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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

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how to become princess

10 Surprisingly Strict Rules Every Princess Is Forced To Follow


So many little girls out there dream of becoming a princess when they grow up.Queen Elizabeth’s Grandchildren And Their Kids Are On Full Display ForHer Jubilee Year


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I remember dressing up in tulle skirts, plastic necklaces, and pink tiaras, doing my own hair in a tangled mess and thinking it looked great, and going out to the porch to look over my “kingdom.” I know I wasn’t the only little girl out there who went through this elaborate game, too.

However, being a real princess these days takes a lot more than just looking the part, although that is still a bit of the deal. Being a princess means representing an entire country, and it’s a full-time job. I don’t just mean a nine-to-five, I mean an all-consuming job, affecting each and every part of life. Kate Middleton’s life changed entirely once she started dating the prince, and once she joined the royal family officially, there were some very strict and sometimes strange rules set in place for her.

Becoming a princess of England or most any other country isn’t easy. Not only do you have to have the right connections, but you’ve got to work hard to get to the right place at the right time.

These 10 requirements may be a bit surprising, but man do they make me appreciate the royal women out there a whole lot more.


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1. Learn As Many Languages As Possible

Modern-day princesses have to know as many languages as possible, so that when they visit diplomats from foreign countries, they can have at least most of the conversation in their native tongue.


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2. Give Up Your Voting Rights

At least in England, that is. While there is no official law, the people of England consider it unconstitutional for the royal family to participate in elections, as they are supposed to represent the entire country. Once you become a princess, there’s no more voting if you want to remain in the country’s good graces.


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3. Give Up Your Wild Side

A princess is most likely not the type to cause much trouble in the first place, but if she had any semblance of a wild side before, she’s going to have to kiss that goodbye when she marries into the royal family. There aren’t to be any scandals, no matter how small, coming from her or her family.


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4. Prepare For A Life Of Formalities

Nicknames are not allowed in the royal palace. And you better get used to being called “Her Royal Highness the Princess __ of __.”


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5. Stay Impeccably Groomed

Princess Kate, or, rather, Catherine, goes to the salon at least three times a week for a blowout on top of haircuts and stylings. She’s never caught in a bad moment, and she’s an ideal example of a perfectly primped princess. Being a princess is not for those that like to run errands in their gym clothes after an intense workout.Fitness Influencer Is Sued By Texas For Lying To People Recovering From Eating DisordersUSA Skier Ryan Cochran-Siegle Wins Silver In Beijing 50 Years After His Mom Won Gold


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6. Live By The Queen’s Household Rules

The queen dictates a lot of the little things that go on in the day-to-day lives of the royal family. For example, everyone has to stop eating as soon as the queen is finished with her dinner, even if they’ve hardly touched it. So you better make sure you eat fast if you want to become a princess and still finish your food.


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7. Go To The Best Schools And Events

To become a princess, you have to meet a prince. The likeliest places to do that are at the most prestigious institutions of higher education or at very high-end balls, galas, or charity events. So anyone expecting to be a princess had better get herself accepted to the best schools and on the lists for those events. It also looks much better, and it is better, for a princess to be well-educated, as she holds such a place of high importance in society.


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8. Give Up Any Other Career Path

Being a princess is a full-time job, and it’s expected to stay that way. So even if you went to the fanciest schools in the world to get the degree of your dreams, your dream to be a princess better be pulling you with a bit more strength. Princess Kate has a degree in art history, but she’s a full-time princess now.


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9. Skip Running For Office

A princess should never run for political office for similar reasons to the ban on voting. She’s a representation of the whole country already, and running for a political office with a certain party would create a divide.


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10. Find Causes You Care About

A major part of being a princess is doing a lot of charity work, and being a caring figure for the country. Most princesses find one or two causes that they truly care about and work toward making improvements in those areas.


Its every little girls dream to be a princess when they grow up.

Suffice it to say, when I was little I was 100% sure that one day I would be a princess, marry a prince and become a queen. My papa, not wanting to be the bad parent always encouraged my “one day I will rule a kingdom” comments and sometimes even participated in my daydreams, offering encouragement by saying “you can be anything you want to be”! So two decades later here I am, and the only eligible prince in my lifetime married Kate Middleton. I’m I doomed? Will I NEVER be a princess?

I was wallowing in a sea of jealousy during the highly publicized event (all girls were dying with envy, anyone that says they weren’t is a blatant liar), but then I realized, I don’t have to marry a prince to be royalty, I can be a queen by all standards, and act like it. I can even live in a palace if I want (though I’d have to build it first). Thing is people will treat you the way you treat yourself. If you look down upon yourself, people will look down upon you. If you regard yourself highly, that’s how you will be treated.

When my discovery sunk, I began to change the way I carry myself, and the results have been amazing. I can tell you this for free, ever since I started treating myself like royalty, everyone around me switched to treating me the same. Ladies out there sick and tired of living like commoners here are some tips for you.

