Oxford University Medical School Fees for International Students

Last Updated on September 1, 2023

Oxford University Medical School Fees for International Students

Education is a fundamental human right, and access to quality education ‍should not ⁣be hindered by ‌financial constraints or geographical ⁢boundaries. Unfortunately, the reality is that studying medicine at prestigious institutions like Oxford University can come with a hefty‌ price tag, especially ‍for international students. In this article, we will explore‌ the fees imposed on international students at Oxford ‍University Medical School and delve into the implications of these charges.

Firstly, it is important to​ note that Oxford University Medical School’s fees for⁤ international ​students vary depending on ⁣the program of study and the country ⁢of origin. For ‌the Bachelor ‍of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) program, international students are charged an annual tuition fee of £38,000, substantially higher than the fees for students from the

Comprehending Oxford University medical school fees for international students, Oxford University courses and fees, Oxford University room and board costs & Oxford medical school scholarships or wrapping your mind around it could prove a bit tasking and confusing sometimes, especially when you have no prior knowledge about it in the first place. Getting the right information on it might also not be quite as easy as you think it should be.

Do not worry though, we have got everything covered in this article. We looked at all these issues and came up with relevant and detailed information to help you through the process of getting familiar with the Oxford University medical school fees for international students and other things.

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So stick around till the end of this article to know more about all this.

If, like many other international students, you’re looking to study at Oxford University, one of the major things on your mind right now is probably, ‘how much are Oxford University medical school fees for international students?

As an international student, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to studying in the UK or indeed any foreign country. The cost of living and tuition fees are two of the biggest concerns.

There’s no need to worry though as we’ll put you out of your misery right here by giving you all the information you need about Oxford University medical school fees for international students. We will also provide up-to-date information on related matters like Oxford Medical school requirements for international students, UK university fees for international students, Oxford University room and board, Oxford University MBBS fees for Indian students, how much does medical school cost UK, how to get into Oxford Medical School, Oxford University fees for MBA, and so much more. You can also find up-to-date information on these issues in related articles right here on Infolearners.

Oxford Medical School International Students

The Oxford Medical College, Bangalore in England is affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) Departments. Oxford Medical College offers a meaningful career that is prestigious, secure and well paid. Here, in Oxford,  Medicine course at Oxford provides a well-rounded intellectual training with particular emphasis on the basic science research that props-up medicine.

Oxford Medical College Rankings

The Oxford Medical College was ranked 1st in the world by Times Higher Education rankings of Universities for Pre-Clinical, Clinical and Health Studies (a position it has held for the past 8 years).

The Academic System in Oxford Medical College

Oxford Medical College have retained a distinct three-year pre-clinical stage which includes studying towards a BA Honours degree in Medical Sciences. After the BA Honours degree comes a three-year clinical stage. Although the Medical College in Oxford is some what small, the atmosphere is suitable enough to allow students feel relaxed.

Every student in Oxford Medical College is required to take an experimental research project during their BA in Medical Sciences. This requirement is expected to offer valuable practical experience of scientific research as students will  have the opportunity to undertake research in the medical laboratory from a variety of departments within the Medical Sciences Division.

Course fees for 2022 entry | University of Oxford

Major Courses offered in oxford medicine university

  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Chemical Biology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Earth Sciences
  • Engineering Science
  • Experimental Psychology

Oxford University Medical School Requirements For International Students

Admission into Oxford Medical school is quite competitive. It is even more completive for international students.

Only 150 students are admitted every year for the 6-year BM BCh course.

The 6-year BM BCh course consist of two (2) halves. The first halve is a three-year per clinical component, which ends with the award of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Medical Sciences, after of course, a thorough lesson on the scientific principles of medical practice degree in Medical Sciences. The second halve is a  three-year clinical component with a thorough concentration on patient exposure which ends with the a degree award of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. This degree award provides a provisional registration to the General Medical  Council and also an entry to the Foundation Programme.

Graduate fees, funding & scholarship search | University of Oxford

Biomedical Admissions Test

All applicants to Medicine are required to take the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) in their own school or college, or in a registered test centre, as part of their application.

More to those, there is also a Graduate Entry Course leading to the award of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. The Graduate Entry Course is formulated for those who  has obtained bachelor’s degrees in applied theoretical sciences.

Language Used for Teaching in Oxford Medical College:English Language

English Language Requirements

Well, if English is not your first language you will need to satisfy the university’s  English language requirements. Some of them include:

IELTS minimum 6.0 (what is expected, is a minimum of 6.0 in reading and writing and 5.5 in listening and speaking)

However, if the applicant has an  undergraduate degree in the UK (at least one full year of study) he will automatically meet the university’s English language requirements.

Age Requirement In Oxford Medical College

Oxford Medical School now requires all applicants to be at least 18 years of age by 1st November in the year they intend to start the degree course.

How to Get Into the Top-Ranked University of Oxford's Medical School

Oxford University Medical School Fees for International Students

International students in Oxford Medical College pay : £24,750-£34,678 per year (~US$32,800-45,900) for most courses.

