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Last Updated on December 20, 2022

The graduate program in Environmental Chemistry provides advanced training in the concepts and methods of Molecular Environmental Sciences. An M.S. degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Environmental Chemistry prepares students for careers in Environmental Science and Technology sector as a specialist in the analysis and interpretation of Environmental Chemical data and/or for more advanced studies in Environmental Chemistry or related disciplines. 

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If you are sharp with numbers, fascinated by the chemical elements that make up the world around you, and not afraid of challenging course requirements, then you should consider a degree in chemistry. In addition to the various job opportunities available, students pursuing a degree in chemistry also have many academic options at their disposal.

environmental chemistry graduate degree

Do you want to know what environmental chemistry graduate degree is, then you have to read up this content and every other content below. Students who are interested in enrolling in a graduate program in environmental chemistry have several options. This article will discuss some details regarding these programs, like common course requirements and admission standards.

Our natural resources have been in the news a lot recently, and for good reason. From fossil fuel drilling and transport to global warming to public wilderness ownership to carbon emissions, our use and abuse of the natural environment are hot topics.

If these things are important to you and you happen to have a knack for science, you’re in luck! A career as an environmental scientist, the professionals tasked with diagnosing and remedying environmental problems, could be a good fit if you’re willing to put forth the effort to complete an online master’s degree in environmental science.

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What kind of online master’s in environmental science degree should you get?

Graduate programs in environmental science can be terminal master’s programs or doctoral programs. Programs will also feature varying emphases, for instance, in marine biology, forestry, geology, or chemistry.

Most programs require extensive field world and empirical research and involve extensive competency in data and data analytics. A strong background in the hard sciences will be beneficial and in some cases required. For more information on online education, see our Best Online Colleges and Universities ranking.

Environmental chemistry is a subfield of chemistry and focuses on understanding the relationship between environmental factors like pollution, contamination, and air quality and the field of chemistry. Students who obtain a graduate degree in this field could go on to have a number of different research and analytical-oriented careers in the fields of environmental science, technology, and research. Below, we will look at graduate programs in environmental science in greater detail by exploring the curriculum of these programs and what it takes to be admitted into a program.

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Graduate Programs in Environmental Chemistry

Graduate programs in environmental chemistry are offered as master’s degree and doctoral degrees. Depending on the school, these degrees may be offered as a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in chemistry with a concentration in environmental chemistry or as a Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry. Students are able to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Environmental Chemistry as well. Students who enroll in an M.S. degree program typically must complete a thesis in addition to the required coursework. Below, we will look at five different courses that are commonly found in these programs.

Environmental Chemistry

One of the first courses a student enrolled in a graduate program in environmental chemistry is likely to take is a fundamental or introductory course in environmental chemistry. In this course, students will learn how various chemicals behave in different environments, like aquatic environments. Students may focus on case studies and cover topics like gas exchange, chemical behavior, oxidation and reduction, and geo-chemistry.

Aquatic Chemistry

These programs often include a course that is specifically focused on aquatic chemistry. In this class, students will study the chemistry of different aquatic systems and how various inorganic chemical species have evolved and developed in aquatic environments. Topics that may be covered in this class include complexation, precipitation and dissolution, and acid-base chemistry.

Atmospheric Chemistry

A course in atmospheric chemistry will focus on how the atmosphere is affected by different chemical pollutants and the chemical make-up of the atmosphere. This course may focus on the human impact on the environment, with particular emphasis placed on greenhouse gases, urban pollution and smog, and the destruction of the ozone layer. Other topics that may be discussed in this course include climate change, atmospheric reactions, and thermodynamics.


Environmental Toxicology

In this course, students will learn about the properties and chemical make-up of different environmental pollutants and toxins. Students will discuss specific environmental toxins, both natural and synthetic, and the impact that they have had or could have on the environment. This course may focus on different regions of the world, like the Arctic, to discuss the region-specific environmental problems that are present there.

Environmental Chemistry Analysis/Analytical Chemistry

These programs typically include a course in advanced analytical chemistry, which may focus specifically on methods of analysis that are used in environmental chemistry. In this course, students will learn about different analysis methods, like sampling and quality control, that they could use in real-world studies and research. The course may allow students to apply this knowledge to an in-class project.

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General Admission Requirements for Graduate Programs in Environmental Chemistry

To gain admission into a graduate program in environmental chemistry, you will need to possess a bachelor’s degree and undergraduate transcripts that exhibit a strong background in chemistry. Programs may have varying admission standards, so it is best to contact each program you are interested in to learn about their specific requirements. When applying, you will need to submit an application form, transcripts, letters of recommendation, a resume, personal statement, and results from the GRE. Some programs may require that students have achieved a certain GPA during their undergraduate career.

How much money do people make with an online master’s in environmental science degree?

Compensation will vary according to what exactly you intend to do with your degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary from an environmental scientist was $63,570, and the role is projected to grow between now and 2022.

The environment faces a growing number of threats, and that will require an increasing number of professionals trained to address the problems.

What can you do with an online master’s degree in environmental science?

