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McGill University Masters in Computer Science Requirements

Graduates with a degree in computer science can pursue careers as computer and information research scientists, computer network architects, and computer system analysts. As the demand for new and better technologies increases, the need for highly skilled computer science professionals is also expected to increase.

Established in 1821 by the royal charter, McGill University is a celebrated public research university in Montreal. Named after a popular Montreal merchant, James McGill. It is one of the two Canadian universities in Association of American Universities. It is the only Canadian member of the Global University Leaders Forum within the World Economic Forum which has 26 universities of the world. Its five largest faculties are Arts, Science, Medicine, Engineering and Management

99 Computer Science and Engineering Master's Degree Programs in Canada

Course Description

This program is designed for students with a strong interest in research in computer science who hold at least the equivalent of an undergraduate minor in CS. This program combines a strong course component with a research thesis. It is the usual (but not mandatory) entry point for students who wish to do a Ph.D., but is also the program of choice for students who want to find challenging and exciting jobs after their master’s degree. Research in the school covers a broad range of areas, including:

  • Theory: algorithms, combinatorial optimization, computational geometry, cryptography, graph theory, logic and computation, programming languages, quantum computing, theory of computation, and scientific computing;
  • Systems: compilers, computer games, distributed systems, embedded and real-time systems, modelling and simulations, networks, and software engineering;
  • Applications: bioinformatics, machine learning, robotics, computer animation, graphics, and vision.

Courses Required:

  • Research Project (15 credits)
  • Complementary Courses (30 credits)
  • 30 credits (9 courses) – 12 credits must be of 4-credit courses at the 500, 600, or 700 level of COMP courses.

Eligibility and Application Requirements

  • bachelor’s degree (cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.2 out of 4.0 or better, or
    equivalent) with the coursework in Computer Science as listed on the website.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE General Test)
  • GRE 324

Other requirements

General requirements

  • Online application and application fee
  • Transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Writing sample/portfolio
  • A research supervisor
  • Study permits/student visas
Required GRE Scores for Canada Colleges/ Universities - GRE Cut ...

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for this course
Class 12thNo specific cutoff mentioned
Bachelors3.2 GPAApplicants must have a bachelor’s degree (cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.2 out of 4.0 or better, or equivalent) with the coursework in Computer Science
ExamsTOEFL : 100No individual component must be below 22IELTS : 6.5GRE : AcceptedAll applicants are required to take the GRE testMinimum score of 162 in the quantitative section and 3.5 in the analytical section is required
Additional infoApplicants are required to submit English Language Proficiency score if they have completed their degree from a institution where language of instruction is English

Job Prospects and Placements for Computer Science at McGill University, Montreal

Each student must meet annually with his/her supervisor or co-supervisors to assess the progress made during the previous year, and describe plans for the coming year. The progress form below must be filled by the student, discussed with the supervisor, and signed by both. A progress before must be filled each year. Excellent Masters students who intend to pursue doctoral studies can apply to be ‘fast-tracked’ to the Ph.D. program, after having completed two terms of course work in the master’s program (normally 6 regular courses). Each fast-tracking application will be evaluated by the Ph.D. committee, in concert with the proposed Ph.D. supervisor, on a case-by-case basis. Evaluation criteria will include excellence of the academic record and achievements in research. M. Sc. students interested in fast-tracking to the Ph.D. program should discuss this option with their supervisor.

With an acceptance rate of around 41%McGill University enrolled 6,318 undergraduate students and 2,387 graduate students for fall 2019.The university opens applications only for the intake of fall (September) sessions and provides no admissions during winter or summer. Rightly considered the top 3 Canadian universities, the university guarantees placement within 3 to 6 months of graduation to its students.

The process of seeking admission to McGill University undergraduate programs is quite formulaic and depends solely on splendid grades and standardized test scores. The university considers marks to be a sufficient parameter of judging ability and does not consider interviews, extracurricular, projects, or references of much value. On the other hand, admission in graduate programs is affected by many other factors such as recommendation letters, statements of purpose, and interviews.

