Monash University Engineering Scholarships

Last Updated on December 24, 2022

If you get A+s in your Engineering disciplines, you’re eligible to apply for an Engineering Scholarship at Monash. The scholarships cover the full cost of your tuition and textbooks, provide you with a computer and allowances for accommodation, travel and miscellaneous expenses. It’s more than just money – students will be joining one of the most supportive learning environments in Australia.

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Monash University PhD or Master of Engineering Science Scholarship

Monash University Engineering Scholarships

You might have a hard time from time to time getting your head around monash university engineering scholarships, particularly if you have never studied it before. Finding the right information on it can be quite challenging as well. But read this article and you will not have to worry about monash university engineering scholarships. Further information regarding monash university scholarships, monash departmental scholarship, monash merit scholarship, engineering scholarships australia, and monash foundation scholarship can be found at CollegeLearners. Monash Engineering offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, designed not only to recognise academic excellence, but also to enable students from diverse backgrounds to study engineering.Scholarships for future studentsAt Monash University, we celebrate academic excellence and support students who are disadvantaged. We offer a wide range of scholarships to help ensure that money and circumstances are not barriers for promising students to access the world-class education that Monash Engineering offers.The Faculty of Engineering provides financial support through the following scholarships:Engineering Excellence ScholarshipThe Engineering Excellence award is offered to the highest achieving students entering an engineering course at Monash. Recipients must receive an ATAR score of at least 98.00.Value: $6000 for a full-time study load (48 credit points), paid per year until the minimum points for your degree are completed, up to a maximum of 4 years.Number available: The Faculty will offer up to 10 Engineering Excellence Awards.Further details including eligibility and selection criteria.Women in Engineering ScholarshipThe Women in Engineering Scholarship celebrate the success of high achieving female students who choose to pursue a rewarding career in engineering.Value: $6000 for a full-time study load (48 credit points) for one year.Number available: The Faculty will offer up to 20 Women in Engineering Scholarships.Further details including eligibility and selection criteria.Engineering Indigenous Scholarship for EquityOffered in conjunction with Monash College this scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement and a demonstration of commitment to a career in the engineering profession.Value: Full tuition fees paid for Diploma of Engineering studies at Monash College, plus $6000 per 48 credit points of study for the Bachelor of Engineering, for a maximum of four years.Number available: Variable, depending on funding.Further details including eligibility and selection criteria.Engineering (Honours) Masters Accelerated Pathway ScholarshipThe Engineering (Honours) Masters Accelerated Pathway Scholarship is for high-achieving students intending to enrol in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Masters vertical double pathway.Further details including eligibility.University-wide ScholarshipsIn addition to scholarships offered by the faculty, Monash University also offer university-wide scholarships and bursaries. Visit the Coursework Scholarships Website for a full list of all the scholarships and bursaries available.Engineering International Undergraduate Excellence ScholarshipThese awards recognise high achieving international students who are studying or have completed Year 12 equivalent and who receive an ATAR equivalent of at least 98.00. Applicants must not have undertaken previous tertiary study.Value: $10,000 for a full-time study load (48 credit points), paid per year for up to four years.Number available: The Faculty will offer up to 25 Engineering International Undergraduate Excellence Awards.Further details including eligibility and selection criteria.Master of Professional Engineering International ScholarshipThese awards recognise high achieving international students who have an unconditional course offer, or a course offer conditional on meeting English requirements to enrol in the Master of Professional Engineering.Value: $10,000 for a full-time study load (48 credit points), paid per year for up to two years.Number available: The Faculty will offer up to 20 Master of Professional Engineering International Awards.Further details including eligibility and selection criteriaApplication processFor further information on the application process check the Coursework Scholarship website.

monash university malaysia scholarship

Fully Funded International Engineering Scholarships at Monash University  2019

Check out the range of scholarships and financial supports here.

About your Scholarship

We believe in providing access to world-class education to the deserving and your success is our pride. Learn about the A-Z of the scholarships we have to offer.

Undergraduate Scholarships and Bursaries

Getting financial support can help you minimize financial stress. Check out the scholarships, bursaries, and other financial assistance that we offer.

Postgraduate Scholarships and Bursaries

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Revised Conditions of Award for Scholarships, Bursaries and Discounts for teaching periods impacted by Covid-19 restrictions

The University is committed to adapting our teaching and learning, and student experiences in response to Covid-19. Revisions to the Conditions of Award have been made to support recipients in maintaining their scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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monash scholarship for excellence

Sir John Monash Scholarships for Excellence

This scholarship is offered to the 10 highest-achieving international students studying Australian Year 12 or International Baccalaureate in Australia. If you have an ATAR of 98.00+ or equivalent, you will be automatically considered for this scholarship when you apply for a Monash undergraduate degree through VTAC.


No application required

Total scholarship value

Up to $40,000

Number offered

10 per yearSee details

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) and Master of Pharmacy


Being a scholarship recipient for excellence has boosted my confidence as I study towards being a hospital pharmacist. I no longer need to sacrifice study time to work, and am in better condition to focus on my studies. Knowing that I’m backed by others through this scholarship is my motivation to do well and thrive in my course.

Am I eligible?

You must be one of the following:

  • An International student

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Current Year 12 or International Baccalaureate in Australia
  • Intending to enrol in an undergraduate degree at a Monash campus in Australia.


  • $10,000 per annum (48 credit points of study), up to a maximum of four years.
  • An invitation to apply for a place in Monash Minds, a leadership program for first-year students.
  • Recipients may be asked to participate or be profiled in relevant Monash marketing, recruitment and promotional activities

Number offered

  • 10 scholarships available per year

Selection criteria

  • Based on academic achievement and offered to the highest-achieving students.
  • ATAR of 98.00+ or equivalent

To retain this scholarship:

  • You must maintain a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 70 or above each semester.
  • You must remain enrolled as an international student.

How to apply

  • No application is required.
  • All eligible students who apply for an undergraduate course through VTAC will be automatically assessed.
  • This scholarship can be deferred.

Every scholarship may have a different application process – or none at all. Read the application details carefully and submit your application by the deadline. For more details, visit our scholarships application page.

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