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Curious About Previous Lifetimes? What To Know About Past Life Regression Therapy

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Have you ever met someone who felt familiar and thought, maybe we knew each other in a past life? Past life regression therapy exists to help people explore lives gone by. But does it work, and is it even a good idea to begin with? Here’s what experts in science and spirituality have to say about it.In This Article

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The concept of a “past life.”

Past life therapy presupposes reincarnation, the concept that our soul or consciousness lives on through multiple lifetimes.

As child psychiatrist and past-life researcher Jim B. Tucker, M.D., tells mbg, past life therapy operates from the idea that there is “carry-over from one life to another,” and we all possess “some type of consciousness entity (or in religious terms, a soul) that experiences successive lives.”

Some people believe that memories, feelings, and even traumas from past lives can still affect them today. Past life regression expert and author of The Past Life Perspective Ann Barham explains that most of her clients want to explore their past lives in order to resolve issues from previous lifetimes or simply learn more about themselves and the nature of reality in general.

“Usually a client comes to me because they have some issue or problem they can’t resolve,” she says, whether it’s within a relationship or an internal struggle.

In her work, Barham has seen that learning about past lives can help people “look at what’s been carried forward [into this lifetime] so it can be processed and released,” noting that sometimes, our prior life experiences can affect us in ways we’re not consciously aware of.ADVERTISEMENT

What is past life regression therapy?

When you receive a past life regression therapy session, the therapist guides you into a relaxed state (not unlike hypnosis) and prompts you to recall memories from your past lives.

Barham, who’s been doing past life regression therapy for over 20 years, explains that this can help you identify details about the individual you were, the circumstance of your past life, key events, places where energy or emotions have been blocked or stuck, and even other people in that prior lifetime that may be here now.

In a session, you also might be guided through the death of that past life and into the realm between lifetimes, she adds.

There, “we can do a life review and look at the lessons [from past lives] and how they might be impacting the person.” Once someone figures out what aspects of their past lives they’re carrying into their present one, she says, “we do additional release work to let go of whatever they’re still carrying from that experience.”

In this work, it’s not uncommon to call on higher guidance, whether from a spiritual guide or your higher self. Barham notes her clients will “often get some pretty deep and helpful guidance for the next steps in their current life or an overall message.”

Practices to get in touch with your soul (and potentially past lives).

According to Barham, doing past life regression work on yourself is very different from going through a guided session. However, there are some strategies that she believes can help you tap into your inner knowing and potentially a past life memory, which she outlines in her book.

Before you get started with any of them, she cautions that you never know what could come up (upsetting memories aren’t off the table) and should proceed slowly and with caution.

Look for clues about your prior lifetimes.

One of the easiest ways to start tapping into a past life is to look at the things that feel familiar and natural to you. Whether it’s a person, place, skill, career, or even type of cuisine, Barham says you could be carrying that from a past life.

Take stock of your dreams.

Dreams are another area that can offer us clues into past lives, “particularly if you have recurring dreams—ones that are particularly vibrant and when you wake up you’re like was that a dream or was that real?” Barham says. You may actually be pulling up material from a prior lifetime, so give them consideration and take time interpreting them.

Ask for guidance.

“Before you go into meditation, or go to sleep at night, ask for information about a prior lifetime that is affecting you now,” Barham says. Whatever you’re wondering about, simply ask yourself to dream about it or get information in meditation. “Some people do get spontaneous downloads of recollection when they do this,” she adds.

What does the science say?

As with most gnostic disciplines, past life regression therapy (and even the idea of past lives in general) isn’t supported by modern science.

There are some anecdotal reports of children making claims about past lives and saying accurate things about a period of time they should arguably have no knowledge of—but additional evidence remains elusive.

Tucker, the director of the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies, since the late ’90s has been studying children who report past-life memories. And while he finds past life regression therapy interesting, to say the least, he and his colleagues are “quite skeptical of it” and do not recommend it.

“Although there is evidence that some young children have memories of a life in the past, such as in the cases we’ve documented in our work at the Division of Perceptual Studies, there is very little to suggest that past-life regression typically connects with an actual life from the past,” Tucker says.

