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mba programs in canada

MBA in Canada: 47 Top Colleges, Rankings, Eligibility, Deadlines

S.NoUniversityProgram Name2022 RankingGMAT Score | IELTS ScoreApplication DeadlineFees
1.University of Toronto- Jospeh L. Rotman School of ManagementFull Time MBA#42 by QS
#28 by THE
#75 by FT
660 | 77-Mar-22 38.8 Lakhs/Yr
2.McGill University- Desautels Faculty of ManagementMBA in Business Analytics#74 by QS
#64 by THE
#91 by FT
700 | 6.515-Mar-2225.4 Lakhs/Yr
3.Cape Brenton University- Shannon School Of BusinessMBA in Community Economic Development560 | 6.51-Feb-225.3 Lakhs/Yr
4.University Canada WestFull Time MBA560 | 6.514-Feb-2214 Lakhs/Yr
5.University of British Columbia- UBC Sauder School of BusinessFull Time MBA#84 by QS
#35 by THE
550 | 75-Apr-2254.9 Lakhs/Yr
6.Univerisity of Alberta- School of BusinessMBA In Finance#111-120 by QS
#101-125 by THE
550 | 715-Apr-2216.2 Lakhs/Yr
7.Concordia University- John Molson School of BusinessMBA in Investment Management#131-140 by QS
#301-400 by THE
580 | 71-Mar-2217.9 Lakhs/Yr
8.Dalhousie University- Rowe School of BusinessMS in Business#151-200 by QS
#301-400 by THE
550 | 71-Mar-2211.1 Lakhs/Yr
9.University of Montreal- HEC MontrealFull Time MBA#151-200 by QS
#76 by THE
630 | 6.515-Mar-2228 Lakhs/Yr
10.McMaster University- DeGroote School of BusinessMBA With Co-op#151-200 by QS
#201-250 by THE
600 | 71-Apr-2265.5 Lakhs/Yr
11.University of Ottawa- Telfer School of ManagementExecutive MBA#201-250 by QS570 | 731-Jul-2225.3 Lakhs/Yr
12.University of Manitoba- Asper School of BusinessFull Time MBA#250+ by QS
#401-500 by THE
550 | 71-Mar-2215.6 Lakhs/Yr
13.University of Calgary- Haskayne School of BusinessMBA in Management#250+ by QS
#301-400 by THE
550 | 71-Mar-2222.5 Lakhs/Yr
14.Ryerson University- Ted Rogers School of ManagementFull Time MBA#250+ by QS
#501-600 by THE
550 | 6.518-Jan-2228.6 Lakhs/Yr
15.University of Saskatchewan- Edwards School of BusinessFull Time MBA#250+ by QS
#501-600 by THE
500 | 6.531-Mar-2233.2 Lakhs/Yr
16.Western University- Ivey Business SchoolFull Time MBA#72 by QS
#125-150 by THE
680 | 7Rolling Basis76.1 Lakhs/Yr
17.Laval University- Faculty of BusinessMBA in Business Analytics#401-500 by THE550 | 6.51-Feb-228.4 Lakhs/Yr
18.Queen’s University- The Stephen J. R. Smith School of BusinessFull Time MBA#64 by QS
#301-400 by THE
600 | 7.51 Sept 202277.8 Lakhs/Yr
19.University of Victoria- Peter B. Gustavson School of BusinessFull Time MBA#201-250 by QS
#301-400 by THE
550 | 6.515-Feb-2223.1 Lakhs/yr
20.York University- Schulich School of BusinessFull Time MBA#81 by QS
#151-175 by THE
550 | 710-Feb-2230.6 Lakhs/Yr
