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Lancaster University Management School

Lancaster University

LOCATION Lancaster, United Kingdom


TOTAL COST* $36,988







  • Total program cost includes tuition and required fees
  • percent of those seeking jobs who accepted employment within 3 months of graduation

Located in northern England, Lancaster drew 98% of its 2017 class from outside of the UK. Sixty-seven percent came from Asia and just 20% from Europe. Lancaster students are part of the Mindful Manager module during the entirety of the 1-year program, in which they work with executive training companies to become more effective leaders. Kevin Roberts, who served as CEO of global advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi for 17 years, visits the campus regularly for leadership coaching sessions. Roberts was born and educated in… Read MoreON FORBES LISTS#11Best Foreign 1-Year Business Schools 2017Dropped off in 2018BY THE NUMBERSClass of 2012TOTAL 5-YEAR MBA GAIN§$82,700PRE-MBA SALARY$29,0002016 SALARY$94,000YEARS TO PAYBACK2.7§5-year total compensation after graduation minus the sum of tuition, fees and foregone compensation before taxes and adjusted for the time value of moneyJob Placement by FunctionOTHER23%CONSULTING22%GENERAL MANAGEMENT22%FINANCE/ACCOUNTING18%MARKETING/SALES8%OPERATIONS/LOGISTICS7%Employment numbers for the class of 2018EnrollmentENROLLMENT BY CITIZENSHIPLOCAL RESIDENTS2%FOREIGN NATIONALS98%Enrollment numbers for the class of 2019

The Lahore University of Management Sciences is a world-class academic institution serving academia and society since 3 decades. With its internationally competitive faculty, experiential teaching methodology, cutting-edge research and a vibrant holistic experience, it continues to be a leading choice in Pakistan and the region.

Built on global academic standards, LUMS has established ties with the international community since inception. The University’s internationally published research, exchange programmes with top ranked institutions and international career opportunities continue to enhance its ranking on the world map and enrich the quality of education, research and industry relevance.

lums acceptance rate

To further increase its socio-academic diversity, LUMS welcomes foreign students to be a part of its ever growing student body. It lays a strong emphasis on supporting top talent worldwide which is why we offer generous scholarships, both merit and need-based to deserving international students. In line with these goals, LUMS is offering fully funded scholarships to SAARC nationals this year, including those from Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. These scholarships will be awarded for a two-year Masters in Business Administration’s degree at the Suleman Dawood School of Business and will cover fees for admission, registration, tuition, accommodation and reading material.

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LUMS consistently strives to make all its educational programmes accessible to all, regardless of their ability to pay. Committed to a need-blind policy, LUMS offers generous scholarships to deserving talent, nationally and internationally and continues to uphold its philosophy of merit based admissions by continuously increasing the pool of financial support that can be made available to all students.

Lums Application Tips

Complete Guide to getting Admission into LUMS

Many students in Pakistan are starting their preparation for applying to the top universities of Pakistan including Lahore University of Management Sciences or LUMS for short. LUMS also has some outstanding programs in the field of engineering, social sciences, and law. And because of its high graduate employability, super-qualified faculty, and high research output, LUMS has been ranked 95th in Asia for 2020 by QS World University Rankings.Quick Links:

Degrees offered in LUMS

In LUMS, there are four schools, each of which offer degrees in a certain subject area. The process is such that you get accepted into a given school and over the course of 1 or 2 years, you get to choose your degree programme. For the more competitive majors, places are often limited and you will need to meet the GPA criteria to get that major. If you decide to transfer between schools after admission, you will again need to meet the GPA requirement of the desired school. The degrees offered are as follows:


  • ● BSc (Honours) Accounting and Finance
  • ● BSc (Honours) Management Science


  • ● BSc Economics
  • ● Politics & Economics
  • ● BSc (Honours) Anthropology and Sociology
  • ● BSc (Honours) Political Science
  • ● Economics & Mathematics
  • ● BA (Honours) English
  • ● BA (Honours) History


  • ● BS Biology
  • ● BS Chemistry
  • ● BS Chemical Engineering
  • ● BS Computer Science
  • ● BS Electrical Engineering
  • ● BS Mathematics
  • ● BS Physics


  • ● BA-LL.B (Honours)
National Outreach Programme Scholarship at LUMS, 2017

These are the academic requirements and criteria you need to fulfill to get accepted

Admission requirements to secure admission in Business (SDSB), Social Science (MGSHS), and Law (SAHSL) programs

  • ● At least 70% marks in Matric
  • ● At least 65% in FA(Part-1) or at least 70% marks in FSc(Part-1)/ICS(Part-1)/ICOM (Part-1)
  • ● Average grade of at least B in at least 8 O Level subjects
  • ● At least 70% or B in American High School Diploma (first year)
  • ● At least 28/45 in IB (first year)

If you are shortlisted, you will get a conditional offer based on the following grades for the final result:

Conditional offer for admission into SDSB, MGSHS & SAHSL

  • ● At least 65% in FA or 70% in FSc/ICOM/ICS
  • ● Average of at least 2Bs and 1C in A Level across best three subjects, with no grade being less than E
  • ● Minimum grades for American HSD will be decided by Admissions Committee
  • ● Minimum 28/45 in IB

For engineering programs (SBASSE)

  • ● Atleast 70% marks in Matric
  • ● Atleast 70% marks in FSc(Part-1)/ICS(Part-1)
  • ● Average grade of atleast B in atleast 8 O Level subjectse
  • ● Atleast 70% or B in American High School Diploma (first year)
  • ● Atleast 28/45 in IB (first year)

If you are shortlisted, you will get a conditional offer based on the following grades for the final result:

  • ● Atleast 70% in FSc/ICS
  • ● Average of atleast 2Bs and 1C in A Level across best three full credit subjects, with no grade being less than E
  • ● Full credit subjects for SBASSE are Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Computer Science, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics
  • ● Minimum grades for American HSD will be decided by Admissions Committee
  • ● Minimum 28/45 in IB

Tests to get Admission into LUMS

Law Admission Test for LUMS Law degree

In addition to the SAT/ACT, applications to the law programme are also required to take Law Admission Test, as per the requirements of the Supreme Court of Pakistan

SBASSE Subject Test for LUMS science or engineering students

If applicants to SBASSE do not take the SAT subject test, they will have to take the LUMS SBASSE Subject Test. This test is designed to gauge competence across Biology, Physics, Advanced Maths and Chemistry. The test lasts for a duration of 2 hours, consists of MCQs only, and students need to attempt any 3 of the 4 sections available.

SAT Requirements to get admission in LUMS

The SAT is your easy way into LUMS. If you focus all your efforts into this one component, you will most probably be accepted into LUMS. The SAT criteria is as follows:

  • ● No official cutoff required by LUMS
  • ● Aim for 1400 in SAT I to be guaranteed a place in your desired program
  • ● Essay component required
  • ● Merit scholarships given to applicants with highest SAT scores
  • ● For science or engineering degrees
    • ○ Either LUMS Entry Test along with SAT-I
    • ○ Or atleast 3 of the 4 SAT subject tests listed below, along with SAT-I
      • ■ Biology-M
      • ■ Chemistry
      • ■ Mathematics II-C
      • ■ Physics
  • ● Decide your desired degree programme and note the relevant dates
  • ● Take the SAT
  • ● Apply through the online portal
  • ● Pay the nonrefundable application processing fee
  • ● Make sure to submit the required documents
  • ● Keep checking your admission status and for any updates

Deadline to sit in SAT (with Essay) and/or SAT Subject Test (First Round Offers)7 December 2019
Deadline for online admission applicationPST 5 PM 30 January 2020
Deadline for document submission31 January 2020
Deadline to take ACT (with Essay) (First Round Offers)8 February 2020
LUMS SBASSE Subject Test16 February 2020
Deadline to take SAT (with Essay) and/or SAT Subject Test (Second Round Offers)14 March 2020
Deadline to take ACT (with Essay) (Second Round Offers)4 April 2020
Final admission decisions22 April to 30 July 2020

Required supporting documents for LUMS Admission Application

Make sure you submit the following documents before the deadline for every admissions cycle.

Documents Verification Requirement for Admission

  • ● Attested copies of comprehensive transcripts and results of:
  • ● Matric, O Level, or American High School results
  • ● FA/ICOM/FSc./ICS full result or if the final result has not been announced, submit the first year result
  • ● FA/ICOM/FSc./ICS full result or if the final result has not been announced, submit the first year result
  • ● American High School Diploma complete result or first semester results up to grade 12 if final result has not been announced yet. If it has been completed at the time of application, submit the IBCC equivalence certifiicate as well
  • ● Complete IB result, or only first year result if it has not been completed
  • ● IBCC equivalence certificates must be submitted in the case of degrees other than Matric and Fsc.
LUMS Officially Commences National Outreach Programme (NOP) Coaching  Sessions 2016 | Human Resource Department

SAT/ACT Documents required for Admission

  • ● Score report of SAT(with essay)/ACT(with essay)
  • ● If aplicable, SAT-II score report

General documents required for Admission

  • ● Law Admission Test score required (if applying for law degree)
  • ● 4 passport sized pictures with white color background
  • ● Stamped copy of confirmation email of online payment, or payment voucher as payment proof
  • ● Original bank draft (if international applicant chooses to pay via bank draft
  • ● All documents should be submitted in one package before the submission deadline
  • ● Two teacher evaluations
  • ● Other documents (if applicable)
    • ○ Personal statement
    • ○ Additional information documents
    • ○ Financial aid documents (if relevant)
  • ● Make sure you paste the LUMS Mailing Label on the documents envelope before posting it to LUMS Admissions Office

Fee details for application processing and SBASSE Subject Test

  • ● Application processing fee: Rs. 5900
  • ● SBASSE Entry Test fee: Rs. 2200
  • ● International application fee: $83
  • ● International application fee and SBASSE entry test fee: $104

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