Marketing Psychology Masters

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In this article, information regarding marketing psychology masters will be discussed including marketing and consumer psychology masters, marketing psychology masters, marketing and consumer psychology masters uk.

Marketing Psychology Masters

What is a Marketing Psychologist?

A marketing psychologist is someone who studies what attracts people to a product or service. A marketing psychologist is an important person to those companies, government agencies and businesses whose roles depends a lot on product purchase. This particular branch of psychology is classified as industrial-organizational psychology. One focus here is usually those parameters that spur productivity; ranging from employee morale to efficiency in production.

Another feature that cannot be ignored by the marketing psychologist is the decision making process as undertaken by the consumer. Here, the factors that influence the customer to make a given kind of purchase at a particular place all have to be well looked into.

What are the Education Requirements to Become a Marketing Psychologist?

Usually, a bachelor’s degree is enough to start working in marketing departments and agencies. This of course is with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. However for a serious career in marketing psychology, it is really important to have a graduate degree. To gain entry into a graduate school, a psychology degree would be of immense benefit. In some institutions, it is possible to get a marketing psychology minor, which may include coursework in probability and statistical studies.

For those who wish to go ahead for master’s study, they might find great opportunities in industrial-organizational settings. In some of the post-graduate programs, focus is laid on the disciplines of social psychology and even industrial psychology. Of course the emphasis is also laid on marketing psychology.

Other schools on the other hand offer social and marketing psychology specifically. Some people also go for the option of an MBA degree. This of course would mean that the person learns a great deal about human behavior.

The factor to bear in mind is that when one takes more psychology courses, the person benefits from a larger knowledge. Also, the person might wish to choose specializations that come with graduate programs that will further the goals in terms of a career as a marketing psychologist. There are several specializations that are offered with such graduate programs.

The courses that one needs not ignore include branding, market research, customer awareness creation and public policy as may affect the goals of marketing psychology.

Depending on the aspirations of the marketing psychologist, one might wish to go ahead to do Ph.D. studies. Usually, the person interested in the research angle of marketing psychology and consultancy practice will find that they will handle their careers better when they have a PhD. A Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) is another option. Due to the intensive research carried out in this line of education, one needs to have completed a dissertation report and supervised internship plus an examination.

The PsyD is more demanding and needs one to have done lots of exams and to have clinical experience.

Consequently, one can go for a PhD study in marketing. Often, this can be found in business school and will focus a lot on economics, research methodologies and marketing. Those who graduate successfully from such a setting will be more geared towards research work and academics.

The American Board of Professional Psychology offers various levels of certifications for these persons based of course on the manner in which they meet the set requirements.

What Does a Marketing Psychologist Do?

5 Principles of Marketing Psychology to Help Increase Sales - Froggy Ads

Marketing psychologists study consumers and how various factors such as age, education, and personal habits lead them to purchase certain items. In addition to people, they study how various products are viewed by consumers such as the packaging, color, and pricing, all of which can affect someone’s decision to make a purchase. They are then able to determine the best way to present a specific product or service to that consumer in order to increase the chances of conversion (the consumer making a purchase).

Various factors affect consumers and what they purchase. Location for instance is a big factor. People who live in warmer climates are less likely to buy sweaters while people in colder climates are less likely to buy sandals. This is an obvious factor, but what about others? Things such as age, gender, education, and personal habits can all contribute to a person’s buying decision. A marketing psychologist is able to figure out all these factors when evaluating a product or service.

How a product is presented to a consumer can have a big effect on sales, which is why merchandising is an important part of marketing psychology. For instance, running advertisements for supermarkets is more likely to convert if done in local newspapers. Running commercials for a supermarket when the place is closed will be a waste of marketing dollars. Inside of a store, a marketing psychologist can recommend the best way to display a product such as the location of a display and how the display is organized. Targeting customers in specific areas of a store can be key to conversion.

