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Last Updated on December 28, 2022

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The Penn State Engineering Graduation Rate is a benchmarking tool that provides engineering graduates a direct comparison of their degree completion to the national average.

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Overview of Penn State Engineering Graduation Rate

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The Penn State College of Engineering is the engineering school of the Pennsylvania State University, headquartered at the University Park campus in University Park, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1896, under the leadership of George W. Atherton. Today, with 13 academic departments and degree programs,over 11,000 enrolled undergraduate and graduate students (8,166 at the University Park campus, and 3,059 at other campuses),and research expenditures of $124 million for the 2016-2017 academic year,the Penn State College of Engineering is one of the leading engineering schools in the United States. It is estimated that at least one out of every fifty engineers in the United States got their bachelor’s degree from Penn State. Dr. Justin Schwartz currently holds the position of Harold and Inge Marcus Dean of Engineering.

Overall, 66.3% of Penn State University Park Undergrads Finish Within Six Years

At Penn State University Park , there were 20,834 bachelors degree candidates in the class of 2015 . By 2017 , six years after beginning their degree, 66.3% of these students had graduated. After an additional two years, 67.9% of this class eventually completed their degree.

We consider the “on-time” graduation rate for a bachelor’s degree to be four years, but colleges typically report their graduation rates after six or even eight years.Overall Penn State University Park Six Year Graduation Rate  (66.3% )0%100%Overall Penn State University Park Eight Year Graduation Rate  (67.9% )0%100%

Penn State University ParkUndergraduate Graduation Rate

This implies that 32.1% did not graduate within eight years. Of these 6,680 students, 176 were still working towards their degree, 3,819 had transferred to a different institution, and Penn State University Park lost contact with the remaining 2,684 whom we assume dropped out.

dropouts & other students who failed to graduate from Pennsylvania State University - University Park

Facts and Figures



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Undergraduate Enrollment

pie chart showing: 7,912 undergraduates enrolled at university park; 2,513 undergraduates enrolled at other penn state campuses; 10,425 total undergraduates enrolled in the college of engineering

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Graduate Enrollment

total graduate enrollment is 1,883

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graphic showing: Tenure/tenure-track faculty: 310 (professor, associate professor, and assistant professor); Non-Tenure track: 58 (professor, associate professor, and assistant professor); 84 (lecturer/instructor)l and Non-Tenure track: 11 (researcher)

Growth in Research Expenditures

graphic showing growth of research expenditures: $124 million in 2016/17; $131.7 million in 2017/18; $149 million in 2018-19; and $153 million in 2019-20

These data may differ from other research expenditures as reported by the College or the University due to different calculation requirements.

