Online Bachelor Degree in Circumpolar Studies

Last Updated on December 25, 2022

Grab the opportunity to complete an online bachelor in circumpolar studies from one of the best universities in Norway. Improve the quality of your resume, let Employers and Universities recognize what you have learned in an online degree in circumpolar studies. Earn a one academic year certificate and transfer credit in circumpolar studies from Norway top university and receive the same benefits and certificate accorded to on-campus students.

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Online Bachelor Degree In Circumpolar Studies

If your aim has been to get the best knowledge of the activity going on in the arctic then this bachelor degree is a perfect choice for you. Checkout some of the pressing questions you will need to answer in this degree program

Do you want to learn more about the environment and sustainability in the High North?

Are you interested in indigenous issues, social conditions and politics in the Arctic regions?

Do you want an international Bachelor degree with a solid interdisciplinary foundation and the possibility for exchange to a university abroad?

Then stay you can be rest assured that the Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies can provide insight, skills and more in these areas. This programme offers a combination of online and distance learning teaching modes.

The Bachelor degree in Circumpolar Studies arose from cooperation between the a Norwegian University in the Arctic region.

The programme is comprised of a core component worth 90 ECTS as well as electives. The core component is taught entirely online and the programme offers otherwise flexible progression for mobile students. Elective courses can be taken at the Norwegian University, at another home institution or with one of our exchange partners. The specialisation in Northwest Russian Relations includes one semester in Arkhangelsk.

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This programme aims to provide insight into and knowledge about the Circumpolar North with emphasis on:

  • natural resources
  • sustainable development
  • business
  • culture
  • politics and society, including indigenous peoples in The High North

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Circumpolar Studies (Diploma - online only) - Future Students ...

Online Bachelor Degree in Circumpolar Studies Programme description

The major in circumpolar studies, minimum 90 ECTS, can be combined with any other major or electives of 90 ECTS. We strongly advise students to use electives to develop a secondary major, which will provide better opportunities for admission to Master degree studies within the UArtcic network.

The major in circumpolar studies consists of 4 introductory courses (60 ECTS) and 3 specialized courses (30 ECTS). The following main courses are all available on-line:

  • BCS105X An Introduction to the Humanities and to the Circumpolar World (15 ECTS)
  • BCS115X Land and Environment of the Circumpolar World I and II (15 ECTS)
  • BCS125X Peoples and Cultures of the Circumpolar World I and II (15 ECTS)
  • BCS135X Contemporary Issues of the Circumpolar World I and II (15 ECTS)

The international BCS secretariat for the University of the Arctic (UAarctic) offers the same courses on-line, organized as seven 6 ECTS courses. These courses can be combined with our 15 ECTS BCS courses. For further information, see the course information (below) or visit the homepage of The University of the Arctic.

UArctic Education - Circumpolar Studies

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The specialised courses at are:

  • SA210S Scandinavian Politics, 10 ECTS
  • SA212S Northern Scandinavian Societies, 10 ECTS
  • SA218S History, Politics and Northern resources, 10 ECTS

These are available to take on-line or on campus.

The specialized courses are offered in the autumn semester. Other Arctic Universities  member institutions offer courses in the spring semester. BCS students may, for this reason, proceed with the specialization component of their programme in a semester of their choosing.

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Students who wish to take specialized courses at a networking institution of UArctic may apply for scholarships (North2North). The academic advisor for the programme at UiN must that the chosen courses will be accepted as part of the BCS programme.

Tuition Fee

Students registering at Norwegian Universities do not have to pay tuition fees

Admission Requirement

EU students

Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English

Graduation from a senior secondary school and GCE Level / One year university studies.

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