LLM In USA For International Students

LLM in USA For International Students, like all of the bellwether degrees is without a doubt an incredible degree that can be obtained at any university. Being an extremely legitimate degree you will find many opportunities which come your way as this degree is seen as a stepping stone for someone who wants to become a lawyer.

Did you come to know that there are several law schools in USA offering LL.M in your country? If, yes, you have already applied to one of them. But if no so, then before you start the application process, it is good to know that there is a comprehensive list of several law schools you can choose from whether you are from India or from anywhere else.

Want to study law in the US? Then you must be looking for LLM in USA. Here’s everything you need to know about pursuing an LLM degree in USA

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LLM (Master of Law) in USA is offered in various specialized fields like taxation, commercial law, social justice, human rights, environmental law, criminology and others. It is a 9 months to 1-year course available as a residential program in most of the universities. Some institutes also offer it as a distance-learning program. International students are required to have a 3-year bachelors degree in law is required to apply for LLM in USA.

LL.M. is an abbreviation of the Latin Legum Magister, which means Master of Laws. For many international law applicants, doing an LLM in USA for international students is the ultimate goal. The country has some of the biggest, cheapest and best law schools in the world, and many of them offer LL.M. programs.

For those pursuing an LL.M. in the United States, get information on the Cheapest LLM in USA for international students, Cheapest LLM program in USA and also Master degree in law in USA for international students.

what is LLM?

The LL.M. (Master of Laws) is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree. An LL.M. is usually obtained by completing a one-year full-time program. Law students and professionals frequently pursue the LL.M. to gain expertise in a specialized field of law, for example in the area of tax law or international law. Many law firms prefer job candidates with an LL.M. degree because it indicates that a lawyer has acquired advanced, specialized legal training, and is qualified to work in a multinational legal environment.

In most countries, lawyers are not required to hold an LL.M. degree, and many do not choose to obtain one. An LL.M. degree by itself generally does not qualify graduates to practice law. In most cases, LL.M. students must first obtain a professional degree in law, e.g. the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) in the United Kingdom or the Juris Doctor (J.D.) in the United States, and pass a bar exam or the equivalent exam in other countries, such as the Zweites Staatsexamen in Germany. While the general curriculum of the LL.B. and J.D. is designed to give students the basic skills and knowledge to become lawyers, law students wishing to specialize in a particular area can continue their studies with an LL.M. program. Some universities also consider students for their LL.M. program who hold degrees in other related areas, or have expertise in a specific area of law.

Graduation requirements for an LL.M. program vary depending on the respective university guidelines. Some programs are research-oriented and require students to write a thesis, while others only offer a number of classes that students must take to complete the course of study. Many LL.M. programs combine both coursework and research. Part-time programs are also available for professionals wishing to complete their LL.M. while working full-time.

Prospective students should be aware that there is no universal definition for the term LL.M. It is used in different ways by institutions around the world. Particularly in the United States and Germany, LL.M. programs are often designed to teach foreign lawyers the basic legal principles of the host country. In this regard, the LL.M. can help lawyers seeking to relocate and practice in another country, or expand their area of practice to multinational issues. The completion of an LL.M. program, however, does not automatically qualify foreign students to take the bar exam in their host country. In the U.S., for example, some states allow foreign lawyers to seek admission to the bar upon completion of an LL.M., while in other states, a J.D. is required.

LLM In USA For International Students

The USA is home to some of the best academic programs in the world as well as a variety of top quality graduate law programs. The USA is a diverse country and experiences will differ depending on location; however there will never be a dull day as there is so much to see, do, and explore. There are countless opportunities for cultural activities, outdoor adventures, diverse cuisine, cosmopolitan cities, and quaint towns. An LLM in USA can prove to be a truly enjoyable experience.

