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Have you ever spent an unnecessary amount of time finding top-notch education information regarding degrees you aspire to attain? If so, this article below is for you. It provides valuable information about international graduate school of business.

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International business masters programs aim to help students develop a thorough understanding of business practices, laws, and standards used to compete in a global market. Classes typically cover techniques and methods in international leadership, management, marketing, and trade. These courses may help prepare you to efficiently interact with foreign economies. Therefore, a masters in international business program could be a great choice for students looking to bridge business gaps in an increasingly interconnected world.

Potential Masters in International Business Curriculum

Since many undergraduate business programs cover basic business practices, an international business masters program tends to focus more on addressing the unique concerns of a global economy. To do this, courses examine concepts like cultural, economic, and legal differences between regions and countries. This way, students could potentially navigate between these individual foreign markets with ease. Understanding these varying external influences could be valuable when making foreign negotiations or other business related deals.

An international business degree can be highly coveted when it comes to dealing with the economic marketplace on a global scale. This degree can act as a ‘proverbial’ backbone when it comes to jobs that involve global sales, marketing, and financial management.

Featured Schools


  1. University of LondonUniversity of LondonPROGRAM: LSE MBA ESSENTIALSThis London School of Economics and Political Science online certificate course helps you gain holistic business skills from anywhere in the world, in just 10 weeks. Master business strategy, finance and leadership, guided by expert LSE faculty.VISIT SITE

The demand is rising for international business degree graduates, as the global economy is seeing an increase in a need for quality business professionals. As salaries are rising in this field, education is starting to play a key role in regards to the hiring and procurement of these associates. In turn, this makes it extremely important to look at the quality of the schools that offer these international degree programs.

  • Unique Program Features (1/2): the number and range of unique and exceptional elements in a program, including academic prestige, number of concentrations, ability to accelerate time-until-degree, and others.
  • Affordability (1/2): the total program cost, as calculated through the estimated out-of-state tuition per credit hour rate.

Ranking the Top 10 Best International Business Schools.

The top 10 schools were picked with several important factors in mind: the first is in regards to the superiority of their academics, the second relates to the graduation rates, and the third is in regards to the program’s level of accreditation. Some other factors that were taken into account were the reputations of the teachers and corresponding satisfaction of the students.

1. University of Pennsylvania


Overall Summary: The University of Pennsylvania is a historical university that was originally founded by Benjamin Franklin. This University’s programs consistently top out on tier-one school lists. This scenic school also boasts excellent opportunities for exploration, advancement in learning, and community involvement. This, among other factors, makes the University of Pennsylvania a good first pick for anybody looking for a top-notch international degree program.

Unique Features: The University of Pennsylvania is considered to be America’s first university. Along with being the first university, it also had the first medical and business school.

Admission Facts: The admission requirements for the University of Pennsylvania are rigorous. There is no minimum GPA requirement for the University of Pennsylvania, but 88% of entering students have a GPA of 3.5.

2. Florida International University


Overall Summary: Florida International University is a tier 2 school that is nestled in the heart of Miami, Florida. This diverse campus offers an intense educational experience for its international business majors.

Unique Features: The school has a Hispanic population that totals about 60%. This being said, Florida International University is on the top of the list for granting degrees to Hispanics.

Admission Facts: The admission requirements for Florida International University are selective, only 39.4% of applicants are admitted each year.

3. New York University


Overall Summary: New York University’s Stern School of Business is internationally recognized for the influx of recognized business professionals that graduate from its program. Also, students can gain international experience with the various semester abroad programs.

Unique Features: New York University’s main campus is situated in the middle of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. NYU isn’t a traditional campus; it is open and merges right into the New York City streets.

Admission Facts: 96% of students admitted to New York University are in the top of their graduating class. Most of these admitted students score between 1280 and 1480 on their SATs.

4. University of South Carolina


Overall Summary: As part of the University’s international business curriculum, students are required to complete four advanced business courses. They also have the option of spending a semester abroad at a sister school overseas.

Unique Features: University of South Carolina has been recognized by the Princeton Review as one of the ‘100 Best Value Colleges for 2011’.

Admission Facts: Students who complete the required 18 high school academic units with at least a 3.5 GPA and SAT scores of 1150 or higher are considered competitive for admission to this school.

5. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


Overall Summary: The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s international business program places emphasis on the global network on an international context. This school’s curriculum places emphasis on advanced language studies and experiential learning methods.

Unique Features: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is ranked one of the best college towns to live in.

Admission Facts: Out of 29,497 applicants that applied in 2012, only 7,847 applicants were admitted. Out of those admitted students the average reported GPA is 4.5.

6. Georgetown University


Overall Summary: Georgetown University is the world’s oldest Catholic University. It sits in the middle of DC, and its Robert Emmett School of Business is one of the most highly ranked business schools in the world.

Unique Features: Since its inception date in 1789, Georgetown has had a strong international student body. Nearly 20% of Georgetown students are from countries outside of the United States.

Admission Facts: 90% of the admitted students from 2012 were at the top 10% of their graduating class. The 2012 admitting class has SAT scores ranging from 1290 to 1500.

7. University of Texas-Austin


Overall Summary: This public university was founded in 1883 and is 431 acres long. The massive size of the university allows for a vast array of educational programs. Students get the chance to study in an area that promotes global and international values.

Unique Features: The University of Texas-Austin has one of the biggest Greek systems in the country and two of the largest student publications.

Admission Facts: About 47% of applicants that apply to University of Texas-Austin get accepted. The admitted students GPAs typically range from 3.45 to 3.95.

8. Temple University


Overall Summary: This large, urban university is in the center of historic Philadelphia. Temple’s faculty is diverse and talented, and they are big part of the reason for a high student satisfaction rating.

Unique Features: Temple has an international presence with schools in Rome, Tokyo, Beijing, and London.

Admission Facts: Temple University has a 64.9 percent acceptance rate for entering freshman. Students who got accepted in 2012 have GPAs that range from 3.10 to 3.69. These students SAT scores range from 1641 to 1920.

9. University of California-Berkley


Overall Summary: University of California-Berkley is made up of 14 schools and colleges. Their Haas School of Business is one of the highest ranked business schools in the United States.

Unique Features: The University of California-Berkley is known for many things, one of them being the uncovering of the periodic table element Berkelium.

Admission Facts: Berkley looks at several factors when considering admission. One thing that is looked at is the amount of college prep courses have been taken over the student’s high school career. Another thing that is examined is the pattern of grades over time.

10. George Washington University


Overall Summary: George Washington University is fanned out in DC’s Foggy Bottom area. Because George Washington is in the middle of America’s political hub, it makes it easy for international business majors to gain plenty of real world experience.

Unique Features: Over half of the school’s classes have fewer than twenty students and the student to faculty ratio is 14:1.

Admission Facts: George Washington University is one of the most selective universities in the United States. It has an acceptance rate of 33%. Although it is highly selective, its student retention rate is 92.5%.

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