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  • PhD (f/m/d) Medical physics / Very good Master’s degree in Physics or closely related technical or natural science studies / Combining CT-based small animal irradiator and proton beam linesHelmholtz | Potsdam, Brandenburg | Germany | about 2 months agoParticle Acceleration invites applications as PhD (f/m/d) Medical physics. The position will be available from 1 November 2021. The employment contract is limited to three years. Tasks: Establishment
  • PhD Student (f/m/d) Proton therapy / Master’s degree in Medical Physics, Biophysics, PhysicsMedical Engineering or a closely related field / Simulate RBE distributions of proton treatmentsHelmholtz | Potsdam, Brandenburg | Germany | 3 months agothe RBE variability Requirements: Master’s degree in Medical Physics, Biophysics, PhysicsMedical Engineering or a closely related field First work experience within a clinical (research) environment
  • PhD Student (f/m/d) Experimental MR-integrated proton therapy / Master of Science in Physics, EngineeringPhysics, Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering or a related subject area obtained with aboveHelmholtz | Potsdam, Brandenburg | Germany | 3 months ago-optimized. As part of the Institute, the Department of Medical Radiation Physics invites applications as PhD Student (f/m/d) Experimental MR-integrated proton therapy. The position will be available from 1
  • Medical PhD student (m/f/d)Leibniz | Germany | 1 day agoare looking for a highly motivated Medical PhD student (m/f/d) – EG 13 TV-AVH (65%) – with a strong interest in clinical research in viral hemorrhagic fever infection in West Africa. The start date
  • PhD student (f/m/d) and PhD/PostDoc (f/m/d)Universitätsmedizin Göttingen | Germany | 1 day agocooperative Master in Life Sciences/Physics/Chemistry or completed PhD/MD Our offer: structured PhD programs (GAUSS, IRTG1826, Hertha-Sponer-Colleg) competitive and collaborative research environment (CRC1002
  • 13 PhD positions in infection biology, immunology, parasitology and evolutionary pathogenomics (# of pos: 13)Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology | Berlin, Berlin | Germany | 1 day agoInstitute for Infection Biology RESEARCH FIELD Biological sciences Chemistry Medical sciences Physics RESEARCHER PROFILE First Stage Researcher (R1) APPLICATION DEADLINE 29/12/2021 00:00 – Europe/Athens
  • PhD positions in infection biology, immunology, parasitology and evolutionary pathogenomicsMax Planck Institut für Infektionsbiologie | Berlin, Berlin | Germany | about 5 hours agoThe International Max Planck Research School for Infectious Diseases and Immunology (IMPRS-IDI) and the ZIBI Graduate School Berlin (ZIBI) are recruiting up to 13 PhD students in a joint call
  • PhD students/doctoral students (f/m/d)Leibniz | Germany | 1 day agoOpportunities in employment and research. The DFG – funded research training program SynAGE (RTG 2413/ ) seeks two highly motivated PhD students/doctoral students (f/m/d) to join a team of
  • PhD positions in Optical and Molecular PhysicsMax-Planck-Institut für med. Forschung | Heidelberg, Baden W rttemberg | Germany | about 5 hours agothinking and dedicated physical simulation are all central to success. Our offer The payment is based on the TVöD guidelines (75% of EG 13). The PhD positions are limited to three years with a possibility of
  • PhD/Postdoc Position for Formal Verification of Neural NetworksTechnical University of Munich | Germany | 2 days ago18.11.2021, Wissenschaftliches Personal The research group Cyber-Physical Systems of Prof. Matthias Althoff at the Technical University of Munich offers a PhD/Postdoc position in the area of formal

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The sector of Medical Physics is constantly growing and offers great job opportunities. The Programmes in medical physics at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf are intended to prepare the students well for their future Job in science as well as in the free economy. Medical Physicists most likely work at bigger hospitals and in the medical industrie. You will receive a comprehensive academic education in Physics that will also offer Clinical Medical Physics by elective subjects as well as Basics in Medicine. In that way you already get in touch with your future job as Medical Physicist. Interdisciplinary Seminars, Internships and Graduation Works will enhance your competences as beeing an Interface between doctors and physicists. Therefore we have a tight cooperation between the lecturers of physics and medicine. The Masters Programme in Medical Physics is based on the Bachelors Programme.

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medical radiation physics in germany

Medical radiation physics

Division for Medical Radiation Physics and Space Environment – University Clinic for Medical Radiation Physics

Research and Development:
High energetic ionizing radiation plays an important role in modern medicine, engineering, space- and natural sciences. Within the six working groups of our division more than 30 scientists, engineers and students are working in the field of radiation and particle detection and measurements.

Our Research Foci:

  • Dosimetry for Photon, Electron and Hadron Beams in Radiotherapy
  • Reference Dosimetry for above radiation types
  • Non-Reference Dosimetry, Stereotactical Treatments
  • 2D-Dosimetry
  • MR-Field Dosimetry
  • Dosimetry for Ultra-High Energetic Particle and Electron Beams
  • Space Environment: Cosmic Rays, Meteors and Fireballs
  • Monte-Carlo Simulations of Detectors and Beamlines for all applications mentioned above

The division is devided in 6 working groups with strong interconnections offering higesht possible synergies. 
– Radiotherapy (K. Willborn)
– Radiology  (H.v.Boetticher)
– Detectors and Methods. (B. Poppe)
– Computational Methods (H.K. Looe)
– Particle Beams (B. Poppe)
– Space Environment (G. Drolshagen)

The latest publications can be found here.

We believe that student education and research driven teaching are the major pillars for successful research in our field. Students are often co-authors on many of our publications and present their work regularly on conferences. Many final papers have been honored with intramural, extramural or even international awards. The scientific education is complemented by offering residencies in Medical Physics for our students. Since 2005 more than 100 Medical Physics Experts have been educated in the University Hospital for Medical Radiation Physics.

Scientific Collaborations
As in many other fields of modern science successful and high-end radiation research can only be performed in collaborative and synergistic cooperations. We are therefore strongly embedded in national and international research cooperations and alliances with academical and industrial partners. A list of cooperation partners can be found on the left side-bar.

Standardization and Certification Bodies
Science needs to take responsibilities to foster and strengthen the development our modern society. In our field the transfer of scientific developments to clinical practice, technological developments and if necessary also into worldwide discussion and awareness are the areas we actively involved in. Several members of our group are working honorary in national and international standardization and certification bodies. Also further education programs for professionals are a major part of our activities in this area.

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