new york high schools in manhattan

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new york high schools in manhattan

List of high schools in New York City

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This is a list of high schools in New York City.


All boroughs[edit]

The Bronx[edit]

SchoolP.S. NumberTypeReligious AffiliationWebsite
Academy for Language and TechnologyX365Public [1]
Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship: A College Board SchoolX270Public [2] 
Academy of Mount Saint Ursula Private, girlsRoman CatholicUrsuline [3]
Adlai E. Stevenson Educational Campus
See:Adlai E. Stevenson High School (closed 2009)Bronx GuildGateway School for Environmental Research and TechnologyMillennium Art AcademyPablo Neruda Academy for Architecture and World StudiesSchool for Community Research and Learning
Alfred E. Smith Career and Technical Education High School
Collocated schools:Bronx Design and Construction AcademyBronx Haven High School
X600Public [4] 
All Hallows High School Private, boysRoman Catholic [5]
Aquinas High School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [6]
Astor Collegiate Academy
(Christopher Columbus campus)
X299Public [7] 
Banana Kelly High School
(Collocated with Holcombe L. Rucker School of Community Research)
X530Public [8] 
Belmont Preparatory High School
(Theodore Roosevelt campus)
X434Public [9] 
Bronx Academy of Health Careers
(Evander Childs campus)
X290Public [10] 
Bronx Academy High SchoolX560Public [11] 
Bronx Academy of LettersX551Public [12][13]
Bronx Aerospace High School
(Evander Childs campus)
X545Public [14][15]
Bronx Center for Science and MathematicsX260Public [16] 
Bronx Charter School for ExcellenceX255Public [17] 
Bronx Coalition Community High School
(James Monroe Campus)
X680Public [18] 
Bronx Collegiate Academy
(formerly Bronx Expeditionary Learning High School)
(William H. Taft campus)
X227Public [19] 
Bronx Community High SchoolX377Public [20] 
Bronx Design and Construction Academy
(Alfred E. Smith Educational Campus)
X522Public [21] 
Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy
(John F. Kennedy campus)
X213Public [22][23]
Bronx Envision Academy
(Collocated at Explorations Academy)
X511Public, arts [24][25]
Bronx Guild
(Adlai E. Stevenson Educational Campus)
X452Public [26][27]
Bronx Haven High School
(Alfred E.Smith Campus)
X381Public [28] 
Bronx High School for Law and Community Service
Theodore Roosevelt campus
X439Public [29] 
Bronx High School for Medical Science
(William H. Taft campus)
X413Public [30] 
Bronx High School for the Visual ArtsX418Public [31][32]
Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts
(Evander Childs campus)
X253Public [33] 
Bronx High School of Business
(William H. Taft campus)
X412Public [34][35]
Bronx High School of ScienceX445Public [36][37]
Bronx International High School
(Morris Campus)
X403Public [38][39]
Bronx Lab School
(Evander Childs campus)
X265Public [40][41]
Bronx LatinX267Public [42][43]
Bronx Leadership Academy High SchoolX525Public [44] 
Bronx Leadership Academy II High School
(Concourse Village campus)
X527Public [45][46]
Bronx Preparatory Charter SchoolX703Public [47][48]
Bronx Regional High SchoolX480Public [49] 
Bronx School for Law, Government and JusticeX505Public [50] 
Bronx School of Law and Finance
(John F. Kennedy campus)
X284Public [51][52]
Bronx Studio School for Writers and ArtistsX269Public [53] 
Bronx Theatre High School
(John F. Kennedy campus)
X546Public [54][55]
Bronxdale High School
(Christopher Columbus campus)
X508Public [56] 
The Bronxwood Preparatory AcademyX514Public [57] 
Cardinal Hayes High School Private, boysRoman Catholic [58]
Cardinal Spellman High School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [59]
The Celia Cruz Bronx High School of Music
(Walton Educational Campus)
X442Public [60][61]
Christopher Columbus High School
Collocated specialty schools:Astor Collegiate AcademyBronxdale High SchoolCollegiate Institute for Math and ScienceGlobal Enterprise High SchoolPelham Preparatory Academy
X415Public [62][63]
The Cinema School
(James Monroe Campus)
X478Public [64] 
Collegiate Institute for Math and Science
(Christopher Columbus campus)
X288Public [65][66]
Community School for Social JusticeX427Public [67][68]
Concourse Village campus
See:Bronx Leadership Academy IINew Explorers High SchoolUrban Assembly School for Careers in Sports
Crotona Academy High SchoolX321Public [69] 
DeWitt Clinton High SchoolX440Public [70][71]
Discovery High School
(Walton Educational Campus)
X549Public [72][73]
DreamYard Preparatory School
(William H. Taft campus)
X329Public [74][75]
Eagle Academy for Young MenX231Public, boys [76][77]
East Bronx Academy for the FutureX271Public [78][79]
Evander Childs Educational Campus
See:Bronx Academy of Health CareersBronx Aerospace High SchoolBronx High School for Writing and Communication ArtsBronx Lab SchoolHigh School for Contemporary ArtsHigh School of Computers and Technology
Eximius College Preparatory Academy: A College Board SchoolX250Public [80][81]
Explorations Academy
Collocated school: Bronx Envision Academy
X251Public [82] 
Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High SchoolX682Public [83] 
The Felisa Rincon de Gautier Institute for Law and Public PolicyX519Public [84] 
The Fieldston School
(Ethical Culture Fieldston School)
 Private  [85]
Fordham High School for the Arts
(Theodore Roosevelt campus)
X437Public [86] 
Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology
(Theodore Roosevelt campus)
X438Public [87][88]
Fordham Preparatory School Private, boysRoman CatholicJesuit [89]
Foreign Language Academy of Global Studies (FLAGS)X520Public [90] 
Frederick Douglass Academy III Secondary SchoolX517Public [91] 
Gateway School for Environmental Research and Technology
(Adlai E. Stevenson Educational Campus)
X295Public [92] 
Global Enterprise High School
(Christopher Columbus campus)
X541Public [93] 
Grace Dodge Career and Technical Education High SchoolX660Public [94][95]
Harry S Truman High SchoolX455Public [96][97]
Health Opportunities High SchoolX670Public [98] 
Herbert H. Lehman High School
Collocated school:Renaissance High School for Musical Theater & Technology
X405Public [99][100]
High School for Contemporary Arts
(Evander Childs campus)
X544Public [101] 
High School for Language and Innovation