Once a marketing psychologist has all the information needed, they can recommend the best type of marketing campaigns that will likely lead to conversion. For instance, they may recommend marketing a product through an infomercial as opposed to running billboard ads or even recommend re-branding of a product in order to grab the attention of people looking for such a product. In the end, a marketing psychologist is able to use information they obtain about a product/service and consumer in order to develop a plan to best marketing that product or service to the consumer.

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Important Factors for Marketing Psychologist

  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Socio-economic status
  • Level of education
  • Geographical location
  • Gender
  • Tastes and preferences

These are some of the core areas that a marketing psychologist looks at to come up with a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Where Does a Marketing Psychologist Work?

A marketing psychologist generally work in the following settings:

  • Marketing consultancy firms
  • Advertising agencies
  • In colleges and universities
  • In companies and industries that are consumer driven
  • Independent practice

What is the Job Outlook for Marketing Psychologists?

As with the professions concerned with other psychologists, this field is set to be highly in demanding in the coming years. With realization of the business potential posed by such strategies in business as marketing research, there will be need for their expertise in several consumer driven ventures

What is the Salary of a Marketing Psychologist?

As of May 2020, the US Bureau for Labor Statistics puts the mean annual salary of the industrial-organizational psychologist at $112,690. Of course the higher the education level reached the more one earns. Factors like state worked in and experience in the field are also influential in the income earned.

MSc Marketing Psychology


Study mode

Full time


12 months

Start date


Key information

Qualification type

MSc – Master of Science

Subject areas

Marketing Psychology (General) Humanities / General Studies / Combined Studies

Course type


Course Summary


This course is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). If you choose to join and complete the mapped modules, you will receive a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership on completion of your degree.

This interdisciplinary degree will develop you into a highly employable professional that stands out from traditional marketing and psychology graduates.

Developed by a team of chartered marketers and psychologists, this degree blends scientific theory with marketing practices.

ou will learn how to use psychological techniques to identify changes in consumer behaviour. This knowledge will help you create new marketing strategies to reflect the fluctuating consumer industry.

You’ll explore a range of consumer cultures and learn how cross-cultural differences affect branding, marketing and consumer behaviour.

Covering contemporary disciplines such as digital anthropology, behavioural economics and neuro-marketing will help you develop a broad foundation of knowledge and skills.

You will attend a dedicated series of guest lectures from industry experts who will show you how marketing psychology knowledge and insight are applied to real-world business situations.

You’ll also have access to our dedicated psychology laboratory, equipped with specialist testing cubicles and research facilities.

In your final term, you will undertake a professional work placement where you will solve real problems in a professional organisation. This will be followed by a traditional dissertation.

This unique degree is designed to give you the skills to work as a brand strategist or a senior market researcher in this fast-moving and exciting industry.

Methods of assessment

You will be assessed via:

  • Academic essays
  • Field research
  • Group work
  • Interviews
  • Live projects
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Research activities


You will graduate from Regent’s with the core skills required for a successful career in marketing. Our forward-thinking course will also ensure you are familiar with exciting new techniques and theories around customer behaviour.


  • Individual Marketing (B2I) – Core: This module is designed to provide you with a detailed understanding of the theories in marketing, consumer behaviour, one to one targeting and relationship building in order to instil customer loyalty and achieve business success. It will cover the concept of marketing to an individual (also called one-to-one or individual marketing) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy.
  • Brands, Ads and Aspirations – Core
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy – Core
  • Cross-Cultural Aspects of Marketing Psychology – Core
  • Psychology of Consumer Behaviour – Core
  • Professional Practice (Placement) – Core
  • Research Methods – Core
  • Dissertation – Core

Tuition fees

UK fees

For this course (per year)


Average for all Postgrad courses (per year)


International fees

For this course (per year)


Average for all Postgrad courses (per year)


