Old Dominion University Graduate Certificate Programs

Last Updated on December 26, 2022

Old Dominion University Graduate Certificates are designed to help you gain the skills necessary to advance your career. Courses are offered in several venues and schedules including online, weekends and evenings, enabling you to fit your education into your busy schedule. We offer over 50 graduate certificates programs in a variety of concentrations.

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Old Dominion University Graduate Certificate Programs

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Graduate Certificate Program in Cybersecurity (Online)

Currently, there is a high demand for professionals in the area of cybersecurity. The Virginia Space Grant Consortium has developed a video series, “Breaking the Code on a Career in Cybersecurity” providing background on the importance of cybersecurity in our computer and data-driven world.

This online certificate program, which may be completed in one year, is designed to train working professionals in computer science and related fields in cybersecurity. The program will be fully on-line to meet the demands of the working professional. A student can obtain a graduate certificate in cybersecurity by successfully completing four courses within one year (Fall and Spring semesters). These courses could also be used as part of the MS in CS degree program, if the student so decides.

The courses offered under this program may be taken by current students or new students. A student must first apply to the certificate program and be admitted to the program to be eligible to receive the certificate. To apply, students not enrolled at ODU must first apply to ODU as a non-degree-seeking student. All students (new and current) must submit the certificate program enrollment form. A student admitted to this program may subsequently apply for MS in CS. If admitted, the courses taken during the certificate program may be considered towards the MS program.

Candidates for the program must have a 4-year Bachelor’s degree from an accredited academic institution with a computer science-related major and at least a 3.0 GPA. The program requires a student to take four of the following courses. Each course has a normal letter grade. The student is expected to obtain a C or better in each course and maintain a 3.0 GPA.

The courses are listed below. A student seeking the graduate certificate must register for each of these courses at the 500-level. Additional electives may be added in future. All the courses offered in this program will be on-line.

  • CS 562 Cybersecurity Fundamentals – 3 credits
  • CS 563 Cryptography for Cybersecurity – 3 credits
  • CS 564 Networked Systems Security – 3 credits
  • CS 565 Information Assurance – 3 credits

Modeling and Simulation Certificate in Computer and Informatics

Modeling and simulation are widely-used tools in understanding and solving numerous and diverse problems in the practice of scientific inquiry and engineering design. The M&S certificate program is intended for students who are interested in developing a deep understanding of how natural phenomena or man-made systems can be described by computational models and simulated by computing systems. The certificate program will focus on the computational and informatics aspects of modeling and simulation, including implementing mathematical models in computer software, designing efficient algorithms, and executing simulation on modern computing platforms so as to better understand the characteristics and predict the behavior of real systems and phenomena.

All students (new and current) must submit the Enrollment Form for Modeling and Simulation Certificate in Computing and Informatics.

Candidates for the program must have a 4-year Bachelor’s degree from an accredited academic institution. The program requires a student to take four of the following courses (12 credit hours). Each course has a normal letter grade. The student is expected to obtain a C or better in each course and maintain a 3.0 GPA.

The courses are listed below. Additional electives may be added in future.

Core Course: (required)

  • MSIM601 Introduction to Modeling and Simulation – 3 credits

Foundation Elective Courses: (select at most two from the following)

  • CS517 Computational Methods and Software – 3 credits
  • CS578 Computational Geometry, Methods and Applications – 3 credits
  • CS586 Introduction to Parallel Computing – 3 credits
  • CS600 Algorithms and Data Structures – 3 credits

Advanced Elective Courses: (select at least one from the following)

  • CS712/812 Stochastic Modeling – 3 credits
  • CS713/813 Modeling and Simulation in Computational Biology – 3 credits
  • CS714/814 Monte Carlo Simulation – 3 credits
  • CS715/815 Medical Image Computing and Simulations – 3 credits
  • CS716/816 Communication Networks Simulation and Evaluation – 3 credits
  • CS722/822 Machine Learning – 3 credits
  • CS723/823 Introduction to Bioinformatics – 3 credits
  • CS724/824 High Performance Computing with GPUs for Large Scale Simulations – 3 credits
  • CS725/825 Information Visualization – 3 credits
  • CS726/826 Applications of Graphs in Bioinformatics – 3 credits

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Master’s Programs

  • Adapted Physical Education (Physical Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Administration & Supervision – Preparation for Public School PreK-12 Licensure (Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Career & Technical Education (Occupational & Technical Studies, M.S.)
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Counseling, M.S.Ed.)
  • Coaching Education (Physical Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • College Counseling (Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Community College Teaching (Occupational & Technical Studies, M.S.)
  • Counseling (M.S.Ed.)
  • Curriculum & Instruction (Physical Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Education – Initial State Licensure (Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Educational Leadership (M.S.Ed.)
  • Elementary Education (PreK-6), Initial Licensure (M.S.Ed.)
  • Elementary Education with Mathematics Education Specialist Endorsement
  • Exercise Science (M.S.)
  • Exercise Science (M.S.)
  • General Higher Education Administration (Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Health & Physical Education – Initial Virginia Licensure (M.S.Ed.)
  • Health Education Curriculum & Instruction (Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Higher Education (Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Instructional Design & Technology (Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • International Higher Education Leadership (Educational Leadership, M.S.Ed.)
  • Library & Information Studies (M.L.I.S)
  • Licensed Teachers (Elementary Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Licensed Teachers (Secondary Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Licensed Teachers – Early Childhood Education (Elementary Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Mathematics Specialist (PK-8) Endorsement (Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Middle School (Grades 6-8) with Initial Licensure (M.S.Ed.)
  • Physical & Health Education – Initial Virginia Licensure (Physical Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Physical Education (Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Reading Specialist Endorsement (Reading, M.S.Ed.)
  • School Counseling (Counseling, M.S.Ed.)
  • School Librarianship (Library & Information Studies, M.L.I.S)
  • Secondary Education (6-12) with Initial Licensure (Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Special Education (M.S.Ed.)
  • Special Education with Licensure (Education, M.S.Ed.)
  • Speech-Language Pathology (M.S.)
  • Sport Management (M.S.)
  • Student Affairs Administration (Educational Leadership, M.S.Ed.)
  • Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), K-12 with Initial Licensure (Secondary Education)

Doctoral Programs

  • Applied Kinesiology-Human Movement Sciences (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Community College Leadership (Ph.D.)
  • Counseling (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Curriculum & Instruction (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Educational Leadership (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Educational Psychology & Program Evaluation (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Health & Sport Pedagogy – Human Movement Sciences (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Higher Education (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Instructional Design & Technology (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Occupational & Technical Studies (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Special Education (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Sport & Recreation Management – Human Movement Sciences (Education, Ph.D.)

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