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Last Updated on January 18, 2023

Technical Writing

Program Overview

Who writes all those technical manuals, instructions, user guides, and websites? Technical writers are the professional people responsible for creating and maintaining all documents for corporations and organizations. If you are looking for a new career, want to develop your writing skills, or are just interested in learning how to produce quality technical documents, consider our Technical Writing Certificate program.

Each course is taught by a technical writer who knows what is expected in the field. Documentation and material produced by technical writers include technical articles, document copywriting, administrative guides, presentations, internet support sites and website content, policy procedures, manuals, training material, user guides, and more.

The Technical Writing Certificate program is offered entirely online. Once registered, students can access the course by going to

Admission Requirements 

There are no admission requirements for this program.  

Certificate Criteria: 5 compulsory courses

TWRT 201: Technical Writing: Introduction

TWRT 202: Print & Online Design

TWRT 203: Quality & Production

TWRT 204: Agile Project Management 

TWRT 206: Technical Editing


TWRT 201 is a pre-requisite for all the courses and must be taken first. It may be taken concurrently with another course if you plan to take more than one course at a time.

Course Expectations

You work at your own pace during the week but may be required to participate in a weekly one hour, live chat session on a specified date (held in the evening). This information is posted on the first day of class. In addition to the online discussions, emails, and readings, you must be prepared to spend six to nine hours per week on homework, assignments and learning materials.

Humber Certificate

Once you have successfully completed all the required courses in this program, contact us at [email protected] to request your Humber certificate. Please include your first and last name, student number, program title and current mailing address in your email.

CurriculumQuick-Look Availability Scheduler 
Compulsory Courses20212022
TWRT 201: Technical Writing: Introduction  
TWRT 202: Print and Online Design  
TWRT 203: Quality and Production  
TWRT 204: Agile Project Management  
TWRT 206: Technical Editing  

Writing for Professionals

Certificate of Completion | WP911

Program Overview

The online Writing For Professionals Certificate will provide you with exposure to different aspects of professional writing from report writing, writing for the web, to technical writing and preparing for publication. The more creative, engaging and knowledgeable the writer is, the more successful the work being produced will be.

Professional writers also need to have excellent grammar, spelling and the ability to write in a variety of contexts. Upon completion of this certificate, you will have a foundation in professional writing to apply to your present job, a new career or furthering your education in the field of writing.

The courses in the Writing for Professionals Certificate are all online and delivered by Humber College and through OntarioLearn.

Six required courses (can be taken in any order)

COM 123 – Report and Proposal Writing

COM 129 – Grammar and Style for Professional and Workplace Writing

COM 130 – Writing for the Web

COM 134 – Writing for Publication 1

COM 135 – Writing for Publication 2

TWRT 201 – Technical Writing: Introduction

Registration and Graduation

When you begin this certificate program, please contact [email protected] with your name, student number and the name of the certificate you are working towards. This will allow us to follow your progress during your studies and provide you with any information you may need to know.

When you have completed the required courses in the certificate program, please contact [email protected] with your name, student number and the name of the program in order to receive your certificate.

Additional Information

The following courses in the Writing for Professionals Certificate transfer to these other Continuing Education Certificates:

TWRT 201 – Technical Writing: Introduction can be transferred to our Technical Writing Certificate.

COM 123 – Report and Proposal Writing and COM 129- Grammar and Style for Professional and Workplace Writing can be transferred to our Business Communication Certificate.

Humber College also offers a full-time Ontario Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing and Communications for those students interested in furthering their studies in this field and who meet the admission requirements.

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Compulsory Courses20212022
COM 123: Report and Proposal Writing  
Clear, well-planned and crafted reports and proposals get better results. In many ways, they also communicate the strengths of the enterprise, not only in the words chosen, but the very structure and organization of the document. Whether you are trying to respond to a business opportunity, communicate progress on an important project or share your ideas with others, the structure, style and expression of your report or proposal can be a major factor in achieving your goals. Report and Proposal Writing is designed to provide individuals with the skills they need to improve the planning, structuring and formatting of formal and informal reports and proposals.Contact Information:Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning, Department of Continuing Education
Jasman Singh
[email protected]
416-675-6622 Ext. 74122Share No registration is currently available. Check back soon
COM 129: Grammar and Style for Professional and Workplace Writing  
COM 130: Writing for the Web  
COM 134: Writing for Publication 1  
COM 135: Writing for Publication 2  
TWRT 201: Technical Writing: Introduction  

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