21.University of Guelph- Gorden S. Lang School of Business and EconomicsMSc Management#301-400 by THE600 | 6.515-Jan-227.8 Lakhs/Yr
22.University of Quebec at Montreal- École des Sciences de la Gestion (ESG)MBA in Accounting#601-800 by THE57015-May-2215.7 Lakhs/Yr
23.University of Alberta- School of BusinessMBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship#111-120 by QS
#101-125 by THE
550 | 715-Apr-2216.2 Lakhs/Yr
24.Memorial University of Newfoundland- Faculty of Business AdministrationFull Time MBA#401-500 by THE590 | 71-Feb-223.9 Lakhs/Yr
25.Athabasca University- Faculty of BusinessMBA in Supply Chain Management550 | 615-Mar-2214.8 Lakhs/Yr
26.Thompson Rivers University- School of Business and EconomicsFull Time MBA550 | 71-Feb-228.4 Lakhs/Yr
27.University of MonctonFull Time MBA550 | 6.54-Mar-2216.7 Lakhs/Yr
28.Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityMBA in International Business550 | 61-May-2215.8 Lakhs/Yr
29.Lakehead University – Thunder BayFull Time MBA560 | 6.51-Feb-2220.6 Lakhs/Yr
30.Royal Military of CollegeFull Time MBA650 | 8.51-Mar-2229.2 Lakhs/Yr
31.Laurentian UniversityFull Time MBA550 | 6.515-Jul-2223.2 Lakhs/Yr
32.Vancouver Island UniversityFull Time MBANot Required | 731-May-2129.4 Lakhs/Yr
33.Brock University- Goodman School of BusinessFull Time MBA#201-250 by QS550 | 7.51-Mar-2218.7 Lakhs/Yr
34.University of Quebec at ChicoutimiFull Time MBA5501-Mar-228.9 Lakhs/Yr
35.University of SherbrookeFull Time MBA500 | 71-Sep-2210 Lakhs/Yr
36.University of Quebec at Trois RivieresFull Time MBA5501-May-2210 Lakhs/Yr
37.University of Quebec at OutaouaisFull Time MBA55030-Apr-2212.6 Lakhs/Yr
38.University of Prince Edward IslandMBA in Global Leadership550 | 71-Jul-2212.7 Lakhs/Yr
39.Trinity Western UniversityMBA in International BusinessNot Required | 7Rolling Basis20.6 Lakhs/Yr
40.Wilfrid Laurier UniversityFull Time MBA#201-250 by QS550 | 71-Apr-2225.1 Lakhs/Yr
41.Simon Fraser University- Beedie School of BusinessEMBA Indigenous Business Leadership#201-250 by QS620 | 715-Feb-2233.4 Lakhs/Yr
42.Saint Mary’s University- Sobey School of BusinessFull Time MBA#201-250 by QS550 | 71-Apr-2232.8 Lakhs/Yr
43.University of New BrunswickFull Time MBA#501-600 by THE550 | 731-Mar-227.1 Lakhs/Yr
44.University of Windsor- Odette School of BusinessMBA in Professional Accounting#401-500 by THE550 | 6.51-Apr-2222.3 Lakhs/Yr
45.Carleton University- Sprott School of BusinessMBA in Business Analytics#501-600 by THE550 | 6.51-Mar-2223.6 Lakhs/Yr
46.University of Northern British ColumbiaFull Time MBA#801-1000 by THE550 | 6.515-Feb-2210.3 Lakhs/Yr
47.University of Regina- Kenneth Levene Graduate School of BusinessMBA in International Business#401-500 by THE500 | 6.51-Mar-229.2 Lakhs/Yr

