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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

Turkey is a member of the G-20 major economies, situated on the border between Europe and Asia, creating a unique blend of east and west cultures. It is an ideal location for many international students seeking an MBA in Turkey.

The diverse programs for an MBA in Turkey will impart necessary business skills like versatility, organizational initiative, ethical conduct, and leadership. They also require practical application of theories and business methodologies learned during coursework. Teachers at these notable institutions are adept at responding to the rapid changes of today’s global economy, and will guide students through their head-start in tackling these same challenges. Students pursuing an MBA in Turkey will gain a solid foundation in business through coursework examining marketing, finance, accounting, management, and ethics. With part-time and full-time programs, students have options when it comes to taking an MBA in Turkey.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Kadir Has University

Kadir Has UniversityIstanbul, TurkeyThe design of the MBA program is based on the anticipation that our participants have studied a non-business subject previously and they tend to build managerial careers. The competence targets of the program span the areas of finance, human resources, accounting, marketing, production/operations management and organizational behavior.

Master in Business Administration (with/without thesis)

Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydin UniversityIstanbul, TurkeyThe Executive MBA Program is constituted to train the professional executives who are looking for a perfect career. This program aims to provide required academic and analytical information infrastructure for the candidates who have a role as a leader in their companies. The Executive MBA Program provides for the executives and candidates an efficient and interactive educational atmosphere to accommodate the changing world’s dynamics and to develop their abilities in finding constructive solutions for the management problems. The program is a 120 ECTS credit program with a duration of 2 academic years, each with 2 semesters. The regular program consists of 8 courses of 21 local credits, a seminar, and a thesis work of 60 ECTS credits with a normal duration of 2 semesters. The institute, upon the request of the program director, may require the prospective student to take additional courses if his/her background is not seen fit to follow the program. 

MBA Fashion Management – Apparel Major

IFA Paris

IFA ParisIstanbul, Turkey +1 MoreIFA Paris’s MBA Fashion Business allows students to pursue post-graduate education entirely taught in English in Paris, Shanghai and/or Istanbul. This unique program allows students to build career skills and gain a full understanding of opportunities and challenges of running a fashion business today. It also gives them the opportunity to experience the world’s fashion capital, Paris. The MBA is a multidisciplinary Fashion Business program which covers marketing, merchandising, buying, retail, distribution as well as other fashion business related modules. During the program students will have the opportunity to work on industry sponsored projects in cooperation with international brands, attend fashion events and visit leading brands stores as well as design studios.


Sabanci University

Sabanci UniversityIstanbul, TurkeyIf you want to be well-prepared and well-linked to the business world to pursue an international business career we believe Sabanci MBA Program is the right investment for your career. Sabancı MBA is an innovative full-time 16-month program that combines the practice and theory of management so that graduates can make informed career choices and have the skills and experience to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

MBA: Master in Business Administration

Yasar University

Yasar UniversityIzmir, TurkeyThe MBA in Business Administration program aims to meet the needs of future business leaders. It approaches business administration from a wide perspective and incorporates a national and international outlook. It combines theoretical knowledge with project work and applies research into real-life situations.

Study Business Administration in Turkey

Do you want to Study Business Administration in Turkey and wonder how to realize this dream? In this article we will inform you about the structure of the education, the requirements, costs and fees, about universities in Turkey and all you need to know to help you deciding. Turkey offers International students great universities to study Business Administration in. Most of the universities having a Faculty of Business Management are located in Istanbul.

‘We would love to help you getting your acceptances within days and would love to welcome you as a student at our universities in Turkey.’

There are many reasons for Turkey in terms of studying Business Administration / Management Education.
Here are some of the reasons for studying Business / Management in Turkey:

  • Business Administration or Management Education in Turkey and the Universities in Turkey are very field-oriented.
    Which is a great point because Turkey has a wonderful geographic location which allows lots of foreign capital investment to flow in. All of the students get to analyse and work with international companies.
  • You can work with many different branches, from many different countries while not leaving Turkey, from Jordan & Emirates to Germany, from Canada to South Africa.
  • You can profite from the know how of a very dynamic and international financial market in Turkey.
  • Logistics and construction is a booming industry because of all the geographical proximities.
  • Your native language, your English is always a plus point in this very hyperactive international palette of companies and will always pave your ways in your career in Turkey.
  • The lessons for Business Administration at Turkish universities are mostly taught in completely in English. So you do not have to know any Turkish language and will start your studies in a 100% English Department.

