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Last Updated on January 19, 2023

Technical Writing - Humber College

The Humber Technical Writing Program is designed to give students the knowledge, skills and abilities to become active, valued members of the technical writing industry. Students will acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and work habits required for future employment in this exciting field. Topics are studied within the context of real-world technical writing projects promoting individual development and critical thinking while building a portfolio of workplace-ready documents.

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Program Overview

Who writes all those technical manuals, instructions, user guides, and websites? Technical writers are the professional people responsible for creating and maintaining all documents for corporations and organizations. If you are looking for a new career, want to develop your writing skills, or are just interested in learning how to produce quality technical documents, consider our Technical Writing Certificate program.

Each course is taught by a technical writer who knows what is expected in the field. Documentation and material produced by technical writers include technical articles, document copywriting, administrative guides, presentations, internet support sites and website content, policy procedures, manuals, training material, user guides, and more.

The Technical Writing Certificate program is offered entirely online. Once registered, students can access the course by going to 

Admission Requirements 

There are no admission requirements for this program.  

Certificate Criteria: 5 compulsory courses

TWRT 201: Technical Writing: Introduction

TWRT 202: Print & Online Design

TWRT 203: Quality & Production

TWRT 204: Agile Project Management 

TWRT 206: Technical Editing


TWRT 201 is a pre-requisite for all the courses and must be taken first. It may be taken concurrently with another course if you plan to take more than one course at a time.

Course Expectations

You work at your own pace during the week but may be required to participate in a weekly one hour, live chat session on a specified date (held in the evening). This information is posted on the first day of class. In addition to the online discussions, emails, and readings, you must be prepared to spend six to nine hours per week on homework, assignments and learning materials.

Humber Certificate

Once you have successfully completed all the required courses in this program, contact us at [email protected] to request your Humber certificate. Please include your first and last name, student number, program title and current mailing address in your email.

Humber Technical Writing Certificate Program

If you are looking for a new career or want to improve your technical writing skills in your present job, then consider the Technical Writing Certificate Program at Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning in Toronto. In this program you will learn how to design and organize technical documents, write effective procedures, index documents, and manage a technical writing project.

Distance Education Opportunities

At Humber College, the technical writing courses are available in a distance education, web-based format using the Blackboard program. Once a week in the evening, all students and the instructor participate in a one-hour, “real-time chat” meeting . This online meeting is an opportunity to discuss the lesson material and ask questions. In addition, you receive individual feedback about your assignments and the opportunity to study wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. If you need a flexible study schedule then these distance education courses are for you!

Coaching the Quality and Production Course

In 1999, Benjamin Keevil started to teach the Quality course in the classroom at the Humber College North Campus in Toronto. In about 2002, the Quality course, along with all the other courses, changed from the classroom to the online WebCT learning system. Then in 2008, the Quality course switched to the online Blackboard CE6 learning system (Blackboard is similar to WebCT) running on the Linux operating system. Benjamin continued to teach the Quality course until 2013 when he retired. During his 13 years coaching students at Humber he also taught the Introduction, Marketing, Design, HTML, and Project Management courses. The main textbook for all the courses was Technical Manuals: Analysis, Design and Production by Roy Hartshorn.

What are the benefits of the Quality course?

The Quality and Production course helps technical writers learn how to review, edit, test, and publish technical manuals in printed and online formats. This course provides practical techniques for developing technical documents that are easy to use and maintain. For example, the students will learn how to:

  1. Use a quality improvement process to improve the usability of a document
  2. Use a style guide to improve the consistency of a document
  3. Write effective step-by-step procedures
  4. Perform a quick edit, stylistic edit, and copy edit of a document
  5. Measure the quality index of a document using a checklist of questions in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  6. Understand the localization process
  7. Review the production process
  8. Sometimes work in teams on documentation projects such as the:
    • PinBall Project – Developing the content, design criteria, and graphics for a web site for people who are totally blind.
    • Developing a document that converts easily from Microsoft Word to HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) format.

Who is the audience for the Quality course?

The main audience for the Quality and Production course is novice or junior technical writers with no technical writing work experience. However, experienced writers will also find many of the technical writing techniques (such as measuring the usability index of a user guide) very helpful for their technical writing projects.

What is Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning?