As per QS MBA rankings 2022, six business schools and universities in Canada make it to the top 100 list. An overall of 21 MBA colleges in Canada made it to the top 200 rankings for Global MBA. Most graduates from top B-schools, like Schulich School of Business and McGill University, were offered jobs in Canada within three months. For Schulich, around 89% of the class was offered employment and 90% of McGill’s MBA graduates got their placement offers. 

Why Study MBA in Canada?

  • 13 Canadian universities made it to the top 200 universities for MBA globally, as per QS MBA Rankings 2022.  
  • A business degree in Canada is considered to be among top 10 subjects with the highest graduate salaries. Given below is a graph giving the average MBA salary of graduates from top universities in Canada
Average MBA Salaries by University
  • Simpler Visa & Immigration Process:- Every student who has ever thought of studying abroad can not deny that the complex process of Canada Student Visa and Immigration can be a huge discouragement. With immigration-friendly policies and an option for Indian students to get a faster visa is an added advantage for MBA aspirants. 
  • The financial services sector particularly stays strong in Canada, with a growth of around 11.6% in the span of 2007-2017. The opportunities to work in the sector are higher for an MBA graduate in Canada. 
  • With support towards SMEs and start-ups, the doors of entrepreneurship are always open for an MBA graduate in Canada.

Full-Time MBA in Canada

With an understanding of the diversity of the Canadian workforce, an FT- MBA program prepares a student to enter the job market as a leader.

  • The duration of the program is usually two years and students can choose to study full-time.
  • The program is best suited for a student who can devote their time solely to study.
  • Applicants are often required to appear for GMAT Exam and language proficiency test scores to get admission with FT-MBA courses in Canada.
S.No.UniversityCost (INR)
1. Full-time MBA at University of Toronto38 Lakhs/Yr
2.Full-time MBA at  McGill University59.3 Lakhs/Yr
3. Full-time MBA at  McMaster University26.7 Lakhs/Yr
4. Full-time MBA at Saint Mary’s University32 Lakhs/Yr
5.Full-time MBA at  University of New Brunswick6.9 Lakhs/Yr

Part-time MBA in Canada

The course duration is usually 3-6 years depending on the university you choose to study the course with. The program is more suitable students who work part-time jobs or for those working professionals looking for a degree alongside the work. 

1.University of Alberta – School of Business19.8 Lakhs/Yr
2.Concordia University – Molson School of Business32 Lakhs/Yr
3.HEC Montreal18.8 Lakhs/Yr

Executive MBA in Canada

Designed for executives and those with a managerial level of experience looking to advance their education. Often applicants are required to have at least 8-10 years of prior experience to get admissions with executive MBA courses in Canada. 

Except for these, international students can also pursue Joint MBA degrees (a combination of pharmacy, law, engineering with global affairs) and Dual Degrees (MBA/JD or MBA/MFA/MA) available for studying in Canada.

1.University of Ottawa24.8 Lakhs/Yr
2.Schulich School of Business- York University31.3 Lakhs/Yr
3.Smith School of Business- Queen’s University30.8 Lakh/Yr
4.UToronto68.8 Lakhs/Yr
5.Mc Gill University54.2 Lakhs/Yr

One-Year MBA in Canada

With its rigorous curriculum and assignments, 1 year MBA in Canada can help you prepare for real-world business challenges. Some of the popular institutions in Canada offering one-year MBA programs are:

1.Sauder School of Business53.7 Lakhs/Yr
2.Richard Ivey Business School, Western University74.5 Lakhs/Yr
3.HEC Montreal27.4 Lakhs/Yr
4.Alberta School of Business17.7 Lakhs/Yr
5.Smith School of Business76.1 Lakhs/Yr

MBA in Finance in Canada

MBA Specialization in Finance is a popular specialization opted by students willing to improvise skills in areas like Financial Management, Corporate Financial Planning, Corporate Acquisitions & Mergers, Accounting, Banking, and Financial Management among others. Additionally, MBA in Finance in Canada course offers various job opportunities in sectors like Quantitative Research, IB Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Finance Analyst. 

1.University of Alberta15.8 Lakhs/Yr
2.Concordia University20.4 Lakhs/Yr
3.Laval University8.3 Lakhs/yr
4.University of Toronto38 Lakhs/Yr
5.Queen’s University76.1 Lakhs/Yr

MBA in Business Analytics in Canada 

Master of Business Administration Business Analytics is a post-graduate program that can be completed in 2 years. Students pursuing MBA in Business Analytics get a hand in business and management responsibilities related to growth and planning. 

S.No.UniversityTuition Fees
1.McGill University58 lakhs/yr
2.McMaster University50 lakhs/yr
3.University of Calgary17 lakhs/yr
4.Queen’s University60 lakhs/yr
5.Laval University17 lakhs/yr

MBA in International Business in Canada

MBA in International Business in Canada is a 2-year program that is opted mostly by aspirants who wish to develop a global mindset and understand business management practices across the globe. Various organizations in Canada hire students with intercultural issues and ensure smooth transaction of goods/services across international borders. 

1.University of Alberta15.8 Lakhs/Yr
2.York University33.4 Lakhs/Yr
3.Ryerson University35.5 Lakhs/Yr
4.University of Regina9 Lakhs/Yr

MBA in General Management in Canada

MBA in general management is one of the most popular programs as it offers insights into the elements of business including accounting, management, finance, and marketing. The aim of an MBA in General Management is to prepare students and experts in dealing with the overall tasks of any organization. For instance, you get an understanding of an organization’s records and bookkeeping strategy, and figure out how to lead an exhaustive investigation of the data.