(Christopher Columbus Educational Campus)
X509Public [102] 
High School for Teaching and the Professions
(Walton Educational Campus)
X433Public [103][104]
High School for Violin and Dance
(Morris Campus)
X543Public [105][106]
High School of American Studies at Lehman CollegeX696Public [107][108]
High School of Computers and Technology
(Evander Childs campus)
X275Public [109][110]
High School of World Cultures
(James Monroe Campus)
X550Public [111] 
Holcombe L. Rucker School of Community Research
(Collocated with Banana Kelly High School)
X332Public [112] 
Horace Mann School Private, co-ed  [113]
Hostos-Lincoln Academy of ScienceX500Public [114][115]
In-Tech Academy
(Information and Network Technology Academy)
X368Public [116][117]
International Community High SchoolX334Public [118] 
International School for Liberal Arts
(Walton Educational Campus)
X342Public [119] 
James Monroe Educational Campus
See:James Monroe High School (closed)Bronx Coalition Community High SchoolThe Cinema SchoolHigh School of World CulturesThe Metropolitan Soundview High SchoolMonroe Academy for Business/LawMonroe Academy for Visual Arts & DesignPan American International High School at Monroe
Jane Addams High School for Academic CareersX650Public [120] 
Jill Chaifetz Transfer High SchoolX379Public [121] 
John F. Kennedy High School
Collocated schools:Bronx Engineering and Technology AcademyBronx School of Law and FinanceBronx Theatre High SchoolMarble Hill High School for International Studies
X475Public [122] 
Jonathan Levin High School for Media and Communications
(William H. Taft campus)
X414Public [123][124]
Kingsbridge International High School
(Walton Educational Campus)
X268Public [125] 
Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy International High School (KAPPA)
(Theodore Roosevelt campus)
X374Public [126][127]
Leadership InstituteX276Public [128] 
Marble Hill High School for International Studies
(John F. Kennedy campus)
X477Public [129][130]
The Marie Curie School for Medicine, Nursing, and Health ProfessionsX237Public [131] 
The Metropolitan High SchoolX248Public [132] 
The Metropolitan Soundview High School
(James Monroe Educational Campus)
X521Public [133] 
Millennium Art Academy
(Adlai E. Stevenson Educational Campus)
X312Public [134][135]
Monroe Academy for Business/Law
(James Monroe Campus)
X690Public [136] 
Monroe Academy for Visual Arts & Design
(James Monroe Campus)
X692Public [137] 
Monsignor Scanlan High School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [138]
Morris Academy for Collaborative Studies
(Morris Campus)
X297Public [139][140]
Morris Educational Campus
See:Morris High School (closed)Bronx International High SchoolHigh School for Violin and DanceMorris Academy for Collaborative StudiesSchool for Excellence
Mott Hall Bronx High SchoolX252Public [141][142]
Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School
(South Bronx campus)
X473Public [143] 
Mount Saint Michael Academy Private, boysRoman Catholic, Marist [144]
New Day AcademyX245Public [145][146]
New Explorers High School
(Concourse Village campus)
X547Public [147] 
New World High SchoolX513Public [148] 
Pablo Neruda Academy for Architecture and World Studies
(Adlai E. Stevenson Educational Campus)
X305Public [149][150]
Pan American International High School at Monroe
(James Monroe Campus
Latino immigrants only
Peace and Diversity AcademyX278Public [152][153]
Pelham Preparatory Academy
(Christopher Columbus campus)
X542Public [154] 
Performance Conservatory High School
(Bronx High School for Performance and Stagecraft)
X262Public [155] 
Preston High School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [156]
Providing Urban Learners Success in Education (PULSE) High SchoolX319Public, alternative [157] 
Renaissance High School for Musical Theater & Technology
(Herbert H. Lehman Educational Campus)
X293Public [158][159]
Riverdale Country School Private, co-ed  [160]
Riverdale Kingsbridge AcademyX141Public [161] 
St. Barnabas High School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [162]
St. Catharine Academy Private, girlsRoman Catholic, Sisters of Mercy [163]
St. Pius V High School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [164]
St. Raymond Academy for Girls Private, girlsRoman Catholic [165]
St. Raymond High School for Boys Private, boysRoman Catholic, Lasallian [166]
Salanter Akiba of Riverdale (SAR) High School Private, co-edModern Orthodox Jewish [167]
Samuel Gompers Career and Technical Education High SchoolX655Public [168] 
School for Community Research and Learning
(Adlai E. Stevenson Educational Campus)
X540Public [169] 
School for Excellence
(Morris Campus)
X404Public [170][171]
South Bronx Educational Campus
See:South Bronx High School (closed)Mott Haven Village Preparatory High SchoolUniversity Heights Secondary School
South Bronx Preparatory: A College Board SchoolX221Public [172][173]
Theatre Arts Production Company SchoolX225Public [174][175]
Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus
See:Theodore Roosevelt High School (closed)Belmont Preparatory High SchoolBronx High School for Law and Community ServiceFordham High School for the ArtsFordham Leadership Academy for Business and TechnologyKnowledge and Power Preparatory Academy International High School (KAPPA)West Bronx Academy for the Future
University Heights Secondary School
(South Bronx campus)
X495Public [176][177]
The Urban Assembly Academy for History and Citizenship for Young Men (closed 2014)
(William H. Taft campus)
X239Public, boys [178][179]
The Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and ScienceX241Public [180][181]
Careers in Sports High School
(Concourse Village campus)
X548Public [182][183]
Validus Preparatory Academy: An Expeditionary Learning SchoolPublic [184][185]
Walton Educational Campus
See:Walton High School (closed)Celia Cruz Bronx High School of MusicDiscovery High SchoolHigh School for Teaching and the ProfessionsInternational School for Liberal ArtsKingsbridge International High School
West Bronx Academy for the Future
(Theodore Roosevelt campus)
X243Public [186][187]
William Howard Taft Educational Campus
See:William H. Taft High School (closed)Bronx Collegiate AcademyBronx High School for Medical ScienceBronx High School of BusinessDreamYard Preparatory SchoolJonathan Levin High School for Media and CommunicationsThe Urban Assembly Academy for History and Citizenship for Young Men
