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Last Updated on December 25, 2022

The summer is a great time to learn new ideas, or improve your old skills! These online courses are designed for students who are pursuing their ECE degree. The programs are all related to the field of ECE, but are structured differently to provide variety. Check it out!

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Best Internship Ideas for Electrical Engineering Students

Online Internships for ECE Students 2020

Thinking about joining Online summer training for ECE students, you can get all the information you need for a Certification courses for ECE students, either in Industrial training for Electronics and Communication Engineering students, Skill development Courses for ECE students or any other course. This would enable Students get in depth knowledge of latest technologies for that Electronics Engineering courses.

Free Online Summer Training For ECE Students


MaxPhi is well know for providing industrial training for electronics and communication engineering students. The industrial training is very useful for BTech/BE Electronics and Communication(ECE) students.

As an electronics and communication (ECE) students, the student should know the different technology around their subjects like embedded systems, robotics, VLSI design and PCB design. Because there are different companies in India they are working on these core technologies. So the students who are aware of these fields get more chances to get placed.

And after learning they will easily make their minor and major projects and can participate in different college and national level techfest. It also helps in facing the technical interview during the placement. Because the majority of the time the technical interviewer ask from the summer training project and college level minor and the major project.

MaxPhi has designed the best content for summer training for ECE students. We also have Summer Training for Computer Science Engineering Students.

Embedded Systems Training ​

Embedded Systems Summer Training

You will get awesome experience after taking embedded summer training. You can make project like bluetooth controlled home automation, RFID Door Lock, make call from microcontroller, motion sensor and more amazing projects.

Robotics Training

Robotics Summer Training

This amazing training gives you understanding of how robotics works. And how to make different cool robots like android controlled robot, accelerometer controlled robot, Remote controlled, Bluetooth controlled robot and voice controlled robot.

Arduino Training

Lean the world most famous open-source arduino board. Students of most IIT and NIT working on this board. Learn to interface GPS, GSM, Motion Sensor, Reed Switch, Android, EEPROM, SDCard, RF, RFID, IR Remote and Ultrasound based projects.

VLSI Training

Industrial Training

Lean how Integrated Circuits are made, how they are connected. The summer training includes the hardware description language, understanding and programming of FPGA. Also lean the XILINX tool to code and simulate the project.

More Specialized Internship Programmes

  • Python Internship
  • Dotnet Internship
  • Java Internship
  • Web Design Internship
  • PHP Internship
  • Android Internship
  • Big Data Internship
  • Cloud Internship
  • Hacking Internship
  • Robotics Internship
  • Oracle Internship
  • NS2 Internship
  • R- Programming Internship
  • CCNA Internship
  • Networking Internship
  • Artificial Intelligence Internship
  • Machine Learning Internship
  • Blockchain Internship
  • Virtual Reality Internship
  • SQL Server Internship
  • IOT Internship
  • Data Science Internship
  • Selenium Testing Internship
  • Linux Internship
  • C Internship
  • C++ Internship
  • MatLab Internship

Benefits of Free Online Workshops For ECE Students

Summer Training Program in Robotics, IOT and Smart Energy Systems is the best way for Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) students to develop practical skills this Summer. Robotics and Internet of Things are technologies that have a great demand as automation is taking over the industry, our homes, offices and is changing the way we live our life using smart devices and cities.

The program involves ECE students to apply the theory they learn in a practical manner and develop 7 Robotics Projects or 2 IOT Projects or 4 Smart Energy Projects depending on the choice.

This experience helps students improve the most important skills missing in their regular college curriculum and gives a great experience of a Summer Internship. The certification provided in the Summer Training Programs helps ECE students showcase their skills in their resume to their prospective Robotics and IOT recruiters. This will also help a lot in improving their chances of getting good admission in good colleges for higher studies.

 Skyfi Labs Robotics, IOT, Smart Energy Systems Summer Training Programs are 6 day programs where experienced trainers will start from the basics and cover advanced topics in a structured manner. Although a lot of importance is given to practical experience, we also cover the theory to help you brush up/ learn the concepts before applying them practically. The courses offered in this Summer Training Program are:

  1. 2 IOT Projects in 6 Days – Where you will understand and implement the concepts of IOT to build 2 projects –
    1. IOT based Weather Station
    2. Smart Irrigation System using IOT.
  2. 7 Robots in 6 Days – Where you will develop 7 different types of Robots:
    1. Line Follower Robot
    2. Obstacle follower/ avoider Robot
    3. Phototropic Photophobic Robot
    4. Gesture Based Robot controlled by Accelerometer
    5. Mobile Controlled Robot using DTMF
    6. Swarm Robots using RF communication
    7. Maze Solver Robot 
  3. 4 Smart Energy Projectsin 6 Days – Where you will develop 4 different types of projects on smart energy systems:
    1. Solar mobile charger
    2. Smart traffic lighting system
    3. Home automation system
    4. Smart lighting system

This Summer Training Program in Robotics and IOT is being offered at 9 Cities across India including – Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Trichy, Vijayawada. The schedule is designed to match with the summer vacations in the respective areas so that students can utilize this opportunity and develop skills that will help them in their future careers.  Join this and improve your skills and careers!

Summer Training for ECE Students

KaaShiv Offers, Summer Training for ECE Students. This company runs by,

  • 10 Years Awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
  • Google Recognized Experts
  • Cisco Certified Experts
  • Microsoft Awarded & Certified Experts
  • Robotics Experts
  • HCL Technologies Awarded Experts
  • Trainers at KaaShiv InfoTech are real-time Software / Electronics Core Company professionals worked in leading MNCs like,
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Honeywell
  • Cognizant
  • Wipro,
  • TCS,
  • Infosys,
  • Accenture and
  • Mindtree

Summer Training for ECE Students – The Inplant Training Syllabus is carefully prepared by professionals from Top MNC to meet the demands expected in the Electronics and core industries.

At the end of our Summer Training for ECE Students, at KaaShiv Infotech, You will be familiar with the Electronics research process followed in the core companies / industry. Below are some of the visions of our Summer Training for ECE Students, Real-time project development and Technology Training by Microsoft Awarded Most Valuable Professional

  • Full practical training
  • Hardware and software tools full support – Chip Code and Chip Designs
  • Technology training
  • Placement training
  • Full documentation and report analysis
  • R & D projects
  • Industrial exposure
  • Endorsing Corporate skills
Summer Training for ECE Students, Summer Training for Electronics and  Communication Engineering Students in Jaipur - MaxFizz

Why ECE students should Attend Summer Training Programs

With the industries progressing towards automation, more and more technologies are being researched to assist humans to automate the industrial processes and improve the operational efficiency. These latest technologies include robotics, iot and smart energy systems.

Being an electronics and communication engineering (ECE) student it is very essential for you learn and get skilled in these latest technologies to improve your core job placement and higher studies opportunities.

With the Skyfi Labs summer training programs in electronics and communication engineering (ECE) delivered with an innovative learning methodology, it will be super easy for you to learn and build great projects this summer in an exciting way. You can attend the summer training program on trending topics like Robotics, IoT & Smart Energy Systems across 9 major cities in India and get certified this summer.

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