How to learn musical instruments at home

Last Updated on August 28, 2023

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Learn One Of These 7 Musical Instruments At Home During The Lockdown


It’s a skill to take with you for the rest of your life

You won’t regret picking up a musical instrument

You’re probably tired of spending the Quarantine lockdown shifting between the living room couch, bed and kitchen for the past few weeks. Most of it has involved working at your laptop or watching TV so your mind is definitely exhausted of the screens you’re keeping on switching between. How about spending your time more productively then? We aren’t only referring to cooking, cleaning and organising here. Picking up a musical instrument could be the best thing you could do for yourself during the lockdown.

Learning a musical instrument boosts cognitive abilities greatly and helps to productively spend the time at home. It is also a skill that you will carry with you for the rest of your life, long after the lockdown is lifted. And let’s not forget how it will make you the star of your next party.


7 Musical Instruments You Can Learn At Home

When at home, make the most of your time to learn these musical instruments which are the easiest to pick up.

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1. Bass Guitar

The bass guitar has only 4 strings and music to play it with is freely available.

2. Ukulele

The tiny instrument is portable to carry around with strings that are also more comfortable to strum.

3. Harmonica

It is an ideal choice for a beginner without a background in music as it only requires different sounds from the mouth to produce music.

4. Recorder

This woodwind instrument is a great choice to start with as its finger work doesn’t require professional levels of co-ordination.

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5. Piano

The popular instrument is easy to start with tutorials for it widely available over the internet.

6. Fiddle

The fiddle emphasises on rhythmic beats and slides, which makes it much easier to learn.

7. Drums

The drums can resound incredible music with consistent and simple beats and movement.

3RD MAY, 2019

Easiest Musical Instruments To Learn

By Kirstan N

Some musical instruments are much harder to learn than others. The violin, for example, is notoriously difficult – the lack of frets and unusual position in which it’s held all contribute to this. Getting to grips with an easier stringed instrument might be a good idea before tackling the violin. 
Learning an instrument is hard enough without added complications.
If you want to start from a good place and graduate your experience, you may want to check out these instruments that will welcome you with open arms into the musical world.


This is an incredible instrument to begin learning with as an adult. It is easy to learn and soft to the touch. The ukulele comes topmost on the list of instruments that are easy to learn at any age. Ukeleles are inexpensive to buy and require almost no maintenance (apart from the occasional change of strings). The uke can also be a great way to pick up the fundamentals of stringed instruments which you can easily apply to its big brother, the guitar.

2. Harmonica

The harmonica is a mouth organ that is relatively easy to play depending on the quality of the instrument you get and whether or not you have a music tutor. The harmonica lends its sound to blues, country, rock and folk music. This instrument is a lot of fun too! It is very difficult to sound bad on a harmonica, as all the notes it can create are all in the same key.

3. Piano

The piano enters this list not because it is exactly easy but because it appeals to our sight and its skills are easy to pick up. It may seem daunting at first as you’ll have to learn to coordinate both hands, but once you start to learn the basics of the piano it can be one of the most rewarding instruments out there. However, you will need a lot of practice and time to become a pro at it. Check out our piano resources guide here

4. Drums

Playing the drums does not only relieve you of stress but also provides you with a fun way to dive into music. The basics of drumming are also relatively easy to learn, but mastering the drums is anything but.

5. Guitar

Learning the guitar takes consistent practice and determination. Your fingers will hurt and the chords you strike will make no sense at first. However, it is one of the best instruments to begin learning music as an adult. As it’s one the most popular instruments in the world, there are countless resources out there that can get you started: Check out our awesome guide here

Your Music Tutor Is Important

You can go it alone, although the best way to learn music as an adult is with a tutor. You can go several steps forward and faster too if you learn your chosen instrument under supervision. Some of the reasons it’s recommended to get a tutor include:

1. Ease

Your music tutor can help you make learning an instrument easier. They are able to identify mistakes you make faster than you could. Correcting these mistakes early on is vital, otherwise they quickly bad habits. Learning the right techniques at the start will make things so much easier in the future

2. Practice

Your music tutor can push you beyond your limits when it comes to practising. It’s easy to relent on your practice efforts when you are doing it on your own. With a little help and regular routine, however, you can achieve so much in a short time. Your tutor can also help you practice smart, by providing exercises.

3. Motivation

Getting a music tutor can be very motivating. They’ll give you encouragement and help you set goals on the way to succeeding with your chosen instrument.

It doesn’t matter how old you are when it comes to learning an instrument or diving into music. What matters is the effort you are willing to put in and the fact that music makes you happy. These two are all you need to get a grasp of music at any age

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