Environmental science is not limited to the role of environmental scientist, however. That is certainly an option, but graduates can also pursue careers and geologists, chemists, natural resource managers, game wardens, wildlife and fisheries experts, and more.

Each program on our list offers different areas of specialization, so be sure to research each one to discern which ones match your interests.

What are the requirements for an online master’s in environmental science degree?

Ordinarily students applying to graduate programs in environmental science will need to hold a bachelor of science degree in one of the hard sciences or in environmental or a related science.

Beyond these general requirements, some schools will have minimum GPA requirements as well as advanced coursework prerequisites. Some programs will allow conditional admission for students from other disciplines, so be sure to check with the school.


Online Masters In Environmental Chemistry

The following are institutions offering courses on environmental chemistry


    Introduction to Chemistry: Structures and Solutions

    Duke University
    Rated 4.7 out of five stars. 406 reviews

    44k students

    Circular Economy – Sustainable Materials Management

    Lund University
    Rated 4.8 out of five stars. 1114 reviews

    37k students

    Global Warming I: The Science and Modeling of Climate Change

    The University of Chicago
    Rated 4.6 out of five stars. 357 reviews

    45k students

    Nanotechnology and Nanosensors, Part 2

    Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
    Rated 4.7 out of five stars. 183 reviews

    17k students

    Ash-Related Operational Challenges in Energy Utilization of Sustainable Fuels

    Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
    Rated 4.8 out of five stars. 18 reviews


    Oceanography: a key to better understand our world

    Universitat de Barcelona
    Rated 4.5 out of five stars. 182 reviews

    17k students

    Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

    Stanford University
    Rated 4.7 out of five stars. 22224 reviews

    630k students

    Industrial Biotechnology

    University of Manchester
    Rated 4.7 out of five stars. 2193 reviews

    61k students

    Chemicals and Health

    Johns Hopkins University
    Rated 4.7 out of five stars. 954 reviews

    54k students

    Mastering bitumen for better roads and innovative applications

    École des Ponts ParisTech
    Rated 4.7 out of five stars. 1116 reviews

    23k students


Online Masters In Environmental Chemistry

Continue reading to learn more about online Masters In Environmental Chemistry. Although an undergraduate program in Chemistry can be a good stepping stone, students can strengthen their credentials and transform their natural curiosity into a fulfilling profession with an online Master of Chemistry degree.

Pursuing an online Master of Chemistry will train students to investigate the matter and the changes it will undertake. Properties, structure, and composition are some of the topics that chemists will have to study. The study of Chemistry isn’t only meant for researchers and scientists. An online Master’s of Chemistry degree will help graduates find career opportunities in military systems, engineering, technical writing, and law. In the Chemistry industry itself, there are different types of sub-disciplines. In an online Master of Chemistry program, students can learn Physical Chemistry, Neurochemistry, and Analytical Chemistry.

Due to the online Masters of Chemistry program’s hands-on nature, very few schools offer a 100% online program. As a result, students often have to complete laboratory requirements and other laboratory coursework that must be done on-campus or in authorized facilities by a college or university.

Ohio University

: 1 Ohio University, Athens OH 45701
: 740 593 1000

Ohio University

Online Master of Science in Chemistry

Ohio University is a high-activity research institution of higher learning. It is a nationally recognized university that has consistently produced Nobel Prize-winning alum, award-winning authors, and student community with recognitions from a diverse range of organizations and programs. Ohio University receives accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. 

  • Ohio University’s Online Master of Science in Chemistry is a program designed for science teachers and professionals.
  • Students can earn the 30 required credits in three semesters.
  • To enroll, students must have an undergraduate degree in science, three letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, transcripts, a resume, and a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • No GRE is required for enrollment.
  • Although a thesis isn’t required, students must write a research literature review article with a topic assigned by a faculty mentor.

Standout Features of Ohio University’s Online Master of Science in Chemistry Programs:

Ohio University partners with Leipzig University in Germany to offer a double major program in Chemistry. Students can earn two degrees simultaneously with 16 to 18 months, such as an International Master of Science in Chemistry & Biotechnology from Leipzig University and a Master of Science from Ohio University. Students will start in the summer/fall term at Ohio, and then they travel to Germany during spring. For students’ thesis work, they can either complete it in Leipzig or Ohio.

Ohio University’s College of Arts & Sciences is central to the university’s transformative learning experience. The college is responsible for providing foundational instruction for the whole university through the liberal arts and general education curriculum.

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University of North Carolina Wilmington

: 601 S. College Road, Wilmington NC 28403
: 910 962 3000

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Online Master of Science in Chemistry

A member of the University of North Carolina System, UNCW is home to numerous doctorate programs, with Nursing Practice, Psychology, Marine Biology, and Educational Leadership being the most popular.

  • The online Master of Science (MS) in Chemistry program offered at the University of North Carolina Wilmington requires 36 credit hours for completion.
  • 21 out of 36 credit hours will only be for the core chemistry courses, including a comprehensive literature review.
  • Students can select a 9-credit hour second concentration, namely Education or Business. 
  • A 3-credit hour Clinical Research option consists of three 3-credit hour courses is mandatory for degree completion.
  • To enroll, students must submit GRE scores and three professional references.

