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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

It is my pleasure to introduce you to notable alumni of the Ontario Agricultural College. I know that many of today’s students are not aware of the distinguished people who graduated from the College. To remedy this situation, I have researched and selected a number of OAC alumni who I believe are exemplary.

Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame

On a provincial level, the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame opened June 1st, 1980 with the induction of nine pioneer agriculturists, three of them graduates from OAC. Since that time, many more OAC alumni have been presented with this honour in recognition of their significant contributions to the welfare and improvement of Ontario agriculture


YearName & Graduating Class
1980Stewart A. Brown 1947
1980James A. Garner 1923
1980Herbert H. Hannam 1926
1981David A. Jones 1966
1982William H. Bell 1915
1982George I. Christie 1902
1982Douglas H. Hart 1922
1983T. Richard Hilliard 1940
1983Joseph E. Johnson 1919
1983Alexander R. Stewart 1899
1984Watson H. Porter 1911
1984George E. Raithby 1922
1986William Graham 1894
1986Alexander McKinney IV 1961
1986Edmund F. Palmer 1913
1986Alma J. Wagg 1900
1988Helen May McKercher 1930
1988George N. Runke 1923
1989Ernest C. Drury 1900
1990John J. E. McCague 1921
1991Elliot Irwin McLoughry 1922
1991Osborne L. Sager 1925
1991Harold W.M Smith 1916
1992John A. Dalrymple 1935
1993Lawrence McKay Kerr 1929
1994George Stuart Atkins 1939
1994George A. McCague 1928
1996James Ross Cavers 1929
1998Arthur H. K. Musgrave 1920
1998Douglas Lyle Parks 1940
1999A. Mac Cuddy 1942
2001Ken Lantz 1945
2002Gordon Bennett 1943
2002Oliver Bradt 1938
2002Rick Richards 1938
2002George Early 1960 (Ridgetown)
2002Donald M. Shaver 1995
2003George McLaughlin 1946
2004Tom E. Chudleigh 1963
2004Alex F. Henry 1951
2004Donald N. Huntley 1941
2004Francis Redelmeier 1941, 1945
2005Brian S. Ellsworth 1959
2005Murray Gaunt 1956
2005Garnet A. Ralph 1947 (Kemptville)
2005Clayton M. Switzer 1951
2006Harvey J. Brown 1963
2006Keith R. Collver 1949
2006Ross W. Irwin 1951
2006George E. Jones 1950
2006J. Stanley Knapp 1914
2006W. Stanley Young 1949
2008Paul Ekstein 1954A
2013Arthur Bennett 1951
2013John (Jack) James 1972
2013John Oliver 1961
2014Art Bolton 1955
2014Gordon Surgeoner 1971, 1973
2015D. Murray Brown 1951, 1953
2015Peter Hannam 1962
2015Peter M. Lindley 1957
2015Donald W. Lobb 1960 (Ridgetown)
2016William (Bill) L. Campbell 1955
2016Bruce Christie 1958A
2016Graeme W. Hedley 1964
2016Tom Sawyer 1959A, 1964
2017John (Jack) Riddell 1952A, 1957
2017John (Jack) Charles Steckley 1906A, 1911
2020John Curtis, BSA ’59 and M.Sc. ’65
2020Murray Mills, BSA ’55
2020Brian Little, ADA ’67, B.Sc.(Agr.) ’72, M.Sc. ’78
2021Peter Sikkema

university of guelph agriculture faculty

Faculty Members
Areas of Study
Animal Biosciences
Capacity Development and Extension
Environmental Sciences
Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics
Food Science
Landscape Architecture
Plant Agriculture
Rural Planning
Animal Bioscience
Behaviour and welfare
Renée Bergeron (dairy and swine)
Trevor DeVries (dairy)
Alexandra Harlander (poultry)
Georgia Mason
Katrina Merkies (equine)
Stephanie Torrey (poultry)
Dan Tulpan ( computational biology )
Tina Widowski (poultry)

Breeding, genetics and genomics
Christine Baes (dairy and poultry)
Angela Cánovas (beef and small ruminants)
Filippo Miglior (dairy)
Andy Robinson (swine and fish)
Flavio Schenkel (dairy)

Animal product quality
John Cant (dairy)
Ira Mandell (beef and swine)
Rich Moccia (aquaculture)
Katie Wood (beef)

Nutrition and modelling
Dominique Bureau (aquaculture)
Abigail Carpenter (dairy)
Jennifer Ellis (animal systems modelling)
David Huyben (aquaculture)
Ming Fan (swine)
Elijah Kiarie (poultry)
Vern Osborne (ruminant)
Anna-Kate Shoveller (companion animals)
Dan Tuplan (bioinformatics)

Physiology and molecular biology
Grégoy Bédécarrats (poultry)
Lee-Anne Huber (swine)
Niel Karrow (ruminant)
Julang Li (swine)
Wendy Pearson (equine)
Eduardo Ribeiro (dairy)
Michael Steele (dairy calves and young ruminants )
E James Squires (swine)

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