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Top Courses at McGill University: Deadlines

The application deadlines for undergraduate admissions at the institute for the season of fall is generally January 15. However, the application dates for graduate programs vary for different courses. Some of the upcoming deadlines to be observed at the institute are tabulated as follows:

Type of ProgramApplication DeadlineAdmission Requirements
Master of Science (M.Sc)- Computer ScienceJanuary 15/August 1GPA: 3.0 or above
IELTS: 7.0; TOEFL: 92; GRE: 300
Master of Engineering (M.Eng)- Mechanical Engineering*March 1GPA: 3.2
IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 86; GRE: 300
Master of Engineering (M.Eng)- Aerospace EngineeringJanuary 15/September 1GPA: 3.0
IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 86; GRE: 300
M.Eng Civil EngineeringChemical EngineeringJanuary 15/August 1GPA: 3.2
IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 86; GRE: 300
M.A EconomicsJanuary 15GPA: 3.2
IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 86; GMAT: 660
Master of Management (M.MGMT)- FinanceNovember 15/January 15GPA: 3.2
IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 86; GMAT: 660
Master of Management (M.MGMT)- AnalyticsOctober 31/December 15GPA: 3.2
IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 86; GMAT: 660
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)November 15/January 15GPA: 3.2
IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 86; GMAT: 660
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)- Computer Engineering**January 15GPA: A grade in 10 to 12th
IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 86
ACT: 31; SAT: 700
Bcom- AccountingMarketingBusiness Analytics***January 15GPA: A grade in 10 to 12th
IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 86
ACT: 28; SAT: 700
Bachelor of Science (BSN)- Nursing***January 15GPA: A grade in 10 to 12th
IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 86
ACT: 28; SAT: 700
Bachelor’s of Commerce (BCom)- International Business***January 15GPA: A grade in 10 to 12th
IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 86
ACT: 28; SAT: 700

*GPA of 3.0 for Indian applicants for most graduate programs.

**SAT: 700 (Reading & Writing and Maths); 680 (other subjects).

***SAT: 700 (Reading & Writing); 640 (Maths); 650 (other subjects).

McGill University MBA

Application portalUapply Mcgill
McGill University MBA fees/cost47,251.09 CAD (international students)
Acceptance Rate26%
MBA class profile65-85 students (21 countries represented)
Academic background of studentsBusiness (35%), Science (20%), Engineering (35%), Social science (10%)
MBA Mcgill University Requirements3 essays, 2 LORs, Resume/CV, MBA applicant survey, Interview
English language requirementsIELTS: 7.0; TOEFL iBT: 100
MBA GMAT score requirement675
Average work experience5 years
Admission Decision4 to 6 weeks after the interview
MBA employment rate85% within 3 months of graduation (2019)
Average salary87,661 CAD
Top RecruitersMcKinsey & Company, Amazon, Aldo

Employment Statistics for McGill University MBA

Type of SectorPercentage of graduates
Financial Services40%
Media/Entertainment and Sports2%

McGill University Engineering Admissions

Application PortalOnline application
Total Student Enrollment3328
International Students35%
CGPA3.0 or above
GRE score321
GRE quantitative163
GRE verbal158
English language requirementsTOEFL iBT: 100, TOEFL pBT: 600, IELTS: 7.0
Additional requirements2 letters of reference
Employment rate63% (about 53% placed through campus fairs)

McGill University Online Masters

Program typeAdmission/Technical Requirements
Professional Development Certificate in Data Science and Machine LearningB.Eng./B.Sc./Bachelor of Commerce in MIS
Project Management: Practice & CertificationWindows 7 or higher, MAC OS X
Webcam, Headsets with microphone
Agile Project Management: Practice & CertificationHeadsets with microphone (USB recommended)
Certificate (Cert.) Indigenous Business ManagementCEGEP diploma or equivalent
Written English for Workplace Communication – OnlinePlacement Test of Written English (no lower than mid-intermediate)
Written French for Workplace Communication – OnlinePlacement Test of Written English (no lower than mid-intermediate)
Scientific Writing and Publishing: Graduate ESL (YCCM 600)Windows 7 or higher, MAC OS X
Webcam, Headsets with microphone
Professional Development Certificate in Parliamentary ManagementBachelor’s degree, LOR (1)
or Experience equivalent to a degree, CV, LOR (1)

