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Last Updated on December 15, 2022

JJC’s online classes take place on the platform iCampus, powered by Canvas. This state-of-the-art virtual classroom technology allows students to:

  • View presentations given by professors
  • Connect with their professor and fellow classmates 
  • Complete class assignments
  • Take exams and quizzes
  • See grades and feedback from their instructor as soon as it’s available

Even though this software is used primarily for online classes, many on campus classes may require the use of iCampus. Please check with your professor if you have any questions.

Online students can expect: 

  • A safe learning environment (complete coursework from your home)
  • The flexibility of logging on at any time of day (while still meeting assigned due dates from instructors)
  • Reduced costs for out-of-district students (online classes are charged at in-district rates)
  • To save time and gas money (without the commute to campus)
  • Expert professors who can provide one-on-one support (and have adjusted their classes to fit student needs during the pandemic)

Online Classes 

Students can expect to receive the same education – and the same attention from instructors – from an online course as they would receive from an on campus or hybrid course. the difference is that everything related to the class will be performed online via iCampus.

Please note that during a typical year, students enrolled in online courses may be asked to visit campus to complete exams or tests. This varies by class. This information applies to typical semesters and not semesters impacted by the pandemic.

Hybrid Classes

Hybrid classes are taught partially online and partially in a face-to-face, on campus setting. Hybrid courses reduce the amount of time spent on campus by moving lectures, course work and other activities online. Hybrid courses deliver up to 74 percent of course instruction online with the remainder occurring on campus. Students can expect to receive the same amount of attention from a hybrid course as they would from an online or on campus course.


On Campus (Face-to-Face) Classes

These courses are held on the Main, City Center or Romeoville Campuses as well as at our education centers, high schools and other locations in our district. These classes may require students to use iCampus for course information, grades and more.

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