Standout Features of the UNCW Online Master of Science in Chemistry Programs:

Completing an online Master of Science in Chemistry program at UNCW is one of the most flexible options in North Carolina. Students aren’t required to participate at a fixed time for completing their courses. In addition, the program entails 100% coursework completion only; hence, students aren’t required to visit on-campus for laboratory requirements.

The University of North Carolina Wilmington The Fiske Guide To Colleges recognizes The University of North Carolina Wilmington as the #1 university in the UNC System. The university also ranks 5th among peer institutions in the number of learners studying overseas.

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University of Saint Joseph

: 1678 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06117
: 860 231 5219

University of Saint Joseph

Online Master of Science in Chemistry

In 1932, the Sisters of Mercy founded the University of Saint Joseph. This independent, non-profit organization is the premier private institution of higher learning in Connecticut, producing future world-class professionals in sciences, digital media, education, social services, and healthcare. It is accredited regionally by the New England Commission of Higher Education.

  • Enrollment to the University of Saint Joseph’s online Master of Science in Chemistry program requires a set of prerequisites for all graduate-level courses, such as two semesters of Calculus, two semesters of Physics including laboratory requirements, and two semesters of Organic Chemistry.
  • The graduate program is designed specifically for working professionals.
  • Students will have the option to pursue a thesis or non-thesis program. 
  • Students require a total of 30 credit hours to earn their Master of Science in Chemistry degree.
  • The non-thesis program requires students to pass a written comprehensive exam after accomplishing 24 credits in the curriculum, including all required core courses.

Standout Features of the University of Saint Joseph’s Online Master of Science in Chemistry Programs:

The University of Saint Joseph’s online Master of Science in Chemistry program caters to working professionals. The anticipated course load per semester is one to two courses. Students interested in completing more than two courses per semester must contact the Department of Chemistry Chair to discuss workload exemptions and considerations. USJ’s online Chemistry program will offer students the educational foundation required to advance studies or career advancement further.

The University of Saint Joseph is the #1 university in Connecticut for Best Social Mobility, according to the US News & World Report. It is also the #2 and #3 university in Connecticut for Best Value and National University from the same publication.

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Grand Canyon University

: 3300 W. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85017
: 855 428 5673

Grand Canyon University

Online Master of Science in Chemistry Education

Chartered in 1949, Grand Canyon University began with 100 students and 16 faculty. It was founded as a Baptist-affiliated institution with a primary focus on religious studies. Despite the financial challenges, GCU has managed to self-sustain its projects and investments with minimal tuition increase to its non-traditional learners while having a tuition freeze for traditional learners for a decade already.

  • Grand Canyon University’s online Master of Science (MS) in Chemistry Education program requires 34 credit hours for graduation.
  • Each course has an 8-week duration except for the Introduction To Graduate Studies in CSET.
  • The 34-credit graduate Chemistry program is offered through GCU’s College of Science, Engineering & Technology.
  • Students may transfer up to 12 credits or 1/3 of the overall program required upon enrollment.
  • The Higher Learning Commission has fully accredited GCU since 1968.

Standout Features of Grand Canyon’s Online Master of Science in Chemistry Education Program:

GCU’s online Master of Science in Chemistry Education program helps candidates with a background in chemistry fill job vacancies at post-secondary institutions. They will be prepared to educate and train undergraduate chemistry courses while demonstrating scientific proficiencies in advanced chemistry concepts, therapeutics, and mechanisms of diseases. In addition, students receive the same type of comprehensive support from faculty and other services as they would on campus.

In the early 2000s, Grand Canyon University struggled with keeping its operations due to challenging financial concerns, almost on the verge of bankruptcy. However, a small group of investors acquired GCU and primarily focused on distance learning for working adults. Today, GCU is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Arizona and continues to evolve as a premier distance learning school for working adults and traditional students.

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Western Governors University

: 4001 S 700 East, #700, Salt Lake City, UT 84107
: 866 225 5948

Western Governors University

Online Master of Arts in Science Education – Secondary Chemistry

Western Governors University meets the Western Governors’ Association’s goal toward a college-educated community and workforce. As a not-for-profit online university established by governors, the university has revolutionized the way students gain skill advancement for top-level competency in chemistry. 

  • WGU’s online Master of Arts in Science Education in Secondary Chemistry program consists of 14 courses.
  • The graduate program is developed for certified teachers who already have a baccalaureate degree and want to pursue a secondary chemistry credential to their existing licenses.
  • Aspiring teachers without certification or licensure are not qualified to enroll in the program.
  • Students will be provided with a self-contained laboratory kit, including chemicals, specimens, and science equipment, to accomplish laboratory experiments at home.
  • As a final requirement, students will write an original, comprehensive research paper.

