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Last Updated on December 21, 2022

Grab the opportunity to complete the European Cheapest Bachelor level business degree online from the University of Eastern Finland.

Improve the quality of your resume, let Employers and Universities see what you have learnt in an online business degree. Earn a one semester business degree online  certificate and transferable university credit from  Finland top University and enjoy the same benefits and certificate accorded to on campus students.

A Business Degree is the Most Popular Online Degree

About This 30 ECTS Credit Online Business Degree Course

Business administration provides you with knowledge about the function of companies and other organisations, as well as their role in society. Issues covered in the business management degree are useful for work in companies, both in the private and the public sector, as well as for non-profit organisations.The online business management degree opens many doors on the labour market. The business management degree online gives you an overview of the main areas in business, and at the same time gives you possibility to specialize within one of the main areas: Financial analysis and calculation, Management/Organisation, Marketing, or Accounting and financial control. The ability to solve problems analytically and critical thinking are important elements in all areas covered in this business management degree online.

Financial analysis and calculation examines how to make decision-making easier through the analysis of a company’s income and expenses. Other important topics in the business administration courses online, such as investments and financing, the company’s raising and use of capital as well as the assessment of companies on the stock market, will be reviewed in the online business administration degree.

Management/Organisation deals with leadership, control and organising in companies and other organisations. The interplay between the individual, group and organisation are fundamental aspects here. Project management and change are other vital topics covered, as well as issues regarding company- and organisational culture.

Marketing analyses how markets work and how best to handle the flow of goods and services to consumers. In a broad sense marketing thus regards communication and impact. Issues such as brands, consumer behaviour, market surveys and marketing strategies are other topics that are covered.

Online Business Degrees

Accounting deals with how financial information can be compiled to measure and follow up the performance of the business and how information in accounting systems can be used as data for control and decision-making. Issues regarding companies’ external accounting, financial control and auditing as well as financial company analysis are other important topics to be covered.

Courses 2017-2018
Service Marketing 6 credits
Strategic Management 6 ECTS credits
International Business Management 6 cr
Relationship Marketing 6 ECTS
Corporate Governance 6 credits

  • The course includes basic studies of Economic Science (30 credits)

Courses in the online degree in Business

  • International Business Management 6 ECTS credit
  • Relationship Marketing 6 ECTS
  • Strategic Management 6 ECTS credits
  • Service Marketing 6 ECTS credits
  • Corporate Governance 6 ECTS credits
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Admission Requirement

Prerequisite For The Business Administration Degree Online

No Entrance Requirement, the master in entrepreneurship and innovation is an open enrollment course for any participant interested in innovation management and entrepreneurship at advanced level.

No academic credential is required for enrollment in the online entrepreneurship graduate programs and there is no deadline for admission, student can begin there studies at any time of the year.

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Target Group for The Business One Semester Course

The Online Business Degree is suitable for the following group of individuals

  1. Anyone  interested in the study of business administration
  2. University students who wish to receive one semester transferable credit or BSc Minor in business administration
  3. Admission seekers who wish to earn some university credit before enrolling for a masters degree
  4. Bachelor degree holders who wish to cover up for course and grade deficiency in their previous degree
  5. Non EU students who need one year university level credit before they can be admitted into a degree program in European Universities

Price of the One Semester Course

Complete Price: Euro 360 Or Installment payment of Euro 72 per course.

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CERTIFICATE ISSUED In The Best online Business Degree

After the completion of the online degree in business you will receive a 30 ECTS Transferable university transcript and certificate in Business Administration  from the University of Eastern Finland

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