Wings AcademyX684Public [188] 
Women’s Academy of ExcellenceX282Public, girls [189] 
Yeshiva of Telshe Alumni PrivateJewish  


SchoolP.S. NumberTypeReligious AffiliationWebsite
Abraham Lincoln High SchoolK410Public [190][191]
Academy for College Preparation and Career Exploration:A College Board School
(Erasmus Hall Educational Campus)
K382Public [192] 
Academy for Conservation and the Environment
(South Shore Educational Campus)
K637Public [193][194]
Academy for Environmental Leadership
(Bushwick Educational Campus)
K403Public [195][196]
Academy for Young WritersK404Public [197][198]
Academy of Hospitality and Tourism
(Erasmus Hall Educational Campus)
K408Public [199][200]
Academy of Innovative Technology
(Franklin K. Lane Educational Campus)
K618Public [201][202]
Academy of Urban Planning
(Bushwick Educational Campus)
K552Public [203][204]
ACORN Community High School(Closed 2020)K499Public [205][206]
All City Leadership Secondary SchoolK554Public [207] 
Al-Madinah School PrivateIslamic [208]
Al-Noor School PrivateIslamic [209]
Aspirations Diploma Plus High SchoolK646Public [210]
ATech High SchoolK610Public [211]
Bedford Academy High SchoolK595Public [212][213]
Bedford Stuyvesant Preparatory High School(merged with Brooklyn Academy High School in 2018)K575Public, transfer [214] 
Benjamin Banneker AcademyK670Public [215]
Berkeley Carroll School Private, co-ed  [216]
Beth Jacob High School Private, girlsJewish  
Beth Rivkah Private, girlsOrthodox Jewish [217]
Big Apple Academy Private, co-ed  [218]
Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School(Closed in 2014)[1] Private, co-edRoman Catholic [219]
Bishop Kearney High School(closed 2019) Private, girlsRoman Catholic [220]
Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [221]
B’nos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva School Private, girlsJewish [222]
B’nos Yisroel High School for Girls Private, girlsJewish  
Boys and Girls High SchoolK455Public [223]
Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment (BASE)
(Prospect Heights Educational Campus)
K547Public [224]
Brooklyn Academy High SchoolK553Public [225]
Brooklyn Bridge Academy
(South Shore Educational Campus)
K578Public, transfer [226]
Brooklyn College AcademyK555Public [227]
Brooklyn Collegiate: A College Board SchoolK493Public [228]
Brooklyn Community High School of Communication, Arts and MediaK412Public [229][230]
Brooklyn Democracy AcademyK643Public, transfer [231]
Brooklyn Generation School
(South Shore Educational Campus)
K566Public [232][233]
Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community ServiceK616Public [234]
Brooklyn High School of the ArtsK656Public [235]
Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology
(Formerly ACORN High School for Social Justice)
K498Public [236][237]
Brooklyn International High School
(Waters Edge Educational Complex)
K439Public [238]
Brooklyn Lab School
(Franklin K. Lane Educational Campus)
K639Public [239]
The Brooklyn Latin SchoolK449Public [240][241]
Brooklyn Preparatory High School
(Harry Van Arsdale Educational Campus)
K488Public [242][243]
Brooklyn School for Global StudiesK429Public [244][245]
The Brooklyn School for Math and Research
(Bushwick Educational Campus)
K168Public [246]
Brooklyn School for Music & Theatre
(Prospect Heights Educational Campus)
K548Public [247]
Brooklyn Secondary School for Collaborative StudiesK448Public [248][249]
Brooklyn Studio Secondary SchoolK690Public [250]
Brooklyn Technical High SchoolK430Public [251][252]
Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School
(South Shore Educational Campus)
K567Public [253]
Brownsville Academy High SchoolK568Public [254]
Bushwick Community High SchoolK564Public, transfer [255]
Bushwick Educational Campus
See:Bushwick High School (closed 2006)Academy for Environmental LeadershipAcademy of Urban PlanningThe Brooklyn School for Math and ResearchBushwick School for Social Justice
Bushwick Leaders High School for Academic ExcellenceK556Public [256]
Bushwick School for Social Justice
(Bushwick Educational Campus)
K549Public [257]
Canarsie High School(closed in 2011)K500Public [258] 
Catherine McAuley High School(closed 2013) Private, girlsRoman Catholic 
City Polytechnic High School of Engineering, Architecture, and TechnologyK674Public [259]
Clara Barton High SchoolK600Public [260]
Cobble Hill School of American StudiesK519Public [261]
Connie Lekas SchoolK811Public [262][263]
Cypress Hills Collegiate Preparatory School
(Franklin K. Lane Educational Campus)
K659Public [264]
Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of the ArtsK265Public [265]
East New York Family AcademyK409Public [266]
EBC/ENY High School for Public Safety & Law(closed 2011)K645Public [267] 
EBC High School for Public Service–BushwickK545Public [268]
Edward R. Murrow High SchoolK525Public [269][270]
El Puente Academy for Peace and JusticeK685Public [271][272]
Enterprise, Business and Technology High SchoolK478Public [273]
Expeditionary Learning School for Community LeadersK572Public [274]
Erasmus Hall Educational Campus
See:Erasmus Hall High School (closed 1994)Academy for College Preparation and Career Exploration:A College Board SchoolAcademy of Hospitality and TourismHigh School for Service & Learning at ErasmusHigh School for Youth and Community Development at ErasmusScience, Technology and Research Early College High School at Erasmus
FDNY High School for Fire and Life Safety
(Thomas Jefferson Educational Campus)
K502Public [275][276]
Fontbonne Hall Academy Private, girlsRoman Catholic [277]
Fort Hamilton High SchoolK490Public [278]
Foundations Academy(closed 2016)K322Public [279] 
Franklin Delano Roosevelt High SchoolK505Public [280]
Franklin K. Lane Educational Campus
See:Franklin K. Lane High School (closing 2012)Academy of Innovative TechnologyBrooklyn Lab SchoolCypress Hills Collegiate Preparatory SchoolMulticultural High School
K420Public [281] 
Frederick Douglass Academy IV Secondary School(merged with Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance in 2017)K393Public [282] 
Frederick Douglass Academy VII High SchoolK514Public [283] Frederick Douglass Academy VII High School
Freedom Academy High School(closed 2013)K509Public [284][285]
George Wingate Educational Campus
