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Last Updated on December 28, 2022

What should be taken into consideration when preparing for the university are factors such as tuition, accommodation, acceptance rate, graduation rate, etc. Now, if you are planning on attending husson university, what do you know about certificate programs in husson university?

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When you want to stand out as an ideal candidate for a position or for a promotion, you need to show how you’re different from everyone else. : By earning a certificate or badge from Husson University, you’ll enhance your personal profile and bring added value to any organization.

Certificate Programs

Husson’s certificate programs are 4 to 5 courses in an academic area designed to give you a specialization in that subject.

  • For Full-time Students
    Many Husson students choose to maximize the value of their education by earning certificates in conjunction with their degree. By earning one or more certificates, you can pursue another area of interest and add credentials to your skillsets and résumé. If you’re a full-time student, there is no added tuition or fee associated with a certificate.
  • For Adult Learners
    Looking to advance in your career or transition to a new career? By earning a certificate in your choice of subject area, you can stretch your knowledge base and add credentials to your résumé. Our certificate programs are convenient and affordable, making them ideal for adult learners.

Certification Badges

Husson students earn certification badges at no extra cost as part of their curriculum in several majors. These are recognizable credentials standard in the field they are pursuing – yet another way our students prepare to be career-ready upon graduation.  

Certification badges Husson students earn include:

  • Blog Creation Expert
  • Hootsuite Platform
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing
  • HubSpot Content Marketing
  • Social Media expert
  • Website Creation Software expert
  • SPSS – Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics
  • Understanding Mozilla backpack
  • Understanding User Services through GoDaddy

“Earning certificates allowed me to expand my knowledge into other areas of interest beyond my major, and enabled me to see the challenges that I had to face from more than one vantage point. Certificates also let me show potential employers that I was well-rounded and could solve problems that spanned multiple disciplines.”

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