Students seeking an LLM in USA will not only receive an excellent education, they will gain valuable international experience studying in the USA, which can be a competitive advantage in the global job market. With an LLM in USA, students will participate in a challenging curriculum to include coursework, research, internship, and seminars. Some of the LLM in USA programs focus on specialization areas such as business, taxation, corporate law, environmental law, finance, and commercial law, to name a few.

Take the next step toward your personal and professional goals with an LLM in USA!

Master of Laws

Penn State Dickinson Law

Carlisle, USA

The LL.M. program at Penn State’s Dickinson Law gives students and lawyers trained outside of the U.S. a high-level understanding of the American legal system. The program’s foundational courses introduce you to our unique analytic methodologies. Students then may choose courses from our “Lawyer As …” curriculum divided by specialized fields of study, and create personalized tracks based on areas of interest. 

LL.M in Intellectual Property

UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

Concord, USA

Designed for the U.S. and foreign lawyers, students learn from industry and scholarly experts at the forefront of the field. Experience hands-on learning through clinics like the Intellectual Property and Transaction Clinic

Master of Laws (General)

SMU Dedman School of Law

Dallas, USA

The general LL.M. program offers law graduates an opportunity to broaden their backgrounds in certain specialized areas of law by enrolling in advanced courses and seminars and by engaging in specialized research. Most students seeking this degree concentrate in areas such as corporate and commercial law, international law, intellectual property law, legal practice and procedure, natural resources law, or property law. 

LL.M. for Foreign-Trained Lawyers

Temple University Beasley School of Law

Philadelphia, USA +1 More

Strong rankings. Personal attention. Top value. Earn an LL.M. at Temple University Beasley School of Law, where you will take courses together with JD students, become part of a tight-knit community established in 1974, and live in the affordable city of Philadelphia, strategically located between New York and Washington DC. We invite you to join the Temple family to advance your career.

LLM – Corporate Law, Commercial Law & Trade Concentration

University of Illinois – College of Law

Champaign, USA

The Illinois LLM – Corporate Law, Commercial Law & Trade Concentration program is designed to prepare students with or without any prior legal training to excel in their professional careers. Foreign-educated students in the LLM – Corporate Law, Commercial Law & Trade Concentration program are introduced to the U.S. legal system and provided the opportunity to specialize in their own area of academic or professional interest. U.S.-trained lawyers can also enhance their legal expertise to meet their professional and career goals in the LLM – Corporate Law, Commercial Law & Trade Concentration program.

LLM in Dispute Resolution

Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law

Los Angeles, USA

The top-ranked Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution has led the nation in law-school-based conflict resolution for over a decade and has been ranked # 1 in the U.S. News and World Report law school rankings for 13 of the last 14 years. Offering a Certificate in Dispute Resolution, Master of Dispute Resolution, and seven different LLM degrees, lawyers and non-law practitioners can all learn the skills to manage conflict in a variety of settings. Hands on faculty, small class sizes, diverse student body, and flexible schedules make its academic programs ideal for achieving a wide variety of professional goals. The LLM in Dispute Resolution is considered the premier program in dispute resolution and offers students the most amount of flexibility in their dispute resolution education. This 26-unit program can be completed over the course of two semesters and is structured with a balance of theory and practice; students will focus on a variety of ADR mechanisms including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, as well as gain practice through the requisite Mediation Clinic and Externship program.

Master of Laws (LLM) – Civil Litigation and Advocacy Specialization

Loyola Law Schoo

Los Angeles, USA

An LLM in Civil Litigation & Advocacy is an ideal choice for students interested in becoming international trial attorneys. Through this specialization, you will benefit from Loyola’s highly ranked trial advocacy program. You will learn in the Girardi building, with its several classrooms designed to replicate typical U.S. courtrooms and court facilities. You will take classes with professors with storied careers and experiences in the courtroom. Loyola is renowned for transforming students into stellar trial attorneys, and you will be no exception. The LLM degree requires 24 total units of credit. The Civil Litigation and Advocacy Specialization will be recognized with the satisfactory completion of 17 units of prescribed coursework. This includes 17 units of required courses. 

