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The Medical University of Vienna International Students Office is responsible for international applicants and students at the Medical University of Vienna. We try to provide support in all matters concerning your stay in Vienna. If you have questions regarding your application, we are happy to assist you. Should you have questions not listed on our website, or if you are faced with difficulties that are not covered by the services we provide – please contact us anyway and we will do our best to help you.

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Medical University Of Vienna International Students

In its structuring and alignment MedUni Vienna relies on the “triple track” strategy. Research, education and patient care represent the three cornerstones of the university’s system. This enables medical science to respond flexibly to the continually changing demands of the state and society. In the process, maintenance of health as well as therapy, abatement of symptoms and prevention of disease

  • #201Ranking
  • 8Masters
  • 8000Students

Master’s Programmes

Medicine & Health (8)

Natural Sciences & Mathematics (2)

Computer Science & IT (1)

Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)



The Medical University of Vienna is the largest medical research institution in Austria. It was founded in 1365 as a Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna and has operated as an independent institution in the scope of autonomous university and self administration since 2004.


The attractive spectrum, which includes doctoral and PhD programmes, makes MedUni Vienna one of the most important centres for postgraduate training and the promotion of young researchers in the international vocational training market. Special university training courses such as tumour biology, care management, medical physics or toxicology round off the comprehensive teaching programme.

  • Degree Programme Human Medicine
  • Degree Programme Dentistry
  • Master’s Degree Medical Informatics
  • PhD Doctoral Degree
  • Doctoral Degree of applied medical Science
  • Postgraduate University Courses


Research Cluster

  • Allergology/Immunology/Infectiology Cluster (AIIC)
  • Cancer Research/Oncology
  • Medical Neuroscience Cluster (MNC)
  • Cardiovascular Cluster (CVC)
  • Medical Imaging Cluster (MIC)


The team of the Human Resources Development department supports you in your personal and career development. Through our career consulting we offer you the possibility to reflect on your professional prospects. In this context we also make psychological tests available (eg. job-related personality questionnaire).

University Ranking

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Student services

The International Office for Student & Staff Affairs is the central information point for students, teachers, members of the academic board as well as for the administrative staff of the Medical University of Vienna. Outgoings and Incomings. We offer student mobility for studying purposes, traineeships & staff mobility for teaching or training periods.

Library services

The Library offers:

  • The largest catalogue of medical media (current and historical) in Austria
  • Efficient and reliable provision of academic and scientific literature and information on medicine and related subject areas
  • Access to a worldwide network of electronic information thanks to pioneering technology that sets new standards

ICT services

ITSC is responsible for planning and implementing a high performance IT infrastructure, for its security and for the operation of all central IT systems. The department also provides IT support to students and staff, including maintenance of student workstations and staff PCs. ITSC is also responsible for procuring standard software and operating the University’.

Student Life

Campus life

With its campus in the center of one of the most live able cities in the world, the Medical University of Vienna has a very attractive location. More than 7500 students and about 4200 employees are out and about every day. Regarding its location and its departments, MedUni Vienna is really huge. This creates a challenge especially for new students. The following site plans provide a good overview of the premises and the accessibility of the Medical University.

Sports facilities

An active lifestyle should also be kept while studying. Students in Vienna have the option of using the numerous and inexpensive offerings of the University Sports Institute.

Student clubs

Alumni Club


Officially recognized by the Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft and Forschung, Österreich (Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research of Austria), Universität Wien (UNIVIE) is a very large (uniRank enrollment range: over-45,000 students) coeducational Austrian higher education institution.


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medical university of vienna fees


The University of Medicine in Vienna is the largest medical research institution in Austria and the biggest medical university in all the German speaking countries.


The University of Medicine in Vienna offers degree programes in Human Medicine and in Dentistry.


As in the past four years, the Austrian federal capital has been rated the most liveable city worldwide in this year’s Quality of Living ranking.

DURATION OF STUDY: University of Medicine in Vienna, Austria
The duration of study for medicine at the University of Medicine in Vienna, Austria is 6 years and the studies are free.

ENTRANCE EXAMINATION REQUIREMENTS for the University of Medicine in Vienna

Once you pass the exam and are accepted in the medical university, the fees are 800 euro for Non-EU citizens per year for the University and free for EU citizens.
For accommodation and food, you will need between 600 and 800 euro per month.

Medical University of Vienna Employees, Location, Alumni | LinkedIn

medical university of vienna requirements

In order to be admitted as an ordinary student to the diploma studies in human medicine and dentistry, certain supporting documents must be submitted, which may vary according to the nationality of the applicants and the country in which the school leaving certificate was issued.

The verification of the admission requirements is carried out during the personal admission to the studies after the results of the admission procedure have been announced.

Please note that you must take the entrance test “MedAT” in order to be allowed to begin the diploma studies of human medicine and dentistry* You can find more information about the entrance test and the allocation of study places here: 

German language skills, general and special university entrance qualifications

For admission to the regular German-language studies at the Medical University of Vienna, in particular the diploma studies in human medicine and dentistry, the knowledge of the German language at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is required.

Persons whose first language is not German must prove that they have the necessary knowledge of this language for the successful continuation of their studies. This is done in particular by means of a secondary leaving certificate based on instruction in this language. The Rectorate of the Medical University of Vienna has laid down further possible proof of German language skills by decree:
Ordinance on German language skills

If you do not have a sufficient command of German, you can acquire this as part of the pre-study course and take a “Ergänzungsprüfung” from German. Further information can be found here: pre-studies course

Due to legal requirements, a possible supplementary examination must be taken to prove the German language skills required for admission to a course of study (i.e. for the diploma studies in human and dental medicine specifically: C1) within the framework of attending a university course set up for this purpose. However, at the time of application for admission to a course of study, the requirement for this supplementary examination requires knowledge of German at least at level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Proof of this knowledge of the German language is deemed to be generally recognised language diplomas which have been established by decree of the Rectorate: Ordinance on German language skills

In addition to knowledge of the German language, further proof of general university entrance qualifications and – if necessary – special university entrance qualifications is required.

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