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Last Updated on December 15, 2022

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Learn how the international community operate and how nations make decisions that affect the global political system in the online masters in international relations. The online international relations masters provide you with the opportunity to study global Politics whilst staying on the job so you can complete an international relations graduate program that enhances your career.

Online Master's in International Relations | Liberty University

Study an online master’s international relations at Freie Universität Berlin, one of Europe’s leading universities.

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Goals and Objectives

The online international relations graduate program provides you with the ideal opportunity to gain insight into global politics and regional studies, to enhance your global career perspective, and to become part of an exciting network of International Realtions (IR) experts while staying on the job. We educate you for success in challenging positions in government, international organizations, NGOs, consulting, academia, and the media.

The online masters in international relations offers a holistic educational approach: expertise in relevant knowledge fields, management of your e-competencies, and honing of your soft and intercultural skills.

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Admission Requirement For The Online Masters in International Relations

The program starts in October each year. The application deadline is March 31 of every year. It is possible to send us documents later after the deadline. However, please make sure to submit your application as complete as possible.

The Online M.A. in International Relations seeks qualified candidates with strong analytical skills, dedication, and a genuine interest in International Relations. For the selection process, your application is therefore evaluated within the following parameters:

Master of International Relations
  • Letter of motivation
  • Field and quality of your first university degree
  • English language competency
  • Relevance of previous professional experience
  • References

Your application will be evaluated against the background of the overall quality of all applicants. Please be aware that the competition for study places has strongly increased in recent years.

Successful candidates will be informed and offered a place in the program by mid May.

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To apply successfully, please have a look at our application checklist:

  • Curriculum vitae (in English)
  • First university degree (B.A., M.A., Diploma, state examination, etc.).
  • Letter of motivation (up to 500 words, in English)
  • Two letters of recommendation from academic and/or professional referees (preferably in English, although German will be accepted)
  • Employment reference letter or other proof of postgraduate work experience of at least one year (preferably in English, although German will be accepted)
  • If English is not your native language, a language certificate verifying English proficiency is required (TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent).
  • Please provide a certified translation for all documentation written in any language other than German or English. Diplomatic missions are one way to receive certification.

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Tuition Fees and Financial Aid

  • For the two-year full-time study option, tuition fees amount to 16,500€ plus administrative charges of about 250€ and you can pay at installments..
    • Provision of teaching and learning materials for all modules
    • Access to the online-learning platform
    • Personalized tutoring and supervision throughout your studies
    • On-site teaching during in-house classes and additional program Tuition fees can be paid by installments. Please check in with the International Relations Online team, we are happy to develop your individual installment plan.

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About The Online Masters in International Relations

The online masters in international relations is a Master of Arts degree program of 120 credit units, ECTS standards. You can earn your Master of Arts degree in two years with full-time enrollment.The online masters international relations is accessible from anywhere around the world via a digital online platform for distance learning. You will profit from a combination of online modules and face-to-face instruction. The language of instruction is English.

During your studies, you will be invited to create your own study focus in either Global Politics or Area Studies, and then select from a series of electives on various global flows (migration, capital and finance, energy, ICTs) and policy issues (conflict management, global cities, cultural narratives).

The programme is concluded with a Master’s thesis.

International Studies vs. International Relations | Norwich University  Online

Theoretical Foundations, Application & Training, Global Politics, Area Studies, Elective Part: Global Flows and Policy Issues, Master’s Thesis

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Here are the learning skills you will gain with this online master program:

  • Analytical understanding of transformations, developments, and challenges in global politics today
  • Ability to tackle global issues with equal hard and soft-skills
  • E-competencies by studying online and interacting with peers and professors globally via online blended learning tools
  • Intercultural skills by working with people of different cultural and professional backgrounds

Our online learning management system allows you to study wherever you are and whenever you want. You will receive regular and individual feedback and guidance from our instructors.

Please note:
You choose your own learning path by selecting modules according to your interests. The first 4 modules are compulsory for all students, while the other 8 are up to your choice. You can choose between modules from the focus areas and the electives section.

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The two focus areas are:

  • Global Politics – Become a generalist in the issues and tools of IR and global politics while gaining intercultural skills and broaden your horizon.
  • Area Studies – Become an expert in Eastern Europe with broad knowledge and skills in Areas studies. We are also developing additional modules such as Rising China and Arab Spring Pathways.

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