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Last Updated on September 1, 2023

Title: MSc Finance JKUAT⁢ Course Outline: Expanding Financial Expertise in a Dynamic Global‌ Economy


Pursuing an MSc⁢ Finance⁤ degree provides individuals with a platform to⁣ acquire in-depth knowledge and develop essential skills necessary‍ to ⁤navigate and excel in the highly competitive financial world.⁣ In this article, we will explore the ‌comprehensive course outline‌ of⁤ the MSc Finance program offered by Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). Written from a formal perspective, ​this ⁣article⁢ aims to provide prospective students valuable insights into the program’s structure, curriculum, and potential career opportunities.

Course Structure:

The MSc Finance program at JKUAT is designed to ​equip students with a strong foundation in financial theory ⁤and analytical skills, allowing them to make sound financial⁤ decisions in ​diverse sectors.

Module details

Please note that the modules listed below are to be used as a guide only and could be subject to change for the 2022/23 academic year.

This 12-month programme consists of five taught compulsory and two taught optional modules, each focusing on a major area of Accounting and Finance. These are followed by a 60 credit project carried out over the summer period.  

Semester 1

Required Modules

ACFI821 Advanced Financial Accounting & Reporting [ + more ]

ACFI906 Corporate Finance and Valuation [ + more ]

ACFI815 Quantitative Techniques for Accounting and Finance [ + more ]

Optional Modules (Choose one):

ACFI824 Financial Markets, Financial Regulation and Ethics [ + more ]

ACFI816 Advanced Management Accounting [ + more ]

Semester 2

Required Modules:

ACFI825 Security Analysis, Valuation and Investment [ + more ]

ACFI810 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation [ + more ]

Optional Modules (Choose one):

ACFI823 Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Finance Research [ + more ]

ACFI811 Advanced Corporate Finance [ + more ]

ACFI817 Audit and Assurance [ + more ]

ACFI814 International Finance [ + more ]

ACFI818 Corporate Governance [ + more ]

Summer Term

ACFI912 Dissertation [ + more ]

Programme contact

Postgraduate Recruitment
[email protected] Business and Management and discover more courses

University of Liverpool International College Pre-Master’s course

International students who do not qualify for direct entry to this degree can prepare at Liverpool International College, where successful completion of the Pre-Master’s course guarantees entry to this degree.

Programme terms and conditions

Please see our Terms and conditions page for further information.

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