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The Macquarie MD is designed for students with a high level of achievement in tertiary study, who engage in a variety of experiences and activities; have the interpersonal skills desirable in a medical student and doctor; and the resilience, commitment and desire to help improve the health of Australian and global communities.

Macquarie University is home to Australia’s newest medical school. Macquarie aims to prepare their medical graduates for the predicted environments in which they will practice as future leaders in healthcare. A Macquarie graduate is culturally responsive, globally aware, and equipped to work within increasingly digital health systems.

As a Macquarie medical student, you’ll study at MQ Health—Australia’s first university-led integrated health campus—where learning is fully integrated with outstanding patient-centred clinical care, and high-quality health and medical research. Structured Australian and international clinical experiences are embedded throughout the program, giving you the opportunity to experience different health systems, cultures, and clinical presentations.

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macquarie university medicine entry requirements

Admission Requirements

1. Completed bachelor’s degree
Completed bachelor’s degree with GPA of roughly a 2.7 / 4.0. GPA (approximately 70%), using weighted grade point average, calculated on the last 3 full-time years of your degree. For students in a 4-year degree, the weighting will be calculated by final year x3, third year x2, second year x1. Your first year will not be included in this calculation.

2. Admissions test
Must have achieved a minimum MCAT score of 500, completed within 3 years of intended enrolment. GAMSAT will also be accepted with minimum of 50 in each section.

3. Interview
Applicants are selected for interview based the following criteria:

  • Performance in a qualifying degree (as indicated by GPA)
  • Performance in MCAT / GAMSAT
  • Performance in the Personal Statement
  • Meeting English language requirements

Macquarie University uses the Personal Statement as a hurdle, then ranks applicants based on a selection rank derived from a 50 / 50 combination of weighted GPA and overall MCAT / GAMSAT score.

If selected, you will need to attend and perform a multiple mini-interview (MMI). Interviews may be conducted via Skype or similar platform.


There are a number of notable aspects in how Macquarie structures its postgraduate medical degree.  

Macquarie is full fee paying 

Macquarie is the newest medical degree in Australia having commenced in 2018. It is small, with only 60 places – the smallest medical course in Australia – possibly… given the other full fee paying medical degree, Bond University, does not state how many places it provides. 

The fee for the Doctor of Medicine degree in 2021 for domestic students was A$280,000 ($70,000 per annum) and international students $304,000 (A$76,000 per annum).

Macquarie is specific in their requirements regarding the age of prior degrees. Your undergraduate degree must be less than 10 years old from intended enrollment, unless you have undertaken postgraduate study. And if you have, this degree must also be less than 10 years old. Unlike other universities, however, Macquarie do not indicate what level of additional studies need to be undertaken to enable a degree completed more than 10 years ago to be refreshed and therefore accepted. Rather, this is assessed on an individual basis so students in this situation should discuss this with Macquarie.

Combined Bachelor of Clinical Science degree and Doctor of Medicine degree

Macquarie have a combined degree that is only available to international students – the Bachelor of Clinical Science degree and Doctor of Medicine degree. This provides international students with a guaranteed entry path to the Doctor of Medicine degree, on the proviso the Bachelor of Clinical Science degree is completed with a weighted average mark (WAM) of 70. Students also need to achieve a WAM of 70 in the professional practice units. Students also have to go through an interview prior to the Bachelor of Clinical Science degree.

The total cost of the combined Bachelor of Clinical Science and Doctor of Medicine degree is A$427,600.


Macquarie do not use UCAT or ISAT. International students completing the combined Bachelor of Clinical Science/Doctor of Medicine degree are not required to undertake this type of assessment – either prior to acceptance into the Bachelor of Clinical Science degree or prior to commencement in the Doctor of Medicine.

Other students – either domestic Bachelor of Clinical Science graduates or other graduates, need to complete the GAMSAT/MCAT.

Bachelor of Clinical Science benefits 

Domestic Bachelor of Clinical Science students need to complete separate applications for each of the Bachelor of Clinical Science and Doctor of Medicine degrees – with each degree requiring a competitive entry process. Bachelor of Clinical Science students have an advantage in this process with 20 interview places for the Doctor of Medicine degree reserved for these graduates. There are only 60 places in the Doctor of Medicine degree and when you exclude students who already have guaranteed entry, these 20 reserved interview places represent a sizable proportion of interview spots. 