See:George W. Wingate High School (closed 2000)High School for Public Service: Heroes of TomorrowInternational Arts Business SchoolSchool for Democracy and LeadershipThe School for Human Rights
Gerer Mesivta Bais Yisroel School Private, boysJewish  
George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High SchoolK605Public [286]
Gotham Professional Arts AcademyK594Public [287][288]
The Williamsburg High School of Art and TechnologyK454Public [289][290]
Harry Van Arsdale Educational Campus
See:Harry Van Arsdale High School (closed 2007)Brooklyn Preparatory High SchoolWilliamsburg High School for Architecture and DesignWilliamsburg Preparatory School
(split)Public [291] 
High School for Civil Rights
(Thomas Jefferson Educational Campus)
K504Public [292] 
The High School for Global Citizenship
(Prospect Heights Educational Campus)
K528Public [293][294]
High School for Public Service: Heroes of Tomorrow
(George W. Wingate Educational Campus)
K546Public [295]
High School for Service & Learning at Erasmus
(Erasmus Hall Educational Campus)
K539Public [296][297]
High School for Youth and Community Development at Erasmus
(Erasmus Hall Educational Campus)
K537Public [298]
High School of Sports ManagementK348Public [299][300]
High School of Telecommunication Arts and TechnologyK485Public [301][302]
International Arts Business School
(George W. Wingate Educational Campus)(closed 2015)
K544Public [303] 
International High School at LafayetteK337Public [304]
International High School at Prospect Heights
Prospect Heights Educational Campus
K524Public [305] 
It Takes a Village Academy
(Samuel J. Tilden Educational Campus)
K563Public [306][307]
James Madison High SchoolK425Public [308][309]
John Dewey High SchoolK540Public [310][311]
John Jay Educational Campus
See:John Jay High School (closed 2003)Millennium Brooklyn High SchoolPark Slope Collegiate (formerly Secondary School for Research)Secondary School for JournalismSecondary School for Law
Juan Morel Campos Secondary SchoolK071Public [312]
Kingsborough Early College Secondary SchoolK468Public [313][314]
Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School
(Samuel J. Tilden Educational Campus)
K569Public [315][316]
Lafayette High School(closed 2010)K400Public [317][318]
League SchoolPrivate
Leon M. Goldstein High School for the SciencesK535Public [319][320]
Liberation Diploma PlusK728Public, transfer [321] 
Life Academy High School for Film and MusicK559Public [322] 
Lyons Community SchoolK586Public [323][324]
Magen David Yeshivah High School Private, co-edJewish [325]
Medgar Evers College Preparatory SchoolK590Public [326][327]
Merkaz Bnos High School Private, girlsJewish [328]
Mesivta M’kor Chaim School Private   
Mesivta Nachlas Yakov School PrivateJewish  
Mesivta of Seagate School Private, boysJewish  
Mesivta Rabbi Chaim Berlin High School PrivateJewish Orthodox  
Mesivta/Yeshiva Gedola Manhattan Beach School Private, boysJewish  
Metropolitan Corporate Academy(closed 2014)K530Public [329] 
Metropolitan Diploma Plus High SchoolK647Public, transfer [330]
Midwood High SchoolK405Public [331][332]
Mikdash Melech Mechina School Private, boysJewish Orthodox  
Millennium Brooklyn High School
(John Jay Educational Campus)
K678Public [333]
Mirrer Yeshiva High School PrivateJewish Orthodox  
Multicultural High School
(Franklin K. Lane Educational Campus)
K583Public [334]
Nazareth Regional High School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [335]
New Utrecht High SchoolK445Public [336]
New York Harbor SchoolK551Public [337][338]
Olympus AcademyK635Public, transfer [339] 
Pacific High School(closed 2012)K520Public [340] 
The Packer Collegiate Institute Private, co-ed  [341]
Park Slope Collegiate
(John Jay Educational Campus)
(Formerly Secondary School for Research)
K464Public [342]
Pathways in Technology Early College High School
(Collocated at Paul Robeson High School)
K122Public [343]
Paul Robeson High School for Business and TechnologyCollocated school: Pathways in Technology Early College High SchoolK625Public [344][345]
Performing Arts and Technology High School
(Thomas Jefferson Educational Campus)
K507Public [346][347]
Poly Prep Country Day School Private, co-ed  [348]
Progress High School for Professional CareersK474Public [349]
Prospect Heights Educational Campus
See:Prospect Heights High School (closed 2006)Brooklyn Academy of Science and the EnvironmentBrooklyn School for Music & TheatreThe High School for Global CitizenshipInternational High School at Prospect Heights
Brooklyn Occupational Training CenterK721Public [350][351]
Rachel Carson High School for Coastal StudiesK344Public [352] 
St. Ann’s School Private, co-ed  [353]
St. Edmund Preparatory High School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [354]
St. Joseph High School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [355]
St. Saviour High School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [356]
Samuel J. Tilden Educational Campus
See:Samuel J. Tilden High School (closed ~2010)It Takes a Village AcademyCultural Academy for the Arts and SciencesThe Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School
The School for Classics: An Academy of Thinkers, Writers and PerformersK683Public [357] 
School for Democracy and Leadership
(George W. Wingate Educational Campus)
K533Public [358] 
The School for Human Rights
(George W. Wingate Educational Campus)
K531Public [359] 
School for International StudiesK497Public [360] 
School for Legal StudiesK477Public [361] 
Science Skills Center High School for Science, Technology and the Creative Arts
(Waters Edge Educational Complex)
K419Public [362] 
Science, Technology and Research Early College High School at Erasmus
(Erasmus Hall Educational Campus)
K543Public [363][364]
Secondary School for Journalism
(John Jay Educational Campus)
K463Public [365] 
Secondary School for Law
(John Jay Educational Campus)
K462Public [366] 
Secondary School for Research (see Park Slope Collegiate)
(renamed 2011)
Sheepshead Bay High SchoolK495Public [367] 
Shulamith High School for Girls Private, girlsJewish Orthodox  
Sinai Academy Private, boysJewish [368]
Soille Bais Yaakov High School Private, girlsJewish  
South Brooklyn Community High SchoolK698Public [369] 
South Shore Educational Campus
See:South Shore High School (closed 2010)Academy for Conservation and the EnvironmentBrooklyn Bridge AcademyBrooklyn Generation SchoolBrooklyn Theatre Arts High SchoolVictory Collegiate High School