1. Hygiene: No matter the weather or day or hour, you must be clean and smell fresh. It doesn’t matter if it is noon and you have a hard job (like a construction worker) you must smell nice, your sweat must smell edible. MUST. There is no two ways about that. Keep the nails clean, and the hair, wash your hair if not daily then once every two weeks if you have braids or a weave on. Anything past two weeks and your hair begins to smell like a cat died in it.

2. Language: You have got to speak with grace at ALL TIMES. You can never yell, or hurl insults. You can never say a dirty word (note: Soil IS a dirty word) Even when you decide to cause a scene, the words that flow from your mouth must be well composed, well structured and full of grace. Keep away from slang e.g. sheng. Always communicate in a formal language and keep it fluent. If you are good at Swahili go with that, if its English, stick to it. Avoid mixture of language “we kujad” that’s crude, and being royalty, you have to abstain from that.

3. Appearance: How you appear and carry yourself is key. a) Please always be neat. It doesn’t matter the time or hour of the day, let there not be a hair out of place, if you wear make up, let it be fresh at all times and looking good. Please gloss your lips and avoid licking  them all the time. b) Avoid over accessorizing. Always keep jewellery simple and elegant. Don’t go over the top with a hundred necklaces and a thousand bangles and forty hair-clips and a face full of piercings. If your face has more than one piercing (excluding the ears), always wear one at a time. Alternate them. Never wear your nose-pin, your brow-pin, your tongue pin, lower lip pin and upper lip pin at the same time. Anything more than one facial piercing makes you look (for lack of a better word) Trampy. c) It is okay to wear short things. I won’t discuss the issue of how short is too short, I think that’s a bit overrated seeing that our parents showed more skin with minis in the eighties than we will ever have spine for. So anyway if you do wear something short (i) Please ensure you have pretty legs to show. Be 100% sure that you have fly legs. (ii) DO NOT ever EVER try to pull down your short skirt or short. Its an eye sore to see you try and Hun, we all know it cannot go beyond the set length. When you leave the house be ready to strut the street without uncomfortably pulling it to cover up. If for a second you think you might do that, kindly change the darn skirt and wear something comfortable. d) Never wear something that is too tight. Its trampy. PERIOD. e) NEVER EVER wear heels you cannot walk in. Everyone will notice you are a klutz. This is not princess diaries, you can be clumsy and a princess at the same time. Life is cruel and you will get judged harshly.

4. Grace: Always exhibit grace and unsurpassed calmness. Never yell or be too loud. How loud is too loud? If the person walking by stares at you after you speak, Hun, you are too loud. If the person you are with speaks more softly than you, you are too loud. If at any point you think to yourself “I’m I being too loud?” Then the answer is always YES, you are being too loud. Always exercise the grace under fire demeanor. Never get too angry. Never get violent. Never throw a  tantrum. Avoid causing scenes. It takes a lot of practice but it can be done. When under pressure, keep your cool.

5. Skills: Learn basic skills like cooking and housekeeping. Be a professional at these, but when need be, always delegate these tasks to others more willing to do it. why? This will create time for you do other things, you will be creating employment and you need to keep your hands in perfect order. I am serious. If you are royalty, you could avoid getting your hands dirty. Not for a lack of ability, but for a lack of time.

6. Intellect: Cultivate your intelligence. Read a wide range of subjects, be in the know about things happening around you. Learn a game like chess or how to solve the Rubik cube. You can NEVER be a blonde princess. NEVER. You cannot rule others whilst you are dumb. Intellect also comes in when dealing with people. Always be wise whilst handling people. Never speak until you are spoken to. Never argue or bicker. Never  give your opinion unless someone asks for it. Speak less and people will actually anticipate that moment when you grace their lives with your words, speak too much and people will be contemptuous of you.

7. Hard work: You must at all times work hard in whatever you do. Be a bee. I notice people hate a lazy person. And your goal as a princess is to have people like, love and cherish you (read, worship at your feet). One of the easiest ways to achieve that is to put focus and a lot of hard work in all your endeavors.

8. Frogs: STAY AWAY from losers. If for any reason you think a guy is not good enough for you, then Hun, he isn’t good enough for you. If for any reason a guy doesn’t treat you like the princess that you are, then quit kissing that frog and wait for your prince to come. I have come to realize that we spend so much time “looking” for the one, and in the process end up kissing so many frogs and getting hurt. Now the princess way is to sit in a tower until your prince comes along on a steed and sweeps you off your feet. I know it sounds crazy but everyone that is in a happy marriage will tell you, they didn’t stalk the guy to kingdom come, they didn’t throw themselves at the guy, but he came and he stayed. Let the guy break his back earning your respect and keeping it. Let him break his back to add to joy that you already have, never let a  guy feel you are desperate. Just wait for the right time and he will come.
That’s how, my dear lady friends, to be a princess without marrying a prince. But if you feel it is too much to handle, come on, just find a prince and marry him. kapisce??

Good luck.

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