However, the tuition fee for in-students is :

£24,750-£34,678 per year (~US$32,800-45,900) for most courses.

Oxford University medical school is a component of the medical sciences department, and teaching is carried out in its various constituent departments.

The Oxford Medical School is traditional in its teaching and is therefore split into Pre-Clinical and Clinical phases of the course, with Pre-Clinical (Years 1-3)

Students are based in the University Science Area in Oxford City Centre, and Clinical students (Years 4-6) being based at the John Radcliffe Hospital, in Headington,

In addition, the school was ranked the 1st in the world by the 2019 Times Higher Education rankings of Universities for Pre-Clinical, Clinical and Health.

Annual- fee for full – time student (Pre-clinical)

Fee statusPre-clinical annual course fee
(the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man)

The Pre-clinical fees are charged in year1-3

Annual- fee for full – time student (Clinical)

Fee statusClinical annual course fees
(the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man)

The Clinical fees are charged from year 4 – 6, The living cost for the academic year is estimated between £1,135 and £1,650 for each month.

Oxford University Fees for International Students

If you are a Home (UK) or Republic of Ireland (ROI) student undertaking your first undergraduate degree, the course fee for 2021 will be £9,250.

UK and ROI students can access a tuition fee loan from the UK government for the full amount of your course fee and do not need to pay any fees upfront. The UK government has confirmed that ROI students will continue to be eligible for student loans.

If you wish to pay your own course fees upfront rather than accessing a loan, further information on the arrangements for this can be found in our Payments and Refunds and Fee Liability pages.

Previous study

If you are a Home (UK) or Republic of Ireland student who has already completed a previous undergraduate programme of study you will be classed as an Equivalent or Lower Qualification (ELQ) student. Your course fee for 2021 will be the same as the standard Home/ROI course fee rate, and you will not be eligible for any financial support from Oxford or the UK government. If you did not complete your course, you might not receive funding for the full length of your studies at Oxford.

Medical School Application Timeline For MD Applicants

University Fees UK 2021

For international students, the average cost of a medicine degree can be as high as £38,000 per year, depending on the medical school.

At Leicester Medical School for example, UK and EU students pay the standard £9,250 per year, including the iBSc, but if you live in a non-EU country, the tuition fee for the Medical Degree (MBChB) is £20,590 per year for the first two years, then over £40,000 for years 3, 4 and 5.

If you wish to study at a medical school in the UK, you need to be fully aware of all the costs that are involved and budget accordingly. Alongside costs associated with the course, including tuition fees, textbooks and equipment, you will also need to factor in living expenses such as accommodation, food and travel.

Financial support for medical students
All UK medical schools offer a variety of scholarships and bursaries for students who may need financial support during their studies.

If you are accepted onto an approved course, you may also be eligible to receive financial support from the NHS, the UK’s health service. Financial support can be in the form of:

  • Tuition fee loan
  • University scholarships and bursaries
  • NHS bursary
  • Maintenance loan (living costs)
  • Private scholarships and bursaries
  • Professional studies loan

Oxford University’s Graduate Tuition

Graduate study at Oxford is a rewarding experience, but also a significant investment.

The following gives a rough overview of how much you can expect to pay for full-time courses per year, depending on your study level and nationality.

For Graduate (UK/EU students): £7,730-17,745 (~€9,000-20,640), sometimes it varies depending on the subject; there are a few exceptions with higher fees.

For Graduate (non-EU students): £22,600-26,960 (~US$29,930 -35,700), sometimes it varies depending on the subject; there are a few exceptions with higher fees.

In addition, overseas students will be charged an additional “college fee”, which also applies to UK/EU students who are not enrolling in their first publicly funded degree, which is between £7,116 and £9,500′

In addition to course fees, Oxford advises students to allow between £12,168 and £18,655  (~US$16,120-24,700) per year for living costs, including accommodation, food, study resources, socializing, and other items.

Oxford University School Requirements

As an overseas student1 at Cambridge, there are three costs you need to consider. These are your:

  • tuition fees
  • College fees
  • living expenses

Visa applications require you to prove in advance that you can finance all these costs. Colleges also ask for financial guarantees. The University takes the view that students should not undertake paid employment during the academic session, as it’s important that you have an appropriate work-life balance.

Oxford University Courses and Fees

Tuition fees for overseas students depend on the course you’re studying (see table below).

See Tuition fee status if you’re unsure whether you’re classed as Home or overseas for fee purposes. More information can also be found on the UKCISA website and in the main finance section.

U.S. medical school enrollment rises 30% | AAMC

Overseas Students Commencing in October 2021

The tuition fees for overseas students starting their course in 2021 have been approved as listed in the table below. See information at the top of the page regarding financial guarantees. Please note:

fees listed are per year and are fixed for the duration of the course
for overseas students undertaking a year abroad, the tuition fee payable to the University of Cambridge during the year abroad will be 50% of the full fee
for overseas students taking Veterinary Medicine, the tuition fee payable in Year 3 will be the tuition fee for the course taken in that year – see the course page for details

Oxford University MBBS Fees for Indian Students

Students willing to have quality education and world-class knowledge in the field of medicine, have the UK as an excellent option. This is because the UK is considered one of the best countries to provide an internationally recognized medical degree and high standard of living.