Public [370] 
Sunset Park High SchoolK667Public [371] 
Teachers Preparatory High SchoolK697Public [372] 
Thomas Jefferson Educational Campus
See:Thomas Jefferson High School (closed 2007)FDNY High School for Fire and Life SafetyHigh School for Civil RightsPerforming Arts and Technology High SchoolWorld Academy for Total Community Health High School
Tiferes Academy Private, boysJewish  
Tiferes Bais Yaakov High School PrivateJewish  
Tiferes Miriam High School PrivateJewish  
Tomer Devora High School for Girls Private, girlsJewish  
Torah Academy High School Private, boysJewish  
Transit Tech Career and Technical Education High SchoolK615Public [373][374]
United Lubavitcher Yeshiva Private, boysJewish  
Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young WomenK527Public, girls [375][376]
The Urban Assembly School for Law and JusticeK483Public [377][378]
The Urban Assembly School of Music and Art
(Waters Edge Educational Complex)
K350Public [379][380]
Victory Collegiate High School
(South Shore Educational Campus)
K576Public [381] 
Waters Edge Educational Complex
See:Brooklyn International High SchoolScience Skills Center High School for Science, Technology and the Creative ArtsUrban Assembly High School of Music and Art
W.E.B. Dubois Academic High SchoolK489Public [382] 
West Brooklyn Community High SchoolK529Public [383] 
William E. Grady Career and Technical Education High SchoolK620Public [384][385]
William H. Maxwell Career and Technical Education High SchoolK660Public [386][387]
Williamsburg Charter High SchoolK473Public [388][389]
Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design
(Harry Van Arsdale Educational Campus)
K558Public [390][391]
Williamsburg Preparatory School
(Harry Van Arsdale Educational Campus)
K561Public [392] 
World Academy for Total Community Health High School
(Thomas Jefferson Educational Campus)
K510Public [393][394]
Xaverian High School Private, boysRoman Catholic [395]
Yeshiva Chanoch Lenaar Private, boysJewish [396]
Yeshiva Derech HaTorah High School Private, boysJewish, Orthodox [397]
Yeshiva Gedolah of Midwood Private, boysJewish  
Yeshiva Gezdah Bais Yisrael PrivateJewish  
Yeshiva Karunas Halev Private, boysJewish  
Yeshiva of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School Private, co-edJewish [398]
Yeshiva Ohr Moleh Koson Private, co-edJewish  
Yeshiva Sharro Yosher PrivateJewish  
Yeshiva Tiferes Shmiel Private, co-edJewish  
Yeshiva Toraf Hesed Private, boysJewish  
Yeshiva Vyelipol School Private, boysJewish  
Yeshivat Ateret Torah PrivateJewish  
Yeshivat Or Hatorah Private, boysJewish [399]
Yeshivat Shaare Torah Boys High School Private, boysJewish Orthodox [400]
Yeshivat Shaare Torah Girls High School Private, girlsJewish Orthodox [401]
Yeshiva/Mesivta V’yoel Moshe School PrivateJewish  
Zvi Dov Roth Academy of Yeshiva Rambam Private, co-edJewish  


SchoolP.S. NumberTypeReligious AffiliationWebsite
A. Philip Randolph Campus High SchoolM540Public [402][403]
Aaron School Private  [404]
Abraham Joshua Heschel School Private, co-edJewish [405]
Academy of Environmental Science Secondary High SchoolM635Public [406] 
Academy for Social Action: A College Board SchoolM367Public [407][408]
Aichhorn School Private  [409]
The American Sign Language and English Secondary SchoolM047Public, deaf [410] 
Avenues: The World School Private, for-profit  [411]
Bard High School Early College
(see also Bard High School Early College II in Queens)
M696Public [412][413]
Ballet Tech, NYC Public School for DanceM442Public [414][415]
Baruch College Campus High SchoolM411Public [416][417]
Bayard Rustin Educational ComplexM440Public [418] 
The Beacon School
(Beacon High School)
M479Public [419][420]
The Beekman School Private, co-ed  [421]
Bread & Roses Integrated Arts High SchoolM685Public [422] 
Brearley School Private, girls  [423]
The Browning School Private, boys  [424]
The Calhoun School Private, co-ed  [425]
Cascades High School
(Cascades Center for Teaching & Learning)
M650Public [426] 
Cathedral High School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [427]
Central Park East High SchoolM555Public [428] 
Chapin School (Manhattan) Private, girls  [429]
Chelsea Career and Technical Education High School)M615Public [430] 
The Child School Legacy High School, Roosevelt Island Private, co-ed  [431]
Choir Academy of HarlemM469Public [432][433]
(High School M560 – City As School)
M560Public [434][435]
Coalition School for Social ChangeM409Public [436][437]
Collegiate School Private, boys  [438]
Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School Private, co-ed  [439]
Columbia Secondary School
(Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science & Engineering)
M362Public [440][441]
Cristo Rey New York High School Private, co-edRoman Catholic, Jesuit [442]
Convent of the Sacred Heart Private, girlsRoman Catholic [443]
The Dalton School Private, co-ed  [444]
Daytop Preparatory School Private  [445]
Dominican Academy Private, girlsRoman Catholic, Dominican [446]
The Dwight School Private, co-ed  [447]
East Side Community High SchoolM450Public [448][449]
Edward A. Reynolds West Side High SchoolM505Public [450][451]
Eleanor Roosevelt High SchoolM416Public [452][453]
Elisabeth Irwin High School
(Little Red Schoolhouse & Elisabeth Irwin High School) (LREI)
 Private, co-ed  [454]
Essex Street Academy
(Seward Park campus)
M294Public [455][456]
The Facing History School
(Park West campus)
M303Public [457][458]
Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing ArtsM485Public [459][460]
Food and Finance High School
(Park West campus)
M288Public [461] 
Frederick Douglass Academy
See also:Frederick Douglass Academy II Secondary School (Manhattan)Frederick Douglass Academy III Secondary School (Bronx)Frederick Douglass Academy IV Secondary School (Brooklyn)Frederick Douglass Academy VI High School (Queens)Frederick Douglass Academy VII High School (Brooklyn)
M499Public [462][463]
Frederick Douglass Academy II Secondary SchoolM860Public [464][465]
Friends Seminary Private, co-edQuaker [466]
Fusion Academy & Learning Center Private, co-ed  [467]
George Washington High School
See:High School for Health Careers and SciencesHigh School for International Business and FinanceHigh School for Law and Public ServiceHigh School for Media and Communications
Gramercy Arts High SchoolM374Public [468] 