Mcgill University Graduate Certificate Programs

Name of ProgramAdmission Requirements
Graduate Certificate in Financial PlanningCGPA: 3.0 or 3.2 in last 2 years of academics
Graduate Certificate (Gr. Cert.) CPA Professional EducationCGPA: 3.0; 2 LORs, CV
Gr. Cert. in EntrepreneurshipBachelor of Commerce or eq.
CGPA: 3.0 or 3.2 in last 2 years of academics
Graduate Certificate (Gr. Cert.) Health Services ManagementCGPA: 3.0 or 3.2 in last 2 years of academics
3 years work experience, CV
Graduate Certificate (Gr. Cert.) Human Resources ManagementCGPA: 3.0 or 3.2 in last 2 years of academics
3 years work experience, CV, 2 LORs
Graduate Certificate (Gr. Cert.) LeadershipCGPA: 3.0 or 3.2 in last 2 years of academics
3 years work experience, CV, 2 LORs
Gr. Cert. in International BusinessBachelor of Commerce or eq.
No min CGPA required
Graduate Certificate (Gr. Cert.) Digital MarketingCGPA: 3.0 or 3.2 in last 2 years of academics
3 years work experience, CV
2 LORs (at least 1 from current or previous employer)
Graduate Certificate (Gr. Cert.) Public Relations ManagementCGPA: 3.0 or 3.2 in last 2 years of academics
CV, 2 LORs

McGill University Acceptance Rate

Looking at the last five-year trends, there has not been much drastic change in the acceptance rate of McGill University. Also, the trend for the acceptance rate of undergraduate programs trend is not on a consistent pattern. In 2019, it was 43% which decreased to 41% in 2018 and again increased to 45% in 2019. This signifies that the university’s selection criteria remained more or less the same and acceptance of students depends upon their profile ie. academic standing, SAT/ACT scores, etc.Acceptance Rate

However, the acceptance rate for McGill University graduate programs decreased slightly in the last five years ie. from 37% in 2015 to 29% in 2019. It is also significantly less than the acceptance rate of undergraduate programs. Hence, students applying for master’s programs should submit their application accordingly making sure that it is better than the profile of the previously admitted class. Admission decision for graduate programs lies in the hands of individual departments. So, it could be possible that many courses have lenient acceptance criteria than others. 

McGill University International Students: Undergraduate Admissions

McGill University offers admission to a plethora of courses ranging from arts, education, and music to science, management, and law.

Where to Apply? 

Application Portal: University Undergraduate Application

Application Fee: 114.37 CAD for up to 2 undergraduate programs. (Faculty of Medicine/Faculty of Dentistry: 160.12 CAD). Graduate candidates, however, have to deposit a fee of 120.99 CAD.

Basic Admission Requirements: High School Certificate.

How to apply?

  1. Create an online account at the official website to start your application after checking all the admission requirements and deadlines carefully.
  2. Select a login ID and PIN and remember it for future usage.
  3. Choose 2 programs of choice (for more choices, apply via a different application form) and fill in the necessary details including test scores and GPA.
  4. Pay a non-refundable application fee while submitting the completed entry form and wait for a confirmation mail from the university.

Note: Unofficial transcripts can be submitted but original documents will be required during enrollment. University encourages students to upload all necessary documents through the university’s application portal instead of sending them through fax or mail.

Why Study Computer Science? – Marbella International University Centre

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Admission Updates

The institute is currently accepting fresh applications from international candidates for the fall 2020 sessional term. Domestic candidates or students with permanent residence can also apply for Winter 2021 intakes at the university.

Due to the pandemic situation around the world, the institute has suspended all its classes and is offering its limited services on a virtual basis. For any admission-related queries, applicants can contact the admission office via email or phone from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

McGill University Graduate Admissions

Where to Apply:University Graduate Application

Application Fee: 88 USD.

Basic Academic Requirement: Undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.0 or above (could be higher for some courses)

Program-wise specifications for graduate-level admission into diverse programs are tabulated as follows:

RequirementsMaster of Business Administration (MBA)Masters in Computer ScienceMasters in Electrical and Computer ScienceMaster of Information SystemMasters in Mechanical EngineeringMasters in Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Academic3.2 or above GPA3.2 or above GPA3.0 or above GPA overall or 3.2 GPA in the last two years of study3.0 or above GPA overall or 3.2 GPA in the last two years of study3.3 or above GPA3.0 or above GPA overall or 3.2 GPA in the last two years of study
English ProficiencyTOEFL: 100 (iBT), 600 (PBT)
IELTS: 7.0
No Specific RequirementNo Specific RequirementTOEFL: 100 (iBT), 600 (PBT)
IELTS: 7.5
TOEFL: 92 (iBT) IELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 94 (iBT), 587 (PBT)
GRE/GMATGMATGREGRENot RequiredNot RequiredGRE (Recommended)
Experience2 yearsNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
ReferencesTwo recommendations lettersNot RequiredNot RequiredContact Information of two referencesTwo recommendation lettersNot Required
InterviewRequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
ResumeNot RequiredRequiredNot RequiredRequiredRequiredNot Required
Personal StatementNot RequiredRequiredNot RequiredUp to 800-1000 wordsUp to 1 pageNot Required
Additional DocumentsNot RequiredNot RequiredArea of Research, Applicant Profile FormNot RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Application DeadlineRound 1: November 1;
Round 2: January 15;
Round 3: March 15
Fall: March 1Fall: December 15; 
Winter: August 1
Fall: January 15Fall: January 15; Winter: August 1Fall: January 15;
Winter: August 1

