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This website will show you how to get a college scholarship for college. This was designed for parents, but can really help anyone that isn’t eligible for financial aid and does not have the money for college. There are hundreds of thousands of scholarships awarded each year for students going to college. Many students do not know about them and thus do not apply for them. This site will provide you with information on how to find these scholarships and also how to fill out an application to increase your chances of winning.

You may find it hard to access the right information on the internet, so we are here to help you in the following article, providing the best and updated information on how to get a full ride scholarship for college, where to get full scholarship. Read on to learn more.We at infolearners .com have all the information that you need about HOW MUCH IS A FULL SCHOLARSHIP WORTH . Read on to learn more.

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How To Get A Full Scholarship

Full scholarships (also called full-ride scholarships) are the holy grail of funding opportunities, covering almost everything for the full three or four years of university. Your tuition and living costs will be covered by the provider, leaving you free to focus on your studies and social life without worrying about money. Sounds great, right?

Sadly, there just aren’t too many of these dream scholarships going around. Full scholarships are rare, and those that are available are very competitive. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply for them – read on to discover how to increase your chances of being awarded one of these prestigious scholarships.

Know where to look

First things first, where do you actually go to find full scholarships? Your first port of call should be your chosen university’s official website, as they may offer their own funding opportunities for students from your location or in your subject, or possibly list external scholarships you could apply to.

As well as your university, you could check sites like or, plus our own Scholarships to Study Abroad page, which lists funding opportunities in different study destinations, scholarships focused on particular subjects and scholarships aimed at particular student groups (e.g. African students).

Prepare in advance

If you know you’ll need a full scholarship to help you to attend university, it’s important to start preparing as far in advance as possible. This is especially important if you find you need to attend an interview – some universities conduct special ‘scholarship weekends’ in which 50-100 students will be invited on campus to interview with a faculty member, answering questions on their goals and motivations and how this fits in with that university and course. If you need to attend a scholarship interview, you should treat this as you would any other formal interview, dressing smartly and coming well-prepared with good answers for their possible questions, as well as having a few questions ready to ask them when invited to at the end of the interview. Find out how to answer common admission interview questions here.

Work hard and keep motivated

Although some full scholarships will be based on financial need rather than academic excellence, some will take both into account, or only be awarded to exceptional students. It goes without saying that you should be working hard in your studies, but you’ll need to really put in the effort if you want to get that full scholarship, as the majority are awarded to the highest-achieving students. In some cases, universities may automatically consider applicants for full scholarships using your regular university application, making high grades crucial. While pushing yourself academically can be mentally exhausting, try to stay motivated by keeping your goals in mind, and give yourself a break every now and then to relax (especially during and after exam season!).

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Make yourself stand out from other applicants

With so much competition to get a full scholarship, it’s crucial to stand out from the pool of applicants by demonstrating real commitment to bettering yourself as an individual. This means having a few extracurricular activities to show off to scholarship providers, demonstrating your passions and interests outside the classroom, as well as examples of times you’ve got involved with the local community, perhaps by taking part in volunteer work for a good cause.

Leadership skills are also hugely valued by scholarship providers, and you can demonstrate this by volunteering to lead projects in your extracurricular activities or community work.

Another thing that could really make you stand out from the rest when it comes to scholarship applications is a glowing report on your academic and personal qualities through your letters of recommendation, so it’s important to build strong relationships with your academic mentors – if a mentor knows you well, they’ll be able to provide a more personal and accurate reflection of you in their letter.  

Read the application instructions carefully

This may seem extremely obvious, but you don’t want to drop your chances by accidentally missing out a document or piece of information that was stipulated in the scholarship’s application instructions. Be sure to read the application guidance carefully and repeatedly, so you’re less likely to miss anything, and email the provider if you need clarification on anything.

Submit an exceptional scholarship essay or cover letter

Another one that goes without saying, but your application essay/cover letter needs to absolutely be the best quality it can possibly be. This means making sure it’s clear and concise, is formatted correctly, grabs the reader with a strong introduction, stays focused on its key theme or topic, and has flawless spelling and grammar. Don’t just rely on proofreading it hundreds of times to make sure it’s perfect – ask a friend to go over it and check for typos and any sentences that don’t read as well as they could do.