Greenwich Village High SchoolPrivate   
Gregorio Luperon High School for Math & Science
(Gregorio Luperon High School for Science and Mathematics)
M552Public [469][470]
Harlem Renaissance High SchoolM285Public [471][472]
Harvey Milk High SchoolM586Public [473][474]
Henry Street School for International StudiesM292Public [475][476]
The Heritage SchoolM680Public [477] 
The Hewitt School Private, girls  [478]
High School for Arts, Imagination and Inquiry
(Martin Luther King, Jr. campus)
M299Public [479] 
High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies
(Seward Park campus)
M545Public [480] 
High School For Environmental StudiesM400Public [481][482]
High School for Health Careers and Sciences
(George Washington campus)
M468Public [483] 
High School for Health Professions and Human ServicesM420Public [484][485]
High School for Humanities Educational Campus
See:Bayard Rustin High School for the HumanitiesHumanities Preparatory AcademyThe James Baldwin School
High School for International Business and Finance
(George Washington campus)
M462Public [486][487]
High School for Law, Advocacy, and Community Justice
(Martin Luther King, Jr. campus)
M492Public [488] 
High School for Law and Public Service
(George Washington campus)
M467Public [489][490]
High School for Leadership and Public ServiceM425Public [491] 
High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City CollegeM692Public [492][493]
High School for Media and Communications
(George Washington campus)
M463Public [494] 
High School of Art and DesignM630Public [495][496]
High School of Arts and Technology
(Martin Luther King, Jr. campus)
M494Public [497] 
High School of Economics and FinanceM489Public [498] 
High School of Fashion IndustriesM600Public [499][500]
High School of Graphic Communication Arts
Collocated school: Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology
M625Public [501] 
High School of Hospitality Management
(Park West campus)
M296Public [502] 
Humanities Preparatory Academy
(High School for Humanities Educational Campus)
M605Public [503][504]
Hunter College High School Public/Private  [505]
Independence High SchoolM544Public [506][507]
Institute for Collaborative EducationM407Public [508] 
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High SchoolM529Public [509][510]
The James Baldwin School: A School for Expeditionary Learning
(High School for Humanities Educational Campus)
M313Public [511][512]
John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy Charter SchoolM707Public [513][514]
Julia Richman Education Complex
See:Julia Richman High School (closed 1995)Manhattan International High SchoolTalent Unlimited High SchoolVanguard High School
(split)Public  [515]
La Salle Academy Private, boysRoman Catholic, Lasallian [516]
Landmark High SchoolM419Public [517][518]
Legacy School for Integrated StudiesM429Public [519][520]
Léman Manhattan Preparatory SchoolPrivate, co-ed  [521]
Liberty High School Academy for NewcomersM550Public [522] 
Life Sciences Secondary SchoolM655Public [523][524]
Louis D. Brandeis High SchoolM470Public [525][526]
Lower East Side Preparatory High SchoolM515Public [527][528]
Lower Manhattan Arts Academy
(Seward Park campus)
M308Public [529][530]
Loyola School Private, co-edRoman Catholic, Jesuit [531]
Lycée français de New York (LFNY) Private, co-ed  [532]
Manhattan Bridges High School
(Park West campus)
M542Public [533] 
Manhattan Center for Science and MathematicsM435Public [534][535]
Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High SchoolM575Public [536][537]
Manhattan High School for Girls Private, girlsJewish [538]
Manhattan/Hunter College High School for Sciences
(Manhattan/Hunter Science High School)
(Hunter College High School for the Sciences)
(Martin Luther King, Jr. campus)
M541Public [539] 
Manhattan International High School
(Julia Richman Education Complex – MIHS)
M459Public [540][541]
Manhattan Theatre Lab High School
(Martin Luther King, Jr. campus)(closed 2015)
M283Public [542][543]
Manhattan Village AcademyM439Public [544] [545]
Marta Valle High School
(Marta Valle Secondary School)
M509Public [546][547]
Martin Luther King High School
See:High School for Arts, Imagination and InquiryHigh School for Law, Advocacy and Community JusticeHigh School of Arts and TechnologyHunter College High School (Manhattan/Hunter Science High School)Manhattan Theatre Lab High SchoolThe Urban Assembly School for Media Studies
Marymount School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [548]
Millennium High SchoolM418Public [549][550]
Mother Cabrini High School(closed 2014) Private, girlsRoman Catholic 
Mott Hall High SchoolM304Public [551][552]
Murry Bergtraum High School for Business CareersM520Public [553] [554]
New Design High School
(Seward Park campus)
M543Public [555][556]
New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math High School (NEST+m High School)M539Public [557][558]
NYC iSchoolM376Public [559][560]
New York City Lab School for Collaborative StudiesM412Public [561][562]
New York City Museum SchoolM414Public [563][564]
Nightingale-Bamford School Private, girls  [565]
Norman Thomas High School(closed 2014)M620Public 
Northeastern Academy Private, co-edSeventh-day Adventist [566]
Notre Dame School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [567]
Pace High SchoolM298Public [568][569]
Park East High SchoolM495Public [570][571]
Park West High School
See:The Facing History SchoolFood and Finance High SchoolHigh School of Hospitality ManagementManhattan Bridges High SchoolThe Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction
Professional Children’s School Private, co-ed  [572]
Professional Performing Arts SchoolM408Public [573][574]
Quest to Learn Public, co-ed [575][576]
Ramaz School Private, co-edModern Orthodox Jewish [577]
Rebecca School Private  [578]
Regis High School Private, boysRoman Catholic, Jesuit [579]
Repertory Company High School for Theatre ArtsM531Public [580][581]
Rice High School(closed 2011) Private, boysRoman Catholic 
Richard R. Green High School of TeachingM580Public [582][583]
The Robert Louis Stevenson School Private, co-ed  [584]
St. Agnes Boys High School(closed 2013) Private, boysRoman Catholic, Marist 
St. Jean Baptiste High School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [585]
St. Michael Academy(closed 2010) Private, girlsRoman Catholic 