So far, the division’s research indicates that while “the subjective experience of reliving a previous life may be impressive to the person having the experience, […] the ‘previous life’ may be a fantasy, like most of our dreams,” and even if past life regression therapy improves various physical or psychological symptoms, it “does not provide evidence that a real previous life has been remembered.”

The bottom line.

Past life regression therapy operates from the idea that we can access lessons from previous lives—which is not supported by science. However, those who are more spiritually inclined might find value in exploring a new side of themselves and their (potentially everlasting) soul. As Barham puts it, past life regression “really broadens people’s perspective on what we’re doing on the planet, why we’re here, and the connections we have—so it’s just a great way to explore: What is this existence all about?”

How Many Past Lives Have I Had?

Spiritual experts explain.

A woman swims underwater. Wondering how many lives have I lived? Your life path number can help you ...

If you’re a fan of all things esoteric, get ready for this. According to the age-old practice of numerology — aka, the study of numbers — you can calculate how many past lives you’ve lived using the digits in your birthday. What’s more, the resulting number, known as your Life Path Number, can also help reveal and explain your personality, goals, relationships, and even the future.More like this3 Zodiac Signs Leos Will Probably Regret Breaking Up WithBy Kristine FellizarCo-Star Quietly Dropped A New Compatibility FeatureBy Emma CareyAre Two Aquariuses Compatible In A Relationship?By Kristine FellizarDo Capricorn & Pisces Make A Good Couple?By Kristine FellizarRedefine your day with the Bustle newsletter.Stay on the edge of the day’s top stories guaranteed to inspire, inform, and entertain. From fashion to politics and everything in between, your Monday–Friday is upgraded.Submit

“In numerology, your Life Path Number is the the single digit that your birth date (when added together) is consolidated into,” Tracee Dunblazier, a spiritual empath and author of Conquer Your Karmic Relationships, tells Bustle. And according to intuitive, medium, and spiritual development teacher Alison Shine, this number represents how many lives you’ve lived and your current life’s purpose.

“Numerology can help guide you by giving you a framework to discover deeper meaning in your life,” Shine says. “They are metaphysical tools that can give you a glimpse into your purpose, direction, and history of your soul. You can use numerology to help you make important decisions, understand your true potential, and reassure that you are on the right path.”

As for seeing into the future, that’s all thanks to the ~vibe~ associated with each number. “Numerology can help us to understand how to predict events and behavior by teaching us that everything in our world has a vibration, that unless it is escalated or reduced, the result is consistent to the energetic trajectory it is on,” Dunblazier says. “Stated differently: If you don’t change, your path won’t change, therefore the [same] result can be expected.”

Where Does Numerology Come From?

Numerology has roots in many cultures. According to astrologer Constance Stellas, the science of numbers was used in the Egyptian Ritual of the Dead, the Indian Vedas, and the Hebrew Kabala. It’s also mentioned in the Bible and was taught by Moses, she says. Today, we mostly attribute the idea of numerology to Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician born around 559 B.C. “Pythagoras and his followers, known as the Pythagoreans, also studied music and philosophy due to their connections with mathematics,” Shine says.

For one, they discovered a relationship between numbers and the resonance of each musical note, which is why it is believed that each number carries a unique set of properties that can be used to describe other areas of life.

They also found that, if you add up a series of odd numbers that begin with 1, the total will always be a square number. As Shine says, “This means that everything in our universe is made up of numbers and can be described with numerical values.” So let’s jump into some math, shall we?

How To Calculate How Many Past Lives You’ve Had

While the math here seems tricky at first, it’s actually pretty straightforward. The goal is to keep adding the individual digits in your full birth date (month, day, year) until you get a single number, which is your Life Path Number.

To start, look at the numbers in your birth month. If you were born in February, the second month of the year, that means you’ll use the number two. March is three, April is four, and so on. If your birth month contains two digits, simply add them together. For December, that means 1+ 2 = 3.

Next, move on to the year. If you were born in 1992, add the digits 1+9+9+2 together to get 21, then reduce that down even further by adding 2+1 to get the single digit of 3. From there, add all the digits in your birth date together and keep going until you get single number.

If you were born on February 17, 1992, that’ll be 2+1+7+1+9+9+2, which equals 31. Add 3+1 to get 4. Your Life Path Number is 4, which also reveals how many past lives you’ve lived. The answer will likely be 1 through 9, but if your result is 11, 22, or 33, stop adding.