One of the winners of our QS scholarships wrote a very helpful article on submitting a winning scholarship essay, which you can read here.

Be realistic

And finally, as we touched on earlier, the unfortunate truth is that there aren’t many full scholarships to go around, and they’re extremely competitive, meaning that many candidates who meet and exceed the requirements for a full scholarship end up missing out. Don’t let this hold you back from applying, but be realistic about your expectations. And remember, there’s no limit on how many scholarship applications you can send out, and normally no limit to how many scholarships you can be awarded, so you may be able to build your own full scholarship using two or more smaller scholarships. (Of course, be sure to check with the providers that you’re able to apply for and receive funding from other sources). If you do get rejections, try not to let them get you down – pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and don’t stop trying in life until you get what you want.

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how to get a full ride scholarship for college

7 Tips for Winning Full-Ride Scholarships 

Because of how rare they are, winning full-ride scholarships isn’t easy. But with the right game plan, you can set yourself for a higher chance of success! Here are 7 tips to help you do just that: 

#1 Start preparing early 

Winning a full-ride scholarship takes a lot of preparation. So, you’ll be more likely to win one if you start preparing early in high school to build a strong academic and extracurricular profile. Later in high school, it’s also a good idea to start working on your scholarship applications as soon as they’re released. 

#2 Take challenging courses 

Full-ride scholarship foundations want to award students who not only have strong grades but who have also challenged themselves with a rigorous course load. Strive to take Advanced Placement, Honors, IB, and College Prep courses in subjects you can excel in. You may also be able to earn college credits while in high school by taking courses at a local community college or university. 

#3 Develop leadership skills

Leadership is one of the most sought after qualities in full-ride scholarship applicants. So, strive to achieve leadership positions (captain, student president, club founder, etc.) and noteworthy accomplishments in your extracurricular activities, community service projects, student government, jobs, and internships.

#4 Commit to community service

Full-ride scholarship foundations also like to see applicants who commit to giving back to their communities. The quality or your community service is more important than just stacking up a bunch of community service hours. It’s best if you pick one or two causes you really care about and commit to service over the entire course of your time in high school — even when it’s not part of your graduation requirements. 

#5 Build relationships with your teachers and guidance counselor 

Many full-ride scholarships require that you’re first nominated by someone like a teacher or guidance counselor. So, you’ll want to make sure you’ve built a good relationship with them so that they know you and your goals for higher education well. Most likely, they will be happy to support you! Some scholarship applications will also require you to get one or more recommendation letters.

#6 Hone in on what makes you unique  

With so many strong applicants applying for the limited number of full-ride scholarships, you’ll need to make sure you stand out. Try to make sure your selection of academic courses, extracurricular activities, and community service are a reflection of your unique interests and values. Also, know that there are many scholarships for students with unique traits and characteristics! 

#7 Submit a spectacular scholarship application

All of the previous tips will lead you to this last one. But make sure that you present everything in the best way on your scholarship applications by making sure you follow all of the application instructions, complete any “optional” work, learn how to write a killer scholarship essay, and meticulously proofread your essays and application materials.

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To know want a full scholarship is worth today, let’s look at the average cost of attending college. Full scholarships are available at a wide range of colleges and universities. Some cost more than others to attend.

In addition, the average cost of pursuing an undergraduate degree at a public institution is $16,757 per year. It costs $43,065 at private nonprofit institutions. Private for profit institutions cost $23,776. These prices reflect tuition, fees, room, and board.

A typical bachelor’s degree takes four years. So, a full ride scholarship at these schools may be worth averages of $67,028 (public), $172,260 (private nonprofit) and $95,104 (private for profit). Of course, if it is a full ride, it may provide funds for other expenses too.


Full ride scholarships are rare. About 19.9 million students enrolled in one of the nation’s colleges and universities last year. Recent figures also show that only 0.2 percent of students got $25,000 or more in scholarships per year.

That said, if you are trying to get the most money for college, you may want to start with federal aid. Filling out a FAFSA is the first step. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an official form. Its purpose is to ask for federal, state and school help in paying for college.

If you get a scholarship, the financial aid office can subtract that amount from your COA. Other financial aid you are eligible for may cover any amount left over. This isn’t technically a full ride, but an option to think about. One that may make one of your dream schools within reach.

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