Participants will engage in intensive message development, role-play scenarios on their own research topic, and hone communication strategies based on constructive feedback from trainers, journalists, and fellow participants.  Registration is limited to twenty.

If you are interested in participating in the future, please let us know. 

Science Communication Training:
Climate Change

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