St. Vincent Ferrer High School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [586]
Sacred Heart
(See Convent of the Sacred Heart)
Satellite Academy High SchoolM570Public, transfer [587][588]
School for the Physical City High School(closed 2010)M690Public  
School of the FutureM413Public [589][590]
Seward Park High School
See:Essex Street AcademyHigh School for Dual Language and Asian StudiesLower Manhattan Arts AcademyNew Design High SchoolThe Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law
The Smith School Private, co-ed  [591]
Solomon Schechter High School of New York (closed)Jewish  
Spence School Private, girls  [592]
Stuyvesant High SchoolM475Public [593][594]
Talent Unlimited High School
(Julia Richman Education Complex – TUHS)
M519Public [595][596]
Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social ChangeM670Public [597] [598]
Trevor Day School Private, co-ed  [599]
Trinity School Private, co-ed  [600]
United Nations International School Private, co-ed  [601]
Unity Center for Urban TechnologiesM500Public [602] 
University Neighborhood High SchoolM448Public [603] [604]
Urban Academy Laboratory High School
(Julia Richman Education Complex – UALHS)
M565Public [605][606]
The Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law
(Seward Park campus)
M305Public [607][608]
Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology
Collocated at High School of Graphic Communication Arts
M507Public [609] [610]
The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School
(Governors Island)
M551Public [611][612]
The Urban Assembly School for Media Studies
(Martin Luther King, Jr. campus)
M307Public [613][614]
Urban Assembly School for the Performing ArtsM369Public [615] [616]
The Urban Assembly School of Business for Young WomenM316Public, girls [617][618]
The Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction
(Park West campus)
M300Public [619][620]
Urban Peace Academy(closed 2010)M695Public [621] 
Vanguard High School
(Julia Richman Education Complex – VHS)
M449Public [622] [623]
Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing & Visual ArtsM415Public [624] [625]
Washington Irving High School(closed 2015)M460Public [626] 
Winston Preparatory School Private, co-ed  [627]
Xavier High School Private, boysRoman Catholic, Jesuit [628]
Yeshiva University High School for Boys Private, boysJewish [629]
York Preparatory School Private, co-ed  [630]
Young Women’s Leadership SchoolM610Public, girls [631][632]
Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning SchoolM348Public [633] [634]


SchoolP.S. NumberTypeReligious AffiliationWebsite
Academy for Careers in Television and FilmQ301Public [635][636]
Academy of American StudiesQ575Public [637][638]
Academy of Finance and EnterpriseQ264Public [639] 
Academy of Medical Technology
(Far Rockaway Educational Campus)
Q309Public [640] 
Al-Iman School Private, co-edIslamic [641]
Archbishop Molloy High School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [642]
August Martin High SchoolQ400Public [643][644]
Aviation High SchoolQ610Public [645][646]
Baccalaureate School for Global EducationQ580Public [647][648]
Bais Yaakov Machon Academy Private, girlsJewish  
Bard High School Early College II
(see also Bard High School Early College in Manhattan)
Q299Public [649][650]
Bayside High SchoolQ495Public [651][652]
Beach Channel High School (closing 2014)
Collocated schools:Channel View School for Research – Q262Rockaway Collegiate High School – Q351Rockaway Park High School for Environmental Sustainability – Q324
Q410Public [653] 
Cambria Heights Academy for New LiteraciesQ326Public [654][655]
Campus Magnet Educational Campus
Collocated schools:Andrew Jackson High School (Queens) (closed 1994)Humanities and the Arts Magnet High School – Q498Mathematics, Science Research and Technology Magnet High School – Q492Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights – Q243Benjamin Franklin High School for Finance & Information Technology – Q313Business, Computer Applications & Entrepreneurship High School (closed 2016)Law, Government and Community Service High School (closed 2016)
Benjamin N. Cardozo High SchoolQ415Public [656][657]
Cathedral Preparatory Seminary Private, boysRoman Catholic [658]
Channel View School for Research
(Beach Channel Educational Campus)
Q262Public [659][660]
Christ The King Regional High School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [661]
East-West School of International StudiesQ281Public [662][663]
Evangel Christian School Private, co-edChristian, nonsectarian [664]
Excelsior Preparatory High School
(Springfield Gardens Educational Campus)
Q265Public [665][666]
Ezra Academy Private, co-edJewish [667]
Far Rockaway Educational Campus
See:Far Rockaway High School – Q465 (closed 2011)Academy of Medical Technology: A College Board School – Q309Frederick Douglass Academy VI High School – Q260Queens High School for Information, Research, and Technology – Q302
Flushing High SchoolQ460Public [668][669]
Flushing International High SchoolQ263Public [670][671]
Forest Hills High SchoolQ440Public [672] 
Francis Lewis High SchoolQ430Public [673][674]
Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High SchoolQ501Public [675] 
Frederick Douglass Academy VI High School
(Far Rockaway Educational Campus)
Q260Public [676][677]
Garden School Private, co-ed  [678]
Gateway to Health Science High SchoolPublic, alternative   
George Washington Carver High School for the Sciences
(Springfield Gardens Educational Campus)
Q272Public [679] 
Greater New York Academy of Seventh-day Adventists Private, co-edSeventh-day Adventist [680]
Grover Cleveland High SchoolQ485Public [681][682]
High School for Arts and BusinessQ550Public [683] 
High School for Community Leadership
(Jamaica High School campus)
Q328Public [684] 
High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and ArchitectureQ650Public [685] 
High School for Law Enforcement and Public SafetyQ690Public [686] 
High School of Applied CommunicationQ267Public [687] 
Hillcrest High SchoolQ505Public [688][689]
Hillside Arts & Letters Academy
(Jamaica High School campus)
Q325Public [690] 
Holy Cross High School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [691]
Humanities & Arts Magnet High SchoolQ498Public [692] 
Information Technology High SchoolQ502Public [693][694]
