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Last Updated on January 18, 2023

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How To Do MBA After BDS

When you decide to pursue an MBA, you have already taken a huge step forward in the business and management world. By completing a postgraduate degree in Management, you will be equipped with leadership and communication skills as well as managerial abilities to tackle the challenges in the business world. If you have a graduate degree in the Science stream but want to pursue Management courses then, pursuing an MBA after BDS can be an ideal career choice! Here is a blog that will give you all the information about MBA after BDS, the career prospects available after the course.

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The Master’s Degree in Business Administration is a university degree designed to equip students with a wide range of skills and knowledge that are relevant to business and management. Since management and business strategies are essential for every company, MBA graduates enjoy a high level of employability and a multitude of career options.

With health care and fitness being the next big thing, the medical sector will be in constant bloom. Also, it is no secret that managing a hospital or any other health care unit is not a child’s play. Thus, a career in hospital administration can be both promising and fruitful.

An effective administration of hospitals will ensure that the medical staff is able to provide quality health care services to the patients. Policy-making and implementation are one of the few roles that you can expect in this sector. You can enroll in many premier institutions like the Tata Institute of Social Sciences for quality MBA in hospital administration.

Importance of Healthcare Management

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How to apply?

You need to clear IELTS exam and to get into good universities, you need 7.5/8 band and trust me, it is not difficult to achieve that. If you find it gruelling, then there are some apps available on App Store which will really help you out to prepare for exam. You can solve papers when you are free at home. They will give you a clear idea of how the exam pattern is. You can refer some books and online stuff too, rather than joining coaching classes. 

Why MBA in Hospital Management?

MBA in hospital management has good scope in India and other countries due to the increase in awareness among people. It has emerged as a new career opportunity not only for doctors but also for other science graduates. After completing MBA, there are enough options you can opt for. You can get into hospital management or can join companies related to health and marketing. Scope is vast but the clarity and the assurance about why you really want to do it, is important. All these things doesn’t matter unless and until you have the interest for management. If you are sure that you really enjoy management than clinical field then you should completely go for it.

What After BDS: MBA From Australia

Why I chose Australia?

1.Procedure is relatively simple.

2.Has some really good universities.

3.Has really good scope in health management.

4.Flexible enough to work and study as well. So you can earn while studying.

What is Hospital Administration/Healthcare Management?

In a hospital, there are doctors and health care executives. The administrative staff is involved in scores of activities targeted towards the formulation and implementation of healthcare services. Accounts, Human Resource, Public Relations, Marketing, etc are some of the major departments handled by such professionals. Students often get confused between the terms ‘Hospital Management’ and ‘Hospital Administration. But what is the difference between hospital administration and hospital management? While the former deals with handling the business processes of various organizations, the latter lays emphasis on handling the staff.

What after BDS?

What is an MBA in Healthcare Management?

Running for a period of 2 years, MBA Healthcare Management imparts knowledge on various economical, social, legal, and ethical issues pertaining to the hospital administration. Apart from Human Resource Management, students will also study subjects like Operations and Quality Management, Business Ethics, Clinical Pharmacy, Medico-legal system, etc. Going for an MBA after BDS will not only give you the necessary knowledge in the field of Business, Finance, and Management but will also aid in skill development. Exploring an array of career prospects in Hospital and Healthcare Management, you will be handling wide-ranging responsibilities such as:

  • Managing human resources
  • Identifying, analyzing, and finding solutions for various issues
  • Ensuring well being of patients
  • Addressing the needs of doctors working and dealing with different external vendors
  • Taking care of the medicinal and drug requirements of a hospital
  • Overseeing the daily medical and operational activities
  • Setting budgets
  • Optimizing medical resources, etc.
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Why Pursue an MBA after BDS? 

Due to the need for better Healthcare Management, more BDS graduates prefer to do an MBA after BDS, in particular, an MBA in Hospital Management/Healthcare. It is considered one of the most searched options by dental graduates as it is easier and cheaper compared to an MDS after graduation. With the health sector booming in terms of profits and development, an MBA after BDS proves to be an excellent opportunity post-graduation.

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Top MBA Courses in Healthcare Management

There are an array of MBA courses in Healthcare Management you can explore. From Research-oriented courses to professional degrees, here are the top MBA courses in Healthcare Management after BDS:

  • MBA in Health Management
  • MBA in CIinical Research Management
  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • MBA in Pharmacy
  • MBA in Public Health Management
  • Executive MBA in Healthcare Management
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
  • MBA in Pharmacy
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business
  • MBA in Health Care Management Systems
  • Masters in Clinical and Pharmaceutical Management

Top Colleges Offering MBA after BDS in Hospital/Healthcare Management 


There are numerous colleges that offer MBA after BDS in different streams such as MBA in Hospital Management/ Administration. Some of these colleges include:

University Location QS World University Ranking- 2022
Leeds Beckett University UK1001-1200
University of GloucestershireUK
Auckland University of Technology New Zealand =451
The University of SydneyAustralia 38
Northwestern UniversityUSA 30
University of GlasgowUK73
The University of AdelaideAustralia 108
Curtin University Australia =194
University of Wollongong Australia 193
University of SheffieldUK95
Coventry University UK601-650
University College DublinIreland =173
The University of Texas at AustinUSA67
University of California BerkeleyUSA32
Boston UniversityUSA=112

Career Prospects

There are immense career opportunities for those pursuing an MBA after BDS. There are numerous prospects in the healthcare sector constituting of local companies to international organizations that require professionals with both Medical and Management backgrounds. Enlisted are some of the areas and job profiles that you can consider working in:

  • Physician Group Practices
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Integrated Health Systems
  • Corporate Health Systems
  • Public Health Agencies, etc.

Job Profiles

For students with a considerable amount of experience, they can apply for higher administrative responsibilities and managerial roles in the health sector. They can also take up leadership positions such as hospital CEOs, partners in different consulting firms, higher officials in major healthcare companies, and health care executives in established healthcare companies or hospitals. so, if you are wondering that what is the scope of an MBA in Healthcare Management then glance through the following list:

  • Hospital Administrator
  • Healthcare Information Manager
  • Physician Relations Liaison
  • CFO
  • Claims Manager
  • Purchasing Manager

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