Standout Features of Western Governors University’s Online Master of Arts in Science Education – Secondary Chemistry Program:

WGU’s online Master of Arts in Science Education is offered through the Teachers College, formerly recognized as the best value program in teacher education in the US by the National Council on Teacher Quality. The program will ensure students’ proficiencies in biochemistry, organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry. With WGU’s Competency-Based Education, students can save money and time by focusing their efforts where they matter the most. Students can quickly progress through the material they already know and proceed to the next as soon as they’re ready. 79% of graduates at WGU can finish the online program within 24 months.

Western Governors University is the only institution in the US that pioneered competency-based studies, making them a frontrunner for a unique learning format. With competency-based education, students’ skills and knowledge will be the basis for progress rather than class time. They will progress through a set of coursework once they can prove their mastery over course materials.

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Illinois State University

: Normal, IL 61790
: 309 438 2181

Illinois State University

Online Master of Science in Chemistry Education | Online Master of Chemistry Education

Illinois State University is home to more than 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students across different program offerings. A student-to-faculty ratio of 19:1at Illinois State receives a holistic learning experience with comprehensive online learning support and faculty mentoring. In addition, approximately 79.3% of the university receives financial support for their educational journey.

  • Illinois State University’s online Master of Science in Chemistry Education can be accomplished 100% online or as a hybrid program, depending on the students’ preference.
  • The online Master of Science (MS) in Chemistry Education program is suitable for students with a baccalaureate degree in Chemistry, while the online Master of Chemistry Education program is for students without an undergraduate degree in Chemistry.
  • All programs require 33 credit hours for the completion of the degree.
  • The online MSCE and online MCE programs require coursework in two main components: Chemistry Content and Chemistry Education & Science Education. In addition, a 2-semester capstone project will serve as a culminating experience for both degrees.
  • Both graduate programs in Chemistry don’t lead to teacher licensure or certification.

Standout Features of Illinois State University’s Online Master of Science in Chemistry Education Program:

Illinois State University’s online graduate program is one of Chicago’s first online Master of Chemistry programs for non-Chemistry and Chemistry baccalaureate students. Illinois State’s Department of Chemistry is also one of the largest chemistry professors/teachers around Illinois. The university also offers a Master of Science in Chemistry program that allows students to specialize in a specific area of sub-disciplines, including chemical education, biochemistry, analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. Overall, Illinois State has three graduate programs in Chemistry available to all types of students.

Illinois State University consists of a student community that graduates on time. The university’s retention rate remains among the highest in the US with 84.2%, and its high graduation rate at 68.1% is above-average compared to the national average. It is also recognized as a Voter Friendly Campus and a School of National Service by the Elective Classification for Community Engagement.

Best Master's in Chemistry fact 4

Indiana University-Bloomington

: 107 S. Indiana Avenue, Bloomington IN 47405-7000
: 812 855 4848

Indiana University-Bloomington

Online Master of Arts for Teachers in Chemistry

In 1820, Indiana University was one of the first public institutions of higher learning west of the Allegheny Mountains. It started its first class with ten men in 1825. Today, IU is one of the best public universities worldwide. In addition, the university became one of the pioneering state universities to enroll women in 1867.

  • Indiana University-Bloomington’s 30-credit hour online Master of Arts for Teachers in Chemistry program consists of three major components: capstone, electives, and Education components.
  • The graduate program includes seven areas of emphasis: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Organic Spectroscopy, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and Nuclear Chemistry.
  • IU’s online MAT program has a stackable structure ideal for students who want to teach dual-credit courses and meet HLC dual-credit qualification guidelines.
  • To apply, students must complete two courses from the Graduate Certificate in Chemistry program.
  • A baccalaureate degree is mandatory for matriculation.

Standout Features of Indiana University-Bloomington’s Online MA for Teachers in Chemistry Program:

The online Master of Arts (MA) for Teachers in Chemistry program at Indiana University-Bloomington integrates coursework in chemistry and education to prepare students to become dual-credit instructors at the community college or high school levels. The 100% online, consortial program is taught by IU Southeast, IU South Bend, IU Northwest, IU Kokomo, IU East, and IU Bloomington. Through this method, students can complete courses from different campuses and learn from various faculty.

Indiana University is ranked among the Best Online Programs by the US News and World Report. As part of the IU System, IU Online has over 180 online graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificate programs. In addition, the university’s alumni and faculty are responsible for uncovering DNA structure, pioneering cord blood stem cell transplants, and becoming Africa’s first appointed woman head of state.

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South Dakota State University

: 1451 Stadium Rd, Brookings, SD 57007
: 605 688 4154

South Dakota State University

Online Master’s in Chemistry-Chemical Education Program

South Dakota State University started as a college founded in 1881, originating from the national and local legislation dating back to the 1860s. With an excellent faculty teaching across 97 minors and 80 majors, SD State provides a rich educational experience in an environment of diversity and inclusion. It is a premier land-grant university recognized for innovation and affordability of education.

