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Last Updated on December 20, 2022

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Students who earn a master’s in health science online gain the competencies and skills needed to pursue advanced positions in their field. While many roles focus on administration, some graduates seek client-facing jobs,working in physical or occupational therapy. Individuals with a master’s degree in health science possess the knowledge required to provide clinical management, project oversight, and leadership around technological advancements, including informatics.

What to Expect From a Master’s in Health Sciences Program

Candidates enrolled in a master of health science program generally commit to approximately two years of full-time study or 3-4 years of part-time learning. Most programs consist of 36-54 credits, depending on the school.

Curricular requirements include courses on topics like current trends and issues in healthcare, ethical issues in healthcare, principles of healthcare management, and understanding the U.S. healthcare system. Many programs also require learners to participate in a practicum at an approved site near their home. Practicums help master’s candidates build professional skills prior to graduating.

Licensure requirements vary based on the type of career an individual hopes to pursue. Those seeking clinically-focused roles are more likely to need licensure, but some administrative positions may also mandate this step. Nursing home administrators, for instance, must be licensed to practice in all 50 states.

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Career Outlook for Health Scientists

Because master’s in health science programs offer such a variety of career options, graduates are in good standing for finding meaningful work. Many students who hold these degrees decide to pursue work as health educators.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects roles for these professionals to expand by 11% between 2018 and 2028, far faster than the national average for all occupations combined. The average median salary for health educators reached $46,910 in 2019, while those in the top 10% of earners brought home paychecks in excess of $68,350 during the same timeframe.

Medical and health services managers earned annual median salaries of $100,980. Positions for these administrators are projected to grow by 18% over the coming years, leading to the creation of an additional 71,600 new roles alongside an existing 406,100.

MSHS in Laboratory Medicine

1)George Washington University – School of Medicine and Health Sciences OnlineWashington, USA

The Master of Science in Health Sciences in Laboratory Medicine program is a 52 credit program designed to prepare individuals for a career as a medical laboratory scientist and to sit for the national Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) certification exam. 

2)The University of Edinburgh – College of Medicine & Veterinary MedicineEdinburgh, United Kingdom

This part-time, fully online programme attracts an international and multi-professional student cohort and offers a unique opportunity to have direct contact with others working in pain management across the world. Within this context, students will gain the knowledge, understanding and evaluative skills to provide advanced clinical care so as to improve outcomes for people living in pain. 

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