Bachelor of Clinical Science students are also eligible to receive a 3% bonus to their weighted grade point average (GPA). This bonus, therefore, provides a further contribution in terms of possible success in securing an interview place. The GPA, along with a Personal Statement and GAMSAT/MCAT, are used to determine offers for an interview. Macquarie also provide interview preparation support for students going onto apply for the Doctor of Medicine degree.

Higher Degree Benefits

Macquarie accept graduates with higher degrees (standalone Honours, Graduate Diploma, Masters by research and by coursework and PhDs). Importantly, these degrees are able to be used in GPA calculations. 

Other things you need to do

Don’t forget as part of your application for the Doctor of Medicine you also will need to provide a Personal Statement. This is used, along with your GPA and GAMSAT/MCAT, to determine who’s offered an interview. 

Macquarie University Medicine Review

Macquarie university medicine review are a ton of resources available on this topic, much of it may be inaccurate. As a result, certain information might be a waste of time. 

The Macquarie University Summary shows there are 3 paths to medicine at Macquarie –

  • Bachelor of Clinical Science/Doctor of Medicine (Macquarie),
  • Bachelor of Clinical Science (Macquarie) and
  • Undergraduate or postgraduate degree (any degree, any university).

Macquarie is not specific about the type of degree or where it comes from – with Bachelor or higher degrees, Honours, Masters or PhDs all accepted. 

Entry Requirements – The full details regarding the entry requirements for medicine at Macquarie University are given in the table below.

This table shows how the 3 degree paths flow into the medical degree, and what you need to keep in mind not only for medicine, but also when applying for your undergraduate degree. 

How Macquarie Compares with Other Universities – Scroll further down, below the table and you’ll also see the Macquarie Comparitor. This enables you to compare the paths to medicine at Macquarie, with other university paths to medicine (offered by 19 Australian universities).  

Macquarie University: Rankings, Fees, Courses, Admission 2021, Eligibility  & Scholarships

macquarie university medicine fees

Macquarie is full fee payingThe fee for the Doctor of Medicine degree in 2021 for domestic students was A$280,000 ($70,000 per annum) and international students $304,000 (A$76,000 per annum).

Macquarie is home to MQ Health – Australia’s first fully integrated, university-led health sciences centre – where excellence in clinical care meets world-class medical education and research.

Faculty of Medicine and Health and Human Sciences

Course nameIndicative annual feeIndicative fee per credit point
Doctor of Medicine$70,000$875.00
Doctor of Physiotherapy$36,400$455.00
Graduate Certificate of Business Psychology$14,600$365.00
Graduate Certificate of Editing and Electronic Publishing$10,800$270.00
Graduate Certificate of TESOL$11,200$280.00
Graduate Diploma of Anatomy$34,800$435.00
Graduate Diploma of Business Psychology$29,200$365.00
Graduate Diploma of Translating and Interpreting$21,600$270.00
Master of Applied Linguistics$22,400$280.00
Master of Applied Linguistics and TESOL$22,400$280.00
Master of Applied Linguistics and TESOL and Master of Translation and Interpreting Studies$22,000$275.00
Master of Clinical Audiology$28,800$360.00
Master of Clinical Neuropsychology$29,200$365.00
Master of Clinical Psychology$29,200$365.00
Master of Commerce and Master of Organisational Psychology$30,000$375.00
Master of Conference Interpreting$28,800$360.00
Master of International Relations and Master of Translation and Interpreting Studies$24,400$305.00
Master of Organisational Psychology$29,200$365.00
Master of Professional Psychology$29,200$365.00
Master of Public Health$28,000$350.00
Master of Public Health (Research)$27,600$345.00
Master of Speech and Language Pathology$29,200$365.00
Master of Translation and Interpreting Studies$21,600$270.00
Master of Translation and Interpreting Studies (Advanced)$21,600$270.00
Macquarie University – Medicine and Health Sciences – The Macquarie MD

macquarie university medicine ranking

Ranked among the top 1% of universities in the world, Macquarie University is considered one of Australia’s best universities, producing graduates that are among the most sought after professionals in the world. With a strong tradition of innovation and exploration, we continue to break new ground with research ranked in the top one per cent in the world.