  • South Dakota State University’s online Master’s in Chemistry-Chemical Education program is designed for in-service science educators with a valid teacher’s license.
  • The graduate program requires 32 credit hours for the completion of the student’s graduate studies.
  • Although the courses are completed 100% online, students will have to participate in an on-campus summer program that offers them the opportunity to work with the university’s biochemistry and chemistry teachers.
  • SDSU will accept applications for its online Master’s in Chemistry program in the fall semester only.
  • To apply, students must submit a 1- or 2-page personal statement. No GRE is required for matriculation.

Standout Features of South Dakota State University’s Online Master’s In Chemistry-Chemical Education Program:

Completing an online Master’s in Chemistry-Chemical Education program at South Dakota State University will provide students with comprehensive training and knowledge of the Advanced Placement curriculum in Chemistry. The program also offers an opportunity to participate in various laboratory development exercises with proactive faculty from SDSU’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is headquartered in the Avera Health and Science Center, providing 100,000 sq. ft. of instructional and research support.

South Dakota State University is SD’s biggest and most comprehensive institution of higher learning. In 2016, it was also recognized by Safewise as the safest college town in the US Students from communities in Iowa, North Dakota, and Nebraska can find SD State within an easy day’s trip.

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute

: 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609-2280
: 508 831 5000

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Online Master of Science in Chemistry-Medicinal Plant Chemistry

Established in 1865, Worcester Polytechnic Institute develops and delivers the latest in state-of-the-art engineering and scientific knowledge in the most convenient way for its student and faculty communities. It was among the first universities in the country to integrate project-based learning into the undergraduate curriculum. Today, WPI is helping other schools to implement an experiential study on their locations through the Center for Project-Based Learning.

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s online Master of Science in Chemistry-Medicinal Plant Chemistry program is a unique, non-thesis program that offers students the option to create an individualized study plan.
  • To enroll, students must have a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry or chemistry. For BA graduates, they will only be considered given they have the appropriate science and mathematics coursework.
  • Other application requirements include a resume, a statement of purpose, three letters of recommendation, and official college transcripts.
  • The graduate program of WPI is offered through the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.
  • A total of 30 graduate-level credits will be required for the completion of the program.

Standout Features of Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Online Master of Science in Chemistry-Medicinal Plant Chemistry Program:

Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s online Master of Science in Chemistry-Medicinal Plant Chemistry program is one of the rare graduate programs in the US where students can complete a degree specializing in plant-based chemistry. In addition, the curriculum’s integration of business and science and non-mandatory on-campus laboratory courses will provide graduates with a diverse range of entrepreneurial and management roles in the private sectors, such as cosmetics, fragrances, and pharmaceuticals.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute was recognized by The Princeton Review as 5th in the US for Best Career Services. In addition, according to The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education, WPI lands in the #1 spot for its faculty that best combines teaching and research.

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University of Florida

: Gainesville, FL 32611
: 352 273 8691

University of Florida

Online Master’s Degree in Forensic Drug Chemistry

The University of Florida was founded more than 160 years ago. Today, UFL continues to progress in the world of distance learning. It has pursued greater heights of innovation and research for the betterment of Florida and worldwide.

  • The University of Florida’s online Master’s Degree in Forensic Drug Chemistry program is suitable for individuals interested in or currently working in pharmaceutical companies, military services, and law enforcement agencies.
  • After completing the program, graduates will have a Master of Science in Pharmacy  – Pharmaceutical Sciences and a concentration in Forensic Drug Chemistry. 
  • The program comprises two major sections, namely Core-Required and Required.
  • All Core-Required courses must be taken before the final semester and should be accomplished before the Required courses.
  • Students can take the required courses in any semester and in no specific order. However, the Literature Survey of Drug Chemistry and Special Topics in Drug Chemistry must be completed in the final semester.

top environmental chemistry graduate programs

The list below is a compilation of top environmental chemistry graduate programs, read on for a clearer view. Here’s how we did it.

First, we located the best programs in the country by taking an objective look at the best schools in the country as measured by reputation and return on investment. Then we looked at the bottom line—how much does it cost? We combined these factors to reach our College Choice Score, which determined where each school fits into the big scheme of things.

Our data for this ranking was drawn from a variety of public sources, such as U.S. News & World Report, the National Center for Education Statistics,, and the U.S. Census. The end result is a list of schools that not only represent the best education you can get and a good return on investment but also one that will fit your budget.





The Duke Environmental Leadership Master of Environmental Management (DEL-MEM) program offers working professionals the opportunity to continue their education, advance their careers, and become leaders in their organizations. The innovative, flexible format of this online program lets participants maintain their careers and personal lives while earning a master’s degree over the course two years (four semesters).


Examples of coursework in the program includes classes such as

  • Business Strategy for Environmental Sustainability
  • California Water Crises: A Case Study Approach
  • The Science of Climate Change
  • Community-Based Environmental Management
  • Community-Based Environmental Management in Mexico
  • Survey of Environmental Leadership
  • Energy, Environment, & the Law


Duke’s program prides itself on a number of features, including a relevant curriculum, case studies, a multidisciplinary approach, experienced and diverse participants, a top-notch faculty, a flexible and innovative format, and leadership development


Online Masters Degree (MS) in Environmental Health Sciences






The Masters of Science in Environmental Science and Policy is a springboard to leadership for environmental professionals. The program gives students a powerful understanding of where the sciences overlap and inform policy while providing insight into how policy is implemented and affects environmental outcomes. The focus is on studying the environmental effects of current use on the creation, updating, regulating, communicating and enforcing of environmental policy.


