NYU Tandon School of Engineering Ranking

Last Updated on September 1, 2023

NYU Tandon School of Engineering Ranking: A Testament ​to Excellence

The NYU Tandon School of Engineering, located‍ in the vibrant city of New York, ‍has ‍emerged as a prestigious ⁤institution at the forefront of technological ⁤innovation and scientific advancement. Renowned for ⁤its exceptional programs⁤ and‌ cutting-edge research, the Tandon School has achieved remarkable recognition in various national and international rankings, solidifying its position among⁢ the top engineering ‍schools worldwide.

In the ever-evolving landscape of‍ engineering‍ education, rankings provide an invaluable ⁢measure of an institution’s ⁣academic prowess and overall excellence. The NYU Tandon School of Engineering has ‌consistently ascended‍ these rankings, garnering praise for its exceptional faculty, groundbreaking research, and the success of its graduates.

One ‌notable ranking that showcases ​the ⁤exceptional quality of education at NYU Tandon is

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Extraordinary achievement, the highest caliber of research, and a boundless global perspective are the hallmarks of the programs offered at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. We offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, as well as certificates.

Ranked #27 for Best Global Universities by U.S. News and World Report, and #26 among Top Universities in the World by Times Higher Education, the NYU Tandon School of Engineering is committed to diversity and the exceptional range of viewpoints this adds to our interdisciplinary curriculum. In fact, we are ranked #25 for Campus Diversity by U.S. News and World Report

In addition to its multiple accolades, NYU Tandon is the second oldest private university of technology in the United States. Throughout our renowned history, we’ve maintained an exceptional output of successful graduates, including Nobel Prize winners, distinguished scientists, and legendary innovators. 

Our award-winning faculty are published authors and fellows of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, NewCities Foundation, and other prominent organizations who impart expertise across a wide array of graduate programs in engineering, science, and technology.

Located in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, the NYU Tandon School of Engineering is a major player in New York City’s booming tech landscape. In this high-energy business epicenter, you’ll connect to pioneering organizations, from creative startups to world leaders in technology, media, engineering, and finance


At NYU Tandon, the entire NYU network will be at your disposal, providing you with access to three portal campuses, 11 global academic centers, and countless high-tech facilities. You’ll have full access to all resources at Washington Square, including the Bobst Library, which houses more than 3.7 million volumes.

Students apply classroom learning in state-of-the-art labs and facilities, including:

  • NYU Media and Games Network (MAGNET)
  • Power and Power Electronics Engineering Lab
  • Organic Electronics Laboratory
  • NYU Wireless
  • NYU Nanofabrication Facility
  • MakerSpace
  • Offensive Security, Incident Response, and Internet Security (OSIRIS) Lab
  • High-Speed Networking Laboratory
  • Dynamical Systems Laboratory
  • Center of Innovation for Technology and Entertainment
  • Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Security and Privacy
  • Brooklyn Experimental Media Center
  • AR/VR Accelerated Lab

Student life at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering is vibrant, and there are countless ways to engage in activities that match your academic and personal interests! With 40 clubs at Tandon and over 300 more at NYU’s Washington Square campus just minutes away, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to get involved!

We offer several organizations that are exclusively for Tandon students, including:

  • Graduate Student Council
  • Chinese Scholars and Students Association
  • Design for America NYU
  • Finance Club
  • Graduate Indian Student Association
  • Society for Human Resource Management

You can also take advantage of leadership opportunities in a number of exciting ways:

  • Engaging Engineers focuses on supporting academic excellence, as well as commitment to leadership, service, and social justice
  • The Poly Project connects you with both short– and long-term community service projects
  • SOEciety conducts alternative break trips in immersive service experiences that involve using your skills as an as an emerging STEM leader to effect change in a community
  • WoMentorship matches first and second year women graduate students to build mentoring relationships in areas of social, academic, and professional development

NYU Tandon is home to unconventional engineers — a vibrant group of researchers, students, technologists, and innovators working at the intersections of vital fields to engineer creative and smart, connected and secure, sustainable and healthy urban communities. 

NYU tandon School of engineering ranking

New York University (Tandon) is ranked No. 36 (tie) in Best Engineering Schools. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering (formerly NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering) has been at the head of technological advancements since its beginning over 150 years ago.