NOTE: Applications are accepted after specified deadlines if space remains available for any program. Computer-based TOEFL scores are not accepted by University. SAT scores cannot be submitted as a substitute for Huiko scores. 

McGill University Country-Specific Requirements

Top Universities In Canada For MS In Computer Science With GRE Score -  College Learners

General admission requirements specific of different countries for enrolment into an undergraduate program at the institute are listed below:

McGill University Admission Requirements: Indian Students

  1. Class 10 and 11 result
  2. Class 12 results (if completed) or mid-year class 12 results (if not completed)
  3. 60% or above in each year and in all prerequisite courses

China Students Eligibility 

  1. Transcripts of all years of Senior High School
  2. 85% or higher in each year and in all prerequisite courses 
  3. Heiko/Academic Proficiency Test (APT) score
  4. ACT or SAT I and SAT II scores (for provinces where Huiko is not available)
  5. Gaokao (if appeared)

Requirements for Hong Kong Applicants

  1. High School transcript 
  2. HKDSE result/predicted result with following minimum course requirement
  3. 4 core subjects – Chinese Language, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies as well as 
  4. 2 or 3 elective subjects – Category A (an academic subject) or Category C (foreign languages)
  5. Predicted/final grade of 3 or above in all subjects

Other Countries Admission Requirements

  1. High school transcripts
  2. Results of all exams appeared in the final year (interim, mid-year, final year)
  3. B+ or above in all years 

The university also observes some subject-specific requirements for applicants from different countries while offering admission to its undergraduate courses. Some of the nations with their corresponding subject specifications are compiled as follows:

Qualifying ExamArchitectureEngineeringManagementBachelor of Arts and ScienceScience
Hong Kong Diploma of High SchoolPhysics and ChemistryPhysics and ChemistryMaths with Grade 4 or higherAt least one of Physics, Chemistry, and BiologyTwp of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
Senior High School Diploma in ChinaMaths, Physics, and Chemistry in Grade 2 or 3 levelMaths, Physics, and Chemistry in Grade 2 or 3 levelMaths at Grade 3 levelMaths, 2 courses in BiologyMaths, 2 of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
Secondary School Certificate of IndiaMaths, Chemistry, and Physics in Class 11 and 12Maths, Chemistry, and Physics in Class 11 and 12Maths in Class 11 and 12Maths, 2 of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Class 11 and 12Maths, 2 of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Class 11 and 12
Other High School DiplomaMaths, Chemistry, and PhysicsMaths, Chemistry, and PhysicsMaths at Senior High School levelMaths, 2 of Biology, Chemistry, and PhysicsMaths, 2 of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

English Proficiency Requirement for International Students

International students applying to the University are required to submit one of the following scores as proof of English language requirement. Applicants must note that the specifications for some of the graduate programs differ from the below-mentioned scores.

TestMinimum Score Required (Undergraduate)Minimum Score Required (Graduate)
TOEFL80-100 (Varies with the program)86 (Paper-based)
567 (Internet-based)
MELABMinimum 85%Minimum 85%
PTE65Not Applicable

Visa Requirements for International Students

International students accepted for admission to the university are required to apply for a Canadian student visa. A temporary resident visa is required for study permit application. 

Essential requirements for a visa application process:

  1. Acceptance letter from University
  2. Proof of financial support for studying and living in Canada
  3. Evidence of clean background
  4. Required medical certificates and health records
  5. Passport valid up to the duration of an applied course
  6. A statement of purpose
  7. Visa application fee
McGill University, Montreal Admission, Criteria & Application Deadlines 2021

McGill is one of the highly-renowned institutes of Canada and can help you land one of the best high-paying jobs in Canada, making it a worthwhile pursuit. The university invites applications from intellectually challenging scholars with competitive grades and spectacular academic history. 

Students interested in getting financial aid from the university should apply for the same within 30 days of receiving an acceptance decision. Also, note that the university’s graduate application portal remains offline from 5:00 am to 5:15 am for maintenance purposes. 

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