The program at JHU features several areas of concentration:

  • Environmental Monitoring and Analysis
  • Ecological Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Planning
  • Sustainability Science
  • Energy and Climate


The core curriculum provides a strong foundation of fundamental environmental science and policy required to work at the forefront of the field. A broad range of electives provides flexibility to allow students to tailor their academic experience to suit personal needs and interests. It is also a suitable program for career changers or those new to the environmental workforce.






UIS offers an online Master of Science in Environmental Sciences designed to help students gain strong scientific understanding of ways to study, evaluate, and interpret environmental realities and their impacts, as well as to manage and mitigate environmental problems. The department recommends that students interested in the Environmental Sciences degree have prior knowledge of chemistry, algebra, statistics, and biology.


Relevant coursework in the program includes classes such as

  • The Public and Environmental Planning
  • Natural Resources: Policy and Administration
  • Environmental Policy and Analysis
  • Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Issues and the Media
  • Research Methods in Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Social Sciences and Humanities


Stated outcomes of the program include the ability to develop a basic literacy in the natural and social sciences and the humanities as they contribute to an understanding of environmental issues; critically analyze environmental problems; identify, research, and evaluate environmental problems; and compare, contrast, implement, and manage short- and long-term solutions to environmental problems.

Environmental Scientist Jobs - Discover Environmental Scientist Skills |  Chegg CareerMatch






Also part of the University of Illinois system, the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign offers an online graduate program in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. It enables students to continue their education in disciplines related to natural resources and environmental sciences through part-time study at locations away from the University of Illinois Campus at Urbana/Champaign.


Examples of courses in the program include

  • Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
  • Agricultural Education
  • Crop Sciences
  • Horticulture
  • Plant Pathology
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering


UIUC’s program addresses some of the most pressing environmental issues of the day, and the courses are taught by experts in the field. Students have the opportunity to network and build community even though the program is offered online. Students are able to gather virtually at set times for lectures, class discussions, quizzes, exams, and other activities similar to what you would experience on a college campus.






Arkansas features an online Master of Science in Human Environmental Sciences designed to offer students diverse options in a diverse field. The program will prepare them for advanced careers in a variety of settings.


Three areas of concentration are available to online students:

  • Apparel Merchandising and Product Development, which provides advanced studies in quality assurance, product development, retail buying, merchandising, and brand management.
  • Human Development and Family Sciences, which offers a focus in gerontology through the GP*IDEA consortia, with a multidisciplinary curriculum on the aging processes from middle age through later life.
  • General Human Environmental Sciences, which provides an advanced interdisciplinary education for diverse careers, including international programs and community service occupations.


Arkansas’s program is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools as well as the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.






Wisconsin offers an online Master of Science in Sustainable Management designed to help students lead the way to a more sustainable future. Designed for working adults with real-world experience, the online UW Master of Science in Sustainable Management will strengthen and expand your knowledge of sustainability and environmental issues, preparing you for high-level leadership positions at your current organization or at top companies around the world.


Wisconsin’s program covers a variety of important topics, such as

  • The relationship of natural, social, and economic environments
  • Waste management
  • Law and ethics of sustainability
  • Sustainable design of products and communities
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Leadership in sustainable organizations
  • Supply chain management.


The program requires twelve courses and is available entirely online. All courses are developed and taught by distinguished faculty from each of the five partnering campuses—UW-Green Bay, UW-Oshkosh, UW-Parkside, UW-Stout, and UW Superior—bringing you diverse expertise from some of the top experts in the state.






Webster University offers an online Master of Science in environmental management designed to provide students with the tools and techniques to navigate the business aspects of environmental management. Students learn to assess and convey the business, ethical, and legal information to those who make or are affected by the decisions that shape our natural resources and environment.


Students will be exposed to a wide variety of coursework in the program, including

  • Environmental Science
  • Operations and Project Management
  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental Regulations and Compliance Auditing
  • Environmental Accounting
  • Management of Land and Water Resources
  • Waste Management and Pollution Control
  • Environmental Risk Management and Strategies


Upon completion of the program, students will be able to apply key terminology, facts, concepts, principles, historical perspectives and theories concerning environmental management and global sustainability toward solving environmental challenges; align sustainability initiatives with organization mission and core values; manage environmental-related risk from an organization’s operation; and much more.







Auburn University offers a specialized online master’s program in the environmental sciences in its Master of Science, Master of Agriculture and Master of Turfgrass Management degrees in three different fields of study. It is an excellent option for professionals who have already developed their specific interests and are looking to advance their career.


