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Masters in Embedded Systems and Software Engineering (with Honours) Real-world knowledge by conducting projects with multi-national organisations like Siemens, Ericsson, GE, Philips, Schneider Electric & Daimler Chrysler Good exposure to techniques of software testing. Knowledge of Global Master Plan: GATE, GRE/GMAT/CAT/MAT (Students who qualify GRE/GMAT/CAT would be given additional advantage) Industry exposure to latest technology Real-time exposure to products developed by faculty

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Become a software for an embedded systems engineer in the masers in embedded systems and software engineering online degree from a top German University and get quality embedded systems training.  The master in embedded systems and software engineering is suitable for engineering graduates and professionals who wish to develop their software skills.

The masters in embedded systems and software engineering is a distance learning program designed for professionals working in the field of software development who need to acquire advanced knowledge about emerging technologies and who wish to broaden their software engineering skills by pursuing graduate-level education in software engineering.

The student in the masters in embedded systems and software engineering degree work on the material independently from home, as the necessary instructions are provided together with the material.
Besides the online learning materials, “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems” offers online tutorials for every module. These tutorials take place via WebEx/, Skype or other software. Additionally, most of the communication takes place online. Questions to tutors and release of dates are clarified online. Chat rooms for students facilitate communication.

On campus events

In each of the first three terms, compulsory on-campus phases are held for all participants in the “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems” distance learning program at Fraunhofer IESE. The goal is to reinforce the course contents within the scope of group work and workshops and discuss questions regarding the study material. Written examinations are also a part of these on-campus events.

All on-campus phases are scheduled in the compact format: two days in the first semester, usually Friday and Saturday, and two on-campus phases of one week´s length each in the second and third semester, usually Sunday to Friday. The students will join a team of about five students and develop software by applying the methods, techniques, and tools they have learned.

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Embedded Software Engineering Masters Tuition Fee

The study fees for the distance learning program “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems” is EUR 1,990 per term. Added to this is a social contribution of EUR 90 per term. The one-off fee for the master’s thesis is EUR 500. Starting from the third semester over the regular study time of four semesters, a reduced fee of 30 % of the semester fee is levied. The fee for the master’s thesis is not affected. These study fees cover all costs for teaching material, participation in the on campus events, term exams, and all administrative expenses. However, they do not include any travel, accommodation, or meal expenses for the on campus events. The study fees are not subject to German VAT and are tax-deductible.

Application and Admission Requirement

You can apply for the “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems” distance learning degree from mid-May to mid-July of every year. Courses start at the beginning of October.

The course is held entirely in English.

For the enrolment to the English-language Master distance education program “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems”  a sufficient proof of English proficiency is necessary. This can be evidenced by:

  • an English-language first degree or any English Test Certificate like TOEFL, IELTS and GCE A’Levels
  • The software engineering embedded systems masters program  targets graduates of engineering disciplines such as electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering, graduates of IT disciplines such as computer science and business informatics, and graduates of non-engineering disciplines, such as mathematics and physics – all with at least two years of professional experience in the field of software development.

Needed documents for your application:

  • Application form
  • Officially certified copy of the certificate of your university degree (Diplom certificate
    (Urkunde) and Diplomzeugnis, state examination, bachelor or master certificate) incl.
    the list of subjects and grades
  • Officially certified copy of evidence of professional activities (see “information about
    employer confirmation”)
  • Curriculum vitae


Master in Software Engineering for Embedded Systems, Baden-Baden, Germany.  Online Master! 2021

About The Masters in Software Engineering and Embedded Systems Degree

The overall goal of this distance education program is to provide professionals with a sound theoretical software engineering background as well as with practical methods, techniques, and tools that take software development issues into account. The program prepares the students for a career as professional software engineers in the industry. The course concludes with the academic degree “Master of Engineering” (M.Eng.).

The distance education Master’s programme “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems” encompasses six modules. The fields of study include principles of software engineering for embedded systems, requirements engineering, testing and inspections, software product lines, component-based development, security, real-time systems and software quality assurance.

The standard course duration for part-time, vocational study including examination time is four terms. It is also possible to take a break during the course and then return to complete it. The lectures and exercises for the distance learning programme “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems” are provided in the form of written study material, developed specifically for distance learning. A weekly commitment of around 14 hours is required to study the material. In addition to this, online tutorials are also offered via a learning platform.
Apart from online learning, there are three on-campus phases in Kaiserslautern. The written exams and practical courses take place during these on-campus phases. In the first semester, the on-campus phase takes place at one weekend, and in the second and third semester, it takes place for a period of one week.

The course includes the following modules:

     1.  Semester  
Software Engineering BasicsSoftware Engineering Introduction
Software Development for Embedded Systems
Project ManagementProject Management
On campus weekendClassroom Session 1  
     2.  Semester  
Software Quality EngineeringSoftware Quality Assurance
Software Product Line Engineering
Software Concept EngineeringRequirements Engineering
Software Architectures for Embedded Software Systems  
Software Development Studio, part 1  Quality and Concept Engineering
     3.  Semester  
Software Component EngineeringComponent-based Software Development
Model-based Component Engineering
Embedded Software EngineeringReal Time Systems
Dependability Engineering
Software Development Studio, part 2  Component and Embedded Software Engineering
     4.  Semester  

what is software engineering

Software engineering is defined as a process of analyzing user requirements and then designing, building, and testing software application which will satisfy those requirements.

Let’s look at the various definitions of software engineering:

  • IEEE, in its standard 610.12-1990, defines software engineering as the application of a systematic, disciplined, which is a computable approach for the development, operation, and maintenance of software.
  • Fritz Bauer defined it as ‘the establishment and used standard engineering principles. It helps you to obtain, economically, software which is reliable and works efficiently on the real machines’.
  • Boehm defines software engineering, which involves, ‘the practical application of scientific knowledge to the creative design and building of computer programs. It also includes associated documentation needed for developing, operating, and maintaining them.’

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