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Peking University Health Science Center

Master’s in Microbiology

The Master’s in Microbiology at Peking University is a three-year program taught in English for international students. Microbiology is the science that deals with the study of microorganisms and the effects of diseases that microorganisms produce. Microbiology degrees study the shape, structure (morphology), genetic and metabolic processes in microscopic and sub-microscopic organisms. The science of microbiology is relatively young and it offers practical applications for different areas of human activity: medicine, agriculture, nutrition, biotechnology and more. Theoretical and practical accumulation of nuclear physics, cellular and molecular biology, and information techniques have led to the improvement of microbiology logistics, resulting in the rapid development of microbiology as a multilateral science. Studying microbiology touches upon elements of other disciplines like chemistry, biomedicine, public health, environmental impacts and human health.Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Applicants should be a non-Chinese citizen in good health over 18, well-behaved and capable of living independently. When entering HNU, applicants for undergraduate programs should have completed their secondary education and obtained a high school diploma or equivalent; Applicants for postgraduate programs should have completed their undergraduate studies and obtained a Bachelor Degree or equivalent; Applicants for doctoral programs should have completed their postgraduate studies and obtained a Master Degree or equivalent.

Applicants for Chinese-taught programs are required to obtain HSK Band 4 with the score of or above 180. (applicants for undergraduate program major in the Chinese language is required to obtain HSK Band 3). Applicants for English-taught programs are required to obtain one of the following English tests: a score of 560 or above (paper-based test) or 78 or above (internet-based test) in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or a minimum overall band of 6.0

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Peking University Application Information for International Students 

University Overview

Founded in 1898, Peking University (PKU) is the first national university in Chinese modern history. Peking University now consists of six faculties: Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Health Science Center,Economic and Management, and Information and Engineering. The University has 49 colleges and departments, and offers 128 undergraduate programs, 285 graduate programs, and 262 doctoral programs. While still emphasizing fundamental sciences, the university has paid special attention to the development of applied sciences. In December 2019, there were 16,328 undergraduate students, 17,830 postgraduate students and 11,816 doctoral candidates. There were also approximately 6,857 long-term international students from 116 different countries enrolled in various programs on campus; among whom 2,783 were Degree-Seeking students.
Peking University is also known for outstanding research facilities and highly qualified teachers and researchers with extensive research interests and in-depth knowledge. Today the University has 3,188 full-time faculties, of whom 1,100 are professors and 889 are associate professors, along with 81 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 19 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. At present, Peking University has 9 national key laboratories, 124 state key laboratories, 2 national engineering research centers and 10 affiliated hospitals and health centers.
The Peking University library is the largest university library in Asia, with a collection of 7.331 million books, as well as Chinese and foreign journals and newspapers. The library also serves as a comprehensive modern information center.
Peking University Homepage:
Homepage of the International Students Division, Office of International Relations:
If you are interested in applying for the Medical Sciences program, please contact the Peking University Health Science Center, or visit their website: for more information.


Study period and Academic Schedule

The normal period of study for each program is as follows: 4 years for undergraduate degrees, 3 years (or in some cases, 2 years) for master’s degrees, and 4 years for doctoral degrees. Students may, in particular cases, apply for early or delayed graduation. .
Peking University divides every academic year into spring and autumn semesters, with the latter marking the commencement of the academic year. The autumn semester starts in September and ends in January of the following year while the spring semester begins in February and ends in June.  There will be a winter and summer vacation every year. The summer vacation usually lasts 2 months and there are various summer vacation courses available for students. The winter vacation lasts 4 weeks and normally coincides with the Chinese New Year. The starting date of every semester differs yearly, depending on the time of the Chinese New Year. Please check the latest academic calendar for details.


International students have the following options of study at Peking University:
(1) Undergraduate or graduate degree-granting programs;
(2) Visiting students program (non-degree granting);
(3) Pre-university program;
(4) Short-term language courses or Chinese studies programs.

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with good health, valid passport, above the age of 18, and should abide by Chinese law and the regulations of Peking University. They should also respect Chinese social customs.

Undergraduate program: Students are required to complete the curriculum within 4 to 6 years and fulfill the designated number of credits. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with a bachelor’s degree, according to the regulation of the Degree Committee.

Master’s Program: Students are required to complete the curriculum within 2-3 years, fulfill the designated number of credits, complete a master’s thesis and defend it in front of a panel of experts. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the Master’s degree, according to the regulation of the Degree Committee. The application period is usually in the autumn semester of every year, while the faculty test takes place during the spring semester of the following year (to be notified by respective faculties).

Peking University currently offers 12 master’s programs fully conducted in English, in a variety of areas including international relations, Chinese law, public policy and business administration. Detailed descriptions may be found in respective program brochures.