Entry requirements

Students need one of the following qualifications: minimum second class UK undergraduate degree; equivalent international qualifications as deemed acceptable by the University; exceptional entry will be assessed on case by case basis by academic referral only based on: an undergraduate degree lower than 2:2 plus one year of relevant work experience; no undergraduate degree but three years of relevant work experience.

marketing and consumer psychology masters uk

Masters in Consumer Psychology in UK

Masters in Consumer Psychology in UK is an academic program that concentrates on the emotional, psychological and behavioral patterns of individuals, groups or establishments during, before or after the processes of purchase, usage and disposal of any goods or services to understand the consumer dynamics of the market in a psychological perspective. The academic program gives an in-depth understanding of the various nuances and complexities governing the emotions, trust and preferences of the consumer (which ranges from an individual to even a global society) with respect to their consuming choices or selections.

Through Consumer Psychology Masters in UK, the students are trained to understand the consuming behavior of respective individuals/groups, inconsideration with various factors pertaining to the consumer such as consumer lifestyles, usage occasions, brand trust, loyalty etc. in relation with a consumer society’s wants and needs. The course will also shed light on the personal factors influencing the consumer behavior such as personal or societal referrals along with various marketing factors.

MSc Consumer Psychology UK is an academic program which formulated by the integration of psychology and marketing, and is one of the leading marketing programs in the global academia because of the reputation it have earned by producing graduates who could play crucial roles in strategizing marketing and business systems or policies which will appeal to the customer behavioral patterns of a specific consumer society. Students of MSc Consumer Psychology in UK will be trained to formulate a psychological foundation for the strategies and policies for several marketing and consumption activities, ranging from pre-purchase activities such as advertising to the process or purchase and post-purchasing evaluation through the comprehension of various psychological factors governing purchasing behavior.

The students will also be trained to foresee and consider purchasing decisions, brand trust and adherence and post-consumption activities such as referrals, evaluation and grading to understand the psychological dynamics of consumers. MSc in Consumer Psychology in UK produces graduates who have exemplary analytical skills to comprehend the statistical data pertaining to consumption of goods and services to understand the Consumer Psychology or behavior towards certain brands, products and their existence in a market of choices.

Job Opportunities in UK after Masters in Consumer Psychology

The prominent job opportunities in UK after Masters in Consumer Psychology are consumer insight manager, consumer behavior consultant, public relations officer, communication consultant and marketing professional. In the research field, major job opportunities after MSc in Consumer Psychology in UK are Consumer Psychology researcher, marketing researcher, market analyst and consumer pattern analyst. The graduates have job opportunities in almost any business section, whether it be product development or advertising, as a consumer psychologist to foresee the consumer approach to goods and services. Job opportunities after Consumer Psychology in UK also includes product innovation consultant, social media marketing executive etc.

Average Salary in UK after Masters in Consumer Psychology

The Average salary in UK after Masters in Consumer Psychology is around £37,999 per annum, and is subjected to considerable growth in coming years due to the discipline’s significance in formulating marketing strategies to implement in markets all around the world. Graduates with adequate analytical skills and psychological insight to comprehend the underpinning dynamics of consumer societies are rewarded with exemplary Consumer Psychology salary in UK. A considerable Consumer Psychology graduate salary UK is often proposed for the students to meet the necessary and growing demand for graduates in the discipline for versatile professions in marketing establishments and research institutions.

Best universities for Consumer Psychology Masters UK have adequate technological and scientific means to manage and analyze enormous statistical and scientific data, to perform biological experiments for enhanced research and number of platforms to welcome distinguished faculties from the industry to guide the students. Best universities for MSc in Consumer Psychology in UK are renowned for their association with various psychological research and marketing establishments for students to participate and associate to develop their skills and contemporary understanding of the discipline. These universities also assign and encourage students for mandatory projects where they develop the mechanisms of applying psychology in formulating strategies and policies for consumer management. The best universities in UK for Consumer Psychology Masters are,

University of Sussex
Heriot-Watt University
University of Reading
Goldsmiths, University of London
Bangor University

Consumer Psychology Masters London

Consumer Psychology Masters London is an opportunity for students all over the world to associate with one of the greatest academia in the world in terms of scale, scope and outreach, whose significance in the field of psychology have attracted attention from all over the world. London homes one of the best psychological institutions, research establishments and experiment centers which are overseen by psychological authorities and associations with renowned psychologists.