Master of Laws (LLM)

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, William S. Richardson School of Law

Honolulu, USA

The LLM (Master of Laws) Program at the University of Hawaii is a one-year course of study of the U.S. legal system.

Flex-LLM in U.S. Law

George Mason University – Antonin Scalia Law School

Arlington, USA

A top-tier law school, the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University boasts the number one location for young attorneys in the US and a top-25 faculty in terms of scholarly impact. Scalia Law’s new Flex LLM offers international lawyers an unparalleled education in U.S. law, providing an expedited path to a degree and bar eligibility in Washington, DC. With classes broken into manageable 8-week sessions, concurrent bar study, access to the law school’s resources, and individualized attention, the new Flex LLM sets a course for success.

LL.M. in American and Transnational Law (Online)

University of Dayton School of Law

Dayton, USA

Starting in January 2019, the University of Dayton School of Law began offering an entirely online option for students interested in completing their LL.M. degree in American and Transnational Law.

cheapest llm in usa for international students

An LL.M. degree can be a fast ticket to the top. For many law professionals, having a US law school on the top of a CV can be extremely valuable.

With the US economy booming, the opportunity cost of leaving your job to return to full-time study is high. This is especially true for international students, who have to consider not only the tuition for an LL.M. program, but cost of living, which can be high in some American cities.  many law schools, there is an abundance of financial aid for LL.M. students. Choosing to study outside of big metropolitan areas can help minimize expenses as well.

Brigham Young University (BYU) – J. Reuben Clark Law School

Provo, Utah

BYU’s course is for foreign lawyers who want to make themselves more employable outside the US. The eight-month program is taught full-time between August and April every year. BYU emphasises law with purpose, offering significant discounts for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members. Another advantage is the lifestyle: the school’s campus is at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, offering limitless outdoor activities. 

University of Iowa College of Law

Iowa City, Iowa 

Being just a year long, the opportunity cost of Iowa’s LL.M. is low. Tuition fees have been substantially reduced in recent years, too. Students can further cut their tuition fee bill by working for faculty as a research assistant. All applicants are automatically considered for a scholarship. The school keeps class sizes small, to encourage interaction and networking with peers and professors. 

University of Houston Law Center (UHLC)

Houston, Texas 

The school runs renowned specialty LL.M. programs six subjects including health law and intellectual property law, and information law. The two aforementioned programs are ranked highly by US News. The school is one of the most innovative in the world, according to a Financial Times ranking. Studying in Houston may be beneficial. America’s fourth-largest city is a leader in healthcare, energy and international business, so prospects for employment locally are expected to be good.  

University of Arizona – James E. Rogers College of Law

Tucson, Arizona 

The school offers three LL.M.s: a general degree, and specialist programs in international trade and business law, and indigenous peoples law and policy (IPLP). All three are full-time programs taken over two semesters. Students can tackle real cases. In the IPLP course, they have represented several indigenous and tribal communities in global human rights cases and petitions, such as Rio Yaqui of Mexico and Maya of Belize, alongside faculty.  

University of Nebraska – College of Law

Lincoln, Nebraska 

Nebraska has a forward-thinking LL.M. that focuses on space, cybersecurity and telecommunications law and policy, which relates to every satellite, phone call and online transaction. Graduates’ career prospects appear to be good, as some have gone on to work for private companies like SpaceX, civilian agencies like the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, and military operations such as the US Cyber Command, as well as for think-tanks and law firms.

Temple University – Beasley School of Law 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Launched in 1974, Temple’s LL.M. for Foreign-Trained Lawyers caters to international students who are interested in learn about the US legal system. However, beyond that core offering, the school also offers a range of other programs, including an LL.M. in Taxation, one in Trial Advocacy, and even an LL.M. based in Beijing, China. The school is currently ranked as a top law school for trial advocacy, according to US News and World Report.