Located in the west end of Toronto, Humber is a leading learning solution provider in Canada, now offering specialized bachelor degree programs in addition to diploma, certificate, apprenticeship and postgraduate programs. Based in Toronto, Humber serves 48,000 learners in over 350 full-time and part-time postsecondary programs, customized corporate training and business-to-business partnerships. Humber is one of 12 Vanguard Learning Colleges in North America, selected for its excellence in education and training.

free technical writing course

free technical writing courses

Every software engineer is also a writer. Improve your technical writing skills by taking one of Google’s free technical writing courses. We’ve aimed these courses at people in the following roles:

  • professional software engineers
  • computer science students
  • engineering-adjacent roles, such as product managers

The courses are free, fun, and valuable to your career. Thousands of Google software engineers have taken and loved these courses. Note that these courses focus on technical writing, not on general English writing or business writing.

You need at least a little writing proficiency in English, but you don’t need to be a strong writer to take these courses. You will find these courses easier to understand if you have at least a little background in coding, though you don’t need to be an expert coder.

We’re currently offering the following two courses:

  • Technical Writing One, which covers the critical basics of technical writing.
  • Technical Writing Two, which covers intermediate topics in technical writing.

Each course consists of the following two parts:

  • self-paced online pre-class material
  • virtual live session

To attend a virtual live session, you need to join the class using a Google Account with access to Google Meet and Google Docs. You can turn captions on in Google Meet.

Though not a requirement, we strongly recommend studying the self-paced online pre-class material prior to attending a virtual live session. Click one of the following links to access the self-paced online pre-class material:

  • Technical Writing One
  • Technical Writing Two


Going forward, most of the public courses listed in the “Schedule” section are facilitated by people who don’t work for Google. We are very grateful to these volunteers! As these volunteers are not Google employees, Google can’t accept any responsibility for false or misleading statements made during these public classes.


We don’t offer a way to preregister for virtual live sessions. To attend a virtual live session, consult the following table and click the appropriate Google Meet link at the specified time. You should only attend one virtual live session of Technical Writing One and one virtual live session of Technical Writing Two.

CourseDateTime*Google Meet link
Technical Writing TwoNov. 29, 20211:00 pm – 3:30 pm ETClick to join class
Technical Writing OneJan. 11, 202210:00 am – 12:30 pm ETClick to join class
Technical Writing TwoJan. 25, 20222:00 pm – 4:30 pm ETClick to join class

* Time zones

  • ET: United States Eastern Time (UTC -5)
  • IST: India Standard Time (UTC +5.30)

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer are special short sessions for people who are considering facilitating Technical Writing One. They are great opportunities to learn how to lead the course. If you want to take the course—but you have no intention of teaching the course—please don’t attend a Train the Trainer session.

technical writing certification canada






Program completion

2–5 years (from start date of first course)
To graduate, complete all courses with a minimum average grade of B- (70%).

Course duration

4–12 weeks (12–20 instructional hours)

Course work

6–10 hours/week


Self-paced within set deadlines


Required courses:

Learning materials

See individual courses for textbook details


$475–$630/course, not including textbooks
$75 program application fee

Application info

No application deadline. Take individual courses and apply to the program at any time.


Application requirements

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Mature students who do not meet this requirement may qualify with at least 5 years of appropriate experience
  • Advanced English Language Requirements

humber technical writing program 2022

CompareProgram Name Pathways Info Popup ButtonCodeCredential Info Popup ButtonLengthLocation Info Popup Button
3D Modelling and Visual Effects Production11671Certificate of Achievement2 semestersNorth, IGS
Academic Upgrading (AU)0659Certificate of Completion3 semestersTBD
Accounting, Bachelor of CommercePathways22211Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Accounting, BusinessPathways02211Diploma4 semestersNorth
Accounting, Business AdministrationPathways02111Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Acting for Film and Television10351Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Addictions and Mental HealthMH511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Addictions and Mental Health, Bachelor of Social SciencePathwaysMH411Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Advertising & Graphic DesignPathways04701Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Advertising – Account Management15051Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Advertising – Art DirectionAD511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Advertising – Media Management20881Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Advertising and Marketing CommunicationsPathways04621Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Advertising Copywriting11621Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Alternative Dispute Resolution15061Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Animation – 3DAN311Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Arborist Apprenticeship06131Certificate of Achievement12 weeksTBD
Architectural TechnologyPathways03371Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Art Foundation04691Ontario College Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Arts Administration and Cultural Management27551Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Baker Apprenticeship06061Certificate of Achievement4 semestersTBD
Baking and Pastry Arts Management14161Diploma4 semestersNorth
Behavioural Science, Bachelor ofPathwaysBH411Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
BiotechnologyBT211Diploma4 semestersNorth
Broadcast Television/Videography11581Diploma4 semestersNorth
Building Construction TechnicianBC211Diploma4 semestersNorth
Business AdministrationPathways02511Advanced Diploma6 semestersLakeshore, North
Business Administration (Co-op)Pathways20091Advanced Diploma6 semestersLakeshore
Business Insights and AnalyticsBI511Ontario Graduate Certificate4 semestersLakeshore, IGS
Business ManagementPathways02251Diploma4 semestersLakeshore, North
Cabinet Making30991Certificate of Achievement3 semestersNorth
Carpentry and Renovation TechnicianCR211Diploma3 semestersNorth
Carpentry and Renovation TechniquesCR111Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Child and Youth CarePathwaysCY311Advanced Diploma6 semestersLakeshore
Child and Youth Care – AcceleratedPathwaysCY321Advanced Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Child and Youth Care, Bachelor ofPathways22231Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Civil Engineering TechnologyPathways03351Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Clinical Research07681Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersOnline
Cloud ComputingCC511Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Comedy: Writing and Performance12211Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Community and Justice ServicesPathways11171Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Community Development, Bachelor ofPathwaysCD411Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE)01071Ontario College Certificate4 semestersTBD
Computer Engineering TechnologyPathways03501Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Computer ProgrammingCP221Diploma4 semestersNorth
Computer Programming and AnalysisCP311Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Computer Systems Technician – Information Technology Infrastructure and ServicesCS211Diploma4 semestersNorth
Construction Boilermaker Apprenticeship06391Certificate of Achievement8 weeksTBD
Construction Engineering TechnologyCE311Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Content StrategyCS511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Cook Apprenticeship06091Certificate of Achievement4 semestersTBD
Cosmetic Management21781Diploma4 semestersNorth
Creative Advertising, Bachelor ofPathways22041Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Creative and Professional Writing, Bachelor of NEWCP411Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Creative Book Publishing12251Ontario Graduate Certificate1 semesterLakeshore
Creative Writing – Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry12231Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersOnline
Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Social SciencePathwaysCJ411Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Culinary Management01911Diploma4 semestersNorth
Culinary Skills14071Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Design Foundation09151Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Design, Bachelor ofPathwaysDS411Honours Degree8 semestersNorth
Developmental Services WorkerPathways01101Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Developmental Services Worker – AcceleratedPathways10401Diploma3 semestersLakeshore
Developmental Services Worker – Apprenticeship06411Certificate of Achievement3 – 4 yearsTBD
Digital Business Management, Bachelor of CommercePathwaysDB411Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Digital Communications, Bachelor ofPathwaysDC411Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Early Childhood Education07911Diploma4 semestersNorth
Electrical Engineering Technician – Control Systems30111Diploma4 semestersNorth
Electrical Engineering Technology – Control SystemsPathways30101Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Electrical Techniques04021Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Electrician – Construction and Maintenance Apprenticeship06301Certificate of Achievement8 & 10 weeksTBD
Electromechanical Engineering Technician3070RDiploma4 semestersNorth
Electromechanical Engineering TechnologyPathways3071RAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Electronics Engineering Technician03531Diploma4 semestersNorth
Electronics Engineering TechnologyPathways03511Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Emergency TelecommunicationsET011Ontario College Certificate1 semesterNorth
Engineering – Information Systems Engineering, Bachelor of NEWIS411Honours Degree8 semestersNorth
Engineering – Mechatronics, Bachelor of NEWME411Honours Degree8 semestersNorth
Engineering – The Built Environment, Bachelor of NEWBE411Honours Degree8 semestersNorth
English for Academic Purposes (EAP)09371Ontario College Certificate8 weeksLakeshore
Enterprise Software DevelopmentES521Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth, IGS
Entrepreneurial Enterprise, Business ManagementEE511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Esthetician/Spa Management20871Diploma4 semestersNorth
Event Management40511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management14131Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Fashion Arts and BusinessPathwaysFA211Diploma4 semestersNorth
Fashion ManagementFA511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Fashion Management, Bachelor of CommercePathways22101Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Film and Media Production, Bachelor ofPathwaysFM411Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Film and Multiplatform StorytellingFM511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Film and Television ProductionPathways04831Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Finance, Bachelor of CommercePathways22271Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Financial Planning20791Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore, IGS
Financial Services, Business Management20061Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Fire ServicesFS211Diploma4 semestersNorth
Fitness and Health PromotionPathways10331Diploma4 semestersNorth
Food and Nutrition ManagementPathways14151Diploma4 semestersNorth
Forensic IdentificationFI511Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Fundraising ManagementFR511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Funeral Director Class 1 (Embalming)FD211Diploma5 semestersNorth
Funeral Director Class 2 (Non-Embalming)FD221Diploma4 semestersNorth
Game Programming11661Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
General Arts and Science – College Transfer09181Ontario College Certificate2 semestersLakeshore, North
General Arts and Science – Technology09071Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
General Arts and Science – University Transfer (Diploma)09111Diploma4 semestersLakeshore, North
General Arts and Science – Degree Transfer (Certificate)GA111Ontario College Certificate2 semestersLakeshore, North
Global Business Management20841Ontario Graduate Certificate4 semestersLakeshore, IGS
Graphic DesignPathways11571Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Graphic Design for Print and WebGR911Certificate of Achievement2 semestersNorth, IGS
Health Sector Regulatory ComplianceHS511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth, Online
Healthcare Management, Bachelor of CommercePathwaysHM411Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Hearing Instrument Specialist NEWHI211Diploma4 semestersNorth
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician03271Diploma4 semestersNorth
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology03601Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship06101Certificate of Achievement12 weeksTBD
Hospitality – Event ManagementEV211Diploma4 semestersNorth
Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations ManagementHH211Diploma4 semestersNorth
Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management14101Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Human Resources Management02541Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore, IGS
Human Resources Management, Bachelor of CommercePathways22111Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Inclusive Resource Practice – Child and FamilyIR511Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersOnline
Industrial Design, Bachelor of22031Honours Degree8 semestersNorth
Industrial Electrician Apprenticeship06621Certificate of Achievement8 & 10 weeksTBD
Industrial Woodworking Technician30891Diploma3 semestersNorth
Information Technology SolutionsIT521Ontario Graduate Certificate4 semestersNorth, IGS
Insurance Management – Property and CasualtyIM511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth, IGS
Interior DecoratingPathways31511Diploma4 semestersNorth
Interior Design, Bachelor ofPathways22051Honours Degree8 semestersNorth
International Business, Bachelor of CommercePathways22121Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
International Development20831Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
JournalismPathways04751Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Journalism (Graduate Certificate)JR511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Journalism, Bachelor ofPathways22241Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Landscape Technician01521Diploma4 semestersNorth
Law Clerk02031Diploma4 semestersNorth
Management Studies, Bachelor of CommercePathways22291Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Marketing Management02241Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore, IGS
Marketing, Bachelor of CommercePathways22281Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Marketing, BusinessPathways02411Diploma4 semestersNorth
Massage TherapyPathways14201Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Mechanical Engineering Technician30601Diploma4 semestersNorth
Mechanical Engineering TechnologyPathways30731Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Mechanical Techniques – Millwright04991Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Media CommunicationsPathways11681Diploma4 semestersLakeshore, North
Media Foundation09501Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Multimedia Design and DevelopmentPathways11701Diploma4 semestersNorth
Music BusinessMB511Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Music CompositionMC511Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersOnline
Music, Bachelor ofPathwaysMU411Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Music, Introduction to Commercial Jazz MusicJM1Ontario College Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Network Cabling Specialist Apprenticeship06481Certificate of Achievement8 weeksTBD
Nursing – Second Entry Preparation, Bachelor of ScienceNR011Preparatory SemesterN/ANorth
Nursing, Bachelor of SciencePathwaysNR411Honours Degree8 semestersNorth
Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle PromotionPathways10231Diploma4 semestersNorth
Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist AssistantPathways07751Diploma4 semestersNorth
ParalegalPL511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Paralegal EducationPathways21501Diploma4 semestersNorth
Paralegal Studies, Bachelor ofPathwaysPL411Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
ParamedicPathways07651Diploma4 semestersNorth
Personal Support Worker07741Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Pharmacy TechnicianPathways07731Diploma4 semestersNorth
PhotographyPH211Diploma4 semestersNorth
Plumber Apprenticeship06311Certificate of Achievement8 weeksTBD
Plumbing Techniques03991Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Police FoundationsPathways11071Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Post-Production10371Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Practical NursingPathways07041Diploma4 semestersNorth
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and DegreesPathwaysPH111Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training21701Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Professional Accounting PracticePA511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Professional Golf Management, Business AdministrationPathways20231Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Professional Writing and CommunicationsPW511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Project Management31521Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth, IGS
Protection, Security and InvestigationPathways24201Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Public Administration20531Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Public RelationsPathways04761Advanced Diploma6 semestersLakeshore
Public Relations (Graduate Certificate)04561Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Public Relations, Bachelor ofPathways22221Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Radio and Media ProductionRM511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Radio, Broadcasting04851Diploma4 semestersNorth
Recreation and Leisure Services10301Diploma4 semestersNorth
Regulatory Affairs07721Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersOnline
Research Analyst15021Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore, IGS
Retirement Home Management NEWRH511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Social Service WorkerPathways01221Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Sport Business ManagementSB511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Sport ManagementPathways14181Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Supply Chain Management10151Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth, IGS
Supply Chain Management, Bachelor of CommercePathways22261Honours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Sustainable Energy and Building TechnologyPathways31551Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Systems NavigatorSN511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)09841Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Television Writing and ProducingTW511Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Theatre Arts – Technical Production04891Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Tourism – Travel Services ManagementTT211Diploma4 semestersNorth
Traditional Chinese Medicine PractitionerTC311Advanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Transfer Service Sales Representative08001Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Urban Arboriculture – Tree Care01991Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
User Experience (UX) DesignUX511Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Visual and Digital Arts10581Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Web Design and DevelopmentWD911Certificate of Achievement2 semestersNorth, IGS
Web Development11491Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Welding TechniquesWT111Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Wellness CoachingWC511Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersOnline
Wireless Telecommunications20331Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Workplace Health and Wellness, Bachelor of Health SciencesPathwaysWW411Honours Degree8 semestersNorth
Humber College New Students

professional writing program

Professional Writing Syllabus, Fall 2020

Professional Writing, a 15-week undergraduate course on business writing, engages students in a semester-long effort to write a recommendation report for a consulting business. This version presumes an asynchronous approach to teaching over a 15-week semester. This version has been taught at USF Tampa and WSU.

Assigned Projects:

  1. Heuristic for The Infographic Project
  2. Heuristic Exercise for The Document Makeover
  3. Textual Research Summaries Exercise*
  4. Problem Definition Assignment
  5. Pitch Assignment
  6. Project Completion Memo (Document Makeover)
  7. Professional Writing Guidelines for the Document Makeover
  8. Document Makeover
  9. Rhetorical Analysis Memo for The Infographic Project
  10. Final Course Reflection
  11. The Infographic Project
  12. Team Evaluation Memo
  13. Recommendation Report Assignment
  14. Progress Report Assignment
  15. Research Proposal Assignment
  16. Team Charter Exercise
  17. Consulting Simulation
  18. Rhetorical Analysis Memo (Document Makeover)

Professional Writing is an undergraduate writing course. The syllabus below is being used at two large state universities, one in the swamp and another on the coast.

[FYI: Professional Writing may be taught under a range of titles at U.S. universities and colleges, including Workplace WritingWriting in the Disciplines; and Technical Writing.]

Professional Writing is an undergraduate writing course in Workplace Writing. The goal of this course is to help students improve their ability to communicate effectively in workplace contexts.

This version of Professional Writing is designed to be an online, asynchronous class. This means there won’t be any required real-time lectures or scheduled class meetings. However, this doesn’t mean this class runs like a correspondence course where you complete all of the assignments at your own pace.

Below is a summary of the course schedule, readings, discussion posts, exercises, and projects. You may also access this information via Canvas— the University’s course management tool.

  • [ If there’s ever a disparity between a date listed below and a date on Canvas, go with the Canvas version. ]

I’ll use the Announcements feature at Canvas to update you about coursework, provide tips and advice, and so on. You should expect at least one announcement and/or video lecture from me at the beginning of each week. Please check in regularly to see what’s new at the Announcements tab.

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