1.University Canada West13.7 Lakhs/Yr
2.University of Toronto38 Lakhs/Yr
3.University of British Columbia53.7 Lakhs/Yr
4.University of Alberta16.4 Lakhs/Yr
5.Memorial University of Newfoundland3.8 Lakhs/Yr

MBA in Entrepreneurship in Canada

MBA in Entrepreneurship is an MBA specialization for aspirants willing to start their start-ups. The course incorporates several aspects of business management and teaches students about transforming ideas into successful businesses. Additionally, MBA Entrepreneurship teaches students about global strategies, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneur strategies, venture capital, and private equity, all of which aid in their understanding of the complexity of running a firm.

1.University of Alberta15.5 Lakhs/Yr
2.Memorial University of Newfoundland3.9 Lakhs/Yr
3.Queen’s University76.1 Lakhs/Yr
4.York University33.4 Lakhs/Yr
5.University of Toronto38 Lakhs/Yr

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MBA in Supply Chain Management in Canada

MBA Logistics and supply chain management is a 2-year program that provides students the analytical skills and management methods needed for the movement of products and services by utilizing inventory, customer service, warehouse, and storage.

1.University of Toronto38 Lakhs/Yr
2.University of Alberta16.4 Lakhs/Yr
3.McMaster University26.7 Lakhs/Yr
4.York University33.4 Lakhs/Yr
5.Laval University8.3 Lakhs/Yr

MBA in Economics in Canada

MBA in economics is a usual MBA with a specialization in economics. Pursuing this specialization will offer stduents a deep understanding of business aspects and global markets. 

1.Cape Breton University5.2 Lakhs/Yr
2.University Canada West (UCW)13.7 Lakhs/Yr
3.Sprott School of Business (Carleton University)19.3 Lakh/Yr
4.NYIT – Vancouver19.1 Lakhs/Yr

Apart from the above-mentioned streams, international applicants can also choose marketing, accounting, business analytics, hospitality management, digital marketing, tourism management, and more streams to specialize in. 

MBA in Canada for Indian Students: Admission Requirements

International applicants planning to pursue an MBA from Canada must ensure that fulfill the basic requirements for the degree. You must be familiar with the basic application process of top MBA universities in Canada and their eligibility. Given below are some of the details which international students must be aware of when applying for an MBA in Canada. 

Though most of the top universities have GMAT and work experience as an integral eligibility criterion, there are many universities offering MBA without GMAT and MBA without work experience in Canada.

Online Application:- Every university has its own application portal where candidates need to register and complete the application form. In some cases, you may be required to fill in the applications through the province-specific application portals, like OUAC/ApplyAlberta, etc.

Application Fee:- Along with the completion of the online application, candidates must pay an application fee (in Canadian funds). This fee can be paid by credit card and is non-refundable when submitting the online application form. 

MBA in Canada Eligibility

International students must note that some important requirements that are to be fulfilled for pursuing MBA in Canada include a 4-year undergraduate degree, GMAT score, English language proficiency, and previous work experience. There are additional document requirements for MBA in Canada. Most of the B-schools in Canada require 7.0 bands in IELTS and 100 in TOEFL.

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Average scores or experience is the one which was present in the previous class of MBA of the university. However, the required are the minimum scores or work experience required for pursuing MBA in Canada. 

Canada Student Visa 

To pursue MBA in Canada, students are required to apply for a Canadian student visa. The process of Canada student visa is mentioned below: 

Application PortalOnline 
Processing Time11 weeks
Valid TimeDuring the program and 90 days more
Processing Fees (CAD)150
Processing Fees (INR)8,897
Visa RequirementsAcceptance letter from Designated Learning Institute (DSI)A valid passport2 recent passport size photographProof of financial support of upto 11,000 CAD per annumStatement of Purpose

MBA in Canada without GMAT

Most of MBA universities in Canada ask for the submission of the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) scoresheet, based on which admission is granted. However, if you are an MBA aspirant who does not perform very well in tests, there is no need to worry. You are not completely out of luck. During admission decisions, students are evaluated on their analytical, decision-making, communication, and leadership skills through education and work experience.

