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In an program, students may learn about energy conservation and how to develop and implement sustainable practices. Knowledge gained can be useful for jobs with the government, public and private consulting firms, sustainable living firms and energy companies.

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The course reflects the current situation of the energy industry and is intended to fulfil the management training requirements for technical, business and early career managers within the sector. It covers the theory, policy and practice aspects of managing the energy industry to optimise the sources in the energy mix for different applications and contexts. 

The course also offers the opportunity to extend your study by a year to complete a 48-week work placement. 

This Master’s degree is part of the Energy Management Programme.

The course offers conceptual and problem-solving skills for addressing the management challenges of sustainable energy sourcing, evaluation, exploitation and application.

The course also includes evaluation of energy management issues with linkages to subject areas such as health, safety and risk. You will gain experience of key decision-making about energy in a range of business functions and then apply this to complete a substantive Capstone project.

Stage 1

The first stage of the course will provide you with a broad context for understanding energy sector strategic analysis, including energy finance considerations, appreciation of renewable energy management and the economics of energy transitions.

Stage 2

You will develop the skills for specific applications of management principles and tools in addressing environmental, operational and strategic risk management considerations. You will be able to provide sound rationale and clearly communicate to relevant stakeholders, solutions to contemporary energy management challenges in a variety of organisational settings.

Stage 3

The Capstone module is designed to provide you with an opportunity to integrate master’s level knowledge and skills by independently working on an applied academic study or business consultancy project from a degree related discipline. Personal and professional skills such as research, consulting, oral presentation and teamwork will be developed.

Extended Master’s

We offer an extended master’s route, starting in September, on our traditional 1-year route which incorporates a 12-month placement. This route has a duration of 24 months and will follow the same teaching programme as the 1-year course. You will receive training and guidance to support you through the recruitment and selection stages for the jobs on offer from our dedicated Employability and Enrichment Hub team.

Masters in Energy Management Program

Metering Solutions for Effective Energy Management

Start an online masters in energy management from a top German University and earn a degree that will equip you to build a sustainable and efficient energy systems. The energy management degree is suitable for graduate and professionals who wish to develop there expertise on energy management. The M.Sc Energy management or Energy and Resource Efficiency (ERE)  has been conceived for professionals dealing with the challenges of resource shortages and allocation, or interested in exploring the field of energy and resource efficiency, e.g. engineers, economists, architects or natural scientists, among others. The master of science in energy management is meant for those who wish to pursue a specialisation in innovative and energy efficient technologies and an interdisciplinary and international approach.

The M.Sc energy management is ideal for those who wish to study on a part-time basis. The M.Sc in energy management degree offers a blended-learning approach, which combines online learning materials for self-study, individual and group assignments, online lectures and forum discussions with professors and students from all over the world.

Flexible learning for the master of science in energy management

The energy management MBA is a distance learning degree and only the oral Masters exam has to be taken in Berlin, face-to-face with the board of examiners (compulsory). In the second or in the fourth semester the master degree in energy management offer you the opportunity to attend classes on-campusat RENAC in Berlin to deepen technological know-how, but it is up to every student to decide upon participation (optional).

The energy management masters degree online follows a blended learning approach, allowing you to decide when, where and how you prefer to learn: materials for self-study, online lectures, video podcasts and exercises for monitoring the learning process are part of the educational services offered. This secures maximum flexibility and studying at ones own pace for the whole study (only examination dates are fixed).


2,600 EUR are charged per semester, 13,000 EUR in total. Examination fees per semester are included. Travel costs for the on-campus time and oral exam in Berlin must be covered by the participants. For participation in the certificate courses, a fee of 1,100 EUR per module is charged.

Energy Management, M.S. | Degrees | New York Tech

About The Master Degree in Energy Management and Resource Efficiency

The master degree in energy management includes economic, technical, legal, political and organizational knowledge tailored to the specific needs of the emerging renewable energy and energy efficiency markets. In addition, students gain an overview of various technologies and their applications and advantages as well as an understanding of international energy policies, support mechanisms for green energy technologies and how to use these technologies profitably in industry.

Career prospects and international network

The master degree in energy management is designed to equip future leaders with modern and advanced interdisciplinary management skills necessary for executive positions in the highly globalised market of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Possible career paths unfold both upstream and downstream of green energy value chains, be it in project finance and consultancy, manufacturing, project development and implementation, governmental entities, NGOs, utilities or grid operators.

Students in the masters in renewable energy management benefit from their fellow students from all over the world: in virtual working groups, through interdisciplinary teams exchanging know-how and experience using our learning platform, web-conference system and course forums as well as course chat rooms.

Masters Admission requirements

University degree

Students with a University Degree (210 ECTS credits) are entitled to enrol for the MBA Renewables. For applicants with less than 210 credits the Dean will determine additional modules that have to be completed successfully by the student before being admitted to the final examination.

Language skills

Another prerequisite to study the Masters programme is a very good command of English. As a proof we accept qualifications based on the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’ (Independent User B2) such as, for instance, the TOEFL or IELTS. In addition to this, native language or official language in the home country are accepted. Students may hand in their application before having completed the necessary language test. Certificates of successfully completed language tests should be submitted by 15th September in the year of application at the latest.

Professional experience

After completing your studies, as a rule at least two years of practical professional experience in any field are required.

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Masters in Energy Management Universities

M.Eng. Engineering and International Business – Renewable Energy, Water and Waste Management

Berlin, Germany Be successful in the green and blue economy. Learn to understand systems and projects both technically and economically in the Master Renewable Energy. Thanks to our skill-based and interdisciplinary concept you’ll enjoy first-class job perspectives.

MSc in Energy Management

Paris, France, The MSc in Energy Management is designed to provide you with a holistic, 360-degree view of the energy business, covering all energy markets from oil & gas to renewable energy & electricity.

MSc in Energy Management

London, United Kingdom +1 More Become the future energy Leader – get the essential skills & knowledge for a successful energy management career. The MSc in Energy Management is designed to provide you with a holistic, 360-degree view of the energy business, covering all energy markets from oil & gas to renewables & electricity.

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