Penn State Engineering Acceptance Rate

CampusAcademic ProgramTotalPercent
University ParkAerospace Engineering27412.0%10.6%10.2%
Architectural Engineering137732.6%7.9%6.1%
Biological Engineering9638.5%15.9%14.6%
Biomedical Engineering20351.2%8.9%11.8%
Chemical Engineering34535.1%7.0%17.4%
Civil Engineering40320.1%8.0%6.9%
Computer Engineering22910.9%7.2%21.0%
Computer Science71015.6%9.3%37.7%
Data Sciences16716.2%17.6%45.5%
Electrical Engineering44914.0%12.2%23.4%
Engineering Science11723.9%5.5%6.8%
Industrial Engineering36731.1%16.1%24.0%
Mechanical Engineering66115.7%6.1%15.4%
Nuclear Engineering677.5%5.1%11.9%
Surveying Engineering310.0%0.0%0.0%
University Park Total7,87123.2%10.8%17.3%
Other LocationsGeneral Engineering6312.7%9.5%0.0%
Surveying Engineering41816.7%0.0%5.6%
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology1278.7%6.3%0.0%
Electrical Engineering Technology195.3%5.3%0.0%
UP Majors Total53225.0%16.7%25.0%
Other Locations Total2,49015.3%13.6%10.9%
CampusAcademic ProgramTotalPercent
University ParkAerospace Engineering29812.1%12.1%8.7%
Architectural Engineering132732.7%6.2%6.7%
Biological Engineering11143.2%13.4%12.6%
Biomedical Engineering23146.3%7.0%13.4%
Chemical Engineering39032.1%4.8%19.2%
Civil Engineering46119.7%7.3%7.4%
Computer Engineering25112.7%7.0%25.9%
Computer Science64816.2%8.5%36.7%
Data Sciences11811.0%22.2%39.0%
Electrical Engineering52410.7%13.0%26.5%
Engineering Science12524.8%5.2%8.0%
Industrial Engineering42330.3%13.5%26.2%
Mechanical Engineering65816.0%5.1%16.4%
Nuclear Engineering7510.7%4.3%8.0%
Surveying Engineering320.0%0.0%0.0%
University Park Total8,01422.3%10.6%18.1%
Other LocationsGeneral Engineering6216.1%8.1%0.0%
Surveying Engineering42010.0%5.0%0.0%
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology10910.1%3.7%0.0%
Electrical Engineering Technology185.6%5.6%0.0%
UP Majors Total53613.9%10.3%19.4%
Other Locations Total2,71513.7%13.1%14.0%
CampusAcademic ProgramTotalPercent
University ParkAerospace Engineering31512.7%6.9%7.9%
Architectural Engineering130938.5%4.9%8.1%
Biological Engineering11436.8%8.6%7.9%
Biomedical Engineering25448.4%6.6%11.0%
Chemical Engineering45932.5%4.8%19.0%
Civil Engineering43920.7%6.0%8.7%
Computer Engineering24712.6%8.5%23.9%
Computer Science55315.2%7.1%36.3%
Data Sciences5512.7%20.0%27.3%
Electrical Engineering5299.5%12.0%27.6%
Engineering Science9622.9%5.6%6.3%
Industrial Engineering43831.1%9.9%30.8%
Mechanical Engineering71513.7%5.8%18.2%
Mechanical Engineering Technology310.0%0.0%0.0%
Nuclear Engineering7910.1%2.8%10.1%
Surveying Engineering3425.0%0.0%0.0%
University Park Total8,04322.3%9.9%18.1%
Other LocationsGeneral Engineering6613.6%10.6%0.0%
Surveying Engineering4254.0%0.0%0.0%
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology4658.8%7.2%1.3%
UP Majors Total54219.0%11.8%19.0%
Other Locations Total3,16714.1%12.1%12.6%
CampusAcademic ProgramTotalPercent
University ParkAerospace Engineering29910.4%6.3%9.7%
Architectural Engineering128239.4%6.4%6.0%
Biological Engineering10640.6%8.2%8.5%
Biomedical Engineering23644.1%8.1%11.4%
Chemical Engineering51635.9%5.8%19.6%
Civil Engineering39016.7%8.4%11.8%
Computer Engineering2018.5%8.3%21.9%
Computer Science39813.8%6.8%33.9%
Data Sciences185.6%35.7%22.2%
Electrical Engineering5549.4%12.6%24.4%
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology310.0%0.0%0.0%
Engineering Science6418.8%6.9%9.4%
Industrial Engineering41429.2%12.2%32.6%
Mechanical Engineering88112.8%5.8%17.4%
Nuclear Engineering10412.5%5.3%9.6%
Surveying Engineering3425.0%0.0%0.0%
University Park Total8,21121.7%9.7%17.5%
Other LocationsGeneral Engineering5512.7%9.1%0.0%
Surveying Engineering4355.7%5.7%0.0%
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology4726.4%8.2%1.3%
UP Majors Total53330.3%7.4%18.2%
Other Locations Total3,23313.3%12.2%12.7%
CampusAcademic ProgramTotalPercent
University ParkAerospace Engineering2588.1%5.6%10.5%
Architectural Engineering131238.5%6.3%12.8%
Biological Engineering11441.2%8.7%8.8%
Biomedical Engineering619840.4%8.5%10.6%
Chemical Engineering52731.9%5.4%16.3%
Civil Engineering35815.4%6.9%11.2%
Computer Engineering1966.6%10.4%21.4%
Computer Science34612.4%3.8%24.0%
Electrical Engineering5798.3%9.6%21.2%
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology310.0%0.0%0.0%
Engineering Science8114.8%6.8%9.9%
Industrial Engineering37230.1%13.6%34.7%
Mechanical Engineering96013.8%5.5%16.6%
Nuclear Engineering13311.3%6.5%7.5%
Surveying Engineering340.0%0.0%0.0%
University Park Total8,16621.5%7.9%17.5%
Other LocationsGeneral Engineering4515.6%11.1%0.0%
Surveying Engineering4468.7%4.3%0.0%
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology5044.6%7.8%1.0%
UP Majors Total5319.7%7.4%12.9%
Other Locations Total3,05912.7%11.6%10.6%


  1. Architectural engineering includes pre-major students in architectural engineering.
  2. This is the percentage of UR Students of total domestic students. UR = Underrepresented (American Indian/Alaska Native, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacifc Islander).
  3. Not offered at the University Park campus. This is the number of students who are enrolled at University Park this semester.
  4. Not including students enrolled at the University Park campus this semester.
  5. This is the number of students whose degree programs are administered through the College of Engineering at University Park, but they are enrolled at a non-University Park campus this semester.
  6. Biomedical engineering (BME) is effective in Summer 2014. It includes bioengineering (BIO E) data (phased out starting Spring 2014).

Enrollment figures include full- and part-time students.
Only bachelor’s enrollment is included.
Data Source: Institutional Insight (iTwo

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