Online Associates Degrees In Business Management

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Associates Degrees in Business Management

The program provides students with a comprehensive foundation of theoretical and technical skills that can be applied in a variety of industries. Graduates are qualified to pursue entry-level positions in business management, human resources, accounting, marketing, and finance. And if you’ve already got your eye on a bachelor’s degree or higher (or if you’re not sure but want to keep your options open), this associate’s degree should help make it easier to transfer into a four-year program at [college name].

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Essential Information

Earn your associate’s degree in business management.

Business management associate’s degrees, offered by many community colleges, are usually two-year programs, but they can also be part-time or full online programs. All of these offerings allow you flexibility in your schedule. The majority of these programs emphasize technology and computer program use for data processing, bookkeeping, accounting, statistics and office administration.

To be considered for enrollment in a business management associate’s degree program, you must have a high school diploma or GED. The application process includes submitting transcripts from your high school and your SAT or ACT scores (which institution you apply to determines which scores are required).


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After graduating from a business management associate’s degree program, you will qualify for entry-level positions in corporate organizations, public organizations and non-profit organizations.

Associate’s Degree in Business Management

Students can expect to complete 60-70 credits in general education and business coursework in order to earn an associate degree in business management. In addition to communications, coursework covers:

  • Business principles
  • Accounting
  • Business law
  • Business management
  • Marketing
  • Business technology
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Popular Career Options

Graduates with an associate’s degree in business management are qualified for entry and intermediate level managerial positions in service, industry, manufacturing, government and non-profit organizations.

Our graduates are working as managers and administrators in a variety of fields including retail, sales, banking and finance, insurance, real estate, construction and building trades. They are also working as accountants and auditors; financial managers; human resource managers; purchasing managers; logistics managers; sales managers; administrative services managers; training and development specialists; labor relations specialists; compensation specialists; benefits specialists; operations research analysts; budget analysts; management analysts.

  • Department manager
  • Human resource manager
  • Banking manager
  • Marketing manager

Continuing Education

As you complete your degree in business management, you’ll be prepared to work in postgraduate employment, but you’ll also be ready to further your education by pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration or a more focused area of business, such as human resources, accounting or marketing. These programs will help you learn even more about general education and business theory and prepare you for upper-level management positions. You may be able to take advantage of articulation agreements with local four-year colleges and universities and transfer your associate degree credits if you’re enrolled in a business management program at a community college. If this is the case, look into the possibility of using your credits so that you don’t have to retake classes!

Students interested in entry-level managerial positions often take courses about managerial technology, accounting and office administration from an associate’s degree program in business management.


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