University of Maryland – Francis King Carey School of Law 

Baltimore, Maryland

The Carey School of Law’s affordable LL.M. program offers a good deal of flexibility: students can pursue one of eight legal specialities, including health law, environmental law, intellectual property law, and more. Studying in Baltimore has its perks: the city is based in the US’ second-largest legal market, offering easy access to government agencies, large legal firms, and NGOs. Being based in the country’s second-largest legal market is also beneficial in terms of cost of living, compared to the largest (New York). The school is currently ranked as a top law school for health care law, according to US News.

Texas A&M University School of Law

Offering a budget-priced LL.M. in Fort Worth, Texas A&M is currently ranked by US News as one of the top 100 law schools in the country. The school offers a range of LL.M. options—both online and in-class—covering topics from business and commercial law to wealth management.

College of Law (FIU)

Miami, Florida 

Aimed primarily at students from outside the US, FIU’s LL.M. is a great choice for international students on a budget. Students in the LL.M. can opt to study a range of legal disciplines, including alternative dispute resolution, family law, labor & employment law, and more. Just don’t get too distracted by Miami’s many cultural attractions and nightlife.

Louisiana State University (LSU) – Paul M. Hebert Law Center

LSU is unique among US law schools in that it offers an integrated common law and civil law education (the legal system in Louisiana is derived from the civil code established by France in the early  19th century). This means that students in the LL.M. program are exposed to a unique range of law traditions. For those on a budget, the school offers many of its LL.M. students generous merit-based scholarships. 

llm in usa fees

1. Tuition Fees

The biggest costs associated with studying an LLM program in the United States is the tuition fees. Most institutions charge per credit hour so the overall fee is the very similar for full or part-time study, also fees for in-state students and online are usually the same. However tuition fees between institutions in the US can vary widely for a similar qualification. For example, a one year full-time LLM course tuition fees can be as little as $14,292 total cost for an in-state student at University of Arkansas compared to $65,456 total cost for all students at Cornell University. Not all institutions are equal, but just because a university is highly ranked it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be very expensive, so it is important to do your research.

2. Health Insurance and Institutional Costs

Health Insurance is a major cost for students choosing to study in the USA which can be around $2,800 per year for basic cover and around $4,000 per year for comprehensive cover supplied by your university. If you are bringing dependents, then you will need to count the cost of health insurance for them as well as the usual living expenses. There will also be other costs like society membership fees, library fees and there can also be extra fees for being an international student. These fees are often quite small amounts, but can soon add up to a few hundred dollars per year, which is important to remember if you are studying part-time as you will need to pay these for two years rather than just one year.

3. Living Costs

Your accommodation costs will vary hugely as it depends on where your university is and if you live on or off campus. The accommodation costs in central New York can be from $600 to $1,500 per month for a room depending on where you want to stay. A small one bedroom apartment at the University of Michigan will cost around $900 per month in comparison. You will also need to consider travelling costs for daily commuting and trips back home. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of books, socialising, contents insurance, food and items like mobile phones. Fortunately, universities in the US usually publish estimated expenses which you can use to start to understand the fees and costs to include in your budget. 

how long is llm in usa?

Typically a one year program, the LLM serves as an introduction to the US Legal System and is most often requested of applicants to the bar who were educated in or practiced outside the US.

how to apply for llm in usa


In order to be eligible for an LL.M., applicants must:

  • Hold a Juris Doctor (JD) from a US law school accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) or a first degree in law from a foreign law school with equivalent standards. 
  • Submit a completed application form along with supporting documents before the application deadline
  • International applicants must meet the English Language Proficiency Requirement

Application Deadlines:

Fall Semester:
International Students- May 1
U.S. Citizen/Permanent Resident Students- July 1
Online/Hybrid Students- August 1

Spring Semester:
International Students- October 1
U.S. Citizen/Permanent Resident Students- November 1
Online/Hybrid Students- December 1

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