Masters in Automation Engineering, and IT

Last Updated on December 15, 2022

Looking for an affordable and one of the best automation engineering schools in Europe? Then look no further than this automation engineering degree from a top German University. The masters in automation engineering is a perfect degree option for university graduates and practitioners who wish to upgrade their knowledge of automation engineering to a more advanced level. The masters in automation engineering is one of a kind degree that builds on undergraduate automation degrees knowledge. 

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The main aim of the automation masters degree is to expand students’ knowledge and methodological skills in automation technology and application-oriented computer science, both in depth and in breadth. The automation masters degree also expands students’ structural, processing and decision-making capabilities in complex situations. In particular, analytical thinking is cultivated as a pre-condition of a professional approach, as is responsible action in technical projects. With our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, students are able to meet the demands of rapidly developing technologies. They are also able to take up responsible posts in the research, development, production, designing and management fields.

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Admission Requirement For The Masters in Automation Engineering

For admission to the masters in automation and control engineering, applicants are required to have successfully completed studies in the fields of engineering science or computer science (Bachelor’s or comparable degree). The following branches of studies are eligible: engineering science, computer science, computer engineering, informatics.
The following application documents are required:

  • graduation certificate (certified copy)
  • curriculum vitae (in tabular form)
  • proof of English proficiency (see language requirements)
  • a two-page description of your motivation to study, including your further research interests (in English)

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Tuition Fee

There are no tuition fees for this degree program.

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About The Masters in Automation Engineering, and IT

Automation technology has been influenced primarily by developments in information technology (IT) for a quarter of a century now. These developments are of ever-increasing significance both in the areas of hardware and software. The international Master’s programme Automation & IT is a fully-accredited programme with an innovative interdisciplinary focus. With respect to the above-mentioned trend, it covers the areas of both industrial automation and computer science.

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Strong connections to industry and well-equipped laboratory and research facilities enable students to gain experience in this exciting and emerging area.

The Master’s programme focuses on the following subject areas:

The MS automation engineering comprises four semesters:

  • Semesters one and two impart technological know-how in the form of lectures, tutorials, and laboratory courses.
  • In semester three, case studies are carried out in small teams of three to five students.
  • In semester four, the programme is concluded with the Master’s thesis.

The programme ends with the award of the degree Master of Engineering (MEng).

The instructional philosophy emphasises real-life experience through extensive hands-on, laboratory-based training, cooperations, and internships. Project work forms part of the course in research projects as well as in projects with industry.

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