There are several top-notch Canadian universities accepting candidates without their GMAT scores as long as they meet certain other requirements. Some of these universities are the Schulich School of Business, York University, Queen’s University Smith School of Business, and many others

MBA in Canada: Work Experience Required

Top Universities offering MBA in Canada, require you to have work experience. The minimum requirements for top universities are:

UniversityWork Experience Required
University of TorontoRequired- 2
Average- 5
McGill UniversityRequired- 2 
Average- 5
University of Western OntarioRequired- 2
Average- 4.8
Queen’s UniversityRequired- 2
Average- 4.4
York UniversityRequired- 2
University of AlbertaRequired- 2
Average- 5.4
University of British ColumbiaRequired- 2
Average- 3 to 5
Concordia UniversityRequired- 2
Average- 6
McMaster UniversityAverage- 4

MBA in Canada without Work Experience

Though various business schools in Canada for MBA might not mandatorily ask for work experience as a part of the admissions process, the class profiles of these schools suggest that they prefer students with a work experience of as much as 3-4 years. You can still find some B-schools in Canada that will allow you to enter an MBA program in Canada without work experience. Some of these are:

  • New York Institute of Technology (Vancouver, BC): For MBA admissions you will require to submit a GMAT score and work experience is not required.
  • Thompson Rivers University:  Though the university prefers students with work experience, it is not mandatorily required for taking admission to the university.
  • Cape Brenton University:  To apply for the MBA program you need not have work experience. 
  • University of Windsor: Admission to the MBA program does not require previous work experience. 
  • Brock University: The university allows to you apply for MBA programs without previous experience. 

MBA Requirements in Canada

  • Transcripts:- Submit scanned copies of all official transcripts through an online application portal. 
  • Resume:- Submit a one-page resume containing the details of their employment history. Should include record of the candidate’s academic qualifications presented in reverse chronological order. 
  • Letters of Recommendation/ Reference Letter:- At least two professional LORs. Ideally LORs must be presented by individuals who have worked and evaluated the candidate’s work performance and potential. 
  • Essays:- Writing a b application essay can be the qualifying factor during the admission process. Students are asked to describe why should they be considered for the program. These essays are judged on the basis of their content, style, and tone.
  • Test Score/Exams: Scores of exams required for studying in Canadainclude language proficiency scores and GMAT/GREscores. International applicants from non-native English-speaking countries are required to submit these scores. 
  • Work Experience:- Most of the top universities admit candidates who have at least two years of full-time experience.
  • Interview:- After a preliminary review of a candidate’s application, admitted students will be shortlisted for the interview process. Usually, for international students, the interview is conducted over Skype. 
  • Visa:- Obtain a Canadian visa and study permitfor the duration of their study. Applicants must receive a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) which is applicable at the post-secondary level.

MBA Fees in Canada

For an international applicant planning to study in Canada, the costs for studying can be widely distributed into three categories. These are pre-arrival costs, cost of study, and cost of living. The cost of studying or the tuition fee MBA in Data Science in Canada varies from 11,600 USD to 33,000 USD.

Pre-arrival Costs

Given below is a table indicating the one-time major costs involved for an international student planning to study abroad.

Type of ExpenseCost (USD)
Program Application Fees76-136*
Visa Application Fees178**
Health Insurance10,000
IELTS Fees185-190
TOEFL Fees160-250

*Depends on the university.
**114 USD for a Canadian Study Permit and 64 USD is Biometric fees.

Low Cost MBA in Canada for International Students

As the cost of pursuing MBA in Canada exceeds too much, finding a university that offers MBA at a afordable price is bliss. Here are some of the universities that offer a affordable MBA in Canada:

UniversityFees (INR)
Memorial of University Newfoundland (2 years)~7.8 lakhs
University of Saskatchewan (2 years)~3 lakhs
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (1 year)~10 lakhs
Carleton University (1 year)~8 Lakhs

Cost of Living in Canada 

The cost of accommodation, books & materials, transport, food & beverages, etc make up the cost of living for an international student. The cost of living in Canada may vary slightly depending upon the university and city the international student is living in. Basic living expenses are as follows:

Type of ExpenseCost (USD)
Books & Material1500/yr
Food & Beverage3000-5000/yr
Other Related Expenses78-163/month

International applicants must not that the cost of accommodation in Canada will highly depend on the type of student accommodation opted for. 

