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Last Updated on December 23, 2022

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Finland is situated in Europe and it is known as the land of thousands of lakes, cold weather, its natural glory, Picturesque backdrop and yeah of course hometown of Santa Claus. Apart from all these factors Finland is also known for innovation, education, and out-standing infrastructure in their world class universities.  Finland offers higher education at Undergraduate, Postgraduate Diploma Courses and P.HD to the national and international students seeking admission in Finland universities/Institutions/ colleges. 

Nowadays, European countries have attracted more and more students from all corners of the world and Finland is also one of the hottest destinations amongst medical aspirants who want to pursue MBBS in Finland. Finland is the strongest economy just because of that it doesn’t not charges tuition fees. Fortunately if you are a candidate of EU/EEA or Switzerland you don’t have to pay tuition charges whereas you have to invest your money on living and travelling. From, 2017 onwards it is applicable for non-EU candidates to pay tuition fees. 

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MBBS in Finland

Pursuing MBBS in Finland is no more a dream for medical students who are dreaming to study medicine form world most popular universities. Medical Universities of Finland provide equal focus on local and international students and prepare them to practice as a medical professional. 

Medical faculty of Finland Universities provides the student with appropriate theoretical knowledge and skills to seek, access and apply method or technique practically to become experienced and eligible for postgraduate course. Moreover the teaching staff and senior faculty members are very responsible and adopt supportive learning and teaching methodology, strive at providing theoretical as well as practical knowledge at the same time, and actively use student skill development programs to enhance studies. 

Education quality in Finland institutions is far better than in comparison with Asian or Eurasian institutions. They adopt innovation teaching methodology, standard curriculum, programs are career –oriented and fees structure is also affordable. Therefore, six years of MBBS in Finland is a wise decision.

Tuition fees cost in Finland

Tuition fees is one of the important aspects which is indirectly related with our admission. Apart from eligibility criteria tuition fees of institutions also determine our admission. As mentioned above that Finnish Universities don’t charge tuition fees to the candidates of EU/ EEA or Switzerland but Non-EU/EEA candidates have to pay the tuition fees from 2017 onwards. 

Tuition may vary from university to University and it also depends upon Course type and facilities provided by institution and location. Each University has set their own fees structure, whereas some of public universities provide scholarships to the eligible candidates. These scholarships may grant you complete fees waivers and others may allow 50% deduction on tuition fees. Expect to pay at least 6000 Euros to 18000 euros at prestigious universities in Finland. 

Living cost in Finland

Finland is an expensive country but you can live in Finland with a limited student budget if you want. Your Living cost occurred on a monthly basis and also depends on your spending habits, location, Lifestyle and also on the place of accommodation. Helsinki is the capital city of Finland and it is quite expensive while Lappeenranta, Tampere, Pori are cheap and affordable for international students. An average cost of living in Finland may cost between 700-900 Euros per month.

Students accommodation

There are two types of accommodation available for international students in Finland. 

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  1. Students housing apartments: in this type of accommodation, you will be provided by a single room at a cost between 160-380 Euros/monthly. You can share your room with other roommates to help your budget.
  2. Rent Rooms or Apartments: A room or apartment at rent in an open market may cost between 400-700+ Euros per month. It is slightly expensive but you can share it with your friends or roommates for suitability because it will help you to lower your expenses.

Food and Travel 

Food and groceries expenses may differ from one place to another depending upon the location and purchasing medium. Like purchasing daily products, groceries from the local market will cost cheaper rather than purchasing from a supermarket. You can often look for Discounts in case you are visiting supermarkets or malls. Your food cost may range in between 200-300 euros monthly. Whereas you may have to spend 30-50 euros on public transportation.

Other expenses

  • 90-100 euros on Students Union Membership.
  • Around 100 Euros on social activities.
  • 60-80 euros for two in an average restaurant. 

 MBBS in Finland Admission

If you wish to study at Finnish Universities you have to be punctual and updated regarding official notifications released by the universities. Exactly the date of application may vary but for enrolment in the autumn session, the application process will be started from January and it will end by mid of April. Academic sessions will be started from 1 September every year. MBBS in Finland is a great option and a graduate from Finland is always in Demand because of their qualitative education and excellence. I hope this information is useful for your starting career. So, go and grab your seat in Finland.

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