Our online graduate program (NYU Tandon Online) continues this legacy, recently winning the nation’s “Outstanding Online Program” award from Sloan-C, and consistently receiving top rankings for Online Graduate Engineering Degrees by US News and World Report.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering dates to 1854, when the NYU School of Civil Engineering and Architecture as well as the Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute (widely known as Brooklyn Poly) were founded. Their successor institutions merged in January 2014 to create a comprehensive school of education and research in engineering and applied sciences, rooted in a tradition of invention, innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to programs at its main campus in downtown Brooklyn, it is closely connected to engineering programs in NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai, and it operates business incubators in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The Tandon School of Engineering at New York University (Tandon) has an application deadline of Feb. 15. The application fee is $75 for U.S. residents and $75 for international students. Its tuition is full-time: $1,869 per credit and part-time: $1,869 per credit. The 2020 Ph.D. student-faculty ratio is 3.8:1. The Tandon School of Engineering at New York University (Tandon) has 88 full-time faculty on staff.

What are our unconventional engineers capable of?

Magnifying glass over random letters, highlighting the word "data"

We fight for data transparency

NYU Tandon researchers with Cybersecurity for Democracy and the Center for Responsible AI are actively advocating for greater transparency into how data is used to influence behavior and decision-making in ways that affect individuals, organizations, and society at large — including how election and vaccine misinformation spreads, and how automated decision systems are used in the hiring process. Their collective efforts to use data for good, from research to pedagogical advancements to policy-making, are helping to protect information integrity, create greater accountability, restore trust in institutions, and build a more equitable future.Robot running a relay race

We make robotics a team sport

NYU Tandon researchers are working together across a rapidly growing spectrum of expertise, including mechatronics, advanced deep learning and AI systems, robotics, wireless communications, biomedical engineering and more. Continued innovation in robotics research and teaching at all levels — along with unprecedented collaboration across disciplines, schools, and geographies — is leading to significant advances in healthcare, transportation, logistics, and affordable new platforms that make it easier for other small labs and start-ups to do advanced modifications of their own. Learn more about robotics at Tandon.Text with diseases such as SARS and COVID highlighted in red.

We use data to stop viral threats

NYU Tandon researchers with Cybersecurity for Democracy are analyzing data from thousands of social media users to better understand how organizations target messaging, how people interact with information, and how misinformation spreads online. At the same time, Maurizio Porfiri and a team of researchers are creating a data-centric approach to reopening the economy for specific geographic locations based on a predictive agent-based model that takes vaccination rates and human mobility patterns into account, among other data inputs.pixelated buildings.

We use modeling to save lives

NYU Tandon researchers Rumi Chunara and Luis Ceferino employ machine learning and unique approaches to data gathering and analysis to help quantify risk, and enable more proactive planning. Chunara’s team unites expertise in computer science and public health, and recently identified that machine learning models used to predict cardiovascular disease perform better when they incorporate social factors. Ceferino’s approach to modeling natural disasters combines uncertainty quantification methods, machine learning, structural modeling, and optimization techniques to determine how extreme events impact urban systems and strategize solutions for resilience, focusing on vulnerable communities.brain on computer chip

We make big strides in big data processing

This past year, Tandon researchers Anna Choromanska and Christopher Musco joined the over 50% of NYU Tandon’s junior faculty members who hold National Science Foundation CAREER Awards or similar young-investigator honors. Both Choromanska and Musco are creating less resource-intensive, more scalable deep learning (DL) approaches that enable broader application. Choromanska is exploring new, more efficient ways of training DL models, while Musco is employing new algorithmic techniques that compress large datasets to reduce the computational effort required to analyze them.robotic arm holding a heart

We help students successfully navigate new terrain

NYU Tandon’s Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program is a rapidly-growing experiential learning opportunity unifying faculty, students, and organizations around creating solutions to a variety of challenges. 30+ multidisciplinary teams collaborate on multi-year, large scale projects that span everything from urban farming to low-cost biomedical devices to robotics and rocketry for outer space exploration and motor vehicle development. Teams work in our 10,000 square foot MakerSpace to make their ideas a reality — with many achieving major wins at competitions, and all gaining invaluable design, business, innovation and collaboration experience to take into the workplace.

New York University (Tandon) Engineering School Overview


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The Tandon School of Engineering at New York University (Tandon) has an application deadline of Feb. 15. The application fee is $75 for U.S. residents and $75 for international students. Its tuition is full-time: $1,869 per credit and part-time: $1,869 per credit. The 2020 Ph.D. student-faculty ratio is 3.8:1. The Tandon School of Engineering at New York University (Tandon) has 88 full-time faculty on staff.

New York University (Tandon) Engineering School Data

New York University (Tandon) Admissions

Application deadline (U.S. residents) Feb. 15

Application fee (U.S. residents) $75

Application deadline (international students) Feb. 15

Application fee (international students) $75

Admissions phone (646) 997-3200

Admissions email: [email protected]

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