With its globally recognized and top-ranked Universities, UK every year has increased applications of International students including Indians to pursue MBBS there. There is a healthy competitive environment in this course due to its effective practical training programs and good and extensive curriculum. Not only this, Medical Universities of the United Kingdom are known to claim the second-highest Nobel Prize in the field of Medicine.

Tuition Fee for Undergraduate or specialization courses in medical varies with Universities and Colleges. But as an average, it is estimated to be about £30,000 (Rs.27.8 lakh) to £50,000 (Rs. 46.4 lakh) per year.

The fee structure of the UK is higher than in many other countries due to its high level of lifestyle and other advanced facilities. This estimation of tuition fee includes only academic services and facilities by the University and no other living expenses at all.

Also, being an overseas student, Indian applicants are not eligible for most of the tuition fee loans by the UK government. Students outside the European Union are charged higher for the tuition fee in most of the colleges of the UK. The charge is even higher for clinical studies there.

Oxford University Room and Board Costs

A unique backstage pass providing an opportunity to stay in historic Oxford college room accommodation.
These B&B and self catering rooms in central Oxford are a brilliant alternative to cheap Oxford hotels whilst providing the colleges with revenue to contribute to the upkeep of the famous buildings.

Trace the footsteps of Gandhi, Bill Clinton or the 25 British Prime Ministers who have passed through Oxford’s colleges.
Sleep soundly in a comfy bed, eat breakfast in the college hall, wander through the college’s gardens or take a punt along the river followed by a drink in the college bar.

Fees of Oxford University

The following gives a rough overview of how much you can expect to pay for full-time courses per year, depending on your study level and nationality.

Tuition for Undergraduate (UK/EU students) is £9,250 (~€10,760) while for Undergraduate (non-EU students) is £24,750-£34,678 per year (~US$32,800-45,900) for most courses.

In addition, overseas students will be charged an additional “college fee”, which also applies to UK/EU students who are not enrolling in their first publicly funded degree, which is between £7,116 and £9,500′

What is the tuition for Oxford University international students

Oxford University does welcome some of the brightest minds from across the globe to study at Oxford every year.

Also, international students make up over a third of all those studying at the university, with 138 nationalities currently represented.

Tuition for Oxford University International Students

Undergraduate studentsGraduate students
£24,750-£34,678 per year (~US$32,800-45,900) for most courses.£22,600-26,960 (~US$29,930 -35,700) for most master’s and doctoral programs; varies depending on the subject; there are a few exceptions with higher fees.

Moreover, the International student will be charged an additional college fee, which is between the range of  £7,116 and £9,500(for undergraduate)

How can Oxford University Tuition be Paid

As an intending student or a student at Oxford University, you are required to pay your fees for the year no later than Week 1 in the term in which you commence study or seven days after the actual start date of your course if it is later.

Oxford Unversity tuition can be paid online or by phone. To pay online

  1. firstly, Log in to the Oxford employer portal at https://oxhp-employer.uhc.com.
  2. Or you Go to https://ww2.payerexpress.com/ebp/oxford/
  3. Click “Pay Now” on the upper lefthand side. (Note: You will not need login credentials to initiate a one-time online payment)
  4. Enter your group number and click “Pay Now”
  5. One the right side of the page click “Add a payment method” and enter your bank information. Once completed select this payment method in the dropdown menu
  6. Click “Continue to Payment” and follow the proceeding instructions

University of Oxford Undergraduate Programs

If you are an international student, you will be charged a significantly higher level of course fee between £26,770 and £37,510, which will vary according to your program of study. Undergraduate Programs at Oxford with their intake and fees is mentioned below:

ProgramDurationIntakeAnnual Fees (Euro)
Archeology and Anthropology3 Years2228,370
BA Geography3 Years8135,380
BA History3 Years22331,230
BA Mathematics3 Years18231,230
BA Law3-4 Years3028,370
BA Economics and Management3 Years8531,230
BA Oriental Studies3-4 Years4131,230
BSc Medicine3 Years15435,380

University of Oxford Graduate Programs

Once you’ve decided to apply for graduate study at Oxford, submit your application form and all of your supporting documents at least a week before your chosen deadline.

ProgramDurationIntakeAnnual Fees (Euro)
MSc in Advanced Computer Science1 Year64028,297
Master of Business Administration1 Year142063,000
MSc in Mathematical and Computational Finance10 months24034,970
MPhil in Politics21 months10329,160
MPhil in International Relations21 Months25429,160
MSc in Financial Economics9 Months17429,160
MSc in Social Data Science10 months36227,460
MSc in Engineering Science2-3 Years7427,460
  • If your course has more than one deadline, this means that applications are considered in two or more separate batches.
  • Several courses have a November deadline, the January deadline is applicable for most of the courses at the Medical Science Department.
  • The next deadline appears in March, but international applicants applying in March will not be applicable for scholarships.
  • The admissions cycle for Graduate admission ends at 12.00 midday UK time on Friday 20 August 2021.
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