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London School of Commerce is fully accredited by Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) and is a member of Education UK. LSC was one of the first hundred colleges in the UK to be granted the Highly Trusted Sponsor status by the UK Border Agency for the Tier 4 student visa.[1] The School was founded with the primary aim of providing cost-effective education leading to internationally recognized British degrees in Business Management and Information Technology. Students also have the opportunity to achieve their educational goals within a condensed time frame of two years for Bachelor studies.

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overview of MSc Law and Accounting lse

MSc Law and Accounting programme 

The MSc Law and Accounting programme will not be running in the 2020/21 academic year, nor for the foreseeable future. Following many very successful years, the programme is being superseded by two other degrees – the MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions, and the corporate law specialisms of the LLM – which have become its natural successor and focus for the Departments of Accounting and Law going forward. Prospective students with an interest in the intersection between the fields of Law and Accounting are encouraged to consider the MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions or the LLM.

The programme has benefited from a vibrant and successful community of students and alumnae, which both Departments will continue to engage with via dedicated events and our general alumni engagement programme.

MSc in Law and Accounting

Programme Code: TMLLAC

Full-year programme. Students must take four courses one of which will be examined in part by dissertation. The Core course will be examined by Long Essay due by 21 August and a two-hour exam in May/June. Examinations in other courses may be in May/June or August/September depending on the regulations under which those courses fall.

PaperCourse number and title
1LL440 Corporate Accountability: Topics in Legal and Accounting Regulation *
2AC420Financial Reporting in Capital Markets ‡ OR
AC490Management Accounting, Decisions and Control (H) † AND
AC491Financial Accounting, Reporting and Disclosure (H) †
 LL4F2Law and Practice of International Finance (H)
LL4F3Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructurings in Europe (H)
LL4F4Takeover Regulation in the UK and the US (H)
LL4G8Law of Corporate Finance (H) (n/a 15/16)
LL4H4Financial Law (H)
LL4H8Employment Law (H)
LL4H9Human Rights in the Workplace (H)
LL4K8Law of Corporate Finance: Securities Regulation (H)
LL4K9European Capital Markets Law (H)
LL4N6Principles of Copyright Law (H)
LL4S1Cyberlaw (H)
LL4S2E-Commerce Law (H) 
LL4S5Piracy, Content and Ownership in the Information Society (H)
LL4Z1Business Taxation (H)
LL4Z2Principles of Taxation (H)
LL4Z3Consumption Taxes (H)
LL4Z4Value Added Tax in the EU (H)
LL4Z9Banking Law (H)
LL4AAGlobal Copyright Policy: Contemporary Issues (H)
LL4AHCorporate Governance (H)
LL4AJInsolvency Law: Principles, Rescue and Reconstruction Processes (H)
LL4AKInsolvency Law: Company Liquidation and Stakeholder Interests (H)
LL4ALInternational Business Transactions: Commercial Litigation (H)
LL4AMInternational Business Transactions: Advanced Procedure and Tactics (H)
LL4ANInternational Business Transactions: Transnational Torts (H)
LL4APInternational Business Transactions: Contracts and Property (H)
LL4ATRegulation: Strategies and Enforcement (H)
LL4AURegulation: Legal and Political Aspects (H)
LL4AYInternational Tax Systems (H)
LL4AZInternational Tax Systems: Advanced Problems (H) (n/a 15/16) 
LL4BEPrinciples of Financial Regulation (H) (n/a 15/16)
LL4BFInternational Financial Regulation (H)
LL4BKCorporate Crime (H)
LL4BLFinancial Crime (H)
LL4BQTrade Mark Law (H) (n/a 15/16)
LL4BRBrands and Trade Marks: Contemporary Issues (H) 
LL4CDEuropean Company Law (H)
LL4CFUK Corporate Law (H) (n/a 15/16)
LL4CJComparative Corporate Taxation (H)
LL4CKTaxation of Corporate Transactions (H)
LL4CMLaw in the Economy (H)
 Any other LLM course from those offered at LSE subject to approval
4Any of the courses listed in 3 above for which the student is eligible and has not already taken, or one of the following (or two half units) with approval:
AC411Accounting, Strategy and Control (H)
AC412Accountability, Organisations and Risk Management (H)
AC415Management Accounting for Decision Making (H)
AC444Valuation and Securities Analysis (H)
AC470Accounting in the Global Economy (H)
FM430Corporate Finance and Asset Markets
 An LSE LLM or MSc course not listed here §
* To be examined by 10,000-word Long Essay and a two-hour examination.
‡ Prior knowledge of accounting needed.
† For those without prior knowledge of accounting.
§ means by special permission only.

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