International High School at LaGuardia Community CollegeQ530Public [695][696]
Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences
(Jamaica High School campus)
Q350Public [697] 
Jamaica High School
Collocated schools:High School for Community Leadership – Q328Hillside Arts & Letters Academy – Q325Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences – Q350Queens Collegiate: A College Board School – Q310
Q470Public [698][699]
John Adams High SchoolQ480Public [700][701]
John Bowne High SchoolQ425Public [702][703]
John F. Kennedy Jr. School
(formerly Queens Occupational Training Center)
Q721Public [704] 
Long Island City High SchoolQ450Public [705] 
The Lowell School Private, co-ed  [706]
Martin Luther High School Private, co-edChristianLutheran [707]
Martin Van Buren High SchoolQ435Public [708] 
The Mary Louis Academy Private, girlsRoman Catholic [709]
Maspeth High SchoolQ585Public [710] 
Mathematics, Science Research and Technology Magnet High SchoolQ492Public [711] 
Mesivta Ohr Torah School Private, boysJewish  
Mesivta Yesodei Yeshurun Private, boysJewish  
Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School
(Queens Metropolitan High School campus)
Q167Public [712][713]
Middle College High School at LaGuardia Community CollegeQ520Public [714] 
Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [715]
Newcomers High SchoolQ555Public [716] 
Newtown High SchoolQ455Public [717][718]
North Queens Community High SchoolQ792Public [719] 
Pan American International High SchoolQ296Public [720] 
Pathways College Preparatory School: A College Board SchoolQ259Public [721][722]
Preparatory Academy for Writers: A College Board School
(Springfield Gardens Educational Campus)
Q283Public [723] 
Project Blend School, Jamaica Private   
Queens Academy High SchoolQ540Public [724][725]
Queens Collegiate: A College Board School
(Jamaica High School campus)
Q310Public [726] 
Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary SchoolQ680Public [727] 
Queens High School for Information, Research, and Technology
(Far Rockaway Educational Campus)
Q302Public [728][729]
Queens High School for the Sciences at York CollegeQ687Public [730][731]
Queens High School of Teaching, Liberal Arts and the SciencesQ566Public [732] 
Queens Metropolitan High School
Collocated schools:Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning High School – Q167
Q686Public [733][734]
Queens Preparatory Academy
(Springfield Gardens Educational Campus)
Q248Public [735] 
Queens Vocational and Technical High SchoolQ600Public [736][737]
Razi School Private, co-edIslamic [738]
The Renaissance Charter SchoolQ705Public [739][740]
Richmond Hill High SchoolQ475Public [741][742]
Robert F. Kennedy Community High SchoolQ670Public [743][744]
Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Secondary School for Arts and Technology
(Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Institute for Arts & Technology)
Q560Public [745][746]
Robert H. Goddard High School of Communication Arts and TechnologyQ308Public [747][748]
Rockaway Collegiate High School
(Beach Channel Educational Campus)
Q351Public [749] 
Rockaway Park High School for Environmental Sustainability
(Beach Channel Educational Campus)
Q324Public [750] 
St. Agnes High School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [751]
St. Demetrios School Private, co-edGreek Orthodox [752]
St. Francis Preparatory School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [753]
St. George Academy PrivateUkrainian Catholic [754]
St. John’s Preparatory School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [755]
Scholars’ AcademyQ323Public [756] 
Shevach High School Private, girlsJewish  
Springfield Gardens Educational Campus, includes:
Excelsior Preparatory High SchoolGeorge Washington Carver High School for the SciencesPreparatory Academy for Writers: A College Board SchoolQueens Preparatory Academy
Stella Maris High School (closing June 2010) Private, girlsRoman Catholic [757]
Summit School Private, co-ed  [758][]
Thomas A. Edison Vocational and Technical High SchoolQ620Public [759][760]
Torah Academy High School for Girls Private, girlsJewish  
Townsend Harris High SchoolQ525Public [761][762]
VOYAGES PreparatoryQ744Public [763][764]
Whitestone Academy Private, co-ed   
William Cullen Bryant High SchoolQ445Public [765][766]
Windsor School Private, co-ed  [767]
World Journalism Preparatory: A College Board SchoolQ285Public [768][769]
Yeshiva Berachel David-Torah School Private, boysJewish  
Yeshiva Binat Chaim – Boys School Private, boysJewish  
Yeshiva of Far Rockaway
(Yeshiva Derech Ayson)
 Private, boysJewish Orthodox  
Yeshiva Shaar Hatoreh Research Private, boysJewish  
Yeshiva University High School for Girls
(Samuel H. Wang Yeshiva University High School for Girls)
 Private, girlsJewish [770]
Young Women’s Leadership School, AstoriaQ286Public, girls [771][772]
Young Women’s Leadership School, QueensQ896Public, girls [773][774]

Staten Island[edit]

SchoolP.S. NumberTypeReligious AffiliationWebsite
College of Staten Island High School for International Studies
(CSI High School for International Studies)
R047Public [775][776]
Concord High SchoolR470Public [777][778]
Curtis High SchoolR450Public [779][780]
Gaynor McCown Expeditionary Learning SchoolR064Public [781][782]
Mesivta Kesser Yisroel PrivateJewish  
Michael J. Petrides SchoolR080Public [783][784]
Miraj Islamic School PrivateIslamic [785]
Monsignor Farrell High School Private, boysRoman Catholic [786]
Moore Catholic High School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [787]
New Dorp High SchoolR440Public [788][789]
Notre Dame Academy High School Private, girlsRoman Catholic [790]
Port Richmond High SchoolR445Public [791] 
Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High SchoolR600Public [792][793]
Richard H. Hungerford School Public [794][795]
St. Joseph by the Sea High School Private, co-edRoman Catholic [796]
St. Joseph Hill Academy Private, girlsRoman Catholic [797]
St. Peter’s Boys High School Private, boysRoman Catholic, Lasallian [798]
Staten Island Academy Private, co-ed  [799]
Staten Island Technical High SchoolR605Public [800][801]
Susan E. Wagner High SchoolR460Public [802][803]
Tottenville High SchoolR455Public [804][805]
Yeshiva of Staten Island Private, boysJewish  
Yeshiva Tifereth Torah PrivateJewish  

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