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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

New England Institute of Technology (New England Tech or NEIT) is a private university with its main campus in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. It was established in 1940[2] and Richard I. Gouse has been the president since 1971.

New England Tech’s main campus is located on One New England Tech Blvd, East Greenwich with two smaller campuses located in Warwick.[4]

East Greenwich Campus

Atrium and waterfalls in the East Greenwich campus.
The East Greenwich Campus is the main campus for all administrative, residence, athletics, and student services.[5] The campus’s centerpiece is a newly renovated 265,000 square foot facility[5] dedicated to classrooms, technical labs, medical suites for training simulations, and administrative services. The interior features technical labs and an open atrium with multi-tiered waterfall.[3] A 400-bed residence hall is also located on the East Greenwich campus.

The building had been intended to serve as headquarters for the Eckerd Corporation.[3] The site was purchased in 2007 still unfinished, and extensively customized for New England Tech.[3] It opened to students in summer 2011; a major expansion begun in 2014 added dormitories and new instructional space.[3]

Julian B. Gouse Campus
The Julian B. Gouse Campus is a 57,000 square foot facility containing classroom and laboratory space located on Post Road in Warwick, Rhode Island.[4]

Access Road campus
The Access Road Campus consists of four buildings, including an automotive technician school which opened in 2005.[4]

The school is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.[6] It offers degrees in various technical areas, including plumbing and heating ventilation, architectural design, nursing, occupational therapy, veterinary technology, business management, criminal justice and software engineering, shipbuilding and advanced manufacturing.[3]

National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium
Main article: National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium
The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (or NAFTC) has a Training Center located at NEIT

new england institute of technology tuition

We believe that a university degree should be as accessible and affordable as possible. That’s why we’ve created a few unique ways to save you both time and money.

Please review all of the information below, as well as the tuition and fees for your specific degree via the links provided, as they are not the same for all associate, bachelor’s, master’s, online and per credit-designated programs. For our programs, an academic year is approximately 9 months long and consists of 3 terms.

Many of our full-time, part-time and per credit programs at all degree levels include a separate Laboratory Fee. Lab fees for applicable programs are included in a chart of programs displayed in alphabetical order on the Laboratory Fees page.

Additional information on tuition, fees and university policy can be found on the Policies page.

Tuition Guarantee*
Unlike most other colleges, your tuition and fees will be guaranteed throughout either your associate or bachelor’s degree program. This means that your tuition and fees will remain the same each year, if you remain continually enrolled.**

Financial Aid
The vast majority of our students receive both merit-based and need-based university aid. Plus, your designated Financial Aid Officer will help you take full advantage of other financial aid resources available through various federal, state and private programs, including Pell Grants and scholarships.

Accelerated Degree Programs
Many of our associate degree programs can be completed in as few as 18 months and many of our bachelor’s degree programs can be completed in as few as three years. This helps save you time, and gets you into the workforce and earning an income sooner.

Options for Working Professionals and Adult Learners
If you’re a working professional or adult learner, many of our programs offer schedules to accommodate those who are busy weekdays – including online, evening and weekend classes, so you could maintain your responsibilities and current professional position.

General Fees

Fee Tables
Lab Fees For Full-Time Programs
Advanced Marine Technology $ 300 $ 900
Architectural/Building Engineering Technology $ 300 $ 900
Advanced Automotive Technology $ 300 $ 900
Automotive Technology $ 300 $ 900
Advanced Automotive Technology $ 300 $ 900
Advanced Automotive Technology with High Performance $ 300 $ 900
Automotive Technology with High Performance $ 300 $ 900
Auto Body/Automotive Collision Repair Technology $ 300 $ 900
Automotive Service Management $ 300 $ 900
Building Construction Technology $ 300 $ 900
Business Management $ 300 $ 900
Civil Engineering Technology $ 300 $ 900
Construction Management $ 300 $ 900
Criminal Justice $ 300 $ 900
Cybersecurity and Network Engineering $ 300 $ 900
Digital Media Production $ 300 $ 900
Electrical Engineering Technology $ 300 $ 900
Electrical Technology $ 300 $ 900
Electrical Technology with Renewable Energy Systems $ 300 $ 900
Electronics, Robotics, and Drones Technology $ 300 $ 900
Facilities Management $ 300 $ 900
Game Development & Simulation Programming $ 300 $ 900
Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design $ 300 $ 900
Interior Design $ 300 $ 900
Marine Technology $ 300 $ 900
Mechanical Engineering Technology $ 300 $ 900
Plumbing/Heating Technology $ 300 $ 900
Refrigeration/Air Conditioning/Heating Technology $ 300 $ 900
Software Engineering and Web Development $ 300 $ 900
Video Game Development and Design $ 300 $ 900
Welding Technology $ 300 $ 900
Lab Fees For The Health Sciences Full-Time Programs
Health Science $ 500 $ 1,500
Medical Assisting and Administration $ 500 $ 1,500
Medical Laboratory Technology $ 500 $ 1,500
Occupational Therapy Assistant $ 500 $ 1,500
Paramedic Technology $ 500 $ 1,500
Physical Therapist Assistant $ 500 $ 1,500
Respiratory Care $ 500 $ 1,500
Surgical Technology $ 500 $ 1,500
Veterinary Technician $ 500 $ 1,500
Nursing*** $1,775 $5,325
Lab Fees For Part-Time Programs
Architectural/Building Engineering Technology $ 150 $ 450
Automotive Service Management $ 150 $ 450
Business Management $ 150 $ 450
Construction Management $ 150 $ 450
Criminal Justice $ 150 $ 450
Cybersecurity and Network Engineering $ 150 $ 450
Digital Media Production $ 150 $ 450
Electrical Engineering Technology $ 150 $ 450
Game Development & Simulation Programming $ 150 $ 450
Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design $ 150 $ 450
Information Technology $ 150 $ 450
Interior Design $ 150 $ 450
Mechanical Engineering Technology $ 150 $ 450
Video Game Design $ 150 $ 450

Administrative / Registration Fee
$150 is due at the time of enrollment or for certain programs, is incorporated into a student’s financial aid package. This fee includes a $50 non-refundable registration fee and a $100 non-refundable administrative fee. In subsequent periods of enrollment, $100 is assessed each quarter as a non-refundable administrative fee.  Students taking individual courses pay a $50 registration fee per quarter in addition to other applicable fees.

Student and Technology Fee
All students pay a $465 non-refundable student fee per academic year. Students taking individual terms after completing the technical core and students taking individual courses pay $155 (non-refundable) per term.

*Tuition Guarantee not applicable to all programs. Check with your Admissions Officer for further details.

**New England Institute of Technology (NEIT) reserves the right to increase the tuition set forth in this document should the inflation rate published by the United States Department of Labor in its Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) Boston Area, exceed 5% at any time over the term of this agreement. In no event shall any tuition increase exceed the published inflation rate.

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