Doctorate Program: Students are required to complete the curriculum within 4-6 years (under normal circumstances), fulfill the designated number of credits, conduct research, complete the doctoral thesis and defend it in front of a panel of experts. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate with the doctoral degree, according to the regulation of the Degree Committee.

Senior Visiting Students Program:  Candidates must have at least a Master’s degree. Senior Visiting Students are normally supervised by a professor of the accepting college or department to conduct research on a specific subject. The program is one year, however, upon request the student may be considered for an extension.  Upon graduation, the student will receive a certificate of achievement.

General Visiting Students Program: Candidates must have completed at least one year of undergraduate study at their own university.  The following options are available for joining undergraduate courses or enhancing proficiency in the Chinese language:

  • GVS1: Overseas Universities with university-wide student exchange agreements may select students of non-Chinese nationality for an exchange program at Peking University for Chinese language courses or specific undergraduate courses.
  • GVS2: Overseas Universities with department-wide student exchange agreements may select students of non-Chinese nationality for an exchange program at the related Peking University department for specific undergraduate/graduate courses.
  • GVS3: Students may apply for a Chinese language courses or undergraduate courses through individual or group applications. Students for learning Chinese please refer to the Chinese Language Studies Program for more information.

Research Scholars: Candidates must have a doctoral degree or have the title of Associate Professor or higher. Research Scholars will be given access to the university’s resources and be allowed to collaborate with professors of the accepting college or department to conduct specific research. Most successful candidates have established prior contact with professors in their particular fields, anyone wishing to come as a Research Scholar is strongly advised to find a supervisor in advance. Research scholars enjoy flexible application dates and durations of research. The applications can be submitted anytime, and duration of study varies between one month, one semester or  one year. 

Note: For detailed application information, please refer to individual program brochures.
Requirement of proficiency in Chinese language:
Chinese Language Studies: No Chinese proficiency requirement.Students learn Chinese at PKU School of Chinese as a Second Language.

Undergraduate Course Studies:Students who plan to take Chinese-taught undergraduate courses should have the certificate of new HSK6 (over 180 points). If the Chinese proficiency does not meet the required standard of the target course of study, students may either take English-taught undergraduate courses for one or two semesters, or learn Chinese at School of Chinese as a Second Language for one or two semesters.

Senior Visiting Students and Research Scholars are not required to take the Chinese language proficiency exam, on the premise that the candidate experiences no obstacles in communicating with their supervisor.

Undergraduates, Master and Doctoral candidates are not required to take the Chinese language proficiency exam.

Application Processing

It takes at least 8 to 10 weeks after the application deadline to send out the formal Letter of Admission. We may inform you to attend an interview or request additional materials according to your application process during this period. If you are accepted, we will send you a Letter of Admission and other relevant documents. To track the progress of your application, please contact the International Students Division either by email or telephone. Due to our limited staff, we may not reply promptly to all enquiries.

Successful applicants should bring their Letter of Admission and their JW201/202 form to the Chinese consulate or embassy to apply for their Student Visa. A study period of 6 months and above requires an X1 visa. Accepted applicants need to exchange their X1 visas to a Residence Permit at the Office of International Relations within 30 days of arrival in China. If your period of study is less than half a year, you may apply for an X2 visa.

Medical insurance

Peking University’s regulations require that all international students must be medically insured throughout their entire planned period of study. Students are required to purchase the Comprehensive Insurance Plan of Foreign Students provided by Ping An insurance company on the day of registration, which has been recognized and recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Students who do not have valid medical insurance are not allowed to register.

Accommodation information

There are different types of housing facilities for international students at PKU.
For further information regarding Zhongguanxinyuan, you are welcome to visit the following website:, or for specific advice please contact 010-62752288.

Self-funded Students are required to find their own living accommodation. Please note that students who live off campus must register at the local police station.

 Humanities SubjectScience Subjects
Undergraduate Program26,000 RMB/Year30,000 RMB/Year
Master’s Program29,000 RMB/Year33,000 RMB/Year
Master’s Program in EnglishPlease refer to respective program brochures
Doctorate Program32,000 RMB/Year40,000 RMB/Year
GVS 126,000 RMB/Year30,000 RMB/Year
GVS 226,000 RMB/Year30,000 RMB/Year
GVS 318,000 RMB/Semester
Senior Visiting Students Program30,000 RMB/Year34,000 RMB/Year
Research Scholar Program3320 RMB/Month
Pre-University Program36,000 RMB/Year
Short-term ProgramsTuition fees vary according to the period of the courses, please refer to the flyer of ‘Short-term Programs’

Estimated cost of living (For your reference)

       Accommodation:               approximately 35,000 RMB/year
       Board (meals):                    approximately 15,000 RMB/year
       Transportation and other miscellaneous costs: approximately 5,000 RMB/year


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