Application to Business Administration in Turkey

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UniversityLanguageYearly Fees (before discount)Yearly Fees (after discount)

The Structure of the Business Administration/Management  Education in Turkey

The duration of the Business Administration/ Management Education is 4 years (8 semesters) for regular graduation.

Business Administration/Management concerns itself with many other social sciences at the same time: Sociology, Economics, Logistics, Public Administration, Comunication and most importantly , Law.  All oft he curriculum is build on the basis of social sciences, but also on practical clerkships and experiences. Lots of schools requiere their students to make long clerkships and projects.

Many schools have giant international companies as their teaching lab in the last semesters, which is a plus for the international student.

The numbers of students applying for Business Administration or Management prooves every year, that  it  is a very popular branch of social sciences by the choices of the students.

Turkish Financial Market is a very active one, because of Turkey’s geographical location. Capital and investments, giant international bids are held here, which makes Turkey a special international laboratory for the students to learn in.

There are few questions to ask yourself to make sure that you are truly qualified for this job.

  • Are you intersted in a career in a company?
  • Do you mind keeping up with global economical, political and social correlations of changing on every-day basis?
  • Have you ever had interest in scientific branches that deeply influence managing a business?

Study Business Administration/ Management in English in Turkey

Almost all of the State and Foundation Universities offer Business Administration in their educational catalogue. Business Administration is one of the most desired and one of the most chosen studies by national and international students.

Many of the State Universities in Turkey offer this program monolingually in Turkey, but there are few State Universities, that offer Business Administration or Management in English. However, the aspiring student needs to prove his YÖS exam results to get accepted in those universties. YÖS exam is held once a year and is highly competitive under the international students.

The international students prefer to study in English, because learning Turkish can take time and scientific Turkish is something they need to get used to. Besides all that, it is usefull to speak English in terms having a easy connection during the clerkships that the student needs to participate in partner/ sponsor international companies in later semesters.

In contrary, the Foundation Universities are predominantly teaching in English, which is a reason why they are preferred by the international students. Foundation Universities do have a lot more variety of corporate partners, where the student can learn during his/her clerkships.

Requirements for Business Administration/ Management Bachelors in English in Turkey

The State Universities require your results in YÖS or SAT exam for application, without any of these exams, it is quite impossible to get in. Also, this exams are highly competitive.

To learn about the preparation and dates of the YÖS exam, please contact us.

Foundation universities accept your University Entrance Exam results or your High School diplomas from your home-country, they do not require you to take SAT or YÖS.

The application to the Foundation Universities can be made through Global Academia.

Global Academia is an international institution and legal representation partner of 43+ Universities in Turkey and owns a proper reserved quota for each high education branch. To recieve your acceptance in one of the top universities of Turkey, please contact our counselors, who will be more than happy to help you on that matter

Recognition in the EU or the USA

The Bologna Process equivalized the Curriculum of Business Administration/Management in Turkey to EU-Standards. Recieving a Blue Diploma while graduating, which is a Diploma Supply, which certifies the EU-Equivalency of the Bachelor Diploma.

Short Information about the Blue Diploma:
Blue Diplomas are Diplomas helt from Universities wich are accepted as a document written in the international language (English) which has been approved in line with the relevant ‘Education Commission Decisions in of the European Union’.

The ECTS Credit System is applied on the transcripts of the students, which allows them to transfer easily inside Turkey and to abroad.

GPA system of the transcripts were adapted to the USA- GPA system, which also allows them to practice and participate further education / getting a master degree in the USA and Canada or other countries of your desire.


Studying Business Administration in Turkey is a great option for studying abroad. Modern learning environments, latest technology, international academic staff. The recognition / accreditation worldwide makes Turkey a nice destination for those who want to proceed in their field in Business Administration and also rewards with a world-class diploma.

A Business Administration Bachelor Diploma held from Turkey enables the graduates to open many doors at once, abroad or in their home country. Turkey is a seriously inviting option which any aspiring Business Administration candidate should consider without having high student debts.

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