Master Numbers

The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are considered master numbers in numerology. “You will always reduce down to one digit, but the master number adds more to the message, if you will,” Dunblazier says. “Master numbers address universal dynamics at play in your life that are contributing to your life path or destiny.” Think of it is as an extra dose of the single number.

The 13 Lives Theory

Past lives, or the belief of reincarnation, refers to the process of a soul going through various incarnations on Earth, each time building on what was learned in the preceding lives. “Each lifetime gives us a new perspective to see the human experience from a new angle,” Shine says. “As our souls gain more and more life experience we ascend into higher stages of consciousness.”

As with all things under the mystical umbrella, it’s tough to land on one specific “answer” or really know for sure how many past lives you’ve lived, or if there were any at all. Dunblazier says you may have thousands of past lives, with Life Path Numbers serving as a way to reduce a vast idea down to something more digestible.

Another theory, known as the 13 Lives Theory, “states that our souls pass through 13 stages or lifetimes to complete one cycle of enlightenment,” Shine says. “Depending on where you are in your 13 lives can determine the various roles you need to learn from at this stage in your spiritual development.”

Other Ways To Use Numerology

Numerology isn’t just about past lives or lessons learned. “Have you ever looked at the clock at exactly 11:11? Noticed a similarity between birthdays or significant dates in your life? Keep seeing the same numbers show up everywhere? Numbers possess power and hold incredible meaning when it comes to uncovering the details of your lives,” Shine says.

Coincidences likes these might also be a cheeky little wink from the universe, which you can use to your advantage the next time you’re trying to make a decision. If you’re about to rent an apartment and notice that it’s unit 11 — or whichever number holds significance for you — consider it a sign that you’ve found the perfect spot. As Shine says, repeating numbers are a big “yes!” from the universe affirming and supporting the very thing you were doing, thinking, or feeling in that moment.

What Your Numerology Number Means

Now that you know your life path, check out the traits associated with each number below. You can then use this info to guide decisions and learn more about yourself, your relationships, and the direction you’d like to go.

Number 1: The Primal Force

The number one represents new beginnings, according to psychic and spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport. You are independent, goal-oriented, and innovative, Shine says, but may struggle with doubt. (You are brand new, after all.)

Number 2: The Intuitive

The number two symbolizes pairs or duality, Rappaport says. You’re also intuitive, unifying, and influential, Shine says.

Number 3: The Creative

As a number three, you are optimistic, artistic, and charming. That said, don’t be surprised if a sense of naiveté follows you around. Your life’s focus should be on growth and expression.

Number 4: The Planner

As a very practical, solid number four, you are loyal and grounded, but can be dull and rigid, too, Shine says. The number four is also the number of reality — think material universe, logical reason, and structure.

Number 5: The Dynamic Force

Right in the middle of it all, fives are energetic, adaptable, and super social, but can be a bit unpredictable and unreliable. As a five you can either keep moving forward or fall back into old patterns, Rappaport says. It’ll be up to you to decide.

Number 6: The Caretaker

As someone on their sixth life, you are officially a caretaker, Shine says. You’re harmonious, supportive, and protective of everyone in your life, though sometimes to the point of self-sacrifice. Six is also the number of motherhood, marriage and harmony, Rappaport says, which may explain why you feel drawn to nurture.

Number 7: The Truth Seeker

Seven folks are spiritual and curious, Shine says. You like to analyze life. The number seven also denotes wisdom and perfection, Rappaport adds, and is considered the number of the mystic.

Number 8: The Powerhouse

As an eight, you’re just about as ambitious as they come. Keep an eye out for materialistic tendencies though, Shine says. It may help to direct your focus towards other types of success.

Number 9: The Humanitarian

Since nine represents competition and attainment, Rappaport says, consider yourself one of the more “awakened” numbers.

Master Number 11: The Illuminated One

You are insightful, intuitive, and aware as a master number 11. Let your strong code of ethics guide you.

Master Number 22: The Master Builder

As a Master Builder, you’re out there manifesting goodness into your life. It may feel like you’ve got everything figured out.

Master Number 33: The Master Teacher

As a 33, your soul is considered to be evolved, awakened, and devoted, Shine says. As a result, you may feel selfless and detached.

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