Master of Agricultural Economics

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Are you a business or economics graduate and you wish to take your career to the next level? Then the agricultural economics master degree program is obviously a perfect choice for you. The MSc agricultural economics is one of the best agricultural economics graduate programs in Germany that is suitable for graduates and practitioners who wish to gain an advanced knowledge of agricultural economics. The master’s degree in agricultural economics is one of the best agricultural economics graduate programs in the world and it comprises courses that will equip you with the skills you need to manage the sales, marketing and development of agro products and services.

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The MSc in agricultural economics emphasizes economic analysis and quantitative methods to address real-world problems. Classroom work is supplemented by computer exercises, discussion sessions, research seminars, field trips, and case studies.

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Admission Requirement For The Master of Agricultural Economics

The required documents:

  • Printed and signed online application form
  • Bachelor Degree in Business, Economics Finance e.t.c
  • CV with photo
  • Copy of passport or national ID card
  • If necessary, proof of previous studies and results
  • In addition to the entrance requirements, applicants for the cooperative study course must prove that they have entered into a contractual relationship with one of the cooperation partners, which includes an internship: e.g. employment contract, apprenticeship contract, internship contract or trainee contract. Prospective students apply directly to the partner companies.
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Tuition Fee

There are no tuition fees for this degree program.

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About The MSc in Agricultural Economics

The two-year master agricultural economics at Hohenheim comprises four semesters, during which 15 thematic modules and the Master’s thesis must be completed.

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A typical semester consists of five modules, each with an exam at the end. During the first three semesters, students complete their compulsory and elective modules. In the fourth semester of the masters degree in agricultural economics, they work on their Master’s thesis. Thesis topic and supervisor can be chosen from both compulsory and elective modules. The thesis in the agricultural economics degree can pursue empirical or theoretical questions related to ongoing research projects. However, students’ own initiatives and ideas are certainly welcome, too.

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The master agricultural economics structure at Hohenheim ensures a solid agricultural economics education but also allows students to pursue their own career aspirations. A personal mentor from the teaching staff advises students on module selections as well as supports students in planning their studies in a smooth and goal-oriented way. Students are encouraged to spend one semester in the second year at a partner university abroad to gain additional experience and to further strengthen their individual profile. Assessment is based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which facilitates international mobility.

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