Undergraduate Degrees2022 selection rank
Bachelor of Medical Sciences 2022 selection rank – 8585
Newsroom Macquarie gains highest ever world ranking - Macquarie University

macquarie university medicine undergraduate

Choosing the Bachelor of Clinical Science as a pathway into the Macquarie MD has distinct benefits. For international students, a Bachelor of Clinical Science/Doctor of Medicine (Macquarie MD) course package is also available.

If you are a school leaver, you can study two courses – the Bachelor of Clinical Science followed by the Doctor of Medicine (Macquarie MD), offering a potential pathway into medicine within six years of full-time study.

Applicants will need to satisfy specific course entry and academic progress requirements to complete this course pathway. Please note that separate admissions criteria apply for each course.

Macquarie University CourseYears of study (full time)
Bachelor of Clinical Science2
Macquarie MD (Doctor of Medicine)4
If both courses are studied (directly after each other)6

The University offers two potential undergraduate pathways into medicine:

  • an indirect pathway for domestic applicants
  • direct pathway for international applicants.

Domestic pathway into medicine for school leavers

Domestic school leavers seeking a potential pathway into medicine can apply for the Bachelor of Clinical Science through UAC and, following completion and attainment of minimum academic requirements, can then apply through GEMSAS for the Doctor of Medicine course, the Macquarie MD.

Separate admissions criteria apply for each course.

Domestic applicants entering this pathway will need to meet specific Macquarie MD admission requirements including GPA, GAMSAT, satisfactory personal statement and competitive performance in a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI).

For Bachelor of Clinical Science graduates who apply for the Macquarie MD, there are some advantages:

  • The course includes preparation for medical admission tests.
  • A three-per-cent bonus is automatically applied to applicants’ weighted GPA.
  • 20 MMI places are reserved for Bachelor of Clinical Science graduates.
  • Macquarie University Bachelor of Clinical Science graduate scholarships are available – up to five scholarships worth AU$30,000 for each year of the course.

Find out more about the Bachelor of Clinical Science and the Macquarie MD.

International pathway into medicine for school leavers

The Bachelor of Clinical Science/Doctor of Medicine (Macquarie MD) is an innovative, combined course package for international high school graduates seeking a direct undergraduate pathway into medicine at Macquarie University.

International applicants can apply directly for the Bachelor of Clinical Science/Doctor of Medicine (Macquarie MD) course package. Online applications should be sent to International Admissions at Macquarie University. Applications open on 1 March 2021 and close 1 October 2021.

International students complete two full-time programs over six years: the Bachelor of Clinical Science over two years followed by the Macquarie MD over four years.

Please note that entry is competitive, and that this program package has a set quota for places.

Minimum entry requirements

  • Secondary school results –competitive performance in final examinations. Minimum final examination mark needs to be equivalent to a 95.00 Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).
  • Satisfactory performance in an online Multiple Mini Interview – comprising 4 short interview stations, a maximum of 8 minutes each.
  • IELTS – 7.0 overall; minimum 7.0 in each band, or equivalent.
  • Assumed knowledge – prior secondary school learning in mathematics and chemistry. If this has not been completed, a bridging course must be taken at Macquarie University in February prior to commencement.


Automatic progression from the Bachelor of Clinical Science into the Macquarie MD, without the need for further admissions tests, is guaranteed for students who meet the following criteria:

  • an international student with an unconditional place in the Bachelor of Clinical Science/Macquarie MD pathway
  • completion of the Bachelor of Clinical Science, with a minimum Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 70
  • achievement of a minimum Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 70  in the professional practice units in the Bachelor of Clinical Science.

International tuition fees

  • Bachelor of Clinical Science – indicative annual fee AU$59,900 for this two-year course.
  • Macquarie MD – indicative annual fee AU$74,000 for this four-year course (inclusive of flight and accommodation costs for clinical placements in Hyderabad, India, in Year 3)

The indicative annual fees are based on completing an accelerated study load in the Bachelor of Clinical Science and a standard full-time study load in the Macquarie MD. Fees listed above are indicative for 2020 and may increase each year. For courses longer than one year in duration, you will pay the fee that is current for the year that you enrol in the unit.

Macquarie University - Department of Clinical Medicine

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