Coursework in Auburn’s program includes

  • Analyses of Plant, Soil, and Animal Data
  • Bioenergy and the Environment
  • Advanced Crop Science
  • Forage Production and Utilization
  • Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement
  • Chemistry and Use of Herbicides
  • Advanced Turfgrass Management
  • Introductory Mycology
  • Plant Nematology


One of Auburn’s leading programs is its distance education graduate degree in Agronomy and Soils, a 30 credit hour program that closely follows its residential program. Our graduate degrees are based on a customized curriculum that you develop with your major professor. Courses in this program include classes in soil science, crop science, weed science, entomology, and plant pathology.

masters in environmental chemistry usa

Environmental Chemistry is a diverse and highly interdisciplinary field that focus on the chemical processes influencing the composition and chemical speciation of natural systems (air, water and soils), the chemical fate and mobility of contaminants in the environment, chemical processes that affect the toxicity and bioavailabilty of contaminants, and chemical aspects of contaminant remediation and pollution prevention (green chemistry). The common link to all these areas of study is a focus on the underlying chemical structure, reactivity and mechanisms that dictate the extent and rates of environmentally important chemical reactions. Environmental chemistry is a challenging field, requiring core training in physical, analytical, organic and inorganic chemistry and an understanding of how these disciplines can be applied to complex environmental systems. It is also a highly rewarding discipline, as it provides a quantitative and fundamental approach to understanding the processes that influence the quality of the environment we live and work in. 

Environmental chemistry includes interdisciplinary studies which integrate across subjects such as geochemistry, analytical chemistry, transport processes, and toxicology to determine the cycling and impact of chemicals in the natural environment.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

USAUSAView 1 Environmental Chemistry courses8115Views134Favouritescourses

George Washington Universit


THE World Ranking: 201English courses availableView 1 Environmental Chemistry courses19319Views344FavouritesReviews(2)courses

University of Houston – Clear Lake

USAUSAView 1 Environmental Chemistry courses2807Views8Favouritescourses

University of Maine

University of Maine

USAUSAEnglish courses availableView 1 Environmental Chemistry courses3486Views10FavouritesReviews(6)coursesSouthern University And Agricultural And Mechanical CollegeUSA67ViewsUniversity of Minnesota DuluthUSA114Views1FavouriteState University of New York College of Environmental Science and ForestryUSA529ViewsUniversity of Alaska FairbanksUSATHE World Ranking: 401299Views2FavouritesUniversity of California DavisUSATHE World Ranking: 671857Views10FavouritesReview(1)McNeese State UniversityUSA52Views1FavouriteUniversity of Wisconsin – MadisonUSATHE World Ranking: 583072Views9FavouritesReview(1)College of William and MaryUSATHE World Ranking: 301125Views

m sc environmental chemistry in germany

German universities offer excellent programs in Environmental and Ecological Sciences to national and international students alike at more than 200 universities. At most universities, Environmental sciences are a separate faculty and these faculties coordinate with other faculties at the same or different universities to offer interdisciplinary programs. 

A student completing an environmental studies program is prepared to work in a variety of fields focusing on solving problems with the environment. These areas include law, education, research, engineering, management and government. A graduate may work as a lobbyist, naturalist, park ranger or environmental engineer. Germany is a great destination for international scholars and has a high-quality higher education system. The value of this level of education has been improved by the Germany’s strong economy. Foreign students enjoy excellent living standards in secure and safe surroundings. 

The field of environment and ecology includes subjects such as environmental health, environmental monitoring and management, and climate change. The study of the environment and ecology deals with the relationships between living things and the physical world. These are the top universities in Germany for the field of environment and ecology, based on their reputation and research.

Popular Programs

Environmental science

  • Applied & Environmental Geoscience
  • Climate and Environmental Science 
  • Earth Sciences – Georesources and the Environment
  • Ecotoxicology 
  • Energy and Environmental Management in Developing Countries
  • Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Environmental and Resource Management
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Geography
  • Environmental Governance 
  • Environmental Protection and Agricultural Food Production 
  • Environmental Science – Soil, Water and Biodiversity 
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Integrated Natural Resource Management 
  • International Management of Resources & Environment
  • International Master in Groundwater Management
  • International Nature Conservation 
  • Landscape Ecology 
  • Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering 
  • Natural Resources Management and Development 
  • Physical Geography: Environmental History
  • Sustainability Science 
  • Transnational Ecosystem-Based Water Management 
  • Water Resources and Environmental Management 

Ecology & related subjects

  • Aquatic Tropical Ecology
  • Biodiversity and Collection Management
  • Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution
  • Ecology
  • Evolution, Ecology and Systematics
  • Global Change Ecology
  • Global Change Management


  • These programs are just a few of the many programs offered by German universities in Master degree in English medium. 
  • There are many other interesting programs apart from these mentioned here. 
  • If you could not find the program of your interest, please send an email to us and we shall be happy to help you find the suitable program of your choice. 