Students of MSc Consumer Psychology London will be given platforms for enhanced learning and personal research within the perimeters of the city which homes one of the largest markets in the continent for integrated analysis of consumer behavior and psychology along with guaranteed variations in data sampling because of the varied demographic features of the city. The exposure of the city ensures the students of Consumer Psychology MSc London, an unparalleled opportunity to extend the scope of learning to European business and even to global brand management, where the students can integrate novel psychological insights with the formulation of innovative marketing approaches gaining international attention.

Ultimately, the exposure, the reputation of universities and the presence of both psychological and business enterprises will integrate together to reward the students of Masters in Consumer Psychology in London irrefutable career prospects. The best universities in London for Masters in Consumer Psychology are,

Goldsmiths, University of LondonMSc in Consumer Behaviour

Entry Requirement for Consumer Psychology in UK

The fundamental entry requirement for Consumer Psychology in UK is a score of 2:2 (second class, second division) in any Bachelor’s degree, but most preferably in a BA or BSc Psychology. Even though the above figure will meet the necessary requirements of almost every university in the UK, it is noticed that some top-ranked universities tend to set an enhanced score of 2:1 (second class, first division) to meet Masters in Consumer Psychology requirements UK. In addition to this, the students are supposed to include at least two academic references in their application for added weightage. For any updates or queries regarding MSc in Consumer Psychology in UK requirements, our expert team of experienced counsellors can be contacted.

English Language Requirements for Consumer Psychology in UK

For pursuing university education in UK, it is mandatory for the international candidates to fulfil necessary English language requirements for Consumer Psychology in UK as the candidates are expected to validate their English language proficiency to guarantee that they can follow the English medium of education. The universities expect the candidates to meet English language requirements for Masters in Consumer Psychology in UK by attempting these examinations and securing the following scores to secure admission; which are IELTS with a score of 6.0TOEFL with a score of 79 and PTE with a score of 53. The students have to submit the validation certificates along with the application to completely fulfil English language requirements for MSc in Consumer Psychology in UK.

Masters in Consumer Psychology in UK without IELTS

IELTS is regarded as the most distinguished English language valuation examination by both the international student community and academia in the UK because of its ability to present a candidate’s English language skills in terms of writing, reading, listening and speaking separately for a clarified picture. But the prominence of IELTS doesn’t limit the chances of a candidate to secure admission as there are numerous top ranked universities which offer Masters in Consumer Psychology in UK without IELTS upon fulfilling minimal conditions. The alternative condition to secure admission without IELTS is to have a minimum of 60% mark in 12th standard English language paper, as the admission panel will evaluate the candidates based on their English language performance in senior secondary and matriculation levels.In addition to this, the admission officials will conduct an interview, most preferably a telephone interview to evaluate a candidate’s language skills, where one could secure the requirement by performing well. Not only do these universities have simpler admission procedures, but they also have an exemplary track record in accommodating relatively a larger number of foreign candidates.

The best universities that offers MSc in Consumer Psychology in UK without IELTS are,

University of SussexMSc in Marketing and Consumer Psychology
Heriot-Watt UniversityMSc International Marketing with Consumer Psychology
University of ReadingMSc in Consumer Behaviour
Goldsmiths, University of LondonMSc in Consumer Behaviour
Bangor UniversityMA in Business with Consumer Psychology
Bangor UniversityMSc in Business with Consumer Psychology
Bangor UniversityMSc in Consumer Psychology with Business

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