MBA Scholarship in Canada

As the cost of study for an international student is cumbersome to support, international students look for scholarships available to study in Canada. Some of the popular scholarships to study MBA in Canada are detailed below:

ScholarshipAmount (CAD)Offered by
Women in Business Excellence AwardUp to 10,000Rotman School of Management
MBA Excellence AwardUp to 20,000Rotman School of Management
Global Business Leader of TomorrowUp to 10,000-15,00Sauder School of Business
Ivey MBA ScholarshipUp to 10,000Ivey Business School
MBA Entrance ScholarshipUp to 7500-11,500Haskayne School of Business
Scotiabank ScholarshipsUp to 20,000Schulich School of Business
MBA Admission Awardup to 1000 to 10000DeGroote School of Business
MBA in-course & Entrance Scholarship500 to 1000DeGroote School of Business
Hardeep Grewal MBA Scholarship EndowmentVariableConcordia University

MBA Salary in Canada

In Canada, international students who have completed a two-year master’s program from a Canadian University can automatically receive a three-year work permit for Canada. As the second-largest country on Earth, Canada opens a large number of doors for MBA students in terms of job opportunities in Canada. Some of these career opportunities are discussed below:-

  • Finance and Consulting:- The traditional employers of MBA, financial services firms, and consulting companies remain the major recruiters of MBA students. Hence, the majority of international students go for MBA in Finance in Canada.
  • SMEs:- Small and medium-sized enterprises are becoming one of the biggest hiring sectors of business school talent. MBA students who are specifically trained in the sector of management find this option as a great opportunity for learning and exposure.
  • Technology:- Living in the 21st century, technology has surpassed all the other sectors of the economy. Technology-based firms have always been the most enticing career choice for MBA students.

Some of the popular job destinations and their average salaries in Canada offered to MBA graduates in Canada are given below:

DesignationAverage Annual Salary (USD)
Business Development Manager182,000
General Manager180,000
Project Manager138,000
Business Advisor141,000
Strategy Director200,000
Chief Financial Officer148,000
Executive Director80,000
Financial Analyst59,000
Marketing Manager46,000
Operations Manager61,000

Is MBA in Canada Worth It?

Applicants must note that for some of its most popular business schools, Canada offers an increment of as much as 80% on the salaries as compared to pre-MBA salaries. With your MBA degree, you can also choose to apply for Immigration to Canada. The alumni weighted salary for the top three business schools are compared with their annual tuition in the graphical representation below:

Tuition Vs Weighted Salary of MBA from Business Schools in Canada

ROI for Top MBA Colleges in Canada

UniversityHighest MBA Salaries (INR)
Tefler School of Management (UOttawa)97.8 Lakhs
Desaultels Faculty of Management (McGill)87.3 Lakhs
University de Montreal85.1 Lakhs
Beedie School of Business (SFU)81.9 Lakhs
Peter V. Gustavson School of Business (UVictoria)77.6 Lakhs
Rotman School of Management (UToronto)73.1 Lakhs
Ivey Business School (UWO)71.6 Lakhs
Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business (Queen’s)71.6 Lakhs
Odette School of Business (UWindsor)69.4 Lakhs
Schulich School of Business (York)63.4 Lakhs
Sauder Business School (UBC)61.9 Lakhs

So except for blessing the world with intellectuals like Justin Trudeau, Canada has also managed to make its mark in the education sector. Even though Canada may not have an MBA as its neighbor (USD), the immigration friendly policies, multicultural society, welcoming nature of the country makes it one of the most popular international student destination. The latest statistics suggest that the employment rate of MBA graduates in Canada has moved up considerably. You can earn as much as 80,000 to 200,000 USD annually withMBA jobs in Canada (~59 LPA to 1.4 Cr INR/yr). The country offers enormous opportunities to MBA graduates in SMEs, start-ups, and other popular MBA recruiters like Amazon, EY, Accenture, etc. This makes the MBA in Canada totally worth the expense. 

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