Admission Requirements

Individual programs and universities have their own selection criteria for admission in those programs. However, the basic admission requirements are as follows: 

Academic Requirements:

  • 70% Marks or CGPA 3.0 in 4 years Bachelor’s degree (at least 2.5 on the German Grade Scale).
  • A few programs may accept students with 68% in 4 years Bachelor degree from Nepal.
  • Some work/research experience has added advantage during your application selection process. 

Language Requirements:

  • English proficiency documented at IELTS 6.5 or equivalent tests. A few universities may accept IELTS 6.0 for application for English taught Master programs in Germany.
  • Basic Knowledge of German A1 preferred by most universities.


  • Some highly competitive programs may require grades equivalent to 2.0 (on the German Grading Scale) which is roughly 80% marks in Nepal.
  • Some universities may require German language proficiency A1/A2 at the time of the application.
  • Highly competitive programs may require good score in GRE at the time of application.


master of Msc physical geography: climate & environmental sciences course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYMsc Physical Geography: Climate & Environmental SciencesRankingsQS : NA | THE :317Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$0Shortlist Know MoreJULIUSMAXIMILIANSUNIVERSITAT WURZBURG

master of Protein chemistry course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYProtein ChemistryRankingsQS : 140 | THE :437Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$0Shortlist Know MoreKAISERSLAUTERN UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES

master of Refinement of polymer and composite products course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYRefinement Of Polymer And Composite ProductsRankingsQS : NA | THE :NACost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$0Shortlist Know More


master of Master's in material science for energy application using large-scale facilities (mamaself +) course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYMaster’s In Material Science For Energy Application Using Large-Scale Facilities (Mamaself +)RankingsQS : 41 | THE :64Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$5000-$10000Shortlist Know MoreUNIVERSITY OF HOHENHEIM STUTTGART

master of Earth and climate system science course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYEarth And Climate System ScienceRankingsQS : 215 | THE :688Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$5000Shortlist Know MoreKARLSRUHE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

master of Materials science and engineering (MSc) course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYMaterials Science And Engineering (MSc)RankingsQS : 221 | THE :132Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$5000Shortlist Know MoreTU BERGAKADEMIE FREIBERG

master of Advanced materials analysis course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYAdvanced Materials AnalysisRankingsQS : NA | THE :NACost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$0Shortlist Know MoreUNIVERSITY OF HOHENHEIM STUTTGART

master of Organic agriculture and food systems (eur-organic) course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYOrganic Agriculture And Food Systems (Eur-Organic)RankingsQS : 215 | THE :688Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$5000Shortlist Know MoreKIEL UNIVERSITY

master of Master of science in materials science and business administration course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYMaster Of Science In Materials Science And Business AdministrationRankingsQS : 270 | THE :502Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$0Shortlist Know More


master of Amis master - international master in advanced materials for innovation & sustainability course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYAmis Master – International Master In Advanced Materials For Innovation & SustainabilityRankingsQS : 341 | THE :267Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$5000-$10000Shortlist Know MoreKIEL UNIVERSITY

master of Material of science in science and business administration course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYMaterial Of Science In Science And Business AdministrationRankingsQS : 270 | THE :502Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$0Shortlist Know MoreTU DARMSTADT

master of Fame+ master of science in functional advanced materials and engineering course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYFame+ Master Of Science In Functional Advanced Materials And EngineeringRankingsQS : 341 | THE :267Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$5000-$10000Shortlist Know MoreCHEMNITZ UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY

master of Advanced functional materials course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYAdvanced Functional MaterialsRankingsQS : NA | THE :NACost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$0Shortlist Know MoreLEIPZIG UNIVERSITY

master of Advanced spectroscopy in chemistry (asc) course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYAdvanced Spectroscopy In Chemistry (Asc)RankingsQS : NA | THE :483Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$5000-$10000Shortlist Know MoreTU DARMSTADT

master of Master of science in materials science course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYMaster Of Science In Materials ScienceRankingsQS : 341 | THE :267Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$0Shortlist Know MoreLEIPZIG UNIVERSITY

master of Structural chemistry and spectroscopy (scs) course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYStructural Chemistry And Spectroscopy (Scs)RankingsQS : NA | THE :483Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$0Shortlist Know MoreULM UNIVERSITY

master of Chemistry (MSc) course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYChemistry (MSc)RankingsQS : 143 | THE :346Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$5000Shortlist Know MoreFAU ERLANGENNURNBERG

master of Msc advanced materials and processes (MAP) course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYMsc Advanced Materials And Processes (MAP)RankingsQS : NA | THE :317Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$0Shortlist Know MoreLEUPHANA UNIVERSITY LUNEBURG

master of Sustainable chemistry (MSc) course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYSustainable Chemistry (MSc)RankingsQS : NA | THE :NACost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$10000-$15000Shortlist Know MoreULM UNIVERSITY

master of Master of science in advanced materials course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYMaster Of Science In Advanced MaterialsRankingsQS : 143 | THE :346Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$5000Shortlist Know MoreFAU ERLANGENNURNBERG

master of Msc chemistry course in germany

 MASTERS GERMANYMsc ChemistryRankingsQS : NA | THE :317Cost Of Living$10000-$15000Duration2Tution Fees$0-$0Shortlist Know More

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