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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

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How To Learn Typing Free

Free Touch Typing Lessons - Comprehensive 30 lesson typing tutor |

11 Best Free Typing Lessons for Kids and Adults

The top free keyboarding lessons online

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These free typing lessons will teach you how to type and improve your speed and accuracy. They’re geared toward every age group and situation, and all have different features that make them great and unique.

After you’ve built up some skills with these lessons, try out some free typing games for practice. Then you’ll be ready for free typing tests to check speed and accuracy as well as free WPM tests to evaluate your speed.


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Tracking Your Progress:

What We Like

  • Track progress with points and achievements.
  • Registration isn’t required.
  • Good for beginners.

What We Don’t Like

  • Advanced users won’t improve their skills much. has free typing lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced typists. It’s geared towards middle school kids all the way up to adults. You can jump to any practice level that you want, at any time.

During each lesson, there’s nothing else to distract you from your typing except for a virtual keyboard showing where the letters are and which fingers to use. When done, you get to see your speed, accuracy, and the time it took you to finish, and you don’t even need to lift your hands off the keyboard to move on to the next lesson; just press Enter.

Free registration isn’t required, but with it, you can track your progress and earn awards.

There’s a Teacher’s portal available for educators to manage and track the progress of their students as they complete lessons.



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Hundreds of Lessons: TypingClub

What We Like

  • Over 600 lessons.
  • Take placement tests or learn in order.
  • Customize the theme and other settings.
  • Tools for teachers to design lessons.

What We Don’t Like

  • Free version has ads.
  • Can’t skip intro videos.

There are hundreds of typing lessons at TypingClub, where you’ll learn the alphabet keys, shift key, numbers, and symbols. There are also lessons that focus especially on speed. You can jump to any of them whenever you like, or you can take placement tests to prove your skills.

While you go through these, you’ll be able to view your speed and accuracy. If you sign up for a free account, you can keep track of your progress, record your highest WPM of all time, and review some other stats.

Teachers can monitor their students’ progress, customize the lessons, and even manage multiple classes.

There’s a paid edition that has additional features and no ads.

Visit TypingClub


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Learn in Order: Ratatype

What We Like

  • Several typing tips
  • 15 typing lessons.
  • Clean and modern design.
  • Has a game mode.

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires a free user account.
  • Can’t skip ahead to advanced lessons.

There are over a dozen free typing lessons at Ratatype, and before starting them, you’re given several tips for how to sit at your computer, which is something most of these sites pass over.

Something unique about this keyboarding lesson website is that if you make too many mistakes during a lesson, you’re forced to start over. Once you make a reasonable amount of typos, or none at all, you can move forward with more lessons.

You get to see your typo count and WPM while you’re typing, and even compete with others in a high score list.

Visit Ratatype


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Set Your Own Goals: Speed Typing Online

What We Like

  • Set custom goals.
  • Games are simple and clear.
  • Create custom lessons using any letters.
  • Two display options.

What We Don’t Like

  • More for beginners than advanced users.
  • Must register to save or access lessons.

Speed Typing Online has 17 classic lessons that include learning all the letters on the keyboard and then testing your skills through reviews. Then you can move on to the advanced lessons, where you start stringing those letters together to make words. 

Every result you see on these typing lessons can be shared via a special URL so that you can show off your score. For example, there are sets of lessons for just the top row, home row, and bottom row, or you can type using the whole keyboard.

If you register (it’s free) you’ll be able to keep track of your progress and set custom goals. You’ll also get access to free typing tests and games. 

Visit Speed Typing Online


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Lessons for Kids: Dance Mat Typing


What We Like

  • Introduction is good for beginners.
  • Fun learning tool for young children.
  • No need to register.

What We Don’t Like

  • Voiceover accents may be difficult for some to understand.
  • Not as useful for adults or intermediate to advanced users.

Dance Mat Typing uses wacky animal characters and colorful games to make their free typing lessons fun for elementary-aged children.

You’re taken through four levels, each with three different stages. This helps break the lessons into small, manageable chunks so that learning to type isn’t so overwhelming.

No registration or login is required, so you can start right away.

What We Like

  • Training on a variety of keyboard styles.
  • Tools to create online lessons.
  • Choose from two display modes.
  • You can set the lesson’s length (in letters).

What We Don’t Like

  • Lessons are short; moderately skilled typists will exhaust them quickly.
  • Displays distracting ads. has 16 free typing lessons, along with a feature that allows you to use your own text to practice.

Each lesson features an animated keyboard, making it easy to get a visual on how you should be typing and what you need to do to make fewer mistakes. You also get real-time typing stats for your WPM, time, and accuracy during the lessons.

Teachers can create online classes, assign lessons, and get updates on the progress of their students. They’re available in several languages and for international keyboards as well.


Perfect for Adults Learning to Type: GCFLearnFree

What We Like

  • Partly funded by Goodwill.
  • Animated videos are simple and helpful.
  • Site is clean and easy to use.

What We Don’t Like

  • Can’t fast forward or rewind videos.
  • Not designed for young children.

GCFLearnFree has free typing lessons that are geared towards adults with no or little typing skills. For each lesson, you have the option of learning the keys or jumping right into practicing them.

It’s a great program to start out on, but since they don’t give you an update on how fast or accurate you’re typing, we suggest moving on to another site after you get the basic skills down.

Visit GCFLearnFree


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Lessons for Non-English Keyboards: Touch Typing Study

What We Like

  • Extremely large number of keyboard languages offered.
  • Real-time WPM speed rating.

What We Don’t Like

  • Dated and busy user interface.
  • No video or audio instruction; text instructions have minimal visual aids.

Touch Typing Study has 15 free typing lessons available in many languages and keyboard layouts, plus some games and speed tests.

Each lesson is broken down into topics so that you can easily see what’s coming next or skip to another section if you feel confident in your skills.

While you’re typing, you’ll be able to view your errors, speed, and time spent on the lesson.

Visit Typing Study


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Easy on the Eyes: Big Brown Bear

What We Like

  • Displays a single scrolling sentence instead of paragraphs.
  • Move to the next level when you meet goals.
  • No registration necessary.
  • Includes guides and stats that you can toggle off.

What We Don’t Like

  • Progress halts until you press the correct key.

Big Brown Bear has over a dozen free typing lessons that take you through the process of learning all the keys on the keyboard. Just pick which letter to be reviewed on to get started

Something we like about this website is how the words come across the screen. Instead of seeing them as a paragraph like you normally would when reading, the words are on a single line, and they pass through the center of the screen so that you don’t have to move your eyes.

However, with these lessons, you must correct your mistakes before you can continue typing, which may or may not be something you want.

During each lesson, you’re able to view your speed, accuracy, and time.

Visit Big Brown Bear


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Customizable Options:

What We Like

  • Lots of lessons and games available.
  • Option to show or hide keyboard on screen.
  • Fun for young children.
  • Doesn’t force mistake corrections.

What We Don’t Like

  • Site design and appearance is very outdated.

There are 30 free lessons here that tackle the keyboard two letters or two characters at a time.

Before the lesson, you get to set a WPM goal, choose whether you want the keyboard and hands shown while you’re learning, adjust the lesson time and font size, and decide on some other settings. After a short introduction to the new keys, you get to begin your lesson.

This test is a bit more natural than some tests because it supports backspace, so you can fix your spelling mistakes if you want to.

The remaining time, accuracy percentage, and WPM are shown at the bottom of each typing lesson. At the end is your overall stats and an indicator of whether you met your goal.



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Start From Scratch: Turtle Diary

What We Like

  • Registration isn’t necessary.
  • Lots of lessons.
  • Ideal for any skill level.

What We Don’t Like

  • Several website ads.
  • Typing is naturally interrupted because you can’t fix your mistakes.

This is another website that lets you learn how to type in order, from the very beginning. To give you an idea of what that means: the very first task in the first lesson has you type the letters j and over and over.

The good thing is that this isn’t just geared toward kids or adults new to typing. There are 51 total typing lessons here, categorized as beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons. If you go in order, you’ll type a couple letters only and then move on to uppercase letters and symbols, short paragraphs, and finally a combination of everything.

Like most of these sites, during each typing lesson, you can monitor your typing speed, accuracy, and time. The hands you see over the keyboard can be toggled on and off easily at any time.

There are